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Taking in refugees from other countries will completely **** up a county's society and culture. Muslims from the middle east don't assimilate, just look at Europe. I hope Japan can hold out, as it's already too late for some European countries. Even Australia's small refugee population is already messing up things.

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I've been dating a 30 yr old Japanese girl for 6 months. She didn't have a great childhood and her parents are separated, but she's a level headed girl, has had a long term relationship in the past (which ended because the Japanese boyfriend expected her to be a housewife forever and she didn't want that).

Sex / intimacy is fantastic and frequent. I've read countless times about sex / intimacy stopping after marriage/kids and have had a few long discussion with my g/f about this and what I expect. She agrees but exclaims she doesn't know what will happen because she's never been married. She even texted some of her friends and said their sex lives were fine even after kids.

I desperately don't want to end up in a sexless boring depressing marriage - is the occasional discussion about future expectations really the only thing I can do at this stage?

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I'm a little confused - so the main reason J-wives cheat is because they are not getting enough sex at home. But at the same time, I hear most people who marry J girls complain they don't give them any sex? What's going on here, are these 2 completely different type of marriages?

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