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Posted in: Noda defies opposition, says election can wait See in context

I like this... made me laugh...The Japanese government is all confused... what.. this PM wants to actually stay in office and get stuff done? What.. I don't understand.. that's not how we do things here in Japan.. See it's like this... Im PM for about 6 months or less... do a few things.. and then quit. That is how it's done Noda. LOL.. Good on Noda to actually be doing things. It's about time.. someone just doesn't quite because the other side wants them to.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to visit Washington See in context

Quote"Nakaima has long maintained that the Japanese government does not accurately convey the wishes of local people in Okinawa when it negotiates defense issues with the U.S. government. End Quote..

So why in the heck are you NOT going to Tokyo??? The Japanese Government is not in Washington.. I agree with a few other comments... meeting with low level officials wont do much good. But hey I guess if it give people hope, then let him. Either way, it wont change anything.

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Posted in: Pentagon vows new measures in Okinawa after alleged rape See in context

Yeah another lock down probably... Hopefully it doesn't effect us civilians..

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Posted in: DOCOMO to conduct discount campaign for LTE smartphones See in context

lol... I have a LTE phone and yes, there is that 7GB limit. I've never reached that... I do a lot of internet radio and streaming.. pretty much everyday.. but come on.. saying by watching Youtube for 24 hours?? Who in there right mind would do that? That made me laugh. But serious... there is a limit (which is stupid) but you really need to be doing online for a loooong time to come close to that per month. I've gotten close one month at 5.4 GB.

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Posted in: Man steals over Y3.3 mil from woman in Saitama See in context

Unless Japan wakes up and changes the way they do banking... things like this will continue to happen. Gets kinda old reading about this stuff. Sucks though..

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Posted in: Storm speeds away from Japan after injuring 145 See in context

why you say that Yuri?

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Posted in: Osprey deployment to Okinawa postponed due to typhoon See in context

WWII ended a long time ago... But WHO LOST? Sucks loosing .. people years and years down the line will pay for what a country did so many years ago.

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Posted in: Docomo unveils 5 new LTE-compatible smart devices See in context

I agree.. I have a Optimus LTE and read that Docomo was going to upgrade my phone to 4.0 Well where is the update? Do I need to go in a Docomo shop to get this thing updated?

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon hits Okinawa See in context

I'm on Okinawa and it's raging outside... haven't lost power though. lol.. I haven't seen any cars flying just yet neither.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon lumbers toward Okinawa See in context

I'm in Okinawa and lived here for the past 5 years and I've never heard this island called by that name.. No one here calls this island "the Okinawan Island chain". BBC was correct in calling it that.

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Posted in: Japan slow to execute quake budget in 2011/12 See in context

Honestly people.... are you NOT surprised at this... Japan can't do anything right... I know they try, they mean well, but really they coincidentally screw up someway shape or form. I really do feel sorry for those people that are living in the shelters and other makeshift houses. Especially when the money was there.. Way to go Japan... Way to help your people... pathetic

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Posted in: No. of Docomo Xi LTE service subscribers tops 3 million See in context

I never have a problem with my data.. Im in Okinawa where LTE isn't everywhere just yet. I go back and forth from 3G to LTE alot, but it never drops my data.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl on bike dies after being hit by truck See in context

I don't know the whole story on this, but I can pretty much guess that she of course didn't have a helmet on. When will Japan change some laws? I am thinking.....never i agree... it's NOT always the drivers fault, but you really think the police will actually give some percentage to the rider? that's why they have that stupid law... " negligent driving resulting in death". It's one of those catch all laws... They automatically say it's the drivers fault...

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Posted in: McDonald’s offering free small fries for job applicants See in context

LOL..................... I haven't laughed this much in a while... thanks Japan Today for posting crazy and stupid articles. My thing is... why a small fry? How about a L size. What they don't want to loose to much money with ALL the young people rushing to apply to McDonalds?.

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Posted in: 9 Hokkaido students hospitalized with alcohol poisoning See in context

unconscious in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest. Im no doctor, but when a person has cardiopulmonary arrest doesn't that mean the heart has stopped (meaning dead)? SO how in the world can the person be unconscious? Who writes this stuff?

