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Posted in: First glimpse of latest Bond film goes online See in context

@toasted don't forget Himeji Castle in you only live twice

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

A bad on glasses in the work place???!!! WTF? how on earth do you read paper work or emails if you can't ware glasses? how stupid is this? I am pretty much blind with out mine,

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When Ive watched JB films especially when they are shot in Japan, I can and say to the annoyance of my friends, "been there, that's X, Y and Z, I hope they have filmed in Japan again so I can add to my list of "Been there, oooh! thats.....".

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Good luck to you Otani san,

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Posted in: Yamato delivery man kicked and yelled at by older colleague See in context

As a boss, I think that the moment you start screaming and shouting like this guy,

1: you have lost control

2: you have lost respect

3: Educate your staff to do it correctly, if you dont you only have your self to blame.

we all make mistakes, but shouting at someone only lowers there self esteem and they feel bad, or they just won't care in the future, so your company will start suffer, in the long run.

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Posted in: Yamato delivery man kicked and yelled at by older colleague See in context

damaging co property is unforgivable, ( rear doors being booted ) and assaulting co employee unforgivable, if it was me being abused like this even if its my fault even if I had done something wrong, I would punch his light out, I just would not stand for that abuse.

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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

Judging by the supreme leaders "tight" coat, it looks like he's been eating to much cake recently.

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Posted in: K-pop singer sentenced to 6 years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos See in context

6 years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos

I think that this jail term has not sent out a strong enough message too would be sexual offenders.

I don't know, or feel that is too short or too long, is it the right sentence??

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

I don't think that many or any woman in the UK would ware a badge like that, I am sure that they would be embarrassed, I would of thought that it would be the same for Japanese ladies.

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty over deadly knife rampage on bullet train See in context

Kojima found it too difficult to live on his own and "wanted to go to prison" Your wish will be soon granted!

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

the police can and should open up her computer, they can retrace all of her emails ref cyberbullying, they can extract IP dresses and possibly prosecute the offenders.

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Posted in: Japanese boxer formerly on death row for 46 years attends pope’s mass See in context

"One of the judges who convicted Hakamada acknowledged later that he had serious questions about the case from the start."

OK so why didn't the judge throw it out of court if he has misgivings? or was he told to convict him at all costs, including not taking ALL of the evidence into consideration.

"In 2014, a court found Hakamada should be given a retrial based on new DNA tests and released him. That ruling was overturned by a higher court last year, which questioned the DNA tests. The case is now before the Supreme Court" as for being on death row for 46 years .this case stinks ! he's done his time, and plenty extra to most murder's get 25 years, let Alone 46 even if he's given a pardon, you can't replace 48 years of lost time, not even if he was compensated for his loss, I also appreciate that some else lost there life, but the police need to put away the right man or woman, rather that any one will do.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted rape of teenage girl See in context

When this geeza goes to jail, he will understand what rape really is all about, watch out for that slippy soap in jail mate!

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Posted in: Tokyo’s AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure See in context

Or could it be since the old members have graduated, there is less interest in the "Newbies" and the group?

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

@HP, totally agree with you ref where are the French government, they should be helping CG full stop, but they seem to have washed there grubby hands of him,

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

If this was some one else the J legal system wound have steam rolled him/her into a confession or buried the person in red tape or bureaucracy, and the rest of the world would not have blinked an eye, BUT, this case is a whole new thing, Mr G is a high rolling guy, he's well known and connected, this case is being watched all around the world, although the J criminal system is hell bent on a conviction, this blinkered approach can't be doing Japan any favours, are other countries thinking we don't want to have dealing with Japan if this is how they treat people? especially when they turn around a failing co, and make it profitable?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for slashing girl says he wanted to kill someone See in context

Ive noticed a pattern, most of these crimes are taken out on school girls, slashing skirts, chopping off hair, other bizarre acts inc slashing throats, why? are they a sexual fetish based? is it just because girls are seen as weak and won't defend them selfs? I notice that these attacks are not taken out on the local yakuza guys!! funny that isntit ?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for slashing girl says he wanted to kill someone See in context

