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Posted in: Brazilian man dies after being arrested for attacking police officer in koban See in context

alwaysspeakingwisdomToday 07:46 am JST

"As it happened in a Koban, there should be video footage to either corroborate or disprove the police account of events."

The vast majority of Kobans don't have cctv.

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Why are people voting down this comment? It's an objective truth. In fact most Koban don't even have officers in them

That was kinda a funny. You got a down vote also, even though what you said about Koban's is true, in our little countryside town the Koban is empty way over half the time, sometimes there is even a police car parked at the Koban, but no police officer to be found, what you said is true, as was the previous comment about cameras. I suppose when Japanese Police officers become violent thugs then body cameras and such will become common like some other countries where police violence is obvious, but until then they only watch the common man in Japan, not the police.

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

Big brother is watching, they're doing this all over the West and it is escalating, yet nobody objects, they collect all your data, emails, telephone calls, you name it, and it's all stored away for when it's needed. You step on to almost any street in any major city, and the cameras are rolling.

The 10 planks of the Communist manifesto are almost complete in the West, all they need now really is all of your weapons and when I say weapons that means anything and everything that could possibly be used against the State, that includes the almighty pen. Soon they'll have you turning in your neighbor for their violations of rules made up by some nameless unelected bureaucrat, in fact it's already going down. But still they sleep..

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Posted in: Big Oscar win by 'Green Book' leaves many frustrated See in context

Just close down the Oscars, fewer and fewer people watch it anyway, and the votes for best actor, picture, etcetera does not represent the customers opinion, only total sales are the customers votes. Almost every year all these critics and Hollywood stars dig up something to complain and divide the nation over, when in reality why should anybody care what these folks think? Most of the films talked about, some were pretty good action movies and some had a somewhat interesting story, the only drawback on any of them was their point of view which all by itself tried to convey a message, which nobody needs or wants when being entertained. Hollywood stars and those that surround Hollywood are under the impression that the populace of the World cares about their political and ideological ideas, when in fact nobody should care what they believe, it's a make believe world and that's what Hollywood is.

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Posted in: List of Japanese female POWs held in Soviet labor camps after World War II discovered See in context

Good question... if most of the work had already been done against Japan... was Russia looking for easy pickings? Or were they just cowards?

The Russians lost a lot of people in WWII with the German invasion of their country, it took a little time, but they did kick the Germans out of Russia, they're no cowards when pushed against the Wall so to speak. If the Americans forces had not occupied Japan already, you can bet the Russians would have taken the whole pie. In fact the Russians were bold enough to ask Macarthur for a bigger piece of the pie, but Macarthur basically told them this pie is ours so to speak.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context


I totally disagree with your whole idea, it has nothing what so ever to do with anything you've written. The man is a leftist idiot, probably infected with the Trump Derangement syndrome no doubt about it. The Main Stream has been pushing this disease for over 2 years now, at first some bought into it, now some are actually flipping out over it, the guy is totally infected with the disease. The case has nothing to do with Mega hats, or racism, or homophobic radicals are anything else, it has to do with one low life lying scum bag that should go to jail. I doubt he will go to jail, and this kind of garbage will no doubt continue because of that very reason. Free speech is one thing, but a Mega Hoax is quite another, in fact it is Jussie himself that now looks to be a bigoted racist scum, which more and more seems to be typical of the far left, they never look into the mirror, but I'm very sure the Main Stream will go out of its way to justify part of this, because the Western Press is without a doubt a major part of this problem.

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Posted in: 106 foreigners disappeared in Japan last year after arriving on cruise ships See in context

Let’s not throw all foreigners in the same boat. Most of those that did jump ship were asians (most probably Chinese)

While not an in depth article on where these illegals are coming from, I believe in the 3rd paragraph of the article, they made it abundantly clear where the boat jumpers are not coming from and that they were indeed mostly coming from China, they mentioned China 3 times in the third Paragraph.

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Posted in: Fire breaks out in under-construction Tokyo high-rise building See in context


There has only been a few skyscrapers that collapsed due to fire in all of recorded history, and they all collapsed in New York in 2001.

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Posted in: Five things we learned from Ghosn's day in court See in context

Viktor Cernatinskij Sorry, but so far in this case the prosecution has presented no evidence and there is no trial yet, a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but the prosecution keeps the man in jail what seems indefinite, while actually presenting no proof of guilt. As Western people look on, it makes no sense. With a 99% conviction rate by prosecutors it begins to make very clear sense, no matter what a defendant does evidently, does not matter, the state is going to do what ever it wants. Perhaps Westerners do not understand the Japanese Justice System, but a 99% conviction rate does not help the System, it only makes the system look highly suspicious. They really need to bring this to trial as soon as possible, because the longer this farce plays out, the worse the entire Judicial System in Japan looks.

The other day the new Nissan boss was on Japanese TV, and I've got to say just listening to the man's words, it really sounded as if this is nothing more than a coup. I imagine that if any State keeps you long enough and looks deep enough they can find something bad about anybody, or they can just make it up out of thin air, kind of like they way they print money out of thin air, after all half the judges in all Western Nations owe their allegiance to the State. Since the LDP has mostly controlled the State in Japan, the judges allegiance in all likelihood is to the LDP. The only problem here is, the defendant has money and some power, he can have the best lawyers money can buy, and I assume that is exactly what he has, probably a whole team of lawyers. As a CEO I would also imagine the man has all pertinent documents that are related to this, he does not appear to be a fool. If the prosecution does not create guilt in some fashion without being caught doing it, or actually have proof of guilt, they will look like fools if they lose this in the eyes of the entire World. This is really good, and it makes me want to buy pop corn and enjoy the show. I do know when this is all over, I plan on reading some of the books that will come out because of this.

Company going broke, man rescues company what seems single handedly, company then stabs man in back, what better drama is there than that, reads like a dime store novel already.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

Nissan is still getting over a scandal in which it admitted altering the results of emission and fuel economy tests on vehicles sold in Japan.

Anyone get arrested for that?

Why would anyone get arrested for that, they were just trying to make a profit, business is business after all, all that happened is they got caught, next time they'll figure a better way to prevent being caught.

The only reason that they arrested the Ghosn is because the State did not get its cut of the funds.

The other scandals you mentioned just hurt the average citizen not the State, so why would the State care one way or the other, they have not done much with the Fukushima disaster, yet they want to push more Nuclear power. It's a joke that people still believe the State actually cares about the people, where's the profit in that, verbal promises are enough for the masses. It is really high time people stop focusing on what the State says, and focus more on what the State actually does and it's long lasting effect upon the people. I digress, the scandals will just continue, people will continue to stand up on National TV, bow their heads down, and apologize, but the scandals will continue, and no big shots will ever go to jail for those things and basically that is why the scandals will continue, it's similar all over the West, and Japan is no different in that respect. The Banks get a fine for wrong doings, and later on they do the exact same things they were fined for to begin with. Unless you are a complete outsider or an average hard working person, the world is yours for the taking, it's always been about influence, power, and money, for now there will be no change in that respect.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi control room revealed 7 years after meltdowns See in context

I would imagine in another 10 to 15 years they'll want to restart it.

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