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Posted in: Turkey pushes offensive in Syria, despite sanctions and calls to stop See in context

Manafort sending polling data to Russian intelligence, Stone communicating with Assange on Russian stolen e-mails, etc., etc.,

Yep I've read a lot of the report that's been released, and Mueller alleges lot's of things, but when you dig into most of it, it's all hear say and allegations with no solid evidence, in fact the Russian in question, they can't even find any evidence that he worked for Russian intelligence, it's ALL just he said, they said, and no evidence what so ever, standard State sponsored SOS. Same old S&%T, sprinkled with lot's of Hypocrisy on top for flavor.

However, the US starts wars with the same modus operandi almost always, no evidence just a feeling or fabrication so let's go to War and murder some people, Wash, Rinse and Repeat, our Government and intel sources doing the same old. I can remember half the guys in my barracks going to Vietnam and some not coming home, all based on lies, and nobody impeached the guy that caused close to 60,000 Americans and untold Vietnamese to be murdered, in fact the guy that caused it all got a Presidential Library where worshipers could come in Peace to Worship him.

Until the day comes that the Federal Government stops lying to the people, there should be no American Troops allowed to intervene in another Countries Problems. But, we all know that will never, ever happen.

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Been living in Japan for over 38 years. I've been stopped once.

Almost the same here, been here 35 years, stopped once in front of Nagasaki's main JR Train Station (about 15 years ago.), I actually talked down to the young police officer as if he were some kind of bug that was annoying me, but I did show ID and he left me alone quickly, probably thinking that was one grouchy foreigner. Even though I was impolite he was very polite and also never really explained why he stopped me in front of a crowded train Station. Oh and I passed that same spot often enough and never had any trouble, Koban was next door to the station at that time.

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Who originally started this idea, so often things like this pop up and we never know who started it???

Politicians wish to rule over you and tell you what to do and what not to do.

"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." Now the masters want you to clog up escalators so nobody can pass and next they'll have you parking in the passing lane of which too many people already do, the police used to give out tickets for that or at least pull you over and tell you why they pulled you over. Now, blocking people from moving is considered good etiquette when it used to be considered bad manners????

Daniel Webster

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If the State broadcast it, I'm less than reassured normally.

I digress, if they vaccinate the pigs will it be safe, if the State says it's safe, I'm not reassured when I go to eat at a Tongatsu restaurant. The rice and food is safe from Fukushima, and it's also safe to move back near the Fukushima power plant, it does nothing to have the State reassure me, nothing what so ever except to make me more afraid of whatever they say is now safe.

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

As long as corporate / national culture ascribes no responsibility in incidents like this there never will be guilty parties. If you’re on top of the system then you’re almost guaranteed protection.

I totally agree with that, but it's no different in any Western country there are two sets of laws in all of Europe and the US, the 1% get Just Us and the rest follow the law, fasten your seat belt, or else Justice will rain down on you hard.

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I think these can be helpful for smart policing as long as not used for political purposes.

A good example of how Propaganda works to convince people of almost anything, Bernays would be proud.

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The U.S. may get to export some cars to Japan without stringent inspections but that is about it.

The Americans invented the TPP, it's for Large Corporations, Donny just backed out of it. As for the cars, their last concert was in 2018, the American Auto Industry is no more they exported the Industry long before the Cars last concert, and it's basically dead in the US of A. Chrysler is no longer American, and Ford doesn't even make cars much any longer, and if you by a GM car it'll probably break down before you reach 100,000 KM.

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Big brother gets all, thats america & Japanese trade deals Japanese producers get dead and americans gets all ???


If you've ever done any import of foreign goods ( not just American goods ) for your business in Japan you would know that Japan and Korea are infamous for being overly strict on foreign imports, not only will they destroy a business to keep some products out of Japan. If your business continually imports goods that are being rejected, you will be put on a Black List and then everything you import is subject to an extra check and every check cost loads of cash on each individual item whether you are on a Black list are not. probably this is a little different for large Japanese Corporations, their particular route into Japan of foreign goods maybe entirely different, but small business in Japan that imports foreign goods must jump through the hoops so to speak. Then again if you work for a Large Corporation they always have lawyers and people on retainer to do nothing but this type of import work, where as the small business people must struggle to import foreign items on their own.

The only Industry Japan Inc does not protect is one where there is no demand for in Japan in the first place, every other Industry is fully protected by the State. Like say paper items such as Cards where there is only the business Consumption tax, there is no booming business for this item within Japan, and in fact most American card makers do not care to enter the market as their is no profit in the industry to be made to begin with, so of course it's duty free, surprise not. I once had a founder of a large card maker in the States tell me this, that they had studied the market completely and there was no outlook for profit in the Japanese market, so they only sell wholesale to retail stores, they are not even in the market and never will be unless the culture changes.

