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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

Any energy that Japan turns away will simply be redirected to China.

More gas in China means cheaper energy for Chinese industry and more expensive costs for Japanese industry.

Russia doesn't care, they still sell everything they produce.

It's just a matter of who gets the energy.

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Posted in: Thousands rally across U.S. for abortion rights See in context

The American people don't want to live in a country where the state controls their different than the Taliban...

Yet most Americans would agree that there is no "right" to slit your own wrist and if you pay someone to do that for you, that person would be charged with murder.

Any action that violates the sanctity of the human body is wrong.

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Posted in: G7 warn of Ukraine grain crisis; ask China not to aid Russia See in context

Russia had a bumper crop this year, record grain production.

Food is available at really affordable prices.

Oh wait, sanctions.

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Posted in: U.S., Russian defense chiefs speak for 1st time since invasion See in context

The call — initiated by Austin 

I wonder this call has anything to do with the NATO VIPs currently trapped in the steelworks with the Azov Battalion.

If in the next few days you hear reports of Russia "wounded" soldiers to evacuate on "humanitarian" grounds you'll know a backroom deal was struck.

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Posted in: NZ Prime Minister Ardern tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Another quadruple vaxxed and double masked person living in a highly sanitized environment who tests positive.

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Posted in: Ukraine opens first war crimes trial of captured Russian See in context

Shouldn't every single POW in every single war be charged with trespassing, carrying a firearm without a proper license and even attempted murder if they ever fired their weapon.

Is the Geneva convention even in force here, or is it not because Zelensky has not formally declared war against Russia.

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Posted in: Cases of COVID returning pose questions for Pfizer pill See in context

Oh, you’re one of those binary thinkers that something either works or doesn’t. 

An example of binary thinking is that taking pharmacological product is 100% correct and not taking it makes you an "anti-vaxxer" and thus you are 100% wrong.

Why can't there be any middle ground, or grey zone or even discussion about the risks and drawbacks?

Take any major issue of our time (Covid, Ukainian civil war, Jan.6 etc) and you'll see that the media slots into a binary.

Opinion A is 100% correct while opinion B is 100% wrong and the people that support opinion B need to be cancelled, shunned and kept out of society.

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Posted in: Ukraine to hold first war crimes trial of captured Russian See in context

On the economic front, Ukraine shut down one of the pipelines that carry Russian gas across the country to homes and industries in Western Europe, marking the first time since the start of the war that Kyiv disrupted the flow westward of one of Moscow’s most lucrative exports.

So the pipeline has been normally operating for the last 3 months during the "invasion" with Russian and Ukrainian gas companies cooperating and conducting business.

And while Zelensky berated European consumers for using gas while Ukrainians were being "slaughtered" he himself kept the pipeline open.

Is this really an all out war? Especially since less than 10% of Russia's active forces are deployed and most of Ukraine's regular military is still confined to barracks.

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Posted in: Cases of COVID returning pose questions for Pfizer pill See in context

 That's prompted questions about whether those patients are still contagious and should receive a second course of Paxlovid.

And after the second course, "experts" will start offering a 3rd course.

They're obviously shooting from the hip which is why I ignore all their advice and stick with grandma's lemon and honey tea recipe.

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Posted in: Russia pummels vital port of Odesa, targeting supply lines See in context

Many analysts acknowledge that although Russia isn’t capable of making quick gains, the Ukrainian military isn’t strong enough to drive the Russians back.

Most western analysts agree that there are about 97 Russian battalions involved in the special operation, each has usually less than a 1000 soldiers.

That would put the Z forces at well under 100,000.

Meanwhile Zelensky's forces are well over 1 million. There are 200,000 regular forces, 900,000 reserves and 60,000 “special units” like the Azov Battalion.

Zelensky's forces outnumber Z forces 10 to 1.

Yet the Z forces are making steady, methodical gains.

And Russia doesn't seem to need any occupying troops whatsoever, once Azov is expelled from an area, all fighting stops.

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Posted in: As Putin marks Victory Day, his troops make little gains in Ukraine See in context

The U.S. official said roughly 2,000 Russian forces were around Mariupol, and the city was being pounded by airstrikes. As many as 2,000 Ukrainian defenders were believed to be holding out at the steel plant, the city's last stronghold of resistance. 

