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Thanks Jessica. I like #10 on your redo of the list.

Just a note, I don't think Jessica (the one you referred to as the author) is the actual writer of the article. I thought that at first glance too, but I traced the link back at the bottom to the Yahoo Japan "so-called" article. Seems that she is just reposting a translation, but I could be wrong.

Pretty much what I think we are looking at is the Japanese equivalent of the sorts of poorly written tabloid style articles yone would see on a typical Yahoo front page in the US.

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Thank you WA4TKG, I've done some writing in the past in other places, so I appreciate the compliment. I made that list primarily for satirical purposes but also to make a point.

I've been in Japan a while now, and certain things like this list make me rather concerned at times at the direction of gender equality in Japan (see the recent UN report, and the Japan Times recent poll on a woman's place being at home). You see these sorts of gender stereotypes through major media sources in Japan, and some just seem to be blindly accepted. Sadly, I rarely see many challenge these stereotypes in Japan.

Even as a man, I can see this list being extremely offensive and degrading to women. Honestly though, it is good that such a shallow list was printed, as it provides an opportunity for people to challenge it, which I truly hope that they do.

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What a horrible, frightening, and anecdotal list...

But hey, it got me thinking, maybe it is all correct. Therefore, men need a list as well for women! So I reversed the list, and here is a preview of the upcoming article on how to get Japanese women to fall for you!

1. When a woman does anything, lie and fake that you are impressed. This is a great way to start any relationship. 2. When you begin dating, passive-aggressively ask if she finds messages and texts from you annoying. She will likely give a polite "no," and that is your approval to spam the hell out of her in order to appear as extremely needy as early as possible. 3. Keep stating about how you have absolutely everything in common, even if you don't. Attempt to brain wash her into believing you are the same and have a special connection that cannot possibly exist. 4. Tell her that you'd love to get her pregnant as soon as possible, even if you just met her. Chicks dig that shit. 5. Believe everything she says, and let her know that you never disagree with her. She needs to know you are submissive, gullible, and easy to take advantage of. 6. Thank her for everything, literally everything, with a smile. This solidifies your totally submissive and subservient role. She is your queen, you are just a lowly "man-peasant thing." 7. When she makes any mistakes, praise her, compliment her breasts, and behave as if her mistake is the most wonderful thing that you have ever seen. She can do no wrong. She is simply too beautiful and perfect to make any mistakes that might require self-reflection and discussion. 8. Secretly keep her away from social events, isolate her, and make her understand that you want her all to yourself. Successful cults everywhere use this method for a reason. 9. When she is sick or busy, hassle her with messages telling her how your life is awful without her being right next to you at all times. Because women need more pressure and guilt when they are feeling sick or stressed.

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