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And now that the UK has left the EU, the French police are beeing awkward towards UK drivers, and so are one or two other countries, weather this is some sort of payback or just enforcing EU rules onto a Non EU country is any ones guess.

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@kirisupisu...It is possible to do shift work and have a certain number of loads and get paid for them-piecework? no is the simple answer, the Irish guys were payed "trip money" they would haul freight out of sothern Ireland travel to the docks get on a ferry, then when they arrived inthe UK put a tacho disc in then they would drive to London or where ever, and return home all in the same day, sleep on the ferry etc and repeat, this encouraged lots of law bending daily on driver hours, since quite a bit of time was spent in the Republic of Ireland, ferry, Uk driving regs didnt apply, so these trucks were doing way more driving than they were supposed to do, so any financial benefit/insentives is not allowed as it could incouridge drivers to brake the law. things did change as the ROI came into line with the EU, you would always find trucks in the ditches heading towards the Stranraer ferry port, possibly they had fallen a sleep atthe wheel

This is the UK, most jobs would be under 200km. Not so much away from home, plus there are legal limits to the time they are allowed to drive.

I dont think that you fully understand the complexities of truck driving, to make trucks pay they have to be driven 24/7 a typicle day for me would be 2 am start go to the brewery load up, travel to centeral London once we had delivered there we would more than likely head towards tilbury docks, load up and possibly deliver the goods that day or deliver them the next day somewhere in the country, and the boss would find us another load somewhere and repeat, your estimate of 200 km is somewhat delusional try over 300+ some guys its way more. i use to clock 1200 miles a week and more (400km a day)

How's that Brexit going for you, Boris?

I dont blame BJ for the UK leaving the EU, blame the births public who voted for it in a vote to stay or leave. the poloticians did what the majority of the public wanted.

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As an ex lorry driver I can see it from the drivers perspective, long hours behind the wheel, unsiciable hours like 2 and 3 am starts are normal, low pay, sometimes sitting around in supermarket distrabution centres waiting for 4-5-6 hours to have your load taken off and checked, the other gripe that we had was that when your stuck in these places for hours on end they wont let you use the rest rooms or works canteens, by this time your sandwiches have been eaten or you might have been stopped in a lay by over night with nothing to eat all day/night, the driving agency have installed weigh bridges into the motorways ( free ways) so as you drive over them they can detect and weigh your individual axle weight, so if your over weight, a prosecution notice is in the post! restrictions on driving and working hours are rigidly enfourced, speed camaras on the motorways, transport managers are pretty appalling and there attitude toward staff is not good, although it has improved since I threw in the towel, i was offered a job to start the next day by 7 companies who were and are desperate for drivers, when I asked them what the pay was, £14 per hour, was about the average I just politely turned them down, and one of them was driving petrol tankers!! which is another seperate licence, my next enquiry was a instructer driving school, yet again they had just bought 2 new trucks and were desperate yet again they were offering £12 per hour, and you was self employed, the next line of enquiry was becomming a goverment examiner for truck testing, and they were paying out a whopping £12 per hour or around a £100 per day, I have to pay my labours £10 per hour to push a wheel barrow and undertake duties, most suppermarkets pay £10 an hour to fill shelfs! it does not take a rocket sientist to work out what the problem is, its cr*p pay, long hours, being treated like a something youve just trod in what a dog has left behind, now that the UK has left the EU all of the polish drivers went back home, now cant reenter the UK as they need a work visa! although the media will have you beleave that truck drivers get fantastic wages, like £50k a year, all that glitters is not gold, for that high sum they will be working split shifts, nights, inc saturdays and Sundays and holidays, so when you brake it down its not that good. right thats my rant over, ive go to go and find some fuel as all of the fuel station around here are all closed due to lack of drivers!!

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The pilot must have fantastic eye sight to spot a turtle on the run way, especially if it was quite a distance from the plane.

If the pilot had run it over would it still be classed as road kill? or air strip kill?