IF you walk up to someone with a knife and slash someones throat, you have intent, combined with the act of doing so, also he was quote to say "I wanted to kill someone, anyone," intent and motive, to me its plain and simple he should be charged with attempted murder, lucky for this poor girl he didn't kill her other wise he would/should be charged with murder. I hope this girl makes a full recovery, she will be permanently physically and mentally scared for the rest of her life thanks to this piece of ( expletive )

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Posted in: Pacific bird refuge struggles as ocean garbage patch grows See in context

@arrestpaul "Who is this "we" you guys are referring to?" quite simply Man, the human race, I know that there are a lot of people out there trying, experimenting, on how to clean up our oceans, But, we the consumer need to change our attitude to plastic, the next time you go to a super market, just before you place your products onto the conveyor belt, just take a look at the person in from of you, just look at there goods to see how much plastic is used in the dam packaging, and ask your self this, "is it really necessary?"

As for wringing my hands, well that's not the case, I do protest to the store managers about the amount of waste and unnecessary packaging, unless we ALL stand up and complain the supermarkets will just keep using plastic, if its brought to there attention the customers are not happy they do take note, and pass this onto there suppliers, who look at it again.

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Posted in: 7 taken to hospital after mini-truck plows into group of children in Tokyo See in context

Thank goodness that no one was seriously hurt, as for red light jumpers, this can be addressed, in the UK we have many cameras at road junctions, they will take pictures of the car and registration plate, time and speed. they are also positioned near traffic lights they are activated when the light turns red, may be they should introduce this system in Japan if it has not already got them.

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Posted in: Pacific bird refuge struggles as ocean garbage patch grows See in context

Jees, what a mess we've got our selfs into, man is hell bent on destroying himself, the fragile eco system must be protected at all costs, its about time we made a boat that scoops up this floating waste from the sea, yes its going to cost a lot of money, and who is going to pay for it? it will have to be an international consortium, lets face it were ALL responsible.

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Posted in: Germany, allies mark 30 years since Berlin Wall fell See in context

30 years ago! jeeees, I remember as if it was yesterday, where does time go? its nice to see that time has changed things drematicly, oh, and those loverly highly polluting trabant cars, they were something like a 800 cc two stroke engine,

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Posted in: Police start questioning arson-murder suspect in Kyoto studio attack See in context

Oh Boy! when I first read this article, I had two thoughts, 1; is why treat him? 2; how much is this costing? but on the other hand he need to be arrested, charged, and he need to go to court to explain him self in front of a jury. I think he need only to be made well enough so he can stand trial. IF he's innocent then he can proceed with further treatment.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe an 'idiot' over criticism of weapons test See in context

I find KJU remarks are like that of a spoilt child who is have a temper tantrum.

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The uk has probably had the wettest autumn on record, the Ozis, are welcome to all of this blasted rain that we keep getting, any one who says that climate change is not happening is living on another planet. ooo, doesn't good old Donny think its a load of rubbish?

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

@mrkipling, common sense is not so common!

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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context

£35.600 for a crab! are they insane??

"To prevent overfishing, fishing operators will have more holidays this season and avoid catching small crabs, the prefecture said."

another way to deter fishermen taking more than they should is to have stricken quoters, and any one in breach of the quoter will be heavily fined, so much it would make them think its just not worth it, this could be observed by the ministry of fisheries and the port/dock auctioneers.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

Very sad indeed, whether if its his fault or not, he will have this on his conscience for the rest of his life.

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its quite a comprehensive report, but, robots take time to make and install, they are also very expensive, and they do break down from time to time. what the report misses out is the alteration to non native workers. if the government relaxed its very restrictive labour and foreign labour laws, the workers will come in droves (hopefully) but no Japan still has closed boarders or the unwillingness to open up its arms to skilled workers from abroad, and what would help is the pay needs to raised.

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Posted in: Microsoft Japan’s experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40% See in context

I hope it works, it might not work for all companies, but why not give it a go? I know that the old boys don't like change, but this is why Japanese economy is in stagnation mode, "won't change carry on as normal " The plus sides are if staff are off on Fridays they will be going places intern they will be spending more money, which helps the economy grow. I know a lot of people who work from home, they love it, it give them freedom from the boring office, the 1-2 hour commute backwards and forwards on crowded roads and rail. they have flexibility to take kids to school.

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