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Brian Wheway comments

Posted in: Teleworking in Japan falls after COVID; hybrid working on rise See in context

There are a lot of pro's and con's to work from home. One of my relatives was forced to change job location or face the fact he could be made redundant, but the central office was just over a hours and ten minutes drive each way, so when COVID came along he had no choice to work from home as the office was closed, the amount of money he saved just in fuel each week, ware and tare on the car like tyres, services, depreciation as the car had got a lot of extra Kms on the clock. In the long run he's far better off financially and the extra time he's gained and less stressed ( traffic jams ) . As for me as a contractor it's a lot better, pre COVID 90% of my quotes had to be done after 6.00pm as everyone was at work, but now a lot more people work from home, so we can call around as we're passing during the day, thus saving fuel costs and time..

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Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

We understand that Japan is stepped in history and traditions, and they are world renowned for curiosity and manners, this guy is one of the exceptions, how da## rude and disrespectful can you get?

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Posted in: 15-year-old hit and killed by train in Yokohama See in context

@seesaw7, the police need do ask some questions, they need to interview some of her school friends, parents, relatives hopefully they can find out what her state of mind was, if she was being bullied at school or not, was she under pressure from teacher with a ridiculous amount of homework or was she stressed, could she have just broken up with her boyfriend ( or girlfriend) who knows, we shouldn't just guess , let's collate all of the facts first before making a judgement

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Posted in: Deer causing road chaos in Hokkaido as crashes hit record high See in context

I wonder is the local council will erect road signs, saying that in that area wild dear are present and to be cautious, it sounds like they need to have a cull and curtail the numbers. Will insurance companies make an exclusion on the police that it does not cover damage from deer?

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Posted in: Japan left to rethink COVID grants as telework facilities empty out See in context

The above picture shows a empty room, it looks like a soulless room, is there any tea coffee making facilities? Cafe for a bit of food? If it's just a empty room who would want to sit and work there? No wonder it's empty. Is the internet connection very good or is it poor? Is the room cold or roasting hot ? All of these contributing factors could be responsible for a poor turn out, in the corporate world have bosses been demanding that staff turn up at the office?

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

Chico3, bare in mind some schools still check to see if kids are wareing school regulation colour knickers, especially girls, and don't forget manga and anime cartoon flashing girls knickers and skimpy revealing costumes, maids standing out side cafes dressed like sexy maids to entice punters into the cafe, and k pop, the western world would ban or curtail such use or promotion, of these acceptable practices in Japan,

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl in coma after being hit by train in Chiba Prefecture See in context

I just hope that the train was almost at a stop when the accident happened, I hope the child makes a full recovery and full respect to the train driver for administering first aid, it probably will make a difference.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

A good way to stop this type of activity is to put up a large display board in railway stations or at the top of each escalator, platform saying don't take up skirt pictures as your face, your picture will be displayed on this notice board. Most of Asia hates loosing face, and this will do actually this.

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Posted in: Japan startup reveals close-up image of space debris image See in context

@desert tortoise don't forget get all of the other countries sending up satellites in to orbit

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Posted in: Japan launches new alert system as heat stroke deaths rise See in context

Maybe if the government had an initiative where they promoted, installed free solar panels and insulation ( against the sun's rays) this would save the power company from generating more power, thus saving home owners higher fuel bills, and making life more comfortable for all people

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Posted in: Flight data recorders from crashed MSDF helicopters show no sign of mechanical failure See in context

It looks like that the flight data recorder is built into the outer panels, hence this is why its been recovered, as the panel has floated and been recovered, as for the crew members, in the cold waters, its sad to say that I dont hold out much hope for them now, I hope I am wrong.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

Dessert tortoise, that's a good explanation, one of my first thoughts was they clipped each other, but as I read the article, I am wondering if it could have been a bird strike where migrating birds got sucked into the engines, either way I hope the crew got out and get picked up safely

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl dies after being hit by train Gunma Prefecture See in context

In the past rail company charge families of deceased people ( suicide ) for damaged caused to the trains, I hope that the rail company sees that this is a tragic and avoidable accident and doesn't persue any claims, it's a very sad situation this has happened, rip little one.

