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Posted in: Mazda in talks to end car production in Russia See in context

These sanctions are starting to bite, and so they should.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

Hirai was first arrested in August after his partner reported him to the police for shooting his youngest daughter in the stomach with an air gun., and what charges were given to him? its just mind boggling is this an accident? dam stupidity? i am just flabbergasted, what wife of girlfriend would tolerate that from there partner, i would say that 99% people i know would have walked that day.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant town lifts evacuation order after 11 years See in context

I support the opening of a few areas, this will allow a hand full of people to go back home, but its been a long time since they left, some people have made new homes in other prefectures, some people have just passed away through covis or natural causes, this begs the question, what will happen to these house that can be returned to, but no one is around to go back, can and who will claim these houses? ( if any one would want them)

"I would like to support the town by keeping the peace here so residents can return feeling secure," said Hirotaka Umemiya, 40, as he began his duties in the town. this police man will probably bored out of his tiny mind after 1 month, can any crimes be commited here? only a hand full of returning residance will live here,

There is no infastructure here, like shops, builders merchants, restaurants, vets, has the water supply been reinstated? electricity and gas supplies, unless you like living off grid, this is going to be a tough place to live, admittedly its going to be very quit. with very low chance of being burgled

what condition are these house going to be in when they return? they are going to want a lot of work to get them fixed up for living in, and what contractors would want to go there? they will probably put a hefty price tag on jobs, are people going to have the energy and finance to repare these houses, i would think that a large amount of people would have moved on with there lives living else where, and we must not forget, the emotional scars of that day and what they left behind.

I cant see loads of people flocking back to there old houses.

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Posted in: Man arrested for committing lewd acts with 14-year-old girl claims he thought she was older See in context

I dont know if there is any sex education in Japanese schools, if so to what level and how far indepth do they go, if they do, does it cover sexualy trasmitted infections, and what they do to a persons body if not treated, do they teach kids all about what a meaningful relationship is about, not just swapping bodies for sex, and money. Did she meet him just for the money? there needs to some sort of education on both sides here, but well done to her parents for spotting what had happened and how well they reacted, and lets not forget the police here, as the J police do get a lot of critisiumn for not thinking or doing anything.

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Posted in: 6.1-magnitude quake strikes off Indonesia's Sumatra island See in context

I bet it brought back some painful memories of 2004, 25th of December.

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Posted in: As Japanese manufacturing fades, a factory town fights to stay alive See in context

The onlyway to survive is to diversify, move and change to fluctuating markets, my friend has a small farm near me here in the UK, they constantly complain about the lack of money and how tight things are, so Ive surgested to him about selling "green milk" this is unpasturised milk direct from the farm, it would generate a higher income for him, as it cut out the supermarkets and dairies, no was the reply, and what ever Ive suggested, its met a stern "No" they are so entrenched in thier ideas and wont change, its infuriating, but its not my farm, so rather than upset them, I just dont say anything now, so the key thing that these small manufacturing co have done is spotted what the problem is, and started talking together and try and change, and diversify, I wish them all of the best, I hope they succeed.

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Posted in: Pakistan monsoon flooding death toll tops 1,000 See in context

This is crazy, yet in America lake mead and other lakes and dams are virtually empty, in China the yangtze river is virtually run dry, last year there was a major allert as the three Gorges dam was at the point of collapsing, yet today there is so little water behind it, the Yangtze rive is at its lowest point since records started, yet in India and Pakistan they are having horrendous monsoons, has this got anything to do with global warming?

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Posted in: Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis worsens See in context

@ludite, "Because the cost of living is only increasing in London, is that it?" the cost of living in London pre fuel hike was proportionaly higher, in London there is the congestion zone ( extra money to run your car) then just out side the centre is ultra low emissions zone, if your vehicle is old than 2005 you get charged £12 a day, the point that i am trying to make is all of the goods trucks, contractors vans and cars get charged, or to avoid these charges you have to buy a new vehicle, naturaly this charge is passed onto the customer either way, then the shop retailers pass the extra charge onto the customer, so the whole thing about living in London is so much more expensive than the rest of the country where large parts of the UK dont have these rediculious charges, unemployment money, and rent money is slightly more in London. If this lady moved out of London she would have more cash to spend on the ecentials.