You have ask yourself, especially in times past why were American cars many times more expensive in Japan than in the States, and they still are. Or why was the iPhone so late in getting into Japan, at first it was well "our phones in Japan are so much better than the iPhone", and when they did start getting into Japan the largest phone company was last to sell it, they kept it out for years. Now Japanese portable phones cannot even compete against the iPhone even in Japan. Actually I'm not against this idea of protectionism, Japan Inc used to protect their industries as much as they possibly could and it's been rather obvious. In fact I appreciate these protections so much I now live and work in Japan Inc, America has never really protected any major industry except possibly the Aircraft Industry and Weapons Industry in general, until recently, and it's more than likely too late now for the Americans, their era is probably over now, and most of their large industry are now making items outside of the US of A.

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Posted in: From Marvel to 'Mosul': Russo brothers embark on global mission See in context

Since things are going complete leftist SJW type, I'm looking forward to a person of color that is a transvestite or better yet trans gender, that identifies as something extremely weird playing in a serious Super Hero movie, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the Big Screen, really, because I know it's coming and it won't be a comedy.

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Posted in: Xi told Abe he 'can't believe' Trump amid trade friction: source See in context

Xi always has the same facial expression in a photo-op with Abe or Trump.

It's because that's what true puppets look like. Western puppets tend to look like evangelistic preachers spreading the gospel of how the world should look in their imagination, and they sound like them too. However, they always have that forked tongue syndrome that arises constantly.

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It's amazing in today's world where nobody trust the government and most know that the government does lie to them constantly, therefore few now even trust the government. Even so, for a little Security some still trust the government to deliver on Security at the cost of liberty and Freedom, even though they also know the government will abuse this as it always does everything, and give zero Security in return. In the end the only person that can protect your family and friends is you yourself, and by taking away any of your rights you limit even this.

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You know, I bet he really believes this, otherwise how could he say it with a straight face?

That could be, but since it's his responsibility it's more like he's being disingenuous with not only everyone, but to himself personally as well in order that he may do his job. For the protection of his status and his very job itself, he can and will justify anything. Once indoctrinated fully into the system and in fact becoming a part of the system, it would be a miracle in itself for this gentleman to believe anything else than what he's known all his life. A strong belief system can withstand a barrage of facts and truths thrown at it and still not break.

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It's rather obvious that it's all political in nature, by Moon Jae-in's own statement it's political, because he said so. Obviously Moon Jae-in has no intentions of changing course, he wishes to keep this as a political tool that he and his government will use in the future as well over and over, it will always come out when they do not get what they want. It doesn't matter how many times apologies are given if apologies are never accepted, therefore it becomes a monotonous waste of time and effort.

Just reading the 1965 agreement, it was obvious that the Korean Government was interested in monetary conpensation only and very little else, the complaints against Japan should obviously mostly be directed at the Korean Government itself. If the Government of Korea was actually concerned with anything other than funds it should have been made more clear at the time of the 1965 agreement. Actually in a way one cannot blame the Korean Government as almost all countries State Governments care very little for their own people, and only care about funds and the States Power and Control over the people, and Japan is no different in this respect. Throw bones to the people, and keep on raising the debt, power and control of the State itself.

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Posted in: UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate 'quite low' See in context

A word of advice for Japan, do not let the UN dictate anything to you.

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The article couldn't stick to just Polanski, that would have been just fine, and of course that's controversial and deserves discussion all by itself.

However, the #MeToo so called movement just surrounds everything that is now wrong with Western Society as it is becoming now. An apt item to include within the definition for the #MeToo movement should include; " Make no mistake. The real purpose of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality in the modern age, is an all-out war on even the concept of excellence."

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Why not change the title to a more appropriate title and a more positive one at that.

"50% of municipalities are not concerned in the least over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey"

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Next up on top of discriminating tolls, more video cameras with facial recognition everywhere, with Police asking for your identification papers, and when the Olympics are over and since they got away with extortion and violating your rights during the Olympics, they'll continue after the Olympics into infinity, welcome to more tyranny Olympic style. ( Actually all of these plans for the Olympics sound as if there made up by some 20 year bureaucrat behind a desk, who has little controls placed upon what he says or does, plus he or she has too much time on their hands. )

"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

Daniel Webster

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The winner was Janja Garnbret of Slovenia.

So we were reading about 2 that lost?

