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Posted in: For people new to anime, here are six essential Japanese animated films See in context

In terms of Quintessential Japanese? Yeah I have to agree Nausicaa should be top 6. But I would rather give Ghibli one spot and pick 5 other movies to represent in this list, not fill it will Ghibli movies....

Doraemon?? No way!

One Piece??? What??

This list wasn’t thoroughly thought out and I dare to say, clickbait article...

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Posted in: Kyoto introduces lodging tax on tourists See in context

I don’t know why people are comparing taxes to Hawaii and New York, let alone North America???

That is totally irrelevant, unless you’re implying Japan is aiming to model their hospitality industry & taxes on the American System.

Back to the important discussion. There should be a fixed % rate as this is targeting the very low levels of accommodation.

You pay;

¥200 on ¥2000=10%.

¥200 on ¥10000=2%

¥200 on ¥15000=1.34%

¥200 on ¥20000= 1%.

¥500 on ¥25000=2%.

¥1000 on ¥50000=2%.

You can see how this may discourage tourists to take super cheap accommodation and the types of tourists that might want to visit. But in my opinion is still very much affordable and won’t stop people visiting.

Where these pennies end up is a concern and needs transparency which govt’s find very hard to do.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

Why the phallic gesture?

Why that gaunt, beaten down look with those ugly eyes and lashes?

Where is the imagination since everyone is speaking about art?

For all intents and purposes, the numbers could be a counter not a reader...

This has missed the mark for me on so many levels.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea condemn nuke test by N Korea See in context

VERY MUCH A BROKEN RECORD... QUOTE: “We must make North Korea understand that repeated provocations will isolate them from the international community and that there can be no bright future for them at all,”

They are not part of the international community at all, they are already isolated. WHAT RHETORICAL RUBBISH!!!

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Posted in: Japan takes aid show to Africa in China's shadow See in context

China invests to own. Theirs is not a contribution but a veil to own and never let it go...

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