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Notice how we've had 2 Mass Shootings just before this Epstein Suicide, and we also have an escalation in things such as the TAPS act pushed by the Republicans, they will eventually take away one of your Bill of Rights ( Due Process ) and proceed to go after the rest. I'd say Hate speech is a good start to finish off the 1st amendment. Can't really say any of the above is a Conspiracy Theory as most of this is in the news daily, gun control, hate speech, it's all about control over you, and to top it all off the State through their Propaganda Arm Main Stream Media has got everybody jumping on the bandwagon to take away their own rights for all of this safety they will provide you, LOL hard to make this stuff up, but they're trying extra hard, and a lot of folks are buying into it. The People involved in this Epstein scandal will go to any lengths to shut this thing down, now look for the Main Stream Media to change small items in their Story, emphasis on the Story.

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Not only will the Epstein case just blow over and go away, if there is any investigation into Epstein so called suicide look for all government investigated material to be classified and if presented to the Public through FOIA request it will be highly redacted to protect the guilty, I mean agents. Also they will stall on release of information even if forced to release through court orders, they will dribble it out extra slow, because let's face it, the Federal level of government is the law they are above it all.

As for any camera video that's the first thing the FBI confiscates never to be seen again, or just deny that it ever existed.

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Posted in: Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories See in context

I'm waiting for this Epstein thing to blow over within 6 months, and slowly disappear from the news entirely, which in and of itself will be telling. Main Stream Media.

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Posted in: Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories See in context

Half the population of the US predicted this one, so chalk up a conspiracy theory that happened to be true.

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Posted in: Trump: 'Hate has no place in our country, and we're going to take care of it' See in context

Donny is an ignorant moron, which is why he is able to connect with his base so well.

Orange Man Bad, Chipper, you better have some doctor take a look at that TDS, it could kill ya with all that hate building up. It really is getting old and very boring.

Some of the statements by you TDS infected people need to be at least based in reality with facts to back it up. Post some real links, transcriptions in order to get the full context which is always missing from the TDS infected, yet all I still see is Orange Man Bad. I digress, posting real hard facts around here gets thumbs down from the infected. LOL Orange Man Bad..ummm..

At least Trump didn't kill close to 60,000 Americans like LBJ and company, or become a War Criminal like Bush and Chenny, or bomb a country like Libya and turn it into a battle ground like Obama and company, although I'm kinda waiting for him to bomb Iran perhaps. Again I digress, you gotta stop all that hate, it'll just hurt you.

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Ready for the down votes, but after watching a lot of movies that are fiction lately, there is no way they could make this movie in today's enviornment and have it make box office records. Zorro could not be a White Male Spainard, at the very least Zorro would have to virtue signal until it makes people sick to watch.

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

Year to date 270 people shot and killed in Chicago and people are worried about mass shootings, and that's just one US City, most of them had absolutely nothing to do with legal gun owners.

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I am very sure that the 20 mass shootings in 2019 is twisted to fit the articles narrative. The Wiki says there were 196 mass shooting for a total of 196 killed, and that's a mass shooting?? Since there is no clear definition of a mass shooting it's best articles stop using the term unless they define the term. Actually Large cities such as St. Louis, Chicago, Baltimore, on and on, are of more concern, because just in one of these cities. in one year, surpasses the mass shootings, gangs are far and away a bigger problem than mass shooting will ever be.

Some of these states in the US are lax on gun laws while others are so strict that they seem to go against the US Constitution, whatever the law is in any particular State, it seems to have little bearing on murders by gangs in cities.

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There's a famous study published that show's Baltimore as being in the top 10 of US cities with rat infestation.

How strange you should say that, I read one study saying Baltimore was number 3 in the World with rat infestation.

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since1981 Saying "if you don't like America, go back to your country." has nothing to do with race.

If you make those comments to leftist and on Japan Today expect to be down voted, makes no difference that they are factual or not, kind of a sign of pride really on Japan Today.

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Cities with the highest murder rates within the top 10 mostly have heavy leanings to the Democratic Party, with New Orleans coming up on almost 150 years of Democratic Mayors, Blue tinted cities and most especially the Big cities with big inner cities have trouble, even when they have gun free zones, like Chicago with close to 270 shot and killed this year so far. As long as you stay away from certain areas in big cities your life span may increase, that's real street smarts.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context

how about respecting everyone's point of view before slandering them or mocking their beliefs?

