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Y’all have no clue that are down playing this, long Covid is a thing it’s not just you live you die. Many are suffering for months and months, even years. Some now have life altering disabilities. You want to go out without a mask that’s your choice but just know just because your friend was fine does not mean you’ll recover fine. This is nothing to play around with.

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Ive Been suffering from Covid issues since January

Brain Fog

Heart Palpitations



chest pain


I’m lucky because I don’t have It as bad as some others but I don’t seem to feel it’s getting better either. Meanwhile the world is passing me by. Some have been sick since the beginning of the pandemic, long Covid isn’t just for the elderly and those with comorbidities there are a lot of athletes that are impacted and people in their 30s and 40s. Stay safe. Yes I’m vaccinated but it didn’t help me so much.

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Not impossible, but unlikely at this stage. Omicron changed the way it infected cells and by doing so, thrived much better in the upper respiratory tract rather than deep in the lungs - in doing so it gained hugely in transmissibility. Because it affected the URT more than the deep lung tissue it became less dangerous. In other words, the gain in tranmissibility and decrease in virulence were effectively reverse sides of the same coin, likely making a more virulent and highly transmissible variant less likely. Also, much of the reduced danger in later variants is down to immunity provided by vaccination as well as previous infections.

omnicron can go through the nose into the brain causing a shitshow of symptoms. We really don’t know anything about the long term complications Covid can cause scientists are barely now starting to put a lot of emphasis on long Covid. Im on month 4 with Long Covid it ain’t no picnic stay safe everyone.

i had omnicron

unlike the acute illness there is no real risk factor of who gets long Covid and who does not.

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I wonder how many people are hospitalized…. In hotels …. Or worse … at home “recovering” where 555 people died Jan-Mar because as I oft repeated, the healthcare system couldn’t keep up with the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date and people who should have been admitted to hospitals were instead sent home …. As there weren’t any beds available…. If the minority of anti any and everything as related to Covid would just start to care ….

I totally agree with you. There are so many articles of needless deaths and struggling ambulances to find hospitals for Covid patients especially in Chiba.

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Even after the pandemic is over and numbers are down. nobody is reporting long Covid numbers. It is estimated basically half those that develop Covid have additional debilitating symptoms for months weeks or even years. yes there are some that have not recovered fully since the beginning of the pandemic. Stay safe wear a mask and social distance. This is not just a flu Even if it is a flu for you it may not be a flu for your friends your family members or your colleagues.

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It is better to feel lonely then get long Covid. What a nightmare it is.

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We also need to focus on long covid. It is devastating a lot of people's lives.

I agree with you completely, many have not heard of mis-a or mis-c a possible deadly outcome weeks to months after infection.

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There is a second pandemic japan needs to face and that’s the long Covid pandemic.

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Deaths in age ranges are never published on JT which makes the articles a senseless waste of time…

actually I don’t think it does. In reality

you don’t know how Covid will impact you as an individual until you actually catch it. It impacts everyone differently and it’s difficult to predict who will have long term complications and who won’t. Many athletes are struggling with long Covid. Even after the pandemic calms down japan will still have many long Covid patients to treat.

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Please remember there is one more category they are not reporting statistics on and that’s the post Covid syndrome sufferers. It’s real, life changing and for many debilitating. I think if this was reported more people may think twice about going to the club. I’m suffering from long Covid and it is no joke.

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I noticed just a couple of years ago that japan selling cross bows as toys was a mistake. After a few murders they back tracked and had a knee jerk reaction

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says someone who’s never had it. Long Covid is real, potentially deadly or debilitating. You can have a mild initial illness like me and yes Omnicron gave it to me.

“Long-Covid does not actually exist. It is a condition known already for many other ailments and just given a new name by people who have not bothered to understand the narative of socialists. Japan does not need socialism in any form it is perfectly fine living as a capitalist society. Keep that stuff in NZ where it is clearly not working for normal people.”

