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Posted in: Police continue search for girl who disappeared near campsite in 2019 See in context

I wounder if there is any more info from the labs as this article was uploaded on the 3rd of May, were now on the 22nd of May

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Posted in: Dogs ride bullet train to Nagano See in context

I just hope all of the puddles and deposits are removed.

who ever thought of letting loose dogs on a train they must be barking mad!

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Posted in: Man suspected of sexually assaulting teenage girl after giving her sleeping pills See in context

I think his intensions were clear from the start, why would you give a girl/woman sleeping tablets? why would she take them knowingly what they are? it would seem like hes given them to her under pretext of them being something else, like asprin or paracetamol or just put them in a glass of water she asked for, if this was just a financial meeting thats gone wrong, there would be no reason for her to be given the sleeping tablets.

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

Even Thailand has some ridiculous tight entry restrictions, even they have virtually all been lifted, so its about time Japan opened up its borders. let the economy get moving and get some tourists back and spending some money, maybe it will make a dent in the massive deficit Japan has.

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Posted in: Death row inmate seeks retrial over murders of 19 mentally impaired residents at care home See in context

He wants a retrial? cheeky so and so! did those care patients get any mercy or chance to defend them selfs?

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Posted in: Police continue search for girl who disappeared near campsite in 2019 See in context

Something tells me that these items are of the missing girl, in some respects i hope there not, and shes still alive, the lab testing should confirm weather or not they are of the missing girl. her parents must be sick with worry, i hope it is the start of closure for them.

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Posted in: Tokyo rapper arrested for tagging Yamanote Line while drunk See in context

Give him a tooth brush and some cutting compound, and a bucket of water and make him clean it off in his own time untill its completely cleaned off the door, then fine him, then make him pay compo to the train co for having that carradge out of service, with lost revenue! that will make him think about vandalising peoples property,

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

I am sure this guy is going to jail, and rightfully so. this is a tragic accident that could so easily have been avoided. my concern now is for the sunken ship, and the marine wildlife around the coast, the ship sailed out with diesel or engine fuel on board, now the ship has sunk, is there any traces of this fuel comming to the surface and is it starting to pollute the coast line?, I am sure in a previous news bulletin that I read it said, that cost line is an area of out standing natural beauty, I just hope it stays this way.

My late farther who was in the Royal navy told me that when water is that cold ( around 5 degrees) that you dont have long to live in that sort of temperature, it would be minutes.

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Posted in: Object ruled out as sunken Hokkaido boat after diver checks See in context

The Japan Coast Guard said sonar had detected objects that appeared to be vessels in various locations, if it is the boat in question, i hope the coast gaurd or some one establishes why it sank, also were the life boats deployed? I would like to know why a captin would go to sea when hes been advised by the cost guard not to, and why he chose to ignoring the warnings, this is fool hardy or dam right negligent.

Its a shame that all of these people lost there lives in such tragic circumstances.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is ready to defend himself See in context

I cant see why he cant have a trail via a live link in a lebonesse court room. lets see what evidence the Japanese and french have. I hope they have something rock solid if not they could be totaly emmbarressed.

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Posted in: Tokyo to remove last trash cans from stations next month See in context

I can see there being a lot more rubbish being dumped on the platforms now, this idea of removing the waste bins is pretty ridiculous to me.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in water tank in Chiba See in context

I think the tank needs to be drained, and refreshed with clean and uncontaminated water.

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Posted in: Father, son arrested in Japan get U.S. prison time for Ponzi scheme See in context

I wonder how many people/ defrauded investors not only lost a shed load of money, but now they are probably broke, and with medicle issuses them selfs, cant afford medical insurance or to pay for treatment.

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Posted in: Ukraine sees openings as Russia fixed on besieged Mariupol See in context

What a blinking mess, even if the russians take over the Ukraine the new war will start as the ukrainians will hate russan rule and will sabotage all efforts the Russians try make. unless the russians move out, this war will carry on for ages, and ages.

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

Poor people, just another 50 years of bullying and brainwashing, before they retire. Ive just been thinking how long would I last in one of these type of work places, some where between .5 and 1 second I think.