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Ive just had a look at the news report covering the competition, oh boy! their is some works of art, what amazing talent these guys have, well done to every one just for getting into the compation, let allow being in the top three.

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Posted in: Noodle fans charmed by clever way Japanese ramen shop designates its restrooms See in context

To take this to the next level, the owner of the shop could have made the sign out of wet noodles and let them dry and then painted them rather than having a sign co to make them. 2D sign!

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@deserttoroise," Wow, all the sour pusses today!", that is the problem with todays society just live for today, were wrecking the planet with or self ways, have you read the new recently? global warming is a major problem, plastic is in the seas, which ends up in the food chain, anti biotics are now not as effective as they were, yes it fun rolling around in bubble wrap, but you have to consider the wider issues like the energy that goes into making it right from the extraction of the crude oil, transport, manufacturing process, distrabution, then a child plays in it for 10 minute, then its no good, the cost of recycling the material, etc. shurly this is just an extravagant waste.

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My only concern is once the bubble wrap has all been popped, its useless, so its going to have to be replaced, what is going to happen to the bin loads of spent bubble wrap? will it be recycled? dumped? the world is a wash with plastic, lots of containers were sent to verious coutries that sorted it into differant grades for recycling, now the price of containers have skyrocketed is it going to commercially viable to recycle it? will it be incinerated? i hope this company has a good way of dealing with its waste.

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I would not recomending jumping onto the bonnet of a thugs car, you just dont know if they are violent or not, but I give the bloke a big hand shake and thank him for his actions, most people turn a blind eye to stuff now days as they dont want to get involved.

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Here is the link to YouTube warning there is some strong and colourful language!

but it just goes to show how porn is altering our perseption on sex and loving relationships.

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What Ive noticed is the attitude towards porn and its affects on other people, there was a TV program on the UK TV, it was a documentary all about teaching teenagers in school all about sex education, they took 6-7 boys and 6-7 girls and a lady from Holland who taught sex education asked the girls about there understanding and perspective of love and then she asked the boys, and it was immediately differant to what the girls thought, it was pretty obvious that the boys watched porn, there views were based on what they had seen and watched on the laptops etc, and when the teacher asked them why and what, the girls were horrified and told the boys that its not acceptable to treat a girl in that manner. The teacher showed a chart of ladies bits and asked the boys which one they preferred, most of them said "bald" or shaved, so she gave them a razor and told them to do the same! and she explained how uncortable it was and its bit leaning towards Young children, (if you know what i mean) and she asked them is this normal behaviour?

Watching porn on an electronic device is altering our perceptions and the way we treat each other, a lot of it is fantasy etc, so guys are haveing a distorted view on sex and relationships, which the girlfriends or wife dont like.

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I wounder if they had to buy them back, or were they given back.

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I am very surprised that Japan who was lagging well behind the world when it come to starting, and dishing out the vaccine, by some sort of miricle it has happened and they are catching up with the world on vaccine injections. when I first read this article, BS, never in a million years have they caught up, but apparently they have.

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Posted in: Met Gala returns in style with Eilish, Lil Nas X, Rihanna See in context

That blue dress that Amanda is waring is stunning. most of the other outfits are pretty awful.

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I wish them both, all the very best for the future, congratulations, shes had a rough ride recently, I hope thing turn out right.

Wether or not you like her, or her music, no one deserves a controling farther like hers.

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If it was a petrol mower they can be a bit noisy, but nothing worth getting into a fight over, but if it was a petrol mower they can take some starting, which makes me wonder if it was an electric mower, these are very quit, the mind boggles at some one getting annoyed at an electric mower, the next option to stop any more arguments would be to have a sola powered one, there are several ones on the market now, they trundle around cutting the grass in a random pattern, and it senses that the battery is getting low, it will return back to its station for recharging....

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Posted in: Suntory to release new Yamazaki smoke-barrel aged plum liqueur in limited quantities See in context

Is this only for the Japanese market? or will it be exported in small amouts around the world? I would like to try it.