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If the FBI is in the foreground or Background on any investigation, you can be sure upon close scrutiny the bucket will not hold water because of all the countless holes in it, in so doing it is the State that creates Conspiracy theories by not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, classified and redacted in these situations creates conspiracy theories, what the State really wants is for the citizens to accept every single word they utter as Gospel from above, and after all the lies, that's going to be impossible. Already just on Epstein's death alone the story starts to become more weird by the day as it always does when the Federal Government is involved.

From CBS Morning,

Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell the morning he died will get weird it always does and the PR arm of the State will see to that.

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Notice how we've had 2 Mass Shootings just before this Epstein Suicide, and we also have an escalation in things such as the TAPS act pushed by the Republicans, they will eventually take away one of your Bill of Rights ( Due Process ) and proceed to go after the rest. I'd say Hate speech is a good start to finish off the 1st amendment. Can't really say any of the above is a Conspiracy Theory as most of this is in the news daily, gun control, hate speech, it's all about control over you, and to top it all off the State through their Propaganda Arm Main Stream Media has got everybody jumping on the bandwagon to take away their own rights for all of this safety they will provide you, LOL hard to make this stuff up, but they're trying extra hard, and a lot of folks are buying into it. The People involved in this Epstein scandal will go to any lengths to shut this thing down, now look for the Main Stream Media to change small items in their Story, emphasis on the Story.

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Not only will the Epstein case just blow over and go away, if there is any investigation into Epstein so called suicide look for all government investigated material to be classified and if presented to the Public through FOIA request it will be highly redacted to protect the guilty, I mean agents. Also they will stall on release of information even if forced to release through court orders, they will dribble it out extra slow, because let's face it, the Federal level of government is the law they are above it all.

As for any camera video that's the first thing the FBI confiscates never to be seen again, or just deny that it ever existed.

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I'm waiting for this Epstein thing to blow over within 6 months, and slowly disappear from the news entirely, which in and of itself will be telling. Main Stream Media.

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Half the population of the US predicted this one, so chalk up a conspiracy theory that happened to be true.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

Donny is an ignorant moron, which is why he is able to connect with his base so well.

Orange Man Bad, Chipper, you better have some doctor take a look at that TDS, it could kill ya with all that hate building up. It really is getting old and very boring.

Some of the statements by you TDS infected people need to be at least based in reality with facts to back it up. Post some real links, transcriptions in order to get the full context which is always missing from the TDS infected, yet all I still see is Orange Man Bad. I digress, posting real hard facts around here gets thumbs down from the infected. LOL Orange Man Bad..ummm..

At least Trump didn't kill close to 60,000 Americans like LBJ and company, or become a War Criminal like Bush and Chenny, or bomb a country like Libya and turn it into a battle ground like Obama and company, although I'm kinda waiting for him to bomb Iran perhaps. Again I digress, you gotta stop all that hate, it'll just hurt you.

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Ready for the down votes, but after watching a lot of movies that are fiction lately, there is no way they could make this movie in today's enviornment and have it make box office records. Zorro could not be a White Male Spainard, at the very least Zorro would have to virtue signal until it makes people sick to watch.

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Year to date 270 people shot and killed in Chicago and people are worried about mass shootings, and that's just one US City, most of them had absolutely nothing to do with legal gun owners.

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I am very sure that the 20 mass shootings in 2019 is twisted to fit the articles narrative. The Wiki says there were 196 mass shooting for a total of 196 killed, and that's a mass shooting?? Since there is no clear definition of a mass shooting it's best articles stop using the term unless they define the term. Actually Large cities such as St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, on and on, are of more concern, because just in one of these cities. in one year, surpasses the mass shootings, gangs are far and away a bigger problem than mass shooting will ever be.

Some of these states in the US are lax on gun laws while others are so strict that they seem to go against the US Constitution, whatever the law is in any particular State, it seems to have little bearing on murders by gangs in cities.

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There's a famous study published that show's Baltimore as being in the top 10 of US cities with rat infestation.

How strange you should say that, I read one study saying Baltimore was number 3 in the World with rat infestation.

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since1981 Saying "if you don't like America, go back to your country." has nothing to do with race.

If you make those comments to leftist and on Japan Today expect to be down voted, makes no difference that they are factual or not, kind of a sign of pride really on Japan Today.

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

Cities with the highest murder rates within the top 10 mostly have heavy leanings to the Democratic Party, with New Orleans coming up on almost 150 years of Democratic Mayors, Blue tinted cities and most especially the Big cities with big inner cities have trouble, even when they have gun free zones, like Chicago with close to 270 shot and killed this year so far. As long as you stay away from certain areas in big cities your life span may increase, that's real street smarts.

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