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Posted in: 14-year-old boy held for beating parents, sister with bat while they sleep See in context

alladin: The percentages are low and that's why 'these kinds of acts' make JP news, but you're right JP isn't what she used to be.

elbuda: dude, it appears the family's been together for at least 14 yrs...why judge the father and mother's character? your posts are almost always hatred and bitterness towards someone/something...chill bro.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed by drunk driver being chased by police car See in context

basroil: regarding your example, if you were being chased by cops because you did something illegal (or let's say the owner of a bag you just stole), then the chaser shouldn't be faulted.

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Posted in: 20,000 sign online petition for flight upgrade for Nadeshiko Japan See in context

Donations for what? Donations shouldn't have to pay for the women's upgrade, they've earned it with their play the past few years.

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Posted in: Verlander's 14 Ks lead Tigers over Yankees; Darvish struggles against Red Sox See in context

Tatanka: Good point. The Yankees would rather pay AJ Burnett $82.5 mil for a 34-35 record and to pitch for the Pirates, and Carl Pavano $40 mil for 9 wins.

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Posted in: Parents of bullied high school boy file criminal charges in Miyagi See in context

Does anyone know if the school actually knew if the kid was burned by bullies? When I was a kid, a lot of kids/punks did this to themselves as a type of initiation or to prove they were tough guys/gals. You'd think if he was bullied and/or ashamed of the burn marks, he'd roll down his sleeves...and looking at the pics he is wearing long sleeves. If the school/educators did know, then yes, they deserve to be punished. Just playing the devil's advocate, because I'd like to think that they school would take action when there is physical evidence such as this.

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Posted in: Man stabbed in back while trying to stop fight in Shibuya See in context

And, what is the difference between stopping kids attacking another and a fight between men?

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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for taking videos up students' skirts See in context

What needs to be changed are the penalities for the pervs (be it firing from public positions, imprisonment, registering as a sex offender, etc). Women and girls should not have to change their style or way of thinking for the sake of pervs.

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Posted in: 'It's me, send money' scam creator tells his story in new book See in context

Vinnyfav: "such scams have not seen as much widespread success overseas." - There's quite a few successful ones, namely the 419 scams and identity theft. Old/elderly folks (in the US) have been conned out of personal and credit card information over the telephone and email putting the victim deep into debt. Different method, same result. No matter the publicity and warnings, there's always someone, somewhere gullible enough to believe.

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Posted in: Two-year sentence sought for woman who dumped baby daughter's body in woods See in context

In addition for seeking 2 years (though I think it should be more, regardless if she killed her daugther or not), the prosecutors should have her pay the costs of the search...why should our taxes pay for this fraud?

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Posted in: 8 dead after epileptic driver in minivan rams into pedestrians in Kyoto See in context

Smith: I really don't understand the seat belt comment. What if the driver/passenger were wearing? While I agree that seat belt laws need to be enforced, I fail to see what difference it would've made for the pedestrians in this incident.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting girlfriend's 4-year-old son See in context

Never Submit: Every child deserves to be with their natural parents. All else being equal I think natural fathers are far less likely to harm and far more likely to love then temporary boyfriends that visit their mom's house every now and then.

The boy was with his natural mother, who allowed the abuse to continue and progress. How's that for your theory of a child being with his/her natural parents?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy falls to death from 5th-floor Tokyo apartment See in context

gogogo: maybe they were sleeping or thought he was sleeping (spring break). what difference does it make, he's 14 yrs old and doesn't need a babysitter, let alone his parents watching his every move.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl dies after being buried by snow falling from roof See in context

How is this any different from taking the children to a ball game (and getting hit with a foul ball) or if they were in a convenience store (and a car that lost control stormed in)? It was a freak accident, not everything is negligence. If your children have ever been injured, were you negligent? And yes, the grandfather could've been more cautious, but he's probably lived there for years without anything like this happening.

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Posted in: Yu Darvish divorces TV celebrity wife Saeko See in context

Sfjp330: Child support is for the children, payments should last until the children reach majority age. Spousal support should be limited.

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Posted in: Police haven't ruled out suicide in severed penis case, media report See in context

Japan doesn't need cops...we got JT posters to solve the cases!!!

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Posted in: Olympus sues 19 current, ex-board members for Y16.54 bil in damages See in context

Does anyone know who in Olympus is leading the suit?

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

Kadena Air Base is the most significant US military base in the pacific region and has far better capabilities than Futenma, which is basically just an airfield. If attacked, the Air Force will respond first (air strikes), while the Marines will work on ground strategy. And, most of the Marines will come from other bases anyway...not Futenma, as the population is quite small. The relocation (of Futenma) outside the prefecture is not as critical or important as some of the posters want it to appear.

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Posted in: Honda employee cited for breaking Alabama immigration law See in context

Perhaps it was nothing more than the driver not having his JP license, as the article says. That's been my experience when driving on an international license, I was instructed to carry both.

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Posted in: Naha prosecutors indict civilian employee of U.S. base after SOFA revision See in context

RealJapan: The US military found that Ramsey was guilty of something, be it negligent driving, speeding, etc and they penalized him. Would the US suspend his license for not breaking the law? According to the Stars and Stripes, Ramsey veered into Yogi's vehicle. I'm curious as to what factual information you've gathered other than what you've read on the internet.

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Posted in: Brazilian held over fatal hit-and-run in Nagoya See in context

minello7: Couldn't the headline and article just said, "male arrested in hit and run fatality". Using this argument why does it matter that it was a 19 year old college student in Nagoya? Or that he was riding a bike? Do you really think other countries don't report the nationalities of those involved in crime?

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