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Posted in: T-Mobile says data on 37 million customers stolen See in context

It is more like world news rather than Just Japan, but it is important news I would think... This is the second or third time that this happens to T-Mobile

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Posted in: Japanese exosuit is world’s first to be awarded ISO certification for robots and robotic devices See in context

I can already see this being stolen by Chinese Companies without every being charged with stealing from other companies. maybe the Japanese companies need to start covering boards with Epoxy and sealants that when opened they start dissolving. I just know people buying cheap Chinese crap will get hurt from bad equipment to bad batteries.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

I do not understand, what heat wave are you talking about? Japan is rather cool compared to other countries, in fact it seems rather cool, maybe Japanese Home insulation need work... not just AC but proper hear insulation and/or airflow... something is wrong here, not necessarily high temps.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo to set up test lab in Guam for 5G verifications in 2019 See in context

I really did think that Real 5G was not possible yet, there is a possibility that it is enhanced 4G.

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