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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

Pete Bethune the Japan government is a very "self-centered" government.. That is a fact. They have an attitude they can do what they want to anything they want for as long as they want. The fact they found you quilty for harming a crewmen, but refuses to take the responsibility for their actions; like PURPOSELY RUNNING DOWN.... Not surprising.. As I sat here in the safety of my home and realized your boat was adrift I found myself YELLING at you all " For Gods sake don't trust that ---- captian of the Japense boat, he will run you over." I am so glad they didn't kill you all. That's not far from their thoughts. They also know it would start a small war if they did kill you all. Your reunited with family as all of the crew; Have a woundful christmas and a fruitfull new year.

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