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Brian J. Sheets comments

Posted in: Japan eyes economic aid to N Korea in policy overhaul See in context

Protect Japanese People and Government !

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Posted in: Japan protests over N Korean missile launch; trains temporarily halted See in context

No matter if it is right or wrong , the potential of human loss of life is real. Large complex war machines with a chance of mechanical failure or human error add to a very serious situation in such close proximity in the waters of Japan.

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Posted in: U.N. chief Ban defends China parade trip after Japanese concern See in context

Let's make new History!✌️

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Posted in: Abe to skip China visit during WWII commemoration See in context

Those are my words , why! Above all Protect Japan!

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

Chinese book all the Hotel rooms this year !

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Posted in: Nagoya 'rubbish house' resident may boast mother of all messes See in context

Life is Good!

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Posted in: Honda's business jet makes public debut in Japan See in context

Honda Jet is Go!

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Posted in: IS executioner 'Jihadi John' named by media See in context

Protect Japan☺️

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Posted in: Amnesty Int'l criticizes Japan in 2014/15 human rights report See in context

Don't break the law! Obey the Rules!

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Posted in: Book containing Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad goes on sale See in context

Protect Japan

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Posted in: Mixed reviews for Ghibli’s new movie See in context

Cat Bus is King!

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Posted in: Detroit Three urge 30-year tariff phase-out on Japan cars See in context

I agree American cars are are junk and executives get 20 million in bonus kicks However Mazda America is Junk also!

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Posted in: 9 Japanese killed in Algeria hostage crisis, gov't says See in context

The bodies look like hamburger, similar to explosive injuries.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese tourists dead in snowstorms near Great Wall of China See in context

Shameful news politics, they probably went to the same media school in the US. Rescue people are the same all over the world, if you call us we are coming!

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Posted in: Jackie Chan weighs in on China-Japan island dispute See in context

Jackie might want hide out on one of these Islands with a new lady?

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Posted in: Three dead, but trainee pilot survives plane crash in Hokkaido See in context

A combination of bad things make it happen! They dont fall out of the sky!

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

Without direspecting the memory, Many Asian Idols have to perform extra work with some of the Entertainment Boss Men, both Guys and Girls. Have you not seen the suicide rate of drama actors and models for no apparent reason around the world, if you knew the truth about the entertainment business it would discust you. Bless the Families.

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Posted in: ANA to resume service to Sendai with five aircraft carrying message of support See in context


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