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Well said @carpslidy: That is exactly what most of us have said about the numbers multiple times on this very site. It probably is 10x every day. But after 16 months of this, why are the rabid sheep still bleating about steeping up testing? I don't see the point now Or the cost involved when the money could be better spent getting vaccines out quicker rather than just giving us reams of useless numbers to be dissected at a later date.

Experts and knowledgeable people know that is how you track variants and the effectiveness of the current vaccines being distributed!

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Posted in: 26 dead, 3 missing, 54 injured during mountain climbing in Golden Week See in context

Age seems to be a big factor with these deaths. I wonder if some of the deaths and disappearances were deliberate!

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Posted in: New York state opens criminal probe into Trump Organization See in context

Soon, Trump will try to go on the campaign trail for an imaginary secondary presidential run. He wants to con people out of money to pay off loan debts, lawyers, and politicians in hopes all of this will go away!

He has already disowned poor Rudy!

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Posted in: Congress OKs bill to fight hate crimes against Asian Americans See in context


so when there are videos and first hand reports, people here want statistics suddenly.

thats very telling.

It is telling because logical thinkers call it "Hasty Generalizations".

Other people call it "Nonsense"!

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Posted in: Congress OKs bill to fight hate crimes against Asian Americans See in context


And what race would that be exactly?

Blacklabel wrote:


Another tactic to not own up to the fact that white supremacy is the biggest threat not only to the communities in the US but to the country.

More lies from Blacklabel?

A study this year (2021) by Sam Houston State University professor Yan Zhang, Saint Francis University professor Lening Zhang, and Texas Department of Criminal Justice research specialist Francis Benton.

The study, which examines violent hate crimes recorded between 1992 and 2014, before even the recent spike in anti-Asian attacks committed by both white and nonwhite offenders, reports “hate crimes against Asian Americans are more likely than hate crimes against either African Americans or Hispanics to be committed by non-White offenders.” More specifically, the study found Asians have a “relatively higher chance to be victimized by non-White offenders (25.5% vs. 1.0% for African Americans and 18.9% for Hispanics).”

Asians have a higher chance of being attacked by "non-whites" than other other minorities; however, the researchers suggest anti-Asian violence may be more about class and economic status than race. The whole "model minority" thing!

@bass4funk and Blacklabel

Almost every video that’s out there. So in other words, the left can’t claim it’s a White supremacist problem, that argument is blown out the water now.

It’s true "non white" offenders are responsible for roughly 25% of the total number of anti-Asian attacks examined by the researchers, but It is only a quarter of the total.

It’s also true white offenders commit the most anti-Asian hate crimes (75% ).

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Posted in: Chinese envoy to Japan calls Quad grouping 100% outdated See in context

China is just mad because no wants to add them because smart countries do not trust them or the government. It makes them look weak in the eyes of their people. That is what the CCP fears the most.

Add Taiwan to this "Quad Grouping"! That would definitely twist the dagger!

Besides, the CCP can have its "Quad Grouping" with Russia, Myanmar, North Korea, and Russia.

However, those countries do not give China money, nor is it easy to spy on them.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki considers 'Demon Slayer' his rival, Studio Ghibli producer says See in context

He is old, so in the grand scheme of things, he is not stressing because he has made his mark on the world.

However, there is also a small sliver of pride that does not like the fact that some young upstart has surpassed him in some way. Especially, when lots of people continue to ask him about it. They are basically aggravating him. It goes against the whole sempai/kohai logical order of things in Japan.

Oh, I have a friend who is also an artist, and she says that she tries not to look at other people's art to avoid being influenced.

However, I think he knows more about "Kimetsu" than he is leading on.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

Do you mean where the hosting government ignores the pleas of their people and continue to let them suffer through an event the people don't want in order to only enrich themselves?

If so, then please be more specific regarding which olympics to boycott.

J-government and IOC are getting nervous!

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

If Japan's Olympics fall so will the Beijing Olympics!

I bet if trump was making this announcement, most of the naysayers would be on this article praising his name like their lord and savior!

Now let them boycott Israel, too!

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No more than a anarchic comment - shame on those who upvoted it.

No doctor of nurse who cared about the job that they do would refuse to assist help to those that needed it.

So, you are saying that much needed doctors and nurses should be taken away from ill patients and residents who pay taxes including insurance, so this valuable resource can sit around and care to the non-serious needs of visiting athletes for an unnecessary event. All so a few wealthy businessmen, politicians, and IOC members can make some money for themselves.

Not having the Olympics could redirect much needed resources in areas that needs lots of attention at the moment like vaccinating the populace!

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It also makes you wonder about the people who worked and lived in these buildings. What are the course of action for those people also might have been affected by the asbestos.

Japan is what 30 years behind with this issue.

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Surprisingly, not surprisingly, there are not many apologies to all the people who contracted cancer after working in Fukushima following the massive earthquake.

Like most moral issues with the Japanese government, it is a battle attrition. The J-gov will tried to hold out until the people eventually give up instead taking responsibility.

This asbestos issue has been mostly about who they can blame other than the real culprits, so no compensation would be given.

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Posted in: Has Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant closed permanently? See in context

It was a schtick that was not going to last forever. The pandemic just quickened its demise.

The Robot Restaurant is like a circus, a casino, and a high school cafeteria had a baby.

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not so good for Trump in short term. But he is still the leader of our party and will lead the wins in 2022 and 2024. Everyone loves a comeback story.

for USA: Terrible for the USA., rising inflation and consumer prices, minimal job creation, border, no gas, new wars, getting owned by Russia and China in foreign relations.

