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Posted in: Ex-reporter files lawsuit over comfort women stories See in context

Why do stupid people try to deny history like that somehow makes it non-existent. Denying this is like denying slavery in the U.S. or Germans denying the Nazi party in WWII. It sucks, it's ugly, but it happened, admit it and move on.

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Posted in: Is an entirely English-speaking village coming to Tokyo? See in context

I'd love to live in English town.

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Posted in: 2-year-old accidentally shoots his mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart See in context

The problem is that gun ownership is by definition irresponsible, so "guns in the hands of responsible people" is an oxymoron. The person is either responsible, or has a gun, it can't be both.

I disagree and here is why.

You do realize that there ARE gun owners even in Japan right? Unlike the United States it's hard (much harder in the case of Japan and that is commendable) to own a gun however it's not impossible. Also in countries like Switzerland it's MANDATORY to own a gun for every adult in your home. In Austria Shotguns only require you register ownership where you purchase it and other guns require a permit as long as they are not automatic. In Israel almost everyone in some form or another are considered part of the countries defense and encouraged to own weapons. In Mexico it is legal to own non military firearms. In Canada rifles and shotguns are easily obtained. Also many countries in the EU and South America can purchase guns for "Hunting" and gun clubs so they aren't as nonexistent as most people would think.

I'm not saying that there is not a problem here, in fact the problem is that while the gun ownership has stayed the same, the intellect and common sense of the average American has declined drastically in recent decades. But I would still say that's not the fault of guns, guns are just a tool. With proper control and the proper mindset and respect for guns I don't see the problem. (look at Switzerland.) are you saying all of these countries are irresponsible?

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Posted in: 2-year-old accidentally shoots his mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart See in context

I don't have a problems with guns in the hands of responsible people.

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Posted in: 129 inmates remain on death row See in context

Maybe it takes a long time because killing someone is a heavy thing to do and the Japanese are not in a rush to do it. I would guess that 129 inmates would say this is not something they just give out, so odds are they earned the death penalty. Maybe instead of a "wait for death" people should look at it as an extension of life, ie the longer the better. (it's more than most murderers deserve.)

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Posted in: Gov't seeks quick boost for regional economies with Y3.5 tril stimulus package See in context

You can stimulate the economy by letting me move to Japan and giving me a job in computer networking.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan rations french fries due to strikes on U.S. West Coast See in context

Greedy Ass dock workers, aren't you over paid enough? I declare today kick a dock worker in the Nutz day.

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Posted in: Xi says Nanjing Massacre undeniable on 77th anniversary See in context


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Posted in: British Embassy seeks suggestions for Prince William's Japan itinerary See in context

Tokyo Disney Chiba, Himeji Castle, Osaka Shopping districts Umeda and Namba, Sumo Wrestling in Osaka, Baseball Game in Osaka, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree, and Daiba in Tokyo.

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Posted in: N Korea denies carrying out cyberattack on Sony Pictures See in context

Can't really blame they guy for being irritated they are joking about killing him.

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

These complaints are the same for many people living in other countries. They don't do or have X like my country does. They don't celebrate my holidays. They don't have my traditions.... Sounds like somebody needs to move home.

I don't understand why everybody thinks that everyone else should conform to their cultural norms in a foreign country. YOU are the foreigner, YOU should conform, otherwise YOU should go back to YOUR country where everything is the way YOU want it.

If everything was so great in your country, why would you even be in a foreign one?

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Posted in: Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan See in context

I don't see a problem with wanting to pick and choose who they let into their country. I don't think they should just be forced to let anyone into their country. Just because The U.S. does it doesn't make it right.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist goes on trial for defaming S Korean president See in context

South Korea, you are emulating North Korea quite nicely.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

It's only Libal if it's not true. Like when I say she looks like an ugly dude, it's not libel because it's true.

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

Those who think it's some political thing or that the U.S. can't afford a war with China, Wrong. It's about Military investment that has already been made. Ask yourself "How many U.S. military bases are in Japan?" The answer there are 23 U.S. military bases in Japan. Twenty Three... We're not just going to abandon them leaving all those people, all that crap, not to mention one of our close allies to a Chinese attack. It isn't even necessarily about Japan either. They are our foothold in Asia, like Germany is in Europe. Point blank we aren't exactly in Japan to protect Japan, we are in Japan to potentially attack China, North Korea, and maybe even Russia. Were there and we're not going to leave any time soon. (Unless we go to war with China or North Korea, then we'll be there instead.)

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

War with Japan, is war with the U.S. and probably Western Europe so good luck China you'll probably need it.

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

More PR bull, what is it China? Are you victors or victims, you can't be both.

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Posted in: Tax-free shopping gets a boost See in context

This is to help boost tourism.

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Posted in: Chinese group appeals to emperor for return of 1,300-year-old artifact See in context

You don't ask for things when you own the world.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ease political tensions in informal meeting See in context

Japan should ease tensions? This from the country who just told all of it's surrounding nations that china owns everything in the China Sea right up to their coast lines. http://www.japantoday.com/category/world/view/china-says-it-will-defend-its-interests-in-south-china-sea

That Must be why we call it the "China Sea"...

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Posted in: China says it will defend its interests in South China Sea See in context

That's just until it's interests move beyond the coast lines and we all get the Tibet treatment.

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Posted in: Angry Bitcoin investors demand answers at Tokyo creditors' meeting See in context

Bitcoin always seemed like a pyramid scheme to me.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms withdraw Husi-supplied products; 5 detained in China See in context

I blame the United States. Companies here have a policy of the cheaper the better and who cares if it kills somebody as long as the law suits don't exceed the profit margin. This in turn forces all competitors to do the same. All the While the Government backs up bad policies with more bad policies.

BTW Bad meats won't necessarily kill healthy adults, but it can kill the elderly, small children, and sick people, which will not always be linked back to the restaurant that caused it. This is what Corps are banking on.

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Posted in: Japanese firms hurt by tensions with China, S Korea See in context

The fact is that China want's to go to war with Japan, if that was to happen then they would go to war with the U.S. Unfortunately for China the U.S. is also their biggest consumer (and their biggest debt holder) so their economy would tank. I would hope they wouldn't commit economic suicide just for petty revenge on a generation of people that had nothing to do with WWII.

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Posted in: Global anger intensifies over downed Malaysia Airlines jet See in context

I think the Netherlands should call this a direct attack on their citizens and call the shots from here on out.

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

This is just propaganda to justify an eventual war between China and Japan that is obviously coming, which will probably drag in the United States, the Soviet Union, and most likely the both Korea's.

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Posted in: Chinese media slam Japan's move to expand military role See in context

So, it's bad for japan to increase their military, but North Korea can shoot missiles of Japans coast every other week and that's no problem?

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