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Brittany Knight comments

Posted in: In general, what do you think of Japanese police? What are their strengths and weaknesses? See in context

I have a quick question regarding Japanese police. So, I'm a military wife, and I was out around midnight just outside of base, listening to music and reading my facebook on a street bench, when Japanese police got out of their car and came over to question me. Of course I got really scared but they spoke good English and I was cooperative. It started with konbanwa: "what is your name?" "where do you live?" Once I explained that I was going home very soon and they learned that I was American, they apologized, I apologized, and they left. I'm still pretty freaked out about it. There was what looked like a homeless camp about a block away, as well. Would they have stopped to question me because of that? I've been on late night walks before and have never been stopped. Did I do something wrong?

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