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What a revelation! I sincerely think the same scenario applies to both genders as well and very much connected to the quality of their relationship. I am exposed to a very strong Asian family values.....marital values to be precise. I have never stayed in any other countries other my home country for more than 4 months in continuously...so pardon me, I am not aware personally how Japanese couples view each other's company. My experiences in life revealed to me, for man and woman to co-exist in this world happily and peacefully,.........they need to respect and value each others feelings physically and emotionally! Especially for couples, intimate knowledge of their partner and mutual respect for their needs comes as primary requirement! Ignoring this in the names of equality or ego or tradition or any other creative names will only bring destruction to a beautiful relationship called "marriage"! Or else, each partner will suffer in silence, will plan for a revenge, extra marital affairs will crop up and nobody we live in peace with each other's company! In my humble opinion, money, physical attraction and security alone should not a deciding factor for two individual to tie the knot in the name of love! Love would not exist there....each other's company will be a burden! We will try to save the marriage for the sake of tradition, to satisfy family members and children. But inside, we will be dying prematurely!

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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

Hi,sorry just came to know this article. Interesting, I have never been to Japan...yet! Being said that, never been exposed personally to Japanese culture or lifestyle yet, but I have a huge respect to the culture. This respect gained through my readings about Japanese happenings from time to time, news and etc. Being myself, i would not like to be judgmental on the subject of nudity. If it is part of the culture, well and good...it will have a positive impact on a growing child until and unless a person from a different upbringing or culture interrupt the process and tries to change the view! Then it will create guilt! I agree with Samurai Blue, anyway! Just a typo error..."pubic hair" ~ pubic hair!

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