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Posted in: How important a role does religion play in Japanese society? See in context

when i see japanese with a cross i think they are very religious.of course many of them is in the name of fashion.i also want to learn about their religions i cant comment more on this.

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Posted in: Turkish jets hit Kurdish rebels in Iraq See in context

well i am a Turk. if you want me allow a new country,you can join the Rebels in Iraq.because thats the only way you can dream it.not even with democracy. or fight your way in a democratic way in the turkish parliment for your rights as blacks did in USA. Although kurds were never poor slaves.

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Posted in: 6 killed in shootout near U.S. consulate in Istanbul See in context

it is very unprofessional and stupid.more like suicide attack. nothing important will come out of it. might be PKK. to hurt americans for being friendly with turks. they even took some german hostages for being friendly with turks.

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Posted in: Man disguised as schoolgirl arrested for trespassing in Ibaraki school See in context

dude u have to wear bra and shave ur leg for that,eew.ill check twice next time i look at school girls.

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Posted in: Turkish president set for first ever visit to Japan See in context

and dont forget the sushi and sake

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Posted in: Hydrogen sulfide gas suicides raise specter of terrorist attacks See in context

why would i want to take others lives away with me if i commit a suicide,unless i am sick or sth and think i am the angel of azrael and wanna take others lives away.for terrorists i thought we should we scared them coming from above, and now they are sub-ground, even can reach to my room with doors locked via air ducts.dude thanks to the othorothies my life can be filmed instead of white house being attacked by profesional terrorists to harm the president.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy dies after being hit by car in Tochigi See in context

@spidey ; i cant imagine myself living under that much supervision or pressure when i was a child.i am glad that i was not born in usa or any western country for just being in the fear of something all the time.think how much i would miss and, now i see children being locked in their houses and given the fear of every stranger man on the street.i am talking about early 90s of Turkey, and it is still the case , we would love to go ojisan kebab or just hang out on the ancient roman places for fun.there was not a bully or money asking bad guy types.i think you are a woman.i like japan being like my country and i want it stay that way not with some local western fobbies.for the six year old, i can show you many news like that from Canada or America if you want my friend.yeah what about the driver?

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by truck, several cars in Ibaraki See in context

what happens if a police car hits somebody on a highway?probably the ped will be drunk or commited suicide....

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Posted in: Stallone See in context

rambo you are missing the arrow!!

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Posted in: Jack Nicholson looking for one last big romance See in context


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Posted in: Two women, tied together, leap from apartment to death in Maebashi See in context

so far nobody values these girls' 'loyal to the end' friendship.but i believe this was what they had in mind at the end. in these cases you should not scare other people by jumping onto street you know.i mean for children it must be a it private ,leave a message to police and then leave. respect public before you commit a suicide(do not spread poisonous to gas nieghbours), so we can at least respect your choice. although i dont say do it.

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