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I used Nokia's and stopped only after coming to Japan. I think their functions were better than that of Ericsson (now SonyEricsson) and Motorola. It depends on the model but the higher end models were excellent and in fact I would still use then if only I could swap Sim cards.

The Japanese market however isn't right for Nokia because they want all the additions needed like TV for when sitting on the train. I am sure they will still hold market for many of the other countries.

Vertu however I never understood but then again, I don't have 5 million yen to waste on a phone!

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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

Well done to the police officer. As we all know they generally are soft and will let offenders go but to blatantly disregard warnings and obviously safety deserves this.

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I have looked at Servcorp, Regus and Executive Centre and although I have not been at your offices here, it looks like your business for those who are just needing an office space. As one of the previous post suggest, I too had terrible experiences with Regus who I would classify as a business hotel range. It did the job for a few months setting up but certainly didn't add value to my business.

Currently with Servcorp and they are pricey but the service, atleast in this office, is fantastic. It would be great of they were cheaper but for the type of business I am in and image I need to project to clients, I think this is very good.

I do wish you all the best however and I am sure you will be helpful for those with a tight budget!

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