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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

Wouldn't a tax credit to the couple be much more efficient, given the graft in the Japanese real estate industry?

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Posted in: Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman See in context

As a US resident... this has to be a joke, right?

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Posted in: Panel slams collective failure by political leaders to heed pandemic warnings See in context

How about blaming the Chinese govt instead... you know... the folks that actually responsible for this mess?

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Posted in: Netflix's ‘Cuties’ becomes target of politicized backlash See in context

The "normalization" of pedophilia by Hollywood (and the Left, in the USA) is absolutely disgusting.

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Posted in: Japanese study shows that persimmon tannin juice may render coronavirus harmless See in context

This article sponsored by: The Persimmon Growers of Japan... lol

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Posted in: Expect U.S. election to have consequences for troops overseas See in context

Trump is the only US President in decades to not start any new wars.

Kudos to him... and let the US stop being the world's policeman.

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Posted in: LDP elects Suga as leader to succeed Abe See in context

Already considering raising taxes? This has been proven time and time again to NOT work... when will governments learn?

You cannot tax your way to prosperity.

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