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Surely y’all are missing the point of learning a foreign language - anywhere - for me as a male, I get to sleep with more girls.

In Japan I try and give as much as possible to be courteous, witty and observe protocol. Additionally, I help the fair sex with appreciating ENGLISH and the wonderful nuance that English holds - Not American as most Americans; in my book, have lousy grammar, a grating accent and too neurotic about wanting to be liked, at the best of times.

Therefore, the greater the ‘road apples’ I can rap, the more enjoyable my social life is, and, I have a very enjoyable life in Kyoto.

It is a two-way door, if I am ‘Asobigokoro ga aru’ and attend to the ladies’ needs; and they are equally as playful as me I have found, then, my needs become satisfied along with improving much more than language skills. i.e. cultural protocols which in turn improve business and thence money in pocket - dah, dah dee, dah,….

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