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Posted in: Aryna Sabalenka wins 1st Grand Slam title at Australian Open See in context

 said Sabalenka, a 24-year-old from Belarus

Congratulations to this young lady from Belarus.

She has made her country proud.

Shame on the bigots who said that she shouldn't have been allowed to play.

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Posted in: Ukraine: 'Fast-track' talks underway for missiles, planes See in context

Ukrainian forces used U.S.-made HIMARS rockets to strike a hospital in the eastern Ukrainian town of Novoaidar, killing 14 people.

A hospital stuck by a missile and 14 people killed.

If that hospital had been in Kiev it would have been the headline, but since the hospital was in an East Ukrainian separatist province it's buried deep down in the article as a ho hum statistic.

Where are the calls for a war crimes investigation?

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Posted in: Combating antisemitism today: Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok See in context

Jan. 27, the day Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated

by soldiers from Russia, whose never ending task is to defeat Nazism.

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Posted in: Retired army general Pavel wins Czech presidential election See in context

Babis conceded defeat and congratulated Pavel on his victory. He called on his supporters “to accept that I’ve lost and accept we have a new president.

A mature society with a dignified culture.

Notice that the person who lost isn't whining about conspiracy theories like Russian collusion.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

 NATO soldiers coming under fire and either being slaughtered or surrendering. Are you telling us this isn’t true?

I'm saying that NATO soldiers are sitting on couches watching Ukrainians die on TV fighting their war for them.

If NATO wants to challenge Russia why don't they do so directly?

Why are 30 countries afraid of 1.

The only word that comes to mind for me is cowards.

It's 30 against 1 yet they are so afraid that they only fight by proxy.

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Posted in: '20 Days in Mariupol' wins Sundance audience award See in context

Maruipol is recovering fast.

The port is open and construction is booming.

It will be a bustling city once again with a vibrant Greek expat community who have their own story to tell about what really happened there.

Their stories were widely available in Greek media but oddly not taken up by AP or Reuters.

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Posted in: Japan reports 54,782 new coronavirus cases See in context

 I tested positive today. mostly asymptomatic, bad headaches scratchy throat. You don’t need to ask, we are fully vaccinated, probably why we are mostly asymptomatic,

It's quite probable that you wouldn't even have caught the virus if you have relied on completely on your natural immune system.

Not catching the virus in the first place while being unvaccinated is in fact the optimal outcome.

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

possibly a global conflict event that could have an existential threat to humanity.

There are two clear choices appeasement or collative engagement, sacrifice could well become inevitable.

That is the choice.

err... or you could just stop pouring weapons into the war like fuel into a fire and demand that both sides sit at the negotiating table.

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Posted in: Djokovic tops Paul to set up final clash with Tsitsipas in Australian Open See in context

So forget about the potential distraction of his father’s decision to stay away from Rod Laver Arena for Djokovic’s semifinal against unseeded American Tommy Paul at the Australian Open on Friday.

His father dedicated his life to his son's love for tennis and now he can't watch his own son play because of threats of violence from immature thugs who get triggered by a selfie with a flag in the background.

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Posted in: Fighting heats up in Ukraine's east and north after tank pledges See in context

Russian air attacks hit five high-voltage substations in the central, southern and southwest regions on Thursday,

4 months ago we were told that the Patriot missile system would stop the missile strikes.

Can we get a follow up on those game changing weapon systems.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

The law should apply equally to everybody,

1: You can't marry a relative

2: You can't marry your own gender.

3: You can't marry a minor

4: You can't marry someone who doesn't or can't consent

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Posted in: IOC's move to reintegrate Russia into Olympics meets opposition See in context

Official IOC policy is that no athlete should be punished or barred from competing solely because of the passport that they carry.

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Posted in: Turkey says Sweden complicit in hate crime, NATO talks pointless See in context

Sweden and Finland won't be joining NATO.

Seems like the "experts" who claimed that Putin miscalculated are the ones who miscalculated.

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

Loose lips sink ships.

NATO is publicly announcing the number, make, model, country of origin, training schedule and delivery date of the these tanks.

That information is extremely valuable to the Russians and they can use that knowledge to their advantage.

Have these military planning discussions in front of tv cameras puts Ukrainian soldiers lives at risk.

If NATO truly wanted to help the Ukrainians they would simply announce that all weapon deliveries are confidential information.

We may send 0 tanks or 1000,

but we will never divulge that to protect the troops.

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Posted in: Kishida to consider visiting Ukraine if right conditions are met See in context

The right conditions…

Condition #1, please wear at least a collared shirt when meeting a Head of State.

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

The most important aspect of a tank battalion is the repair crew of professional technicians and steady supply of parts to deal with the strain of combat.

NATO sending a handful of different models of tanks actually complicates that drastically for the Ukrainians. Each tank requires different parts and a different array of training to service it.

