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@ Dave They're violating the madrid protocol because Japan has failed to conduct an adequate environmental impact assessment before engaging in whaling as required by the Madrid Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty

There is a moratorium on whaling, that is what it is called.

"That's humpbacks. We're talking about minke."

Well you've made it painfully obvious that you're not actually reading what I'm writing. My population estimate concerning the 14-16 percent was in relation to humpbacks, not Antarctic minkes

My statement of a 60% decline is to do with Antarctic Minkes, of which Japan is hunting a vulnerable group.

Lol "collusion"? Collusion is far far different from corruption. What the anti whaling side is doing is cooperation, Japan is conspiring in corruption. But it's funny how you so easily excuse such disgustingly illegal acts of manipulation of poor nations and the perpetuation of prostitution as a business negotiating point.

Lol, you're not connecting sea shepherd to political parties and corruption in the IWC? Oh really?

"It isn't any different from what the anti-whaling cabal is doing.

And besides, if you think it's alright for Sea Shepherd to attack people because fighting "evil barbaric whaling" is a just cause" then surely you should accept a little collusion for the just cause of negating other collusion."

Sure as hell could of fooled me, you probably fooled yourself while you were at it.

Haha, the biggest lie in the world. Japan doesn't hunt humpbacks? That's really funny. They just happen to have thee highest rate of ship strikes of humpbacks in the world, and they happen to also process them too right? There's humpback meat in the Japanese market, and it's not just because they hit them with their boats like they claim.

"The remains of a baby humpback whale, found by a GPF team at Kawana Harbor in Japan, 1981. Humpbacks had been officially "protected" since 1966, but it didn't help this baby. DNA testing shows fresh humpback meat still in Japan's markets today."

"Taking surreptitious samples from sushi restaurants and supermarket freezers two sleuthing New Zealand scientists have uncovered strong evidence of an international black market in whale meat in Japan and South Korea. Tests conducted by the University of revealed that a wide variety of whale meat is still on sale in despite a 12-year-old moratorium on whale-hunting. A piece of meat from a Japanese fish market, for example, was found to be from a type of humpback whale found only in Mexican coastal waters."

Here's a survey even done by the IWC in 2008 that showed humpback was on the Japanese menu

"ABSTRACT We report on species identification of whale-meat products purchased directly and via the Internet from commercial markets of Japan from early July 2008 to early April 2009. The total of 59 products included six species of baleen whales, humpback (n=1), fin (n=27), Bryde’s (n=1), sei (n=3), North Pacific minke (n=18) and Antarctic minke whales (n=6), and one species of beaked whale, Baird’s (n=1). The individual identity of market fin whales was considered by comparison to products purchased since scientific hunting of fin whales in the Antarctic was initiated in the austral season of 2005/06 as part of the JARPA II programme. Although only 13 fin whales have been reported in the JARPA II program with a further 2 reported as coastal bycatch, a minimum of 20 individual fin whales were represented by products on the market during this time. Only one of these individuals matched to the mtDNA sequence of a product that was purchased before 2005/06. The import of fin whales from Iceland, released from Japan customs October 2008, was excluded as a likely source of products in the survey based on date of purchase and sequence identity. To improve control of commercial whale-meat markets and estimation of illegal, unreported or undocumented (IUU) takes, we recommend that information from the Japanese and Icelandic DNA register be made available through the data availability procedure of the IWC Scientific Committee"


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Here are some fun things that the IWC scientific committee has said about Japans whaling program

ALSO NOTING that some humpback whales which will be targeted by JARPA II belong to small, vulnerable breeding populations around small island States in the South Pacific and that even small takes could have a detrimental effect on the recovery and survival of such populations;

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@Dave You can check the population estimates yourself for Humpback whales. You will never see it say a population increase of 14 % let alone 16. You can read similar statements from multiple websites. For further information you'd have to purchase the document.

Quote a law? Madrid protocol, Antarctic whale sanctuary, moratorium on whaling, hell they even lost ship registry once for illegal transportation of whale meat. Remember the Oriental blue bird?

Lol, you haven't done any homework, you just keep asking me things, I find your comment completely hilarious.

I brought up Japans corruption of the IWC, and you bring up sea shepherd for no apparent reason other then a political agenda, um, yeah you are.

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Prove it, oh golly gee, do research for something you haven't? Sure why not Masayuki Komatsu stated that "I believe the minke whale is the cockroach of the ocean." "Because there are too many. The speed of swimming is so quick."

q8 from ICR "The JARPA sighting survey results indicate that humpback and fin whales migrating to the research area begun to increase around 1990 (annual rate of increase: 14 to 16%)" This was rejected by the IWC's scientific commity as a scientific impossibility.

as well as "Others consider that Antarctic minke whales have increased to the level of being a threat to the blue whale, since they compete over prey and habitat. "

However by most scientists this has been proven to be an enormous lie "Although there is no accepted estimate of current abundance, the population size is clearly in the hundreds of thousands. The data analyzed by standard methods suggest a reduction of approximately 60% between the 1978–91 period and the 1991–2004 period. " -IUCNredlist

Lol, you got to be S#$#ing me if you call the Japanese whalers researchers. They're as much researchers as seal clubbers in Canada.

It is not a belief, Australia is taking Japan to court and the US has openly stated opposition to Japans activities.

Here's an article citing the sunday times undercover investigation (I can't believe you're not competent enough to just look it up on your own) http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2010/06/japanese-officials-bribe-for-w.html

You're attaching sea shepherd to political parties, that's completely asinine

Face it, the new face of the IWC is anti whaling,and it's going to stay that way. The IWC may have started for a different reason and objective, but it's going to stay anti whaling now.

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No, they're killing whales, and making up statistics that suite their means (if you would of actually read what I wrote you'd know I went over that, you might think you were sounding smart, but you didn't read what I actually wrote). Lets see, whale meat from Japan has showed up no more then 20 miles from where I live in california, it came from Japan, and has been frequently coming for years before being busted. Why are people so ignorant about the species japan hunts? JAPAN IS NOT HUNTING THE COMMON MINKE WHALE IN THE ANTARCTIC, there are two species, the common minke and the antarctic minke. The antarctic minke is DD and believed to be undergoing a decline of as much as 60% of the population. It is the belief of the US, Australia, among other countries that Japan and Iceland are in fact breaking the law which has been stated many many times over. The Sunday Times. It's not playing politics, it's breaking the system. They're buying votes, buying whores, threatening to pull "financial support" this is criminal extortion and manipulation at its finest. Bribery is illegal, extortion is illegal, and prostitution is illegal. We know the Japans fisheries is doing all of this.

You have proof that anti whaling nations are using bribery, threats, and prostitution? Or is this simply speculation?

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I believe the author remembered to leave out that the research is considered a farce for four very large and obvious reasons.

Lethal research is in no way necessary to collect data on whale populations, so for pure research purposes there's no excuse to kill any at all. The Whale meat is sold both legally in Japan, and illegally in other countries. The population estimates that Japan does submit have been recognized as biological impossibilities, they claimed the antarctic minke whale was experiencing a population explosion up until the IWC's and IUCNredlists best evidence actually showed a very very dramatic decline in the populations, this was found even with Japan trying to tamper with the facts. Japan is bribing and threatening small nations to buy their favor to believe in their research. They are far more interested in buying supporters then earning them.

You also bring up some things about the whale, but then disregard them as cultural, what is that? The facts about the whales being are not culturally founded as you make them seem, these animals exist as a separate entity to human politics, it's not a human culture thing as much of a species.

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