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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

well.......... there were 3 meltdowns,multiple hydrogen explosions releasing large amounts of radiation, all containment lost, hundreds of thousands of Tonnes of waste water being stored in faulty tanks that are rated for only five years but are already leaking with cement footings that had no rebar in to strengthen them,spent fuel pools on the top floors of buildings that we nor robots can enter because of the extreme radiation,and chemically frozen dam that water is now ready to overflow ,liquifaction happening because of all the water on the land which could cause the buildings that house the rods to sink and cause the spent fuel pools to empty, allowing uncontrollable heating of the rods that could cause a explosion like nothing man has seen before,continued leaks that are basically unstoppable,radiation spreading by the ocean and the winds that blow straight to Hawaii then onto Alaska,Canada, and the west coast, water evaporating and coming down as acid rain and tainting the ground that all of our food grows in,grass and corn that cows eat, and every marine animal in the food chain in the pacific ocean being affected along with bioaccumulation is happening when small fish eat plankton,then big fish eat smaller fish and then we eat the big fish multiplying the amount of radiation that you receive, Japanese fisherman and anyone else associated with the fish market having to decide whether to go broke and starve, or sell the tainted fish on all of the worlds markets just by relabeling where it came from all on and island that has earthquakes regularly and is obviously suxceptible to tsunamis where it might take 40 years or so to fully decommision the plant and hoping the whole time that another large earthquake happens in the next 40 years........ But...... other than that, I think they have everything under control, but please inform me if I am wrong with any of my facts!!

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