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Posted in: Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis worsens See in context

My advice to Mrs Jones is move out of the dump called London, move up to the north, things are a lot cheaper and nicer.

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Posted in: Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis worsens See in context

@ Alfie noakes, your right, a friend of mine sent me a list of these energy companies, supermarkets and what profits they had made recently, with this list also came a long line of wages,bonuses, dividends, and shares payouts, to each CEO or director, it was absolutely eye watering, yes the war in the Ukrain has not helped, but it seems to be just an excuse to hike up the prices and just rip the public off. dont forget the goverment are talking about a wind fall tax on these large companies, and I hope they do. our local petrol staion had ramped up its forcourt prices in line with everyone else, but it didnt come down when the goverment said it would lower its taxes on fuel, it was discoverd that the price should have gone down, but the garage owner put up his price to make more money, thus the price remained the same. its now started to drop. no wounder its called "Ripoff Britain"

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Posted in: Woman, with only ¥10 on her, arrested after leaving restaurant without paying bill See in context

I think the police should say to her, if you cant pay because your skint, youl have to do x amount of hours unpaid work at the restaurant to pay for the food. this way the owner will get some sort of payment back. also if there is any uneaten food or left overs rather than throwing it away she could eat it.

if shes a good artist, may be the tresturant owner could let her display her art work on his walls, when an item get sold he can take a commission off each item.

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Posted in: Girl arrested over knife attack in Shibuya says she wanted 'death penalty' See in context

because she "wanted to get the death penalty,"

There is something deeply disturbing about that comment, the authorities need to dig a bit deeper, why has she got deep underlying death feeling? is this caused through school pressure, home? this girl seriously need help. is this a cry for help? lucky or unlucky for her she didnt kill this inocent lady and her daughter, they well may be scared mentally and physically for the rest of there lives.

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Posted in: Tokyo venture recreates voices via AI for cancer patients See in context

I can see that there will be a lot more opportunities open up when they start mass producing this product, the biggest draw back in the past to the electronic voices is that they are so machanical and robotic, i hope they pay attention to non brakeable screens, or a tougher one, and how is this soft ware stored? on a mobile phone? tablet, i hope its backed up in shape or form, lets face it the last thing you need is the soft ware to get corrupted and loose the original voice. i hope the students get the recognition they deserve its a brilliant and worth while product.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman walking home in Tokyo See in context

yet again, no sex offenders register

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Posted in: Full-size Shibuya scramble replica making the impossible possible See in context

@bobfosse, dont forget those annoying petrol driven gocarts with people dressed up in gamming costumes to

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

called for a self-check and review to appease a wary public.

Eeeeer, no, what you need is a totaly external independent public report to take place, this should be undertaken by an indpendent person or board of people, they should interview each polatician, and the police can dig deeper into possible financial irregularities. all of the report should be made public upon the boards findings. unfortunetly most of these type of reports here in the UK the cost comes out of the public/tax payer pocket, which could unpopular with the Japanese public, so will this happen? probably not, the alledged sleeze and coruption will be swept under the carpet and the public will forget about it in a few weeks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sticking sewing needles into buttocks of ex-girlfriend’s 4-year-old son See in context

What on earth possessed him to do this in the first place?? a sick fantasy? was the child crying? this guy has seriously got something wrong with him. it just beggers belief what drives a human to do this to a four year old.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet to boost public support See in context

"There are only two women in the new cabinet, and most of the men are over the age of 60"

well, that says it all really.

