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Posted in: Australia's ousted conservatives eye China hawk as leader See in context

Dutton is is opposition with the Liberals now having no voice at all. Dont worry about them they are irrelevant.

The Government under Albanese needs to look at Defence spending very carefully and find ways to increase it ( not decrease funds as when they were last in power).

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

Panuelo knows what is likely to happen. You get promised greater connectivity ...just think of how the internet will make your lives better... with all the servers operating in China ( by cable that the CCP will run

underwater) to pick up any Government communication. Then there is the fishing boats with small cannons mounted on deck... for your protection !!!

Even though the Memo of Agreement drawn up ( which is not available to be shown to anyone outside of the two parties ie CCP and Island Nation) might not actually specifically mention, there needs to be a large wharf built for peaceful ships ( which could be about the same size of an aircraft carrier )

Come on....

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

no mention about the supply of rockets to Hamas... Guess who supplies them .. IRAN... who would deeply love to see Israel wiped from face of earth...and what does Biden think ... Trump should never have broken the Nuclear deal with such a nice Nation...

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Posted in: Prince Harry says he moved to U.S. to 'break cycle' of family 'pain and suffering' See in context

Wow....I want to see Piers Morgans latest comment on this

or has he been silenced?

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Posted in: Zombies hit Las Vegas in Zack Snyder heist movie 'Army of the Dead' See in context

I used to go to the Movies in Canvas seat theatres and admired Actors and actresses now you have to admire the Special Effects people ............ zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Posted in: Rumors swirl about Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reunion See in context

who cares. Typical Hollywood brohaha.... just trade in your spouse a few years after previously having a marriage disagreement . and then discover what you had in the first place was not so bad

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 21-year-old university student in Chiba Prefecture See in context

The moderator should not allow a post calling the victim a she...Kensuke is a boys name

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

Well said Speed....and P. Smith ...the US of A has had some mighty fine people serving in Japan... and new people are still around ... how about the Public Servants from American Foreign Service Association make some recommendations

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

um.... he hasnt signed anything yet ... it may be a ruse to announce what he might do just to see how many people think its a great idea

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

I can imagine Rahm getting out the Atlas to see where Japan was and to find out what language they spoke over there... Joe didnt appoint him he just signed a piece of paper put in front of him by the real Democrat

fixers. I am sorry for the good people who join up the diplomatic service to serve their country and other countries dilgently.... no career there anymore.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

This Chinese rhetoric not only comes from the Spokesman in China but also from the Diplomatic channels when Countries like Australia allow them to speak at Conferences. The Chinese Consular spokesman makes critical comments about the country he is working in. Imagine the reverse... an Ambassador in Beijing from an english speaking country ... no names.... giving a big serve to the Chinese media for its hypocrisy... the story would be conveniently blacked out. Heavens help if the Ambassador mentioned Human Rights !!! out on the first plane !!!

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Posted in: People in Japan can now earn ¥10,000 bounties for scamming scammers See in context

Happened to me ,I told them in Japanese that I had a mobile phone and would be pleased to take a photo of them at the Genkan, not only that I wanted to see their Kuruma so I could take a picture of that too !! I never saw them !!!

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Posted in: Some Olympic officials to be tested for virus on daily basis See in context

are all countries sending athletes, reporters TV crews etc ? What about poor India at the moment?

People are entering countries and test negative on departure and arrival... lo and behold 4 days later they are positive.

Also there are cases of people being vacinated catching the virus.... I feel very sorry for Japan who has done nothing to deserve this virus

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

he did actually do something to cause this tragedy,,, caught driving at excess speed drugs in system and police pulled him over... it was while he was pulled over the truck driver also on drugs runs into the police car and puseys car.... subsequent to this horrific accident Pusey has some more drugs abuse and domestic disturbances. He is not a nice guy and deserves more time.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms' early bloom due to climate change, say experts See in context

there is no such person as a climate expert... there are people who track things using satellites which were not around 100 years ago... then they give predictions.... the so called experts use recordings of things such as temperatures which also have only been around since invention of the thermometer,,, history also has some pretty good records of disasters and now we can look back into history to see sea levels etc and markings to trees ....evidence of water in deserts millions of years ago... but lets see the actual days that flowers start to bloom for a period of 200 years... bet there are timing differences of 5 days or more between years... all attributable to climate change back in 1800 ????

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Posted in: Yokozuna Kakuryu retires after missing fifth straight tourney See in context

Since sumo grand final no reporting at all here.

Well done to terunofuji however have a comment about awarding Wakatakakage the Ginnousho for a Henka manoeuvre on the last day. Where I come from sportsmen are ineligible to receive awards for unsportsman like conduct ... see brownlow medal.... Its about time the sumo association thought about conduct like stiff arms at the tachiai and henka... you get a foul against you for grabbing the chonmage why not henka?

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Posted in: First day of Olympic torch relay ends with waves, smiles and protests See in context

have them next year

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Posted in: Australia begins long clean-up as floodwaters recede See in context

which scientists ? The guy who said our dams will never ever be full because of climate change. We have had floods and droughts recorded in our short 200 odd year history well before the invention of the words climate change . Sorry this event happens in Australia but not as frequent as Japan with its floods from Typhoons.. dont see the Japanese scientists blaming Typhoons on climate change

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