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this system has multiple benefits it would be ideal for devloping countries as well as other countries, if one was to built in a colder region of Japan the spent heat could be plumbed into a seniors rest home was underfloor heating. or a school.

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On my previous comment ( number 5) if these plants are constructed near a co that uses lots of hot water in its manufacturing process, the hot water generated and electricity can be directly fed into the other co, thus saving that co to buy it in thus saving tens of thousends of yen.

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1: Make it compulsory that all new buildings must have solar panels fitted to the roof or convenient space.

2: The J goverment should subsidise the instalation of SP on older houses. every roof is lost power generation.

3: Hydrothermal is clean and can be easily done.

4: Wind generation

5: Food waste, this is where food waste is collected from restaurants, schools etc, taken to a plant where its liquidised and then put in a large tank, and the methane is drawn off and used to run a generator, advantages are electricity, very little goes to land fill of incineration and spent slury is dried and then sold back to farmers for fertiliser. This is becoming vey popular in the UK.

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3 square meter room?? ive been in bigger shower cubicles! and two people being stuck in there for that amout of time, jeees, that must have been uncomfortable for both of them, I just hope one of them didnt have a bad case of wind/gas.( you never know what can happen when your nervous) I would love to know this guys thought or motive, is some sort of chikan fetish? it looks it looks like he will be moving to a slightly larger confined space soon, although it will have several other men with him.

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In the UK there was a large decrease in car related accidents, this is atributed to lockdown measures that were impossed on us and the number of car on the roads drematicly dropped, so I can agree with the above article, but to reduce road accents even further the J goverment should introduce red light cameras, this should reduce accidents by hit and run, red light jumpers. the cameras would take a pictuer of the red light jumpers and a fine will be sent to the car owner home, this should give people a wake up call and this should reduce accidents further. The upside to the decreased number of cars on the roads is that there is a drop in car accidents, the insurance companies profits will go up as there not having to pay out to repaire damaged cars, but synicle me thinks my premiums will still go up this year!

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"and have asked for a transfer of his file from Tokyo but had not received anything yet, he said".

hummm, funny that they have not passed over any files yet, or will the every pass them over.

The red notice means Ghosn is staying in Beirut for the time being, where he says he is enjoying his slower-paced life after his jet-setting executive years.

This is one of the above tacktics from the J goverment, its exactly what they want , it keeps Mr Ghosn, tied down and restrict his movements, they are just throwing spanners into the works. is it about justice and fair play? I dont think so its a dirty campaign they are playing as they are embarrassed and have lost face in from of the words audience.

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"arrested a 26-year-old man on suspicion of abusing the one-year"

Good, I hope charges will be made soon, I hope the charges are something like Assault and battery, grievous bodily harm, or even attempted murder. I just dont want it to be murder charge, ( if you know what I mean) does this moron know what hes done? this child is is very poorly, I just hope the cops have words with him in the cells. I just hope the child makes a full recovery.

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"employers are reluctant to recruit part-time nurses because it involves more work in training and assigning them duties".

some help is better than no help, get a grip, as for training, a nurse will be full conversent with giving injection.

I said in previous posts, reracruting nurses that have semi or retieard to help out, this is one of the ways for Japan to meet its unrealistic targets,

"We hope to support diverse working styles so that those with (nursing) licenses can use their expertise," a DIP official said. good, its a start, you need to be flexible and accommodating, if not they wont bother, as you need them more than they need you.

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I have just tried to find out if a bow and arrow requires a licence, It seems that you dont, bows and arrows are just as deadly as a cross bow, so will they have to start regulating bows and arrows?

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I cant understand why Japan does not have a register for these loverly members of society, could it be that some one at the top of the food chain has something to cover up? there are one of two groups that actively set up a web site or join web sites, chat rooms to flush out these people, keeping on the right side of the law they draw out these people, as they pretend to be a youngster and then the confront them with the evidence and hand them over to the police for investigation, leading to a prosecution. It would be fantastic if someone does this in Japan. There was an article on the UK radio just yesterday it claims that after a survey 9 out of 10 young girls had suffered somesort of sexual abuse or harassment. what is this world comming to??

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These workers are improving Afghanistan not trying to cause problems, it just goes to show how stupid they are, has it got any thing to do with religion? I dought it very much, I suspect it to throw a spanner into the works to annoy the USA in leaving, hoping it will cause conflict,

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I was just thinking, that if every Jerno had a second phone with this tracking app, oh what fun it would be if they ALL turned there second phones off, what panic and mayhem it would cause, and who the heck is going to monitor these phones? is it a bluff? you could have a second phone and just leave it at the hotel where they are staying, and no one would know, the whole concept of this app is floored from day one, and the regulations is not accross the board, every person should be tracked not just a few. it seems a half bake idea thats floored from day one. but the people who come up with the concept are deluded that its going to be a perfect solution, all its done is made Japan look silly.

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The easest way to sort this problem out would have been to fine the chap on the spot, say 4000 yen. and make him put the loo rolls back, so he didnt inconvenience anyone else. then this would have been delt with quickly and with out blocking up the court system with such a trivial crime.