Are the ladies a token gesture trying to keep some one happy? I wonder is she their to make the tea and bring in the sandwiches? and do a bit of cleaning on a Friday. (sarcasm)

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Posted in: Billions pour into bioplastics as markets begin ramping up See in context

Although its not a vast amount of money in the grand schema of things, its a start, once people start to jump on the band wagon, every one will start to change, but as consumers we need to change our attitude towards plastics, and so should the suppermarket and suppliers to, the other day i was in a que waiting to go through the check out at our supermarket, and i looked at the items on the convayor belt in from of me, 99% had some sort of plastic, plastic tray, the tray with goods covered in plastic, why do we need or want all of this dam plastic? we dont need it, its what weve become use to. and when we go home put the items in the fridge or cupboard, we throw all of the plastic in a bin. we need to ask our selfs "do we honestly need all of this plastic"?

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Posted in: Royal light See in context

This would have been a grate opportunity to remove some of the "peg board" wall covering from the imperial house and throw it onto this fire.

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Posted in: Sea of sunflowers See in context

I think Claude Monet would love to paint this picture

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Posted in: Japanese pond owner breaks into tears after 3,000 fish die in robbery See in context

As a koi keeper you dont have to speak any Japanese to feel his pain, to get fish to these sizes take time and money, its probably taken 2-3 year to get them to this size. once the filters are turned off the nitrites would have gone sky high this is probably killed a lot of fish, and the lack of oxygen, its soul destroying to see all of these fish floating, the smell must be horrendous too. poor bloke, I hope they catch the crooks and then they can buy all of the dead fish off him at the price they were worth before there actions killed them.

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Posted in: Fire flowers See in context

I would have loved to be their it would have been a spectacle and a half.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

A better way to improve peoples wages is to pay them for the compulsory unpaid two hours that most people put up with. and add the extra 31 yen per hour.

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Posted in: Will Smith posts an apology video for slapping Chris Rock See in context

The next Oscars should be presented by Mr M Tyson or Mr Dwayne Johnson. Mr Rock needs to take a year or two out.

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Posted in: Hair donations booming in Japan but know-how still lacking See in context

I think there should be a data base, IF a girl, lady, or a man wishes to donate there hair, that is a fantastic gesture, if they want to leave his or her name with that batch of hair it can go on a register, and the recipient might want to write a thank you letter, I am sure that one or both parties might find some sort of solice in this, but if they just want to donate there hair, that is the donators wish's and no name will be added to the database, and the note should be "anonymous"

People donate kidneys, hearts, lungs etc, why not hair? for me, donating my late wife's cornea's gave me a boost, knowing that I can help someone see again.

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Posted in: 1995 Hachioji supermarket triple murder case remains unsolved after 27 years See in context

After this amout of time, and some wishy washy evidence, i am sure this tripple murder will never be solved, the students parents are probably never going to get over this, its very sad.

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Posted in: Keep calm, cut the air con - Japan's energy saving is model for Europe See in context

its probably time to turn down or turn off the bright signs in Akihabara, that would save some electricity, also there is the teck that is used on electric cars to charge up the cars batteries, when they are going down hill or comming to a stop, they use the electric motor as a generator to recoup some electricity, why dont JR apply this to there bullet trains? when a train is slowing down it could put upto 10-20% back into the electrified lines.

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Posted in: Japanese city alarmed by biting, clawing, attacking monkeys See in context

These monkeys have some nasty teeth, I dont think that I would like to be attacked by one, Ive seen a few wild life programs from India where these things plauge an area, they are nasty, and aggressive, they employ a monkey catcher to trap and cage them, they are taken into the country side and released, but its only a matter of time before they are back causing havoc and mischief, 99% of the time they are hunting for easy picking of food. Some people make a comment about they are qute and fluffy, can I surgest you go to this town and meet them and spend a week there, once they have terrorised you for a week, youl probably change your mind, they are far from qute and fluffy.

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Posted in: Service held to honor 36 Kyoto Animation workers killed in 2019 arson attack See in context

Cricky 3 years ago, where does time go? if my memory serves me right, at the time there was a lot of allegations and questions raised by the death of so many people in this building, one of those was that the fire doors were locked which stopped people escaping, and there was quite a few more serious questions raised over the fire escapes, lighting for the fire escapes, smoke detectors and sprinklers, has there been a though external investigation into these allegations, if so, where are they for use to read, and what recommendations have been made over the increasing of safety in buildings so this does not happen again.

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