Zelensky's forces won't have the capability to maintain these machines under combat stress in the field.

Therefore the separatists don't even need heavy weapons to take out the tanks, just light artillery or a basic infantry drone will disable the tank just enough that Zelensky's forces won't be able to repair.

The tank will either sit idle for capture or need to be essentially towed to Poland for service.

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

Wrong! They tried to conquer Kyiv (mind the spelling) within their 3-day-limited-operation!

Actually, the Russians seized Kiev airport with ease and held it with ease and they returned it after phase I of the operation was complete.

They never wanted the city of Kiev.

Feeding 3 million people and keeping them warm and supplied during wartime is a messy business. The Russian military doesn't want to shoulder that burden.

They are after Russian speaking areas and strategic assets like Europe's biggest nuclear plant and the ports in Maruipol and Sevastopol.

Keeping the lights on in Kiev is meant to be Zelensky's problem, and militarily that was done to keep Zelensky's regime in disarray and confusion.

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

Weird. I heard a year ago that Russia expected to take over Kyiv in 72 hours.

The Russians were smart. They never went for Kiev.

They immediately seized the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, which is the largest atomic power plant in Europe and is the true gem of the region.

Every attempt to take the plant from the Russians has failed and sending NATO tanks into a nuclear plant is something even Zelensky won't do (I hope).

I suspect the Russians will never give up the key to that gem.

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Posted in: Djokovic, Sabalenka roll into Australian Open semifinals See in context

What a disservice to the sport that the world's greatest player won't be allowed to play in the US because of politics.

Health authorities in the EU and basically everywhere else in the world have no problem with him visiting as he is perfectly healthy.

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

“German-made tanks will face off against Russian tanks in Ukraine once more,” he said, adding that this was “not an easy thought” for Germany, which takes seriously its responsibility for the horrors of World War II.

The Russians took out over 1000 German tanks in the Battle of Kursk (not far from modern day Donestk) 80 years ago.

The Germans underestimated the resolve and fortitude of the Russian people then and they do so again today.

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Posted in: France 'very sexist,' watchdog body says, sounding alarm See in context

I thought the sexual revolution was all about liberation from the social constraints of puritanism and giving people the right to express their sexuality freely and openly.

Why revert back to the Victorian age where any mention of sex or sexuality is taboo and forbidden?

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Posted in: Poland pushes for more tanks for Kyiv; will seek German OK See in context

Russia can't just build a heap of T-90 tanks in response.

It's not 1943. The age of grand tank battles has long been over.

A 19 year-old separatist with his smartphone in his living room can take out a tank with a drone.

On the modern battlefield these things are mobile coffins.

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Posted in: Japan urges Russia to start annual talks over safe fishing pact See in context

Another sanctions own goal.

Now we'll have less fish at the supermarket just because Washington is locked in a geopolitical battle against the BRICS.

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Posted in: Turkey's president says no support for Sweden's NATO bid See in context

Putin had this card in his back pocket the whole time.

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Posted in: Poland pushes for more tanks for Kyiv; will seek German OK See in context

Why is the content of NATO meetings being released to the global public?

Wouldn't it be smarter to keep the Russians in the dark about what is being sent and what isn't?

Not only can the Russians prepare for the equipment deliveries but they can exploit divisions between NATO members because it's openly announced to the world that Germany is disagreeing with other members.

All this information is valuable to the Russians.

Can't NATO hold closed door meetings?

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Posted in: Violent protest in downtown Atlanta over killing of activist See in context

Judging by the photos provided by the media, the demographics of the protestors does not seem to match society as a whole, let along the State of Atlanta.

The vast majority seem to be white males.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy honors those killed in helicopter crash See in context

It was a solemn ceremony.

If it were a funeral for my close friend and colleague, I would wear a tie and a formal suit.

Everybody else at the ceremony was formally dressed.

The Ukrainian guards in the picture are a good example of professional and dignified attire. They are honoring their country well.

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Posted in: Brooke Shields describes being raped in Sundance documentary See in context

He took her back to his hotel, claiming he would call her a taxi from his room

Every parent should tell their daughter not to enter a hotel room alone with a man because that points her into an extremely vulnerable situation.

Did the hotel staff not even check whether she was a registered guest as she walked past the front desk?

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Posted in: Sakhalin exception: The Russian energy Japan can't quit See in context

Japanese families shouldn't have their heating bills go up to pay for geopolitical rivalries.

Only a minority of countries have actually joined the sanctions against Russia.

Most have realized that neutrality, open diplomacy and taking a pro-peace stance is the way to go.

Japan is finally taking a stand against the war mongers in Washington

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy honors those killed in helicopter crash See in context

“All this would not have happened if not for this terrible and undeclared war which the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine,

It's a fact that Russia has not official declared war against Ukraine.

But actually, Ukraine hasn't officially declared war against Russia either.

The war is undeclared on both sides.

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