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Rats jumping ship before more scandals come out!

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UAE should be ashamed of this result. They got nothing in return from their deal and Israel now has cover to murder more Palestinians who are living under apartheid.

They got something!

In a third State Department notification, the United Arab Emirates was given potential approval for $2.73 billion worth of Patriot missiles and related equipment including 452 Patriot Advanced Capability 3 (PAC-3) Missiles Segment Enhanced (MSE) and related equipment.

Both UAE and Bahrain were bribed with weapons!

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Now we know why Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE signed that deal today.

1) Israel will be allowed to take more land without the US saying anything

2) The UAE and Bahrain was just sold fighter jets from the US.

No Nobel prize will be awarded to Donald for all the chaos around like at home that he is creating!

State Department OKs nearly $6 billion in weapons sales to Gulf allies

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@Insta-at Czens Underscore-food

Actually, curry originated in Pakistan, not India.


According to Sen's book, the word curry most likely comes from a misunderstanding of the southern Indian word "kari," which "denoted a spiced dish of sauteed vegetables and meat."

> "In the 17th century, the Portuguese [who colonized Goa in western India] took the word to mean a 'spiced stew' over rice and 'kari' eventually became 'caril' or 'caree' in Portuguese, then 'curry' in English," Sen tells CNN Travel.

Curry, which is thought to have originated as early as 2500 BCE in what is modern-day Pakistan, has since evolved into a truly global food, having traveled the world through colonization and immigration, indentured labor, trade and entrepreneurship.

There was no Pakistan in 2500BCE! There was India, though.

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context


Biden is bad news. He gave his people some strict conditions when it come to choosing his vp. First it has to be a woman and second she has to be black. He didn't care whether if she has the ability or not. His previous choice was off the table because she had more ability than him and was more ambitious.

Is still Trump 2020 for me! Trump will annihilate them both. Especially at the debate Trump is gonna eat Biden for breakfast. Biden can't handle stress and questions that are not predetermined. Biden mind has been deteriorating for the last few years. USA future is over if he win.

The president ran away from a woman reporter last week when she confront him on lying about signing the "Veterans Choice Law".

Trump walked out of a press conference after a reporter challenged his repeated false claim that he signed Veterans Choice into law

The law was signed in 2014 under the Obama administration and received bi-partisan support from Senator Bernie Sanders and former Senator John McCain. Trump has falsely claimed that his administration passed Veterans Choice into law over 150 times.

He had no answer, so he ran away. If can't handle a reporter, how is going to handle a successful trained lawyer like Kamala Harris?

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

The Don supporters seem bitter because they subconsciously see the "writing on the wall". There will not be surprise win like last time. The failures of the current president is well documented for all to see.

Kamala Devi Harris (/ ˈkɑːmələ / KAH-mə-lə; born October 20, 1964) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, Harris is the second African American woman and the first South Asian American to serve in the United States Senate.

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

I guess we know who the trump family supports!

Records show that Trump donated to Kamala Harris' campaigns twice while he was a private citizen

Trump's history of donating to Harris — and other Democratic candidates — resurfaced on Tuesday after Joe Biden, the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, tapped Harris to be his running mate.

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As long as the CCP controls Hong Kong the person fired will have a hard time making a living. I doubt that they will even be aloud to leave the country.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context


With no cases "off" the bases when this was first reported, there would have been little chance that they caught it here. According to local media they imported it from the states!

Japan like many US States have a poor track record of testing its citizens. It still quite hard to get tested here. Okinawa's local government has even fewer resources than the main islands, so I would be skeptical of infection rates if people in Japan can not get easily tested.

Because they are military, it should be easy to trace their movements.

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Posted in: Judge rules Bolton's book can be released despite efforts to block it See in context

So do you agree with Pompeo that Bolton is a "traitor"?

not for me to say. what he did is one thing "traitors" would do.

I think the Confederacy were all traitors and all those that wave and sport confederate flags are traitors too!

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Before we get back to ventilator or wash hands, shelter in place, mask up shut all the biz down...I need some credibility....following this pattern has become very bizaro! lol

It seems that Trump rally campaign didn't even have enough supplies for the small number in attendance.

Trump Rally Short on Masks and Supporters in Campaign Kickoff

Not only was the turnout pathetic, but they still didn't have enough supplies to ensure the audiences safety. No wonder he made attendees sign waivers.

This is primary example of Trump's poor leadership skills and hiring only the best. However, he did make sure that every attendee signed a waiver.

It was probably one of the reasons for the poor turn out. In trying to save himself, he scared people away!

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Posted in: New Zealand backs Taiwan's role in WHO due to success with coronavirus See in context

Hopefully, other countries will throw their support behind Taiwan. Why not learn from the best practices? It benefits everyone long term.

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Posted in: To keep COVID-19 patients home, some U.S. states weigh house arrest tech See in context

Kouchi a Japanese-American has handled the pandemic in Hawaii terribly. It is up there with the president's level of poor management and leadership.

The president called himself a "wartime president" a couple a months ago at the beginning of his failed response to the pandemic.

The president will continue to sabotage any real efforts to combat the pandemic unless he can take credit. Otherwise, he will continue to mislead until he can find something else to permanently distracted the public from his mishandling and poor record on this matter.