Those days are long gone, and that's no belief.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Stay classy America...

Is that a PR slogan?

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Posted in: NEC to provide customs procedure system with face recognition for six major airports in Japan See in context

Big Brother is here, expect it to accelerate at an ever expanding rate, Control is the name of the game, and it's all over the Globe now. Japan is not the first for this facial recognition.

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Posted in: Japan lawmakers' average income in 2018 hits 16-year high See in context

The median net worth of a US senator was $3.2 million, versus $900,000 for members of the House of Representatives. A LDP dietman at $245,000?

I read that also about US Senators and Reps, Senators make 12 to 15 times what LDP Diet Men do, or way over 20 times what the average American worker makes.

LDP Diet members make more than 10 times what an average Japanese Worker makes, so Japan does a little better than America in this regard. In both the US and Japan I would imagine they vote themselves pay raises and benefits, and in those cases it's always higher than the average Salary man. Leaders are usually crooks no matter where you may live.

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Won't work. As soon as you tell an elderly person to do something much less "pay" for it they won't.

That has nothing to do with just the elderly, example if you tell me to do something, my reply at almost anytime in my entire life would be GTFO, aimed at the person trying to boss me around. The same applies to someone pushing me to pay for something I have no desire for, or need of. In this case the cost is silly, way too high.

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Posted in: Marvel's first openly trans actor calls for more portrayals See in context

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society - Aristotle

People should try to think for themselves, so here's a quote that perhaps too simply describes today's society in my opinion.

“The five marks of the Roman decaying culture:

Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth;

Obsession with sex and perversions of sex;

Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original;

Widening disparity between very rich and very poor;

Increased demand to live off the state.”

― Edward Gibbon

The far leftist in our society also seem to be trying to fulfill the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto in the West, and so far they are winning. The already managed to fulfill the majority of them within Western Society at large, and at times the Right seems to be helping it all along smoothly.

Pretty soon to show love in entertainment we will be presented with pure porno, we will be shown the kiss and the actual penetration on our screens, and when it becomes common place it will then be rated PG. So simply put, Societies collapse when the degeneration of any moral values becomes common place.

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Posted in: Marvel's first openly trans actor calls for more portrayals See in context

I notice there are no comments on this, perhaps it's because nobody cares what "Zach Barack" thinks one way or the other, I know I don't, and I sure hope he or she or whatever never talks about politics above all else, entertainers should just entertain, collect their big paychecks and keep their trap shut.

Perhaps Zach is just one of the reasons the New Spider-man movie is just so so.

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

The title of the article could have just done away with the words Elderly drivers, it fits anybody at any age, except for the focus on this one old guy in the article. Once had a friend that was drunk while driving and he killed another man in a head on collision, he never got over it, they let him go to work and after work he returned to the prison, they let him at least support his family while serving time.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

all whale and dolphin meat caught in waters near Japan has been found to have high levels of mercury.

It's probably even worse for Pacific seafood around the American West Coast, after all that's where the jet stream goes from Fukushima, also the Ocean current goes to the same place. All the Fukushima junk is floating up on the American West coast, dead fish, dead birds all kinds of unhealthy things. So it's not just the Japanese waters, when purchasing seafood it's important to see where it came from, in Japan it's usually printed right on the label. If you know a trusted fisherman and you know what waters he fishes in, that's the best route, now days. I live in Japan and I do know the owner of a fishing company and I get 90% of my seafood from him, the rest I read the label.

The fact is it's best you watch where all your food comes from, all my vegetables come from my field, the supermarket stuff anywhere is drenched in pesticide, especially imports. For Whale meat it's probably best from the North Sea, loved the Whale steak, haven't had any for 20 years though. Which reminds me, I also enjoyed American Buffalo steak in the States, amai. Oh, and Minke Whales are not an endangered species. They eat the whole thing, as far as I know there is nothing wasted on the Whale, the statement in the comments is wrong it's not just the belly of the Whale that's edible, even the blubber is salt cured. The picture here is canned Whale meat, try not to eat any canned foods unless you have nothing else.

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This has resulted in a huge stockpile of frozen whale meat they cannot give away. If the demand has not increased in the last 30 years, it never will. It is these same selfish and naive ideals that pushed whales to the brink of extinction forty years ago.

