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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

Heart broken, tears kerp coming.

Goodbye sweet man.

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Posted in: Japan to import Ebola virus for research See in context

Does anyone else think this is a bad idea like I do?

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Posted in: Tokyo's 'Little Nepal' a microcosm of Japan's evolving identity See in context

I have worked and still do work alongside many of them, and let me tell you I have only met very few that are any good.

Mostly they are very rude, intrusive trouble makers

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Posted in: Obnoxious customers driving store staff crazy with impossible demands See in context

Ive got a new term.

The customer is an idiot

As another customer I like stomping ( metaphorical) on jerks like this when I witness this poor behaviour.

I even got some selfish person to apologise to the 711 clerk once because he was afraid of what the crazy Gaijin ( me) would do if he didn't.

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