For me: I lost some money, which I recovered from the very next week 100x more with meme stocks.

And that was all before Biden took office!

You also failed to mention the 500,000 deaths by the "Comback Kid"!

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Posted in: China's imports of Japanese cosmetics keep rising See in context

Japanese products are overpriced, so Japanese consumers go to ShinOkubo for more affordable quality products.

The Chinese believe Japanese products are more trustworthy than domestic brands. They are concerned with the health risks associated with Chinese products which should be a warning to people around the world.

The CCP are boycotting Korea, so Chinese consumers have less access to Korean products.

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Posted in: Trump critic Cheney cautions Jan 6 riot could happen again See in context


so what is Liz Cheney going to become?

You do realize she has no chance of getting reelected.

Maybe she can join the Lincoln Project or another one of these we hate Trump organizations.

She is done representing the viewpoints of our party, and thankfully so.

LOL! I also recall you telling all of us that no matter what trump was going to win re-election and that the economy was getting better because of trump's business acumen.

How did that turnout for trump, the US, and you?

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Posted in: Trump critic Cheney cautions Jan 6 riot could happen again See in context


But she can try like they all did, but to dissuade 78 million voters, good luck Liz! Seriously, you scale that mountain.

That is a nice lie, but it has been proven numerous times on JT that the former president did not receive 78 million votes.

The 2020 Election by the Numbers

Biden won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast. He is the first U.S. presidential candidate to have won more than 80 million votes. Trump won 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8 percent of the votes cast. 

Trump lost by 7 million votes. Twice as many against Biden than he did against Hillary.

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Posted in: 280 sports doctors apply for 200 spots needed for Tokyo Olympics See in context


so much for the myth that Japanese health care workers were opposed to the Olympics.

Sports doctors are not considered essential healthcare workers like nurses or other types of doctors!

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Posted in: All-in-one home izakaya grill and sake heater turns your table into a Japanese pub See in context

Really cool and portable. That would be great for camping trips.

If you have a power source. There is an electrical cord attached and cut-off in the pictures!

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

It’s an odd choice to put someone with little knowledge of Japanese culture in this position, but I suppose that it is a way to appear as though he is being given a nice position far, far, away from anyone he might annoy politically. The trouble is, Japan has a number of difficulties at the moment that require a steady, knowledgeable hand. I hope this guy is up to the challenge.

Even Democrats believe Rahm is scum! This is a keep him out of trouble post!

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Posted in: 280 sports doctors apply for 200 spots needed for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Propaganda to draw attention away from the nurse scandal!

Not to mention, these sports doctors are simply trying to get a boast for their resumes, so they can get business from professional sports team in the future or even high school teams.

That is what their focus is on. Future profits from sports team contracts or individual athletes.

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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

I don't say anything when Japanese drown perfectly good food in mayonaise in ways that would absolutely shock the French creators of said dishes.

I don't say anything when Japanese dump overpowering seaweed onto "Italian" pasta, nor when they mix strong fish base into pork or chicken recipes.

This is it! Japan always wants to have its cake and eat it too! Respect our cultures and traditions regardless if they are relevant today. However, we can do whatever we see fit regarding other cultures and traditions.

If you like it, you should. If you don't, you shouldn't. If someone tells you you shouldn't, but you want to, and you are a customer, you should tell them if they don't think you should use it, they should not offer it. You'd think a nation that can't order pizza without a bottle of tabasco sauce and with it already covered in mayonnaise and corn wouldn't care so much.

Can we all agree that mayonnaise and corn on pizza is totally gross?

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Posted in: How a samurai’s quest for revenge created one of Tokyo’s best cafes, and it’s still open See in context

I had some amazake during Golden Week. It is definitely sweet. It should be served in small portions. Apparently, it is a byproduct of the sake making process.

The most important point of the story is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION to be a successful business.

The story is interesting and a good sell for tourists!

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Posted in: Aichi city gave pharmacy chain chief, wife priority bookings for vaccination See in context

I am pretty sure most if not all the J-Gov politicians are vaccinated.

They selfish and self-serving.

Most are older than dirt.

Status is king in Nippon.

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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

This is a good one. Except I’d change the bamboo spears to flaccid twigs


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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

Nice! If only other Japanese people had that type of courage!

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Posted in: We try a new way of using mayonnaise from a Japanese recipe See in context

Ewww, NO!

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Posted in: Democrats vow vote on gun bills; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Ego Sum Mundi

All the victims are white, the killer is not white. Why is this not being classed as a "hate" crime?

A Caucasian looking Syrian known for being bullied since he moved to the US because of his name and religion started shooting up store in the area that he lived. If you did not know his name, you couldn't tell him apart from a beer guzzling redneck.

Barking up the wrong tree.....buddy!

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Posted in: Messaging app Line to transfer all user data to Japan for security See in context

It is too late! China already has Japan's data! Luckily, I never use it.

Tai Hen Ne for everyone else!

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Posted in: Tama schools in Tokyo distributing free feminine hygiene products to students See in context

Its a start, give the poor tampons, then free breakfasts and lunches, then free bus and train tickets, books and pens, uniforms, a house to live in, overseas holidays, a villa in the mountains to relax, a Rolls Royce .....

Who is going to pay? You and me the tax payer. If you can't afford to dress, feed and educate your children, wait until you can or don't have them. They are YOUR responsibility not mine!

Another slippery slope.....logical fallacy! Try again!

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