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Posted in: Dispose of cooking oil efficiently with Japanese microfiber named after 'The Rose of Versailles' See in context

There are various ways to recycle bottled used cooking oil. This product not only makes it impossible to recycle the oil, but also adds yet more plastic microfibre pollution to the planet. Hardly environmentally friendly.

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Posted in: Japanese company develops life-sized reactionary anime girl hologram store guides See in context

I assume you mean "reactive." "Reactionary" has rather different connotations.

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Posted in: Rice made out of soybeans is coming See in context

At a time when vast swathes of forest are being destroyed around the world to grow soy beans, the last thing the planet needs is more soy products

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Posted in: Japan to ease requirements to indicate maiden names on passports See in context

After more than 20 years of being stopped and questioned about the "name discrepancy " on her passport literally every time we went on an overseas holiday or returned to Australia, my wife finally made the difficult decision to renounce her Japanese nationality and become an Australian just to avoid the problem. This change is decades overdue.

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