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@zichi, i totaly sympathise with you, it is called bad planning, the UK goverment told all of the utilities companies to lease with each other, ( i am sure some will have had a bad experience) but in general its working and cost saving as well. i will suspect there will be lots of comities rather than just getting on with it.

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if he got caught with a very small amout of oil he might get away with it as it would be for personal use, but 2KG ? no, sorry it was destined for the streets and to make money, so I have no time or sympathy for him. jail time, by by.

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Why 5 rolls? half a roll would be enough to get you home, why wreck your career over a small stupid act? crazy, any way where the top trump excuse, "I was drunk and I dont remember"

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Its about time they all agreed with this, some companies are getting away with millions of unpaid taxes, these taxes go back into the treasury, some people would say that there goverment squander that money on useless projects. but either way its money that should be in treasury.

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It would be nice to see a new version of the concord, concord was developed in the 70's the engines were not very efficient, but the looks were well a head of its time, it would be nice to see a new design of plane but with 21st century equipment.

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I wounder if the goverment is very disaproving of this venture, lets face it, it shows them in a very incompetent light. Either way its a cracking good idea, well done.

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The Chinese government has accused H&M, Nike, Zara and other brands of importing unsafe or poor quality children's clothes and other goods, 

Oh dear, I can remember verious consumer programs here in the Uk some years ago, 1970's 1980's and in 2000, demonstrating how poorly built and sometime dam right dangerious toys that were imported by large retailers in the UK, guess where they originated from??

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I am not in favour of the death penalty, but in this case it is acceptable, and appropriate, even if he is a minor, there is something seriously wrong in his head, it would seam reasonable to beleave that it was planned, ie hes got a knife with him, she must have known something was wrong at the beginning as she called her pimp, sorry companion to help her.

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Eco stage, its already made from recycled plastic, what will happen to it after the shambles, sorry Olymipcs? will it be cut up into tiny pieces as a souvenir and sold off? will it be displayed in a museum? or will it be used as shuttering on a building site?

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How many people have had there second injection yet?

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How long does the virus that causes COVID-19 last on surfaces?

Recent research evaluated the survival of the COVID-19 virus on different surfaces and reported that the virus can remain viable for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, up to four hours on copper, and up to 24 hours on cardboard.

the more cautious we are the better we will be at breaking the infection and reinfection rates.

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@ somedude "(it strikes me that a lot of the commenters here actively want Japan to fail)," I dont think that any one wants Japan to fail, far from it. where the critisumn comes from is the wishy washy decision, lack of leadership, all for the sake of a few yen, and saving face, the goverment seem hell bent of with the olympics, and trying to get a failing economy going. but what they are doing is only making the matters worse, its all to short and hurried, so the infection rate will bouce back up once again.

"I have nothing to back this up, but I suspect the majority of COVID cases are idiots going out drinking late at night"

also you are forgetting just because someone ware a cheap face mask it solves everything, far from it, not only is it tranmited in tiny water droplets from the hoasts breath but it can be transmited by touch/contact, so its not only down to late night drinking, how about close contact and touching things on the train into work in the morning, and close contact through out the days work, like touching the fax machine, door handles, hanko stamps, staplers, phones, people shopping touching fruit and veg, the list goes on, its not just people going out drinking, its every one and that includes youths, adults, seniors,

"So shopping? Not really that high-risk."

yes it is, potentially anything that has been touched by an infected person can pass on the virus by touch, can you go shopping with out touching anything? also we have to maintain social distancing, and that mean keeping 2 m apart, this is how the Uk and Europe have tackled this problem.

The UK has been in the state of lockdown since last year and thing are just starting to open back up, let alown 4-5 weeks of sort of please dont go out, where people have just about carried on regardless of this so called state of emergancy.

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The UK put an all out ban on smoking in pubs, clubs, restaurants and work places inc cars, on 1st of July 2007, it wasnt very popular at first, it even had a desire effect on the pubs trade, but now its nice not to walk into a pub or resturant that stinks of spent nicotine.

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@snowymountain your right, in Japan a packet of 20 will cost you about $4.55 as where in the UK it would cost you $16 and in oz they are way more, $27. but i suppose the goverment wont put the price up as its not good for votes!!

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What people dont realise is this virus is hear to stay, we will never totaly irradiate it, unfortunately we are going to have to live with it, like cancer and one or two other nasty diseases, unfortunately locking down every time it raises its ugly head wont solve a thing, but what it will create is mental health issues, financial hardship and bankruptcy, and possibly social stigmas

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39 cases, really? thats nothing, i would say there is more road traffic accident related deaths, but 39 infection cases, that is to tough to go back into lockdown, lets face it there is lots of other illnesses out there, I dont wish to make light of this situation, but you have to weigh up all of the factors, ie health, the economy, shops, mental health, if it was 39,000 new cases, well thats differant.

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Oh for goodness sake! not another Amazon refund scam call

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