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Posted in: Seoul plays down report over N Korean leader's health See in context

If the NK leader was to pass away due to complications from this procedure. what are the odds that Trump would try to take credit for his demise?

I also wonder if Kim has a secret child somewhere. I doubt they would not want his family dynasty to continue. I mean he assassinated his own brother to consolidate power unless the generals have a play for power.

Would his brother's children have claim to the country?

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

“The government has said it follows World Health Organization guidelines for virus testing, with all suspicious pneumonia deaths tested for the respiratory disease caused by the virus.”


The State of Emergency in Japan was called a week ago. The problem for Japan started in January of this year. Honestly, it could have started in Nov. or Dec. of 2019. Until the Olympics were cancelled, there were no problems. That is a total of almost 5 months.

So, the question is when they started following the WHO guidelines for virus testing? Not if they are following the WHO guidelines for testing?

You have failed to show evidence of that!

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Posted in: Japan's population drops at record pace in 2019 See in context

People with higher educations and/or a higher quality of life tend to have fewer children. They either want to pursue the career first or their passions. Having children might mean sacrificing all of that.

Usually, the opposite is true for people with lower education and lower quality of life. It could be access to healthcare, ignorance, culture, or lack of opportunity.

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Really? Ok, I thought that was common knowledge

patient 31

@i@m, does that spike have anything to do with SK testing everyone to help identify all infected individuals and not just the severe cases?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 91 new cases of coronavirus infections See in context

We know why the number of infections was high in SK. If that happened here in Japan then Japan probably would have implemented lockdowns earlier.

Why were the numbers high in SK?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 91 new cases of coronavirus infections See in context

So what was the doctor's diagnosis?

Well, when you read the article fully, the first two patients never got tested, but they were told that everything was fine by the doctor despite showing symptoms. The one person that was tested was found to be positive.

Then at the end of the article you have.....

“It’s likely that many people have recovered without even realizing they’d been infected,” said an official at a disease control authority in Chiba Prefecture.

and another person saying....

Masahiro Kami, a physician and head of the nonprofit Medical Governance Research Institute, said that almost every day he sees patients who are suspected of having the coronavirus but cannot be tested because their symptoms are mild.

@i@n, what do you think the doctors told those to patients that were never tested despite showing mild symptoms and valid reasons to be concerned?

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Posted in: 1st sumo wrestler tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Good chance other stable mates are also infected.

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

My mom and pop izakaya opens at 6PM and closes at 4AM. I doubt much will change.

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context

In addition to the joggers, I see a lot of cyclists! UberEats is probably making a killing right now!

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context

Not where I live! It is business as usual in Tokyo. My Japanese friends went to the office. The only difference is they can come in at various times to avoid crowds.

Yesterday after the announcement, people in my neighborhood were out like it was the weekend.

You can tell who didn't have to work the next day. There is also this small family owned izakaya in my neighborhood. The guy lives in the residence above his place. Many of the establishments are like this in my neighborhood. It holds about 9-10 people. Like most of the places where I live, they allow indoor smoking. They were busy and filled until 1.

Some medium business closed: Yes!

Large businesses: No, reduced hours!

Mom and Pop businesses: Definitely not!

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Posted in: Trump removes head of coronavirus watchdog; widens attack on inspectors general See in context

This is dangerous for the American people. He will be providing money to his business partners, to people he like and to political allies.

I hope the US people vote for a better leader this year!

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Posted in: Trump threatens to freeze U.S. funding for WHO, saying they 'missed the call' on coronavirus See in context

I just read an article that says the medicine that the US president has been pushing in the news briefings is sold by a company that he owns shares.

Donald Trump Has Stake In Hydroxychloroquine Drugmaker: Report

In addition, Sanofi’s largest shareholders include a mutual fund company run by major Republican donor Ken Fisher, the paper said. Trump’s three family trusts, as of last year, each had investments in a mutual fund whose largest holding was Sanofi, according to the Times. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also had ties to the drugmaker, the Times reported.

How is that not a conflict of interest as people around the world are suffering, and people are dying?

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

What about testing? Will they continue to make it hard to test or fudge the number like in China?

Their affinity to copy the US president has hurt Japan's response significantly! I read this, this morning:

The Lost Month: How a Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to COVID-19

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Posted in: Toshiaki Karasawa to play Jack Bauer in Japanese '24' reboot See in context

I hope all the people who are outraged when Hollywood remakes a Japanese movie/anime are equally as outraged by this.

Godzilla, dame da yo!

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If people believe a recession is coming then they will tighten their belts. Thus, making it a self fulfilling prophecy. Only a few diehards will go out and buy one at regular price.

Like they did last year, Apple will have to do some serious discounting to get demand back up this year! That is hard because if they go too low, consumers will expect the low prices all the time. That will ruin their whole business model!

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

I wonder if Japan will reverse course with the US once the president finds out or threatens Japan in some way. The current US president will definitely reciprocate.

It seems some people are now stuck in Japan if their home country reciprocates! It will get real interesting for people with visas expiring soon who had no intentions or could not stay longer!

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

Maybe the government will take it seriously now!

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