So 2000 demoralized conscripts with flat tires have completely surrounded have 2000 NATO-trained Azov militants. Why is the situation of the Azov guys "hopeless"?

Russia has about 97 battalion tactical groups in Ukraine, largely in the east and the south, a slight increase over last week, according to a senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the Pentagon's assessment. Each unit has roughly 1,000 troops, according to the Pentagon. 

Do the math, the Russian forces supporting East Ukraine have roughly 97,000 troops while Zelensky's has over 1,100,000 troops available to him.

The flat-tire Russian forces are out numbered 10 to 1 but still making gains.

Tough to believe the narrative unless there are other factors at play, like a sizable chunk of the Ukrainian army not being fully engaged.

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Posted in: Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader See in context

John Lee was elected as Hong Kong's next leader Sunday, after winning over 99% of votes cast by a largely pro-Beijing election committee.

In Socialist elections, the government always seems to win.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Mariupol defenders face brutal final showdown with Russian invaders See in context

The complex -- the final pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the devastated port city -- has taken on a symbolic value in the war, with the last soldiers holed up in its sprawling network of underground tunnels and bunkers.

"Final" pocket... "last" soldiers

Why is it taken as a given that once Azov is crushed no further threat remains to the city.

Why is the Ukraine's 1.1 million strong army totally factored out.

Basically once Azov is gone it's a done deal and all the pro Russian forces can be redeployed to other areas in the Donbass to face off against other Azov type units.

It's as if the potential for a Ukrainian military counter attack need not even be considered.

Why do the Russians know about the Ukrainian military that the Western media isn't telling us.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuates civilians from steel plant under siege See in context

Do tell me when, in the entire history of human conflict, have an army of 7 million entered one single battle.

Just wondering how the tiny Russian garrison in Maruipol is able to keep such a vast army at bay?

There are only two explanations as far as I can tell:

1: The Russian forces are extremely well trained and equipped - doubtful, these soldiers are recruited primarily from Eastern Ukraine and are basically farmers and miners for their day jobs.

2: The Azov Regiment reports to the National Guard which is under the Ministry of the Interior and is not part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces which is under the Ministry of Defence. Zelensky only has reliable control over the National Guard but not the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The National Guard has about 60,000 but they are effectively surrounded in the Donbass and unable to come to the aid of the brethren in the steel mill.

Ukrainian Armed Forces (1.1 million soldiers) are not fully engaged in this civil war, in fact a state of war has not even been declared, so Ukrainian generals have their hands tied... on purpose... because Zelensky doesn't trust them.

Zelensky's National Guard (which was set up by the US), on the other hand, is actively fighting East Ukrainians.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuates civilians from steel plant under siege See in context

Quite simply, because the Ukrainian government doesn't have 1.1 million soldiers at its disposal.

According to Wikipedia and countless other sources they do.

They also have almost 7 million men fit for military service, but they have not been drafted.

Why not? 7 million men in uniform should be able to defeat the tiny Russian garrison at Maruipol quite easily.

Is it because a large portion of them speak Russian and Zelensky's worried about arming them because he knows they'll turn their guns on the government instead of pro Russian soldiers.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuates civilians from steel plant under siege See in context

A few simple questions:

Why did the Azov Battalion end up getting defeated and completely surrounded by a tiny Russian garrison of a few thousand while the Ukrainian government has 1.1 million soldiers at its disposal?

Why is the surrounded Azov Battalion left to fend for themselves with essentially no hope of rescue from Ukraine's massive army of 1.1 million soldiers?

How do the 14 million Ukrainians who speak Russian as their first language feel about Zelensky's government and the fact that the political parties they voted for have been banned and now they have no democratic representation whatsoever and Zelensky's secret police come knocking on their door asking them what TV channels they've been watching.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuates civilians from steel plant under siege See in context

I was just thinking, if the Russians are firing missiles from Russia into Ukraine and blowing their cities up, why isn’t Ukraine returning the favor?

Because the Ukrainian Missile forces are controlled by Ukrainian Generals who are sympathetic to the separatists in the East.

Zelensky hasn't even formally declared war against Russia anyways, so most of Ukraine's official professional army is still confined to barracks.

