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Why is crazy to think that the US could offer free healthcare and secondary education? Many other countries have accomplished this and more and hasn't had a meltdown yet.

Sound like another one who hears the word "socialist" and freak out without knowing what it means. But I digress, it's not my job to educate.

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Lesson well learned for her...too bad it ended up being an expensive one.

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The U.S. should just pull out of Japan and let Japan deal...I wonder how long it would take for Russia and China to start bullying Japan over those islands then.

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The faulty parts were manufactured in Mexico for the (North?) American market. Another gift from NAFTA.

At the end of the day it is still the fault of Takata Corp. If it was the fault of the plant in Mexico, then it was a severe lack of oversight and safeguards by Japanese engineers.

Also, NAFTA has nothing to do with a Japanese company opening a factory in Mexico.

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When will they let this franchise peacefully die. The anime/manga is amazing but the multiple reboots and spinoffs are nauseating at best.

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Taxi's in Japan are really expensive (compared to other Asian countries)and the drivers are a toss up. Some are some of the nicest men I have ever met. (Singing to me, making small talk, actually smiling), whereas the other half are rude and impatient. There have been few occasions when taxis have driven off when they realize I am a foreigner, before I can even open my mouth and another occasion where the guy watched me struggle with two suitcases instead of helping me get them into the trunk. They are also aggressive drivers who are quick to honk their horns at other drivers and pedestrians.

I'd say I prefer taxis here over the ones in Taiwan and Korea. The cars are always impeccable and the drivers are for the most part at least polite.

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The performance was great and it's nice to see her using her platform for a cause...but honestly, where the hell has she been? She had ample time to make a stand or political statement before...but they way it ended up happening was her gaining tons of publicity and it stirring up a fever of every one wantingto buy her Tour Tickets which was announced DURING the Superbowl. The heart's in the right place, but I can't help but feel that it was more so for profit...

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Go Bernie!

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I used to work at a pretty well-to do preschool in Tokyo where mothers sent their children in the most expensive clothes money could buy, even though they'd grow out of them in a year or so. When we did a unit on occupations, I was heart-broken when all of the little girls (save for 1) said they never wanted to work and just wanted to stay home like their moms. There is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom and it definitely a tough job, but what worried me is that they had no aspirations other than that...before settling down.

Back in the States children have a plethora of goals. Some not so realistic and others completely imaginative, but they had them. Maybe more little girls need more female leaders to look up to here in Japan?

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I lost faith in the efficacy of the Japanese healthcare system my first winter here. I developed bad flu-like symptoms and went to bed with a couple of pain meds. Next day I woke up fine with just a runny nose. I was forced to go to the hospital anyway. After getting a stick shoved up my nose, I was told I had the flu, (Though I was still showing no symptoms at the time) and was prescribed ANTIBIOTICS! For a virus! My symptoms never came back but I was forced on a week vacation...and let me tell you I made the most of that paid-vacation.

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I don't think the icon should be changed. It gives tourists a learning experience and to change it destroys the history behind the the symbol.

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You and me both FizzBit!

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Harry Gato

Really? Perhaps comments should be restricted to those who have actually upgraded and used the product rather than just quoting hearsay. Windows 10 works well for me and for many other too, so I have heard.

Your comment was funny to me. You tell another viewer to stop quoting hearsay, and then you go on to quote hearsay yourself a sentence later. But I'm sure if Windows 10 was a pile a crap, we would have heard about it by now on mainstream channels.

I think many people are just resistant to change and follow the mantra "Don't fix what isn't broken"...honestly, I'm just lazy...I'll upgrade eventually.

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Obama meant well and yes he has made some sweeping changes, but honestly, his hands were tied with a Republican majority in Congress. It doesn't matter what Obama says, Republicans will find a way to combat him.

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What whining? They tried to enter a market that they failed in, so they are now pulling out. Did Ford insult your mother or something? Why all the animosity?

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Shonan B

Blacows near Ebisu station is amazing! They have some of the best burgers I've ever had (States included).

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Let's disregard the pollen covering your clothes and being inhaled the second you step out the door.

Well, they sure do love their useless gadgets here.

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If another country made a "light-hearted" animated comedy surrounding one of Japan's disasters, they'd be quick to call foul and play the victim. This is disgusting.

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I think the big issue here is that minorities have historically, and are still currently underrepresented in Hollywood today. More often than not, minorities have been cast as the stereotypical sidekick or complete "white-washed" out of roles written for minorities. When changes are made to to include a more colorful cast, the internet loses their minds and fanboys can't even fathom a character being non-white. I do think the whole thing with the Oscars are sour-grapes and I don't believe African Americans (or any other races for that matter) were intentionally left out as some racist gesture. But this whole crying over an award show is drawing attention away from the real issue.

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