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Posted in: Driver overtime cap introduced as worker shortage worsens See in context

Near me there is a big Japanese car manufacturer, when they opened the plant many years ago the English work force realised that they didn't get paid the compulsory two hours over time, so they all walked out, the Japanese bosses could not understand why, they were so useless to taking the xxxx out of there own work force they didn't expect it, after a month or so all of the staff got paid and everyone went back to work, the moral of the story is companies can afford to pay its work force its that they chose not to

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Posted in: Driver overtime cap introduced as worker shortage worsens See in context

Many years ago I used to drive trucks, believe me working 60 hours a week is tiring, it's not just the time at work, you have got to consider time getting to work, this could be another 30-40 each way, this hardly gives you any time to eat, rest or sleep, I was constantly tired. I am glad I gave it up! As for ordering stuff online, may be customers will have to change there attitude to instant goods, 24-7, as for another poster said, just go to the shops and buy it. If Japan wants more workers, how about dismissing all or some of the hanko stampers? What a waste of time they are, as for working for nothing for one or two hours a day, hahaha, this has to stop immediately, it's screwing up the economy

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Posted in: Not all vegetables are annuals. Here are some that come back year after year See in context

1glenn you beat me to it, rhubarb is fantastic, you can make wine from it as well, pies , apple and rhubarb crumble with cream.

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Posted in: Remains of the day See in context

Japan has a enviable reputation for recycling, so what will happen to these umbrellas? I am amazed there is a lot of the very clever people in Japan, I am surprised that no one has come up with a good, cheap, umbrella that doesn't invert or disintegrate in winds above 10 kph,

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

In Thailand they have noticed that too many people are bending the rules in cannabis use, and sales also recently the crime rate has gone up which the police are not happy with, they are seriously thinking about revoking or tightening up on the regulations

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Posted in: Yellow sand observed over Tokyo, Osaka See in context

A lot of people will be washing there cars next week as the dust from the sand will cover everything in a yellow dusty film.

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

"firmly dealt with" last year, right, and that means what exactly? So, ok they have been dealt with internally, so it's the police and courts time to deal with them, just because a company deals with it internally it does not over ride the law of the land,

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Posted in: Catch me See in context

What a cracking picture, you can clearly see this lady is high up and you get the sense of movement with her flowing hair, she is a brave lady, she must have 100% trust in her skating partner.

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Posted in: Tourists banned from private alleys in Kyoto's geisha district See in context

In one part of gion Japanese paparazzi or just Japanese blokes wait to take pictures of the maiko coming out of there houses going to work, will the council stop them ?

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context


Then visitors will plan to go somewhere else like China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Europe where they will be more than welcomed.

If you have ever been to Thailand, youl realise that Thailand is so blatant at robbing us falang, corrupt police demanding four times more than Thai nationals, museum charge way more than local residents, taxis over charge, ( if they can get away with it )

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Posted in: 13 years after meltdown, the head of Japan's nuclear cleanup is probing mysteries inside reactors See in context

We quite often hear , nuclear power is the way forward, it's cheap clean energy, the above article proves it's not cheap, and it's not clean.

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Posted in: Woman, parents indicted over beheading of man in Sapporo hotel See in context

A male naked body, in a entertainment area, ummm, could this be a case of a pimp goes to far and she kills him? Or a customer and he doesn't want to pay? And things go wrong, either way I don't think that I would want to be the police man that goes into that room

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Posted in: 21% of quake-hit Japan area hospital's nurses may quit amid crisis See in context

@kurispisu, it's not all down to the doctor to adapt and evolve, this is a government is and hospital management problem, doctors may come up with an initiative but it probably can't be implemented due to laws etc, these changes need to come from the top, doctors need to focus on the wellbeing of patients, to keep staff in any job is hard, what they need to do is make it attractive for staff to join, get training, give them the right pay, and even bonuses, to reward there hard work. If you don't do this they either won't join, or they leave,

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Posted in: Watch that melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000 See in context

In the UK we have a TV programme called antiques roadshow it's where members of the public take items for appraisal to be filmed by expert, the expert listens to there story behind the item, one of the item cropped up some years ago, it was a broken bit of pottery, it was melted, the expert ask what I the story behind it, the owner said that his dad was one of the medics in the army that went into Hiroshima just after the end of the war, the expert valued this broken cup/saucer as worthless but priceless at the same time. The bit of pottery had melted with the heat, the expert said that you have to go over 1500 degrees Celsius before pottery melts, a very sobering thought.

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Posted in: Watch that melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000 See in context

I hope, or would like to think that the new owner of the watch would permanently loan this watch to the Hiroshima peace museum, so we can all appreciate what it stands for, and remind up of that infamous day, and reflect, and learn, rather than sitting in a safe somewhere, or displayed as trophy item.

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Posted in: Rod Stewart banks $100 million for song catalog: report See in context

And ex wives and girlfriends

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Posted in: Rod Stewart banks $100 million for song catalog: report See in context

$100 million, that will come in handy to pay for all of his kids upkeep haha

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