What warehouse is this Whale Meat stockpiled in and do you have an address. The Minke Whale is not an endangered species, last year Japan caught around 300 whales in the Northern European waters, the last estimate was that there is over 10,000 Minke Whales in the area.

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Posted in: Trump says Iran made 'big mistake' by shooting down U.S. drone See in context

One of 2 things will happen now, the US could tone this tanker and drone incident down OR they can now present us all with daily PR and tone it all up, start to squeeze Iran into a corner would work best, and let's move those War Ships closer to Iran's shores. Nothing like the smell of Napalm in the Morning..

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Posted in: Trump says Iran made 'big mistake' by shooting down U.S. drone See in context

You seem to have no idea why the military is stationed in various middle eastern forward bases and command. It is to ensure the free, unimpeded flow of that black stuff that keeps the world ticking and stable. But of course you don't care about that, because your posts shows you're only ever concerned with making excuses for the Iranians.

That statement is probably why you got a lot of down votes, just a guess. You need to read a bunch of General Smedley Butler's quotes and also read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins and start connecting dots on US Foreign policy, believe it or not the US Foreign Policy and our interventions over seas still follow the same old policy. What always got me the most is how the US Government just loves maritime disasters to intervene in foreign governments affairs, makes the military Industrial Complex extremely rich and usually kills a lot of middle and lower class Americans in the process, mostly young men.

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The United States favorite PR for interventions "maritime disasters", The Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin and now we have Iran, they also just love the WMD thing. First it's may have, then the may have turns into a big allegation from different sources, Then it turns into we have evidence that they did it, all of those eventually turn into they just flat out did it, sprinkle in lot's of emotion, in fact in the end it's all emotion with little facts and... poof, we got an intervention. I look forward to the next script, they may have found better writers this time, they'll keep on provoking this, and if they keep up the PR and constant drum beatings they'll get their next intervention, after all only Iran is left on those 7 Nations. Everybody must remember this one “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” However, it's taking a little longer than the 5 years promised.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils measures to prevent car crashes caused by elderly drivers See in context

Since I came to Japan long ago I've always noticed how the highways have speed detecting cameras and N Systems and H Systems everywhere, now Japan can make all kinds of excuses for this, like for example it cuts down on highway deaths, which is partially true, but only partially, and the N Systems spot criminals escaping the scene of their crimes. (Personal opinion is the cameras are for revenue and not traffic safety so much.)

Every now and again a child is murdered by a nut job in Japan or as recently promoted in the main Stream how bad older drivers are, almost seems like it's more political than anything else and makes the politicians look good promoting an idea of prevention, usually this prevention entails making a large percentage of the population mandatorily conforming to the States wishes, the State being Japanese in this case. ( Problem, reaction, in this case exacerbate the reaction with weekly PR this is always done in the US usually to intervene in a foreign powers country, and then their solution. The reaction part is the most interesting as usually only emotion is used on the masses. ) I submit that if the State really cared about the children or older people to begin with, they would have their H Systems and their N Systems all around the schools, and if they cared about older people they would stop taxing them to death on their retirement money, which forces them to get low paying jobs in order to not pay exorbitant taxes. Not even counting all the scammers trying to fleece the older folks within Japan, which makes one believe does Japan really care at all about the older folks or is it really just PR. In short when the State ( Japan in this case. ) says their protecting you, you can rest assured they have ulterior motives.

I'm just trying to give an alternate view here as the Main Stream keeps pushing this in the year 2019 most especially, and it seems strange, the fact is, Japan has the lowest death rate in all developed countries percentage wise in automobile deaths. Older drivers in Japan cause 15% of all fatal crashes in 2018, I believe that’s 75 and over, is that really so bad, those 70 and over make up 20% of the entire population. Again what I'm writing here is just an alternative to the Main Stream push, which in Japan's case you can bet this is coming from the government, it's their focus now. My figures are correct, but one can make correct figures mean anything they want to, example many people 70 and older give up their drivers license as they themselves know they cannot drive any longer. so drivers over 70 that still drive are actually low percentage wise, but if I didn't tell anybody that fact, well you can see how not saying something promotes what you do say as long as you do not tell all the facts.

It's getting kind of amazing that generally all over the so called free world the Main Stream pushes the same story with little opposing opinion, in this case I'm not really saying there is not a problem, I just find it strange that there is no opposing opinion hardly at all.