If Zelensky declares war, the military would get legal authority to deploy Ukraine's vast military of 200,000 professional soldiers and 900,000 reserve solders.

1.1 million Ukrainian soldiers could crush the separatists in a matter of days simply by over running them.

The problem for Zelensky is that 1.1 million soldiers under the command of Ukrainian Generals sympathetic to Russia could also overrun his US-funded National Guard quasi army and evict him from power and reestablish a government in Kiev that isn't controlled by the CIA.

That is why the massive Ukrainian military is not fully deployed.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuates civilians from steel plant under siege See in context

when Ukrainian border guards stationed there defied Russian orders to surrender, purportedly using colorful language.

They "defied" orders to surrender... and then all of them surrendered without firing a shot.

They were then asked to sign affirmations renouncing violence against Russian speakers and then released to their families.

A territorial defence man poses for a photo next to cars destroyed during the Russian occupation in Irpin

The caption is very interesting, what is a "territorial defence man"... is that the term being used for militants in uniform who appear to be Ukrainian military but technically are not.

Why haven't Ukraine's vast reserve of 900,000 trained soldiers been called into duty?

Why are official soldiers told to stay in barracks while "territorial defence men" fight East Ukrainian Separatists?

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Posted in: U.S. drug regulator limits use of J&J COVID vaccine See in context

 I would assume you would know that they are stored in 'vials'. Vile would be used to describe your attitude towards public health.

Freudian slip.

As opposed to the people who are paid (by my tax money) to take care of public health yet they clearly failed in their due diligence when they told 18.7 million Americans that the vaccine was "safe and effective"

This product, like countless other pharmacological concoctions, should never have been administered in the first place.

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Posted in: Chinese web users get creative to dodge COVID censorship See in context

People who oppose draconian Covid measures like lockdowns, vaccinations and quarantine of asymptomatic people should be allowed to freely speak their opinions without censorship.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

So, for better or worse, return Kosovo to Serbia, right ?

That's something both Russia and Ukraine agree on.

Both countries agree that the bombing of Serbia by NATO in 1999 was illegal and immoral and that Kosovo belongs to Serbia.

As a matter of note, the civilian death toll from the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia is higher than the current UN estimate of the civilian death toll in the Ukraine conflict that started in February of 2022.

So who actually committed "genocide" and "indiscriminate attacks" on civilians.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

it’s not so much troops that Ukraine needs right now, but rather advanced weapons systems and ammo

Oh so when the media told us that the Ukrainians were so desperate that they had to train 5 year old school kids and 90 year old grandmas how to use AK-47s that was a big lie?

And why did Zelensky make a tearful appeal for volunteers from the West to help fight in this last chance battle to save freedom and democracy?

Ukraine has 900,000 soldiers in reserve who have already passed training and know how to operate military weapons and equipment.

The problem is that half those guys are from East Ukraine and/or have friends and relatives from Russian speaking areas and therefore Zelensky's US advisors told him to keep those guys in barracks and only trust the "National Guard" which the US set up.

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Posted in: U.S. drug regulator limits use of J&J COVID vaccine See in context

The photo above is not the actual vaccine vile.

The actual vile requires the words "For Emergency Use Only" to be clearly printed on it.

It has to be printed on the vile because once the emergency, which President Trump enacted, ends, it becomes illegal to administer these vaccines to humans.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

How about 50,000 troops?

It's doubtful there are even 50,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. Certainly there are over 100,000 men from East Ukraine who have taken up arms against the Azov Militants but the number of actual Russian army troops supporting them is incredibly small.

Note that the Western media never publishes the official NATO estimate of the number of Russian troops inside Ukraine.

They will only report the amount that "massed at the border", "around" or "near" Ukraine.

How many Russian (not east Ukrainian) troops are actually in (meaning within or inside) Ukraine?

That information doesn't jive with the narrative so the Western media instead tries to paint far right extremists as heroic defenders of democracy, just like Al Qaida became the good guys in Syria.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Ukraine will mobilize additional forces as they are needed,

as they are needed.... ????

They aren't needed now?

That doesn't seem to fit the genocide and indiscriminate mass slaughter of civilians narrative.

I contend that Zelensky has a huge problem with loyalty in the Ukrainian Military and he doesn't trust them and