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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

"I don't think there have been any cases related to the Olympic Games. So we aren't worried about that issue," he said.

I knew this would happen, as soon as the olympics started cases would get out of hand but they would deny as much as they can publicly that it’s in any way related to the olympics.

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Posted in: Changing TikTok Japan ownership could address security concerns, lawmaker says See in context

Don't fall for this BS... Bytedance will do something shady like sell the product to someone within their own network, thus not really changing anything and maintaining control.

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Posted in: U.S. response to coronavirus met with incredulity abroad See in context lets do anything but focus on the increasing numbers in Japan.

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Posted in: 308 Japanese companies affected by U.S. work visa halt: survey See in context

As an America and a conservative living in japan I am against this move by the president. In fact it’s a good reason why I now will not vote for him.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context I have been paying attention to this since February and it contradicts much of what’s reported about Japan. If the government lifts the state of emergency it’ll purely be for economic reasons. This virus is showing no signs of slowing down in spread in Japan. I think the government is feeling the economic pressure and wants to move too quickly to mitigate it. What I think will happen, is worse than we are seeing now.

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Posted in: Japan speeds up new virus measures; infected carriers to be barred entry See in context

Everyone coming back from China should be quarantined, it's not time to play bureaucracy. It is time for Japan's government to protect its own citizens. If they refuse testing and go home they should be shot for risking infecting others.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

"Do I read English?"

oh sorry OMG! I said sticker instead of magnet, oops my bad I guess I should be crusified and where in the article does it say they are making the distinction difference between Japanese licensed drivers and non Japanese licensed drivers because I don't see it and please educate me why are foreigner marks are being used if it just says I'm a foreigner

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

There is probably a better way to brace for the influx of tourists, such as a sticker that says tourist driver and not foreign driver. I've went through the same driving school the Japanese go through and took all the same steps, so why am I being treated different than Japanese drivers, based solely on the fact that I am a foreigner? We should have stickers in hawaii saying look out Japanese driver.

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Posted in: U.S. military lifts some restrictions on sailors in Japan See in context

Over the murder, the japanese government is blaming the wrong entity. They should really be going after the DOD civilians in general. I understand the DUI punishment on the troops but this blanket punishment on the troops for the murder is wrong. I wonder if the civilians escaped this punishment. They probably did.

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Posted in: Tokyo named most liveable city in world by Monocle magazine See in context

I lived in Tokyo for three years, I am so glad I left that place. Rural Japan is so much better. Too many people in Tokyo. Tokyo is the same size as Portland Oregon (Where I am from) but as many people as New York (No thank you!). Going to crowded shinjuku bumping into people. This is such a Doctored article. How about the really really small roads compared to the US? Also this is a big downder, Tokyo as expected has terrible and I mean terrible mexican food. I mean sure it's okay but damn I miss those taco trucks that would come up from Mexico. Rural Japan is rich with culture, much more-so than tokyo. If you live in Tokyo you might as well live an the US, this is my feeling.

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Posted in: Killer of 'American Sniper' Kyle jailed for life See in context

There is a thick bold line between kill and murder, murder is what is illegal and immoral to kill, there are many justifiable ethical reasons to kill if need be and in some cases it may not even be considered a sin. When killing for self defense or killing as a soldier in part of a war protecting your home land.

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor robber gets away with Y2.1 mil See in context

Most companies actually instruct employees to be submissive to robbers, it is not their job to protect the money. The police will investigate and probably track down the guy. It may take some time but he will be caught, the lady was probably doing her job just right when she gave the money.

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