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Posted in: Ozawa acquittal business as usual for Japanese politics See in context

I agree with GW... Japan does need to clean up how they run their government... Sad to say but maybe japan needs to take a CRASH.. maybe then they will have a wake up call...

But I think I'm asking to much from the Japanese government...

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Posted in: Yellow sand from China observed in Kyushu, Okinawa See in context

This is one reason why I went out and bought me a washer dryer combo... Just load, turn on and in a few hours they are washed and dried. Some technology here is great.

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

The Japanese army are known to train there along with a few other countries. So you can say... it kinda is..

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

Thanks for the list. With a break down like that, it does seem we have a lot of land.. Did you mention in the list the land that JWTC sits on is pretty big.

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Posted in: 9 DPJ defectors to call their new party Kizuna See in context

how many parties does Japan need... their way they run things here are wack..... from the illegally price fixing companys that get caught in other countries that actually forbid the practice to the way they run their government...

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

Futenma is one of the 33 U.S. bases and installations in Okinawa. All these bases occupy about 18% of the land mass of Okinawa Island.



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Posted in: Wendy's Japan See in context

Man are you staying in Japan or leaving... get a grip Wendys. It sort of funny... they treat this company kinda like gourmet fast food. Its not.. Sooo.. Wendys if your reading this... stay or leave but I'm getting tired of reading about how you left for 2 years and now your back... who cares

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Posted in: Noda says 2012 will be start of Japan's rebirth See in context

I agree... the people of japan need to have patience... If not, the world is going to see Japan fall even more out of date with the rest of the world. Right now they are in 3d place.. mainly because of the products they make.. what if they don't have those? Crazy to think Japan as a 4th or 5th place country... but only time will tell.

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Posted in: Samsung, Sharp in LCD price-fixing settlement See in context

Sounds like Americans and other people in the whole should not buy from those companies for awhile... When their sales go down... it will hit them harder than just paying some big amount... I really don't think they care that much... Or maybe its the Asian way of doing business... either way we shouldn't buy anything from them for awhile..

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Posted in: Epileptic crane driver gets 7 years for deaths of 6 children in Tochigi See in context

Trust me for all the people that say... 7 years is good enough. and that they have to live the rest of their life knowing that they killed someone.. that should count for a lesser sentence... Obviously you never lost a child. If you did... you would for sure change your thinking. What kind of scares me living here in Japan is just this....... If someone in my family gets killed or hurt... they will NOT get the justice they deserve. Japan needs to wake the hell up and change with the time... I keep saying that... tumb me down if you want,,, don't care.. There are so many outdated laws... For this topic, change the law to a higher sentencing.. and NOT just say... well he said he was sorry... oh and here is some money.. Lets give him a low sentencing.. if I were those parents.. I would sue that guy for all he is worth....

IN all... 7 years is pathetic... JAPAN

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Posted in: Noda says he won't fire Ichikawa See in context

Here we go again, someone acting human and messing up and saying something that got a bunch of people upset.... Get over it... now the Japanese government wont be doing a dang thing.. as far as running this country. They will now focus everything on getting this guy to resign. Sad to think that is how Japan is... This is why Japan is going nowhere... Comes to what I always say.... 2 steps forward and 5 steps back...

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Posted in: Japan returns remaining 1,200 Korean royal archives See in context

Good one China sailor...

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Posted in: Motorcyclist flashes peace sign at cameras during series of speed violations See in context

WHO CARES... come on Japan ... this crap makes the news?

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Posted in: 2-month-old baby boy dies after car crash in Tochigi See in context

Tis a sad story, but really it doesn't surprise me.

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Posted in: Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year' See in context

It's me...

I'm NOT turning a blind eye.. I am more concerned about what is going on in the country I live in and want to live for the rest of my life in. This is the county I chose to raise my daughter and I am concerned about her future. Please don't think I don't think of these things in other countries. Right now I only care whats going on in Japan.

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