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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

Denounce? no way guys. China did the part of the stronger nation with acting on his own, expanded the ADIZ without asking and now they're fearing to be beaten by japan's defense plan?

I'm wondering what's wrong with them...

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Posted in: Should doping in sport be a crime? See in context

Doping is not a crime since it's not like killing somebody with a pistol. Of course it's punished with banning definitely that person from sport, but I think it's excessive to consider that as a crime.

You can be banned for doping? yes. And it is very right. Putted in jail because it's a crime? NO. Why? it has no logic.

Very simple.

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Posted in: IAEA says it's monitoring Fukushima and ready to help See in context

Sure, in the meanwhile they said that they can be helped IF ask, it will be already too late for the pacific ocean if things will going that bad every day. When Japan will ask for help? tomorrow or, at the worst, withing some year?

I think that IAEA didn't realized how much serious the problem is. There's no time to ask, but to go in action immediately if we want to avoid an ocean filled by liquid waste.

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Posted in: Japan eyes first-strike capability, Marines in defense policy update See in context

Guys, recently Japan has obtained the right to declare war for so long since the end of war (which Japan had never the right to do that after WWII), so the fact that they wish to have their own military it's strictly possible. And not necessarily is meant to do only offensive moves.

I mean, if a foreign will attack Japan, they really have to defend only themselves without even responding to a treat?? If countries like North Korea decides to strike against Japan? they should react somehow and now, in 21st century, still relying on U.S. military could be something embarassing. It's right that they have to walking with their own legs someday.

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Posted in: Figure skater Ando announces she is a single mother See in context

I'm very glad for her. I bet it was a big decision for an athlet like her...and it is not easy to get in a way like being a mother. Congratulations to Miki-san, hope she will have an happy future :)

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Posted in: Europe and Japan show signs of stabilizing, but China slides See in context

@ AKBfan: you should consider that every state of EU rely on ECB (European Central Bank) about economic matters. The only reason why a nation like Japan can print money as much as possible. They can, we (EU) can't. Stabilization of the entire Union depend from ECB's decisions.

Same flag (euro zone), different laws.

By the way, about China's slide, we can realize that we should take a different road for investment instead of concentrate everything in a single place. If I were in one of many businessman, I should start to worry about it.

Sorry, I'm not an expert in economy, but that's my thinking.

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Posted in: Funds from disaster relief budget given to nuclear operators See in context

Another hit for those people who still waiting their home reconstructed. I'm really surprised about it, since I thought that Japanese are kind each other...especially in a moment like this.

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Posted in: 4 researchers exposed to radiation at Tokaimura lab See in context

I agree with Alex80. I am Italian too and fortunately we had the force to say no against nuclear plants. Anyway, Don't be stupified if there was nuclear bombardment in WW2 against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fukushima Daiichi Accident and this fact...I still consider the Chernobyl Accident the worst ever during the past century.

Anyway, can happen but it is better that this kind of things will never happen when handling a nuclear plant...

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Posted in: Scrambling for the immigrant elite See in context

Well, it's a matter of opinion.

People simply want to live in Japan because of the environment, but sometimes people doesn't understand that it is a totally different place. I mean, because of language, how a foreigner is seen by a Japanese and, last thing, facing the reality that Japanese people will never accept you as one of them. Not now, not tomorrow. Just to say that it is not easier as it seems sometimes...

In my case, I know that if I will seriously decide to live in Japan for a reason (girlfriend or job opportunities) someday, I have to prepare myself in both body and mind, because it is truly different than my home country (I was born and currently living in Italy).

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea will actually attack South Korea or U.S. bases in Japan or Guam? See in context

Voted no. Why? very simple: As the user "333333" said, they haven't enough oil and enough food to feed and moving 4 millions NK soldiers. In addition, their tech level is quiet old compared to US, so NK will be crushed very soon if a war will going to happen.

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Posted in: N Korea says it has entered 'state of war' with South See in context

Honestly is a complete suicide to commence a nuclear war against SK and US. What's the benefit of NK in launching missles against US bases? nothing.

So, I think that NK seeks attention, and should think twice before starting a kinda sort of nuclear war and they know it very well.

So, in my opinion I am not worried that much. Of course, we can think about those South Koreans are very scared from North's provocations almost every day... Empty words or not, they think to scare the entire world with those missles...tsk.

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Posted in: From Davy Crockett to Dirty Harry, guns tied to U.S. identity See in context

In my honest opinion, american people should be well-informed about keeping a firearm inside their own houses without harming anyone.

In exact words: no mag inserted, no bullet already putted inside the gun and completely secured in a place that NONE will know. For the respect of american people because it's not my intention to say anything bad...and most peole don't really care about home security and they prefer to leave a gun in the desk. Just saying.

In any case, a further and more strict controls over firearms could be a good idea, I think...

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Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

The fact is that China is greedy and it has too much lands for itself. Japan has almost nothing. Why? Because Japan lost so many lands, included those lands previously achieved from Sino-Japanese war. And at the end of WWII and the fallen of its imperialism, they lost them all.

Of course, 70% of Japanese mainland are useless, so they can't expanding so much...i think that is legit to take Senkaku Islands, but i'm disappointed about government's sudden move to buy them..but it was necessary..they really need them.

So guys....don't you think that China has too much power in its hands?

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Posted in: China sends 2 patrol boats to disputed islands after Japan buys them See in context

I think that Japan made a dareful move, since because those islands are geographically stationed near Chinese territory. The main interest in Senkaku Islands are only natural resources...and since we learned history of Japan also throught WWII, maybe they are willing to claim islands in many ways. Just thinking.

I don't know, I think that it's hard to calm down this tension between them...and Japan isn't in a good period to start a war only for a bunch of island. Buying them doesn't solve anything.

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