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Posted in: Pentagon chief denies U.S. leaving Iraq; Tehran crowds mourn commander See in context

I can see why donny has done what he did, but I think he's kicked over a hornets nest this time, and they are going to sting him, but unfortunately its the troops in the country that will have to take all of the flack from his act.

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Posted in: More details emerge on Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

Not only my self will be waiting to hear what CG has to say, but the J police, prosecutors, security officials, government, media, will be as well.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks plunge, yen surges amid rising Middle East tensions See in context

@citizan smith, oh yes it has. its dropped from 147 down to 141 yen to the pound from the other day

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Posted in: Japan to strengthen border checks, review bail conditions after Ghosn's escape See in context

This court case has wider implications than first thought, the whole world is watching this case and the saga that's now unfolding, I wonder what sort of ramifications this is having on trade deals with X country and Japan. Are, or will foreign investors think twice about wanting to open up or expand they're business in Japan, especially the way they ( the Japanese judicial system ) have treated Mr CG.

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Posted in: New site to allow shinkansen tickets to be booked outside Japan See in context

My frustration is its easy to buy the tickets here in the UK, but the bottle neck or pain in the bum is having to que up at the ticket booth in Japan to pick up the rail card, most of the time it take over an hour to get a JR card pass.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

"as a private security company hired by Nissan Motor Co to keep watch over Ghosn stopped work."

now, is that very unlucky this happened just at a critical moment in time? what a coincidence, people call me a cubicle old sod from time to time.

see through clear plastic box, private jet, detail flights plans, hire of a jet, come on, It looks like Gosan has played and bent the law to make his escape, I recon this has been orchestrated months ago.

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Posted in: NHK's annual 'Kohaku' music show sees rating fall to record low See in context

Ive just watched some clips on youtube, jeeps, the clips I've seen rather unrehearsed, lame, and not a polished performance as you would expect.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

Its a shame that he can't defend him self via a internet link from the Lebanon, to a Japanese court. he can be asked questions, and paper work can be scanned into a computer so all can see the (alleged) evidence.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

The brown stuff is really hitting the fan now!!!

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Posted in: Cheers, tears, prayers for 2020: A new decade is ushered in See in context

Happy new year to all of the J news readers, and the moderators to, lets wish this year we have less natural disasters, political leaders see sense and stop fighting, and people wakeup to the problem of global warming and its problems.

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Posted in: 12 dead, several missing as Australia counts cost of devastating bushfires See in context

This is really bad, not only for the wildlife, the eco system, but all of those poor people that have been affected by these fires. I am surprised that they have not mobilised the army from day one, why does the fires have to get so big before they act? I hope they get some much needed rain very soon.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

I wonder what is next in this saga, who is behind this escape? was it an inside job? if it was, it will be covered up thats for sure, who will get the blame for his "great escape" his lawyer? who was supposed to be watching him? I wonder how many people didn't sleep well over the last passed few nights? if it was a planned that light air craft would land in a field/runway, these light air craft don't have a massive range, so where did he go to get onto a jet that could carry him to Lebanon? which other country ( if any ) who also collaborated on his escape? oh boy I can't wait to see the next chapter in this saga.

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Posted in: Gunman shot dead by parishioners in Texas church attack See in context

I can see the NRA jumping up and down now, shouting " told you so that we need more guns to protect or selfs" we all know how ridiculous this statement is, I am glad that there was some quick actions from the parishioners as it could have been a lot worse.

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Posted in: NHK broadcasts erroneous North Korean missile launch report See in context

This does not go well when tensions are high between these to countries, next I can see KJU start banging on about how the J media are trying to get every one to whip up hatred against him. This is one big blunder on NHKs part.

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Posted in: Passenger plane crashes in Kazakhstan, killing at least 15 See in context

I am sure they will find the black box quickly and get it analysed very quickly, either way its a sad loss especially at this time of the year. good luck to every one in hospital and rest in peace those who didn't make it.

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Posted in: Gov't urges male civil servants to take at least 1-month paternity leave See in context

I wonder how many privet sector bosses are thinking, " don't even think about it!" you are invited to nothing

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Posted in: Boeing crew capsule returning to Earth after aborted flight See in context

"a mission cut short by an improperly set clock on the spacecraft".