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The driver was slumped over the stearing wheel, it sounds like he's had or having a heart attack, or a mild eppaletic seizure, either way this is very sad for all parties. I hope J news follows this article up with the results of the autopsy.

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Posted in: ABBA scores first UK top 10 single in nearly 40 years See in context

Sorry typo Agneta is 71

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Posted in: ABBA scores first UK top 10 single in nearly 40 years See in context

Benni 74 Bjorn76 Annifrid 75 Agneta 74 its amazing that there still active at this age, there still working hard either in music, or writing music. its nice to see them together again. It does not matter wether your young or old there music is timeless.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

A couple of things

1: will she have a back bone as other blokes dont seam to have one.

2: deliver what she promises?

3: stop or reduce corruption with bigger fines?

4: initiate a national sex offenders registar?

5: start a program for mental health issues, to help people suffering from...?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context

@starpunk, i had to watch pink floyds vid to understand your post, it makes sence now

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I wonder if DNA testing could relocate some of the underware back to the original owners? has the underware been washed? if the undies were not washed, his house must be awfully smelly, this guy needs some serious help. if no one has come forward to report the thefts he could quite simply say he bought them from a shop, then this would not be a crime. ( other than the one he got cought steeling)

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

However, on 21 August, when the first section of the complex was opened to the public, it immediately drew criticism from locals on the Internet, leading to a temporary closure of the facility from 30 August.

OH! for goodness sake stop banging on about poor old hard done to China, these event when china got invaded by Japanese imperial troops was 70 odd years ago, just shut up were sick and tired of it, and whats next, another demand for another appology?

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Fully automated, no, not at all. its a desaster just waiting to happen.

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This guy had got 730 pairs of panties in his, how long has he been steeling them for? 2-3-4 years?

I wounder how did he steel them, did he wait in the laundrette and just take them, did the ladies intrust the laundrette to wash them on there behalf?

Police said Urata was identified through surveillance camera footage. where was the cctv in the laundrette? if so why didnt they catch him before, has any one reported there knickers going missing? he must have hung around the laundrette quite some time to steel 730 knickers, I am surprised no one noticed him or what he could be upto possibly with having suspicious motives.

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@ Ian .."Hopefully the writer of the story will follow up on this so we'll know what happened next"

quite simple, deep bow, I am sorry wont happen again, reduction of wages....return to work

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Posted in: Japanese police struggling with growing number of 'CAN invaders' used to steal luxury cars See in context

As Ive posted before, my son worked in the UK at an car audio place where they saw this on a regular basis, thieves would and can take a car in just 2 seconds, no smashing the windows and hot wireing the ignition, etc, its simple, cars that have keyless entry are the easiest to take, why? the key fob is sending out a signal to the car, and when the car picks that code up, it will burst into life, but the down side is you can buy a code reader of a web site, all they have to do is be near you when you press the button, or your walking out to the car they pick up the code and then latter that night, transmit that signal to the car, the car thinks it you and hay presto, you hard urnt cash is being driven down the street. in some cases they just drive up your street, your key fob is still transmiting a signal!!! put in a steel box so they cant pick it up. Some co wont even insure range rovers any more because they are that easy to steal. i have an oldish Volvo, its got a key, the longer it takes to get into a car the crooks become less interested. BMW have a good system, the key fob and car change the coding every time you dress a botton on the key fob, so if a crook picks up the code, it will change, which makes it harder to steel.

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I would like to see how hes going to handle the SOE, will he use more urging, or will he get a back bone and put his food down, and actually enforce the rules that are currently enforce.

It would seem that Japnans office system is highly inefficient, with hanko stampers for everything from a cup of tea, throught to house moving etc taking up a lot of wasted time, if these were removed or slimmed down co would be more efficiant, and profitable and it could shorten the working day. will this happen? I dought it

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I am confused by this article, why have they took a picture of the afghan contestent? why have they not taken another picture of the Uzbekistan contestant? all things being fair, they should have took a picture of both of them. unless there is a hiden agender.

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