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REF ND, IF the fire was caused by a contractor, surly its down the the contractor to make a claim on their insurance. As for Nissan not wanting to join Renault, OK that's fine, but with out Mr Ghosn,s help, the company would have gone to the wall.

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"Nobody disobeys me" what an arrogant statement from an arrogant man.

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@umbrella, in a democracy, remember these words "innocent until proven guilty"

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Shin Kukimoto said Monday he could not comment on whether any fresh charges might be filed against Ghosn.

May be some is just going through the statute books just looking for another charge/allegation to throw at Mr Ghosn, like walking on the cracks of the pavement ?

Ghosn's wife Carole Ghosn has criticized the prosecutors' handling of the investigation of her husband, accusing them of mistreating him. Kukimoto, the prosecutor, said Ghosn has been treated just like any Japanese suspect. yep, pretty appallingly by the rest of the worlds standards.

One of Ghosn's lawyers, Takashi Takano, said his client has been interrogated an average of four hours a day without the presence of his lawyer despite demands that the practice be stopped. so, are the police acting up and beyond guid lines of the country? it seems that the police just what they want to. may be they should be arrested!

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Any thing that can ease tension between these countries is a good thing. What happened in the past should remain in the past, were in the 21 st century now.

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Firstly I would like to congratulate all of the hard working staff at the hospital and especially good heath to the Childs and his family. The other thing that I thought of who picks up the medical bill for this? would it have been picked up by the health system or the insurance company? to have a baby in intensive or specialist care for weeks is not going to be cheap, to the parents this child is priceless and worth every yen.

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I wonder what this is doing for Nissans sales, do people see through this charade? who many people have seen this before with the Japanese court system, just keep on pilling more and more trivial, distorted, cooked up charges, I can't wait until mr Ghosan has his day in court, IF he pulls it off and all of the charges are dropped/acquitted, there is going to be some people with a lot of egg on their faces, and are the public going to want to know why has all of the tax payer money been spent on so called trumped up charges? It feels like that there is a team of people who must sit around a table just thinking "what can we accuse him of now?"

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I wonder if there is a correlation or and statistics to the shorter the skirt the more "Up skirt pictures " were taken and men getting caught ? or longer skirt, are they more of a challenge?

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I am also sure that the amount of tourists would drop as it would make there Holliday that much more expensive, would you get all of these Chinese shoppers coming over on planes to stock up on cosmetics? shoving the prices up does not always equate to more profit of taxes, it can have a negative affect to

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Perhaps taxes do need to go up, but double??!! that would cripple a large amount of the population, I can't se it being beneficial at all, it would more likely see people give up work, or loose the will to work hard which would see a drop in production.

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could this be a case of attempted arson? he certainly had the right and enough gear to undertake such an act, all we need now is a motive.

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@ reckless, dont forget washing up and tidying up as well, the other year a new word entered the Oxford English dictionary " floordrobe" it says it all!

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@reckless, yes my lad is 21 and he lives with me, the cost of getting a house is very difficult here in the UK you need such a large deposit to put down before the banks will look at you, and another relation still lives with his mum and dad and he's 37, he's moved out and poor or unstable relations with his girl friends and then moved back in. as for stabbing your dad in the back and killing him, well I would say he's off to prison for a long time, what a stupid move.

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@ mike, one of my friends was a paramedic, has told me of several cases where teenagers have not noticed that they were pregnant and didn't have a prominent tummy bump, or show another type of indicator, so yes it is conceivable that you don't know that your pregnant. But as for leaving it behind in a toilet bowl, that is total bang out of order and totally inexcusable, the baby could have very easily died through drowning, hypothermia , etc its a shame as I am sure that there is a couple out there in Japan how can't have a child, would give there right arm to adopt a baby.

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If he was flying at low level any high speed, "There was no communication from the pilot indicating a problem with the aircraft". It sounds like the plane had a catastrophic problem/failure, normally a pilot would send out a May Day call especially before ejecting. time is running out for the pilot in these waters, I do hope they recover him rather than his body.

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I love Mr Trump he's so eloquent, articulate, and sophisticated, soon he will be using crayons to write his name!

