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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

Row Bur: Thanks, one of the more sensible comments on this post.

To ask for jail time, firing, etc is extreme, especially if CrazyJoe's added information is true. I'm sure most of us over 40 remember being subjected to some sort of humiliation/punishment by teachers (standing in the corner, chalk throwing, etc) and while upsetting at the time, many of us turned out all right. And to be clear, I'm not condoning physical harm to students/teachers in any way, shape or form.

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Posted in: Father of TV 'talent' Rola put on int'l wanted list for fraud See in context

I always thought her name was Lola or Lora/Laura...

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Posted in: Male nurse arrested for taking kids swimming without parents' permission See in context

What difference does it make if the nurse was acquainted with the parents or not? He tooks the kids without permission and the parents obviously felt something was peculiar about his actions, enough so to call the police. Not so fond of the parenting skills here, but at least they showed enough concern (albeit after the fact) to follow up.

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Posted in: Stalking cases soar See in context

Laguna, thanks. Was curious about stalking victims being granted a (legal) restraining order as opposed to a spouse who is/was the victim of violence. Most stalkers aren't necessarily violent, so can one get a restraining order based on the number of 'visits', emails, phone calls...not just physical harm?

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Posted in: Stalking cases soar See in context

Does anyone know if Japan has 'restraining orders' for use against stalkers? I know it exists for things like DV and stalkers write statements saying they'll comply with police orders to stop harassing, but what I'm referring to is a legal order/document that prohibits a person from 'visiting' or contacting somone (i.e. calling, email). If one violates the 'restraining order' they go to jail. Whether the document is enforced is a whole other story...and isn't my question.

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Posted in: Power company employee cut off electricity because he 'was overworked' See in context

If you take sick leave you lose pay, and you get so much hassle for taking a holiday or refusing overtime as well as ruin your future chances of promotion that it's not worth doing.

Rubbish. Why would you lose pay for taking a sick day? Most companies give employees sick days as well as annual leave/holidays. I'm thinking this man hurt his chances of a promotion more by doing this, than by taking a day off...but that's just my opinion.

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Posted in: 1 boy killed, 1 injured after being run over by car See in context

I tried to swerve and avoid the boys

Should've tried stopping instead.

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Posted in: 'Mother, help me' fraud: NPA, public select new name for bank transfer scam See in context

Ridiculous waste of time. Most people know this as "ore ore sagi" and they want to change it why?

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Posted in: Pub owner busted for serving alcohol to sixth-grader, friends See in context

smith / tmarie: what happened when you notified the manager or the police?

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to toughen penalties for dangerous driving See in context

So how's it work if one flees the scene of an accident, but not to avoid a breathalyzer test? Less than 12 years? It should be 12 years, period. More if the victim dies.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. sailors get 9-10 years for raping woman in Okinawa See in context

Nah,edojin, they'll be eating steaks man. I read somewhere that SOFA personnel imprisoned get different treatment/means while in prison. Before anyone begins with the confessions being coerced, remember that one of them admitted to the rape when this first came up.

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Posted in: Man kills wife, slashes son in Tokyo home See in context

tmarie: why is it "likely" the father had a mental illness? because he's 75 yrs old? i'd like to know your rationale, my pops getting close to 75...need to be prepared. BTW: could've easily been the son who was a burden on the aging father, yes?

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Posted in: Osaka City official arrested for allegedly punching out register’s LCD display See in context

Gotta wonder...man punches LCD screen falls under the "Crime" section and a coach assaults a student (who later commits suicide) falls under "National" news.

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Posted in: Female sales reps in U.S. say Daiichi Sankyo discriminates See in context

ultradork: Sorry, not following what zero growth and a greying population have to do with gender equality in the workforce.

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Posted in: Okinawans rally in Ginza See in context

Please, please, please stop with the 'Japanese/Okinawans rape too' rationale. I understand the point, but at least come up with a better argument.

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Posted in: Hashimoto blasts education board over basketball teacher lapse See in context

Yubaru: Exactly my thoughts. Instead of Hashimoto worrying about who in public service has tattoos, he and his staff should be focusing on issues like this. This is nothing but lip service to show he cares, but has nothing to address the problem.

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Posted in: Inspecting the troops See in context

Some of you sure are negative with your posts...find some peace people.

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Posted in: AKB48 pair Itano, Shinoda appear in most TV commercials in 2012 See in context

midnull, "I'm so tired of hearing about these no talent individuals": but yet you still feel the need to click on the post and comment...

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

Okay, so he was written up. What comes of it? Does this go into a database and is this information shared with other stations or other prefectures? Maria's comments are spot on.

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Posted in: Chiba riot cop arrested for offering schoolgirl money for sex See in context

"Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a person not the spouse of the perpetrator, under any of the following circumstances: 7) Where the act is accomplished against the victim's will..."

Still wanna stand by this statement?: "And as he used authoritative power, it can be classified as rape." There was no intercourse...

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Posted in: Taylor Swift arrives in Japan See in context

"I'm sorry, who?": comments like this are just annoying. ever hear of google?

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Posted in: Chiba riot cop arrested for offering schoolgirl money for sex See in context

basroil: the other day you were talking about word games, now you're trying to say this can be classified as rape based on his authoritative power. look up the word "rape" and let me know how this fits. thanks.

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Posted in: Leader of gang that stole Y3 bil from elderly through scams busted See in context

It's really no business of anyone's (beside the authorities and the lady and her family) how much much she saved or has/had, where she got the money, or what her pension payments and bills are. This was her money and it was taken fraudulently. This money could've helped her if she needed a nursing home in her later years or if she wanted to give it to her grandchildren or if she wanted to party hard before she passes.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being 'restrained' by police See in context

"Do any of you folks have any idea how much damage someone freaking out can cause?": Exactly, Rodney King for example (and yes, I know he was on drugs).

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

basroil: do you think this is only about the kid getting punched? the servicemember broke into the house and more or less 'terrorized' the family. there's definitely no question about it...unless you think the family invited him in.

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors indicted for alleged rape in Okinawa See in context

Hopefully, once they get out of Japanese jail, they'll get thrown in the brig for a few more years.

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Posted in: Woman killed in elevator accident in Kanazawa; police raid Schindler office See in context

I wonder if the upgrades were the responsibility of Schindler or the hotel. I would think that the inspectors notified both Schindler and the hotel of the upgrade requirements, so why isn't the hotel isn't named in the article? I would think they're both equally culpable.

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Posted in: Man catches brother after he jumps from 4th floor See in context

But, was he jumping because of his brother?

That's what you get out of this story?

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Posted in: Vice principal picks up forgotten ATM cash; police pick up vice principal See in context

If someone forgets cash in the ATM, just leave it where it is. The machine closes automatically after a while and the money goes back into the owners account. No need to take it home or to the koban and no need to make any phone calls.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context

jumpultimatestars: I agree with you to a large extent, but bear with me here. If you invited me to your house and I got wasted/excited/etc and trashed your house or kicked your dog/cat, I'd never be invited back again...you might even file charges right? However, if it was your spouse/sibling/parent/best friend you'd be a lot more forgiving, yes?

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