Japan already has implemented stricter drivers license requirements for older people, actually more than 5 years ago so it's not a new idea, now it's just making people comfortable with their not so new requirements so they can add more, because whatever it is, the State ( Japan in this case. ) always try's to add more and more and more, until the controls are in place completely. Again perhaps it is needed really, but I just find it strange as I said, that their is absolutely no opposing position and everybody in the land of Wa agrees by consensus on this, really now do they?

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Posted in: Swift calls out homophobes on new song, announces 7th album See in context

I think most people don't care one way or the other, but a lot of people are getting tired of hearing this.

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Posted in: G20 finance chiefs agree on urgent need for online sales tax system See in context

Within the US I'm more concerned with Google and Facebook sticking to the US Constitution, that means as Social Media Platforms they need to accept that there is Free Speech. Since Google and FaceBook are American Corporations, they should also be made to stick to the Constitution wherever they go. As for tax, that's just some State sticking their hands in your pocket, and if you don't like it, they stick a gun in your face until you comply. It's all about State control one way or the other, and freedom is an illusion, don't believe it, then stop paying your taxes and see what happens to your freedom.

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Posted in: Tough at the top: Girls believe female leaders suffer widespread harassment See in context

Everything mentioned in this report and interview is pure opinion, aspiration and expectation... While I don't doubt some of these female "leaders" will face harrassment in the future but that is also just my / their opinion and expectation.

It's a statistical fact that since around 2015 the Main Stream has been pushing victimhood at a doubling or even 3 times rate when compared to before 2015. It's not only vicitimhood the Main Stream Media has been pushing since 2015 or so, it's Gender, Race, equality, articles mentioning "Empathy", NYT articles mentioning "White culture, Whites, White Americans, White people", NYT articles mentioning "Slavery, Enslavement/Bondage/Chattel and Blacks/African Americans", and that's only the tip of the Iceberg.

Many have focused on the Main Stream Media publishing over 90% negative on Trump, but it's not just Trump, that's a distraction it's all this far leftist madness that's being pushed. There is indeed a push by the Main Stream to indoctrinate the masses into false beliefs, and many are just eating it all up. It's as if division of the masses is the name of the game, and they're winning by the looks of it. Japan Today does a lot of opinion, leaving out the other side of the Story, another thing is, the Hate on Japan Today's comments section, they need a moderator, but they'd probably just use it to censor out any differing opinions with their own opinions. The hate comes in the form of name calling with little to no background or facts to go along with it, quoting people out of context seems to be a game now days, highly biased opinions.

I loved that one about the Demonstrations against Trump in London, they could only muster a thousand people or so at the Demo, ( thousands of placards and banners went unused because too few even bothered to show up in the rain.) but Main Stream Media sure tried to blow it up big, Trump get's 10's of thousands at his talks, where is that story ever, I expect that from CNN, but they all do it.

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Posted in: Narita airport to use facial recognition in boarding from 2020 See in context

This won't end well.

What are you talking about?? I will end perfectly fine, for the STATE and their ability to control you completely.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

Anyone who lives here for long enough, would notice something seriously wrong with the country

Really not my intention to use a straw man here and I don't believe I am, but anyone living anywhere in the Western world should notice something is seriously wrong everywhere. So what exactly is it? What connection does it have with every place that's having mass murders, and tyrannical States trying to control everybody? Why are we seeing more crazy people almost everywhere on the face of the planet, especially in North America, Europe and yes even Japan, perhaps we can't leave out anyplace, even in China they've had rampaging knife welding crazies.

Murder, knives that are longer than 6cm are illegal, so the nut job broke 2 laws at least, probably more, so more laws is not going to correct the problem, already Japanese people have almost nothing to defend themselves with if attacked by a nut with a 30 cm blade in both hands, the rampage took all of 20 seconds, if he'd been there for 20 minutes he could have broken some kind of demented record for mass murder. The only good thing about it in Japan is, people are talking about mental health not the weapon of choice which really is a straw man and will correct nothing obviously. Already if you have a swiss army knife to slice your apple or open your wine, open your can of peaches or clean your fingernails, they'll stop you in Japan if they find it and ask what are you doing with this, and do not try to board an airplane with one in your carry on, one nut can ruin your day in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

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