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Posted in: 6 SDF members face punishment for unauthorized curry-eating See in context

I run my own business, and we go to hotel chains and motels to undertake work, we quite often get to know the managers, my point is that we get to see the amount of food that is thrown away just at breakfast time is unreal, ( which is given to us) at the end of service around 10am, all of the cooked food is disposed of, i would guess that this would be the same for Army, navy, airforce basses, so a few guys eating a curry, really? how petty, i would guess that most of this food would have been thrown away anyway.

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Posted in: Japanese energy firms brace for possible supply cut from Russia See in context

Here in the UK our energy bills have gone up 40-50% this month, Japan brace your self!

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Posted in: Ueno Park See in context

Philosopher's Path in Kyoto follows a canal and is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season. I am sure you could take some beautiful picture there. The one above is quite a poor picture.

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Posted in: JR says it will take 2 weeks to remove bullet train derailed by quake See in context

@TTD, Meanwhile back in the dark ages here in the UK they cancel trains on a regular basis now due to a lack of drivers, hahaha! and dont forget our 1980,s super slow, sorry fast HS125, most modern cars engines are now euro 6 emission (dolfin friendly), yet they still keep using this pile of old diesel junk, the whole net work should be electric. The UK would still be filling in risk assessments etc in 6 weeks time we might get around to doing something, but wait, someone will demand an enquiry in to the disaster, just a few more weeks, two weeks to clear away the shinkansen train, repair the track, and get back to normality is dam good going I think.

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Posted in: How commercial satellites are shaping the Ukraine conflict See in context

its a shame that there couldnt be a missile strike on this convoy of trucks.

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Posted in: Ex-Ghosn aide Kelly confident of being acquitted on Thursday See in context

It makes me wonder if other large corporations around the world have been watching this case unravel, as it unravels, people and companies look at this farce, and think, " do I want to invest in Japan if this is how they treat people"? would I want to be subject to this ridiculous treatment? how many companies have not invested or set up business in Japan, or moved operations else where? I bet this has cost Japan a lot of money.

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Posted in: Ex-Ghosn aide Kelly confident of being acquitted on Thursday See in context

its disgusting that this case has took this long to get to court.

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Posted in: Man found naked in Sapporo laundromat in middle of the night See in context


a bracket was placed in the laundromat where people could leave unwanted clothes after washing so people in need could take what the wanted.

What a brilliant idea, and how compassionate, and thoughtful.

Most establishments would not want them to be in the place and would kick them out.

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Posted in: 5 men arrested over death of work colleague See in context

@ lamilly, I would rather not thank you.

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Posted in: 'Rust' shooting victim's husband angry at Baldwin for denying blame See in context

it just went off, well, has that gun been tested in a lab, or sent back to colt for examination???

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Posted in: Man found naked in Sapporo laundromat in middle of the night See in context

I think hes been watching to many jean adverts,

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Posted in: Japanese court orders damages over forced sterilization for first time See in context


The Nuremberg Code and UN Convention on Human Rights specifically and clearly states that medical procedures on the human body can never be forced, coerced or even pressured.

Could this law be used to protect anti vaxers, who dont want covid vacines, in countries that want to force all there inhabitents to have the covid vaxines?, could the wording be stretched or include the word medical procedure

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Posted in: Britain beats Japan 10-3 to win Olympic women’s curling gold See in context

I watched the match between Japan and England, it was intresting to watch the skill and tactics, I certainly think that the Japanese ladies can hold there heads high they played very well, and they were gallent losers.

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

About time too. when they get around to this register, make sure its tied to there names, and national insurance number, and anything else that cant be changed, unlike just a name or family name alowing people to clip through the net, it will have to be a nation wide schema, rather than local.

"While many parents have welcomed the initiative, some experts are concerned that such a system may hinder the rehabilitation of those who have served their sentences"

ummm i dont think it will stop them being rehabilitated it will stop them from working directly with children. In some of the lesser offences, they might be allowed back into teaching, but they would be monitored all of the time.

And do they have a dead line to work some thing out, like the end of 2022? sooner the better.

It would also be nice if manga or anime mags stopped sexulalising school girls in/on the mags.

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Posted in: Every police station in Kanagawa accepting funeral home bribes, according to former officer See in context

These aligations just undermines any trust people have in the J police, how can people go to them with a minor problem/complaint knowning that something will be done?

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