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Even if you survive Covid long Covid or post Covid syndrome can be very debilitating. I was diagnosed with it today one month after infection. Most people recover from it within 90 days crossing my fingers.

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Honestly Medical Infrastructure needs some fast changes here. I hate seeing everyday more deaths than those in the hospital in critical condition. It is really painting a picture on how badly this is being handled.

I read an article the other day where the government wants hospitals to definitely accept those patients who have a risk of publicly shaming the hospital. So if you call the ambulance and they don’t accept you (like what happened to me) make sure to tell the EMT to tell the hospital if you die it’s on the hospital.

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I wanted to post on the article the other day about the Japanese lady suffering from long Covid or post Covid syndrome. If you have been diagnosed with Covid and you have problems after isolation there are clinics here in japan dedicated to recovery. Go to your GP and get a recommendation. The suffering is real.

also related to this article im pretty sure we’re closer to a million active cases right now….

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I never read the article but this is the worst japan has been hit by Covid the hardest it ever has and with their medical infrastructure the way it is, the least of their worries is Covid.

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Sorry i meant boost immune system not metabolism

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Having had omnicron, it’s no joke, I recommend everyone do what they can to boost their metabolism, while they are still healthy. It’s a debilitating disease even if you survive. I don’t blame the doctors they are doing the best they can but the medical infrastructure in Japan just plain sucks. This is totally on the government and hospital administrators for the lack of preparedness. Covid is not just a lung disease Post Covid Syndrome is real and debilitating. My Doctor basically doubled my BP Medicine since I caught omnicron. High heart rate for months. The poster above is right, this illness is nothing to joke about even if it was light for you. It exacerbates pre existing conditions especially asthma. Dear god I wish I got my booster before I caught omnicron.

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Nonu6976 I totally agree with you on the heart stuff. I was just in with the cardiologist today getting tests post Covid. Even Omnicron is no joke in this regard. I had omnicron and the acute illness was over pretty quickly. I had chest pain on my left side for weeks. I did a battery of heart tests to see what’s going on. EKG,24 hour heart monitor and an echo cardiogram. I assume all tests are not life threatening as the doctor let me go home today.

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Thank you.

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In Chiba specifically they need to loosen their Covid patient admittance. Also this is not just a cold or flu. Post Covid syndrome can impact anyone, even those with minimal acute symptoms and post Covid syndrome has a laundry list of symptoms that are not pleasant and sometimes can be life threatening. I’m doubly vaxxed and got omnicron. I never got pnmonia but definitely have post Covid problems. Anxiety due to ardinal gland getting impacted. I also have arythmiya (which both are said to go away with time). This is not a strain to take lightly at all. Luckily I think I found a good doctor for my recovery. I’m also told not to exercise for 90 days.

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Anyone else curious why the death tole is so much higher than hospitalizations. Common Japan…. Get with the program.

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They are very strict about who they admit to the hospital. If you have an underlying condition that gets exasperated by Covid they’ll tell you to suck it up till you are out of quarantine.

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Gotta loosen those hospitalization restrictions in japan.

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I am one of the diagnosed omnicron cases in Chiba. I can say from first hand experience if you call emergency services during the isolation period you will have a hard time getting into the hospital. This has led to at least 20 deaths in itself from Covid. In the face of omnicron Japanese hospitals need to change this or more people will die which could have been avoided.

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This does not surprise me. This is a perfect opportunity for politicians who are nationalistic to push isolationism.

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Correct it’s not a trauma pissing contest as a matter of fact I would love to see them write an article on how social media can cause ptsd.

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IM JUST gonna say REALLY???? I’m a US military vet…… PTSD?????

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"I don't think there have been any cases related to the Olympic Games. So we aren't worried about that issue," he said.

I knew this would happen, as soon as the olympics started cases would get out of hand but they would deny as much as they can publicly that it’s in any way related to the olympics.

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Don't fall for this BS... Bytedance will do something shady like sell the product to someone within their own network, thus not really changing anything and maintaining control.

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