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Posted in: Japan’s unpopular men and women boycott love See in context

They are absolutely right about the bias against men in Japan, though.

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Posted in: Porn industry enjoys good sales despite recession See in context

The Japanese porn industry must be grateful that Japan as a whole has such a poor understanding of the internet, because why would anyone in their right mind ever pay for porn? Use bit torrent and join the 21st century.

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Posted in: Obama masks a big hit in Japan See in context

I'm sure a mask that makes Obama look like a white person would go over well at his inauguration. That wouldn't be interpreted as offensive at all.

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Posted in: Protests or not, Japanese keep eating whale See in context

Whether you think whaling is immoral or not, if you are female and consistently eat whale, whatever children you have run a huge risk of being mentally retarded and will almost certainly be mentally ill due to all the dimethyl mercury in it.

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Posted in: Why are so many people rude in cyberspace? See in context

On the contrary, the web allows smart people the only chance to be truthful to stupid people who so desperately need to hear it.

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