I bet there was no eye contact with the flight controller, "right how's to blame for this mess??"

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Posted in: Christmas in Japan is a time for love, preferably romantic See in context

Ok so ladies get in for free, guys pay, so what happens if your a transgender? do you get charged half price?

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Posted in: Police officer leaves gun in convenience store toilet See in context

@tom, if your a tourist leaving a back pack in the toilets, well that's ok, but a so-called professional police officer leaving a loaded gun, no, no, no, that not on

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Posted in: Man indicted for kidnapping 12-year-old girl he met online See in context

@zaphod, no I didn't forget about the original article, for the simple reason I never have seen, or heard, or read about it before this article.

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Posted in: New Zealand divers attempt to recover last 2 volcano victims See in context

This would be a good reason to fly drones over the site they can move quickly, cover a large area, and its a lot safer, if anything happens, the drones are cheap in comparison with human lives, but well done to all that are involved with the recovery of these bodies. I do hope that all and every one is accounted for.

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Posted in: Man indicted for kidnapping 12-year-old girl he met online See in context

The city is more than 400 kilometers away from the girl's home, wow that's some distance, its not as if she's just gone around to a friends house for tea, and how does a 12 YO afford a train or bus ticket for that distance? so I suspect he's abducted her and drove back to his house, the other way of checking what he's said via the internet is to check his, and her hard drive on the computer.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sentenced to death for killing wife, 2 young children See in context

Another thought about DNA under neath her finger nails, how about one night she had a night mare, and woke up in a panic and grabbed his arm for reassurance? we've all done it.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sentenced to death for killing wife, 2 young children See in context

@ therougou, I am not sure that I agree with you, its not black and white as you seem to think, motive to kill? what motive, where? his late wife had concerns about bringing the children up, but thats no different to other parents we all worry. as for the scratch, well that could have been done at any time, may be getting some shopping out of the car and passed a bag and she caught his arm, ask your self this question, if some had there hands around your throat, would the assailant have just a scratch on there arm? if it was me he would have LOTS of scratches, and deep ones, even a broken nose, to, but one one scratch,?? if he went to work he must be one cool guy, his body language would have changed, he would have been scared s***less, and why would you kill your kids??? sorry this is not adding up.

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump was quick to congratulate Johnson. that should be prime minister Johnson

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sentenced to death for killing wife, 2 young children See in context

Did the police officer put a few nasty criminals away in prison ? could this be a set up and pay back for locking one of them up?

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sentenced to death for killing wife, 2 young children See in context

I am not totally convinced that he's guilty, the article says "the two children were found dead in their bedroom on the second floor" this suggests that they were both in the same bedroom. it would make reasonable sense that if one child was being strangled/attacked they would make a noise or violent movement alerting the other, unless you can ( presumed ) strangle two at the same time. Although this article does not mention there cause of death. can J new enlighten us with that please? what evidence that he killed these children? any DNA? has his police colleagues been interviewed and did his mood or attitude change in or around that time? was there any register of him and his late wife constantly arguing or shouting, treats to harm her in the apartment? did they interview the neighbours? What was the motive for killing them all? did his body language change at work, because the average person who's just killed 3 people would change that's for sure. has the police officer taken a polygraph test? I think that this article is a bit thin on facts and needs to be added to.

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Posted in: Johnson heads for election win in tightening race See in context

The UK is stuffed, its on the rocks, oh boy I wish I could emigrate, its just a total mess, which ever party gets in they are going to make a hash of it. I want to see what sort of a turn out it has been, I have asked my customers on how they feel, and most of them are sick and tired of Brexit and the squabbling politicians.

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Posted in: Fukushima clean-up has reduced radiation levels, but not all: scientists See in context

Alex beau, I can see where your coming from, but Nuclear is not the way forward, its costly to build these plants, and its an absolutely horrendous cost to decommission them, and then there is the environmental cost to, what do you do with all of this contaminated waste? we can tap into thermal energy, and also hydro power too.

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Posted in: AKB48’s final original member, who had to shave her head, is leaving the group See in context

I wonder if the AKB48 management will thank her, and the other members for making them a packet of money?

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