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The whole article is so cringe worthy its unreal, its based on cuteness or fashion rather than talent, getting criminals behind bars, making a difference in your community, helping people, having a probing and inquisitive mind to solve complex crimes.

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"he was quoted as saying he decided to drive to a restaurant". at 2.40 am, looking for a restaurant yer right.

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@little bear, I would also like to see the sales figures for Nissan over the last past few months, I wonder if they have dropped, gone up, or plummeted?

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Since its been sent from his solicitors office and they have checked it, he can't have broke any of his bail conditions, It seams that Japanese prosecutors or the police make stuff up as they go along ( allegedly )

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The government is the owner of the passport, so that makes it government property, so how can another country take these items? I am surprised that the French government have not asked for it back, or given his wife another, I am also surprised that the French government have not backed up Mr Ghosn, I hope he does come out with more names, if he's going down he's going down fighting.

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This is becoming a game of poker where the stake get higher and higher, The Japanese prosecutors are ramping up the charges, which raises the stakes, IF, they are right they win, if not they loose, but there is more than money at stake here, Mr Gosan and the prosecutors could win or loose a lot of reputation. This has become a international scandal, I am sure the prosecutors will want a solid conviction and they are confident that they will get one, but the world media is watching with great interest, if it goes wrong who knows what the backlash will be on Japan, will they be judged as being old fashioned, archaic judicial system, it could have an impact on investments as investors could think why should I invest in a so called backward thinking country, would I get any help? it could come across as its stacked all against any investors or business wanting to do business with Japan, is it a good safe bet? probably not, it all depends on the out come of the court trial.

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If she would like to donate it, how about sending it my way! I am bald as a baby!! haha!

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I think that Japan should keep this idea of names for periods, as its tradition etc, here in the UK we have lots of traditions that we could scrap to save money, IE changing of the guard at Buckingham palace which has happened for the last 2-300 years its took place every day, but it makes Britain what it is, ( other than Brexit ) should Japan scrap Kimono waring, scrap Geishas, and the famous Samurai? knock some old temples down to make way for a block of flats and office buildings, all for the sake of coming into the 21 century? for me, I think Japan should stick with tradition.

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@tom, your right, the moral standard had not just dropped, its plummeted ! there is very little moral standards left, the UK has become a very liberal society, the police force is virtually non existent, they are powerless, underfunded, etc, then the CPS is underfunded and pushed to way beyond capacity, crime is on the up especially knife crime. and people say to me why do you go to Japan for holidays? quite easily I feel safe and I can walk around with out constantly looking around and over my shoulder waiting to be mugged. its about time the UK toughened up on crims, and put them behind bars!

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At last good old BA has come into the 21 century! I've been in business class once before, jeeps, it was horrid, swaths of grey plastic, trimmed with slightly darker and lighter grey plastic, it was hideous! the service in cattle class was appalling to, we had so called food given to us ( more like thrown at us) when we open up our takeaway type carton it contained a chicken curry, (sorry we was not given any options), as my 12 year old didn't like curry, we told the cabin staff and we was treated with a disgruntled grunt and it was replaced with something else. so its nice to see that there cabins have improved dramatically I just hope there staffs attitude has changed to ( for the better)

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The other thing is "cigarettes, alcohol, and postage stamps will not be purchasable during the unmanned hours," I can understand cigs and booze, but why can't you buy a stamps after a certain time?

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I just stopped laughing whilst reading this article, it just goes to show the differences between the the west and Japan, like one person said the place would be empty in the morning, and I am very sure it would be here in the UK, you can imagine a row of white pickup vans lined up in a side street waiting for the shop to close and the manager to walk around the corner, some stolen mobile will be used to open the door, and the place would be left totally empty, I would place a bet on it that the steel shelving would be weighed in for scrap as well!

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"Just saw him on TV being led away, some nasty scratches on his neck." Good, sounds like the poor woman put up a good fight. I am sure there will be some DNA evidence underneath here nails, that will certainly be enough evidence for a prosecution/conviction.

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What a sad and tragic end to two young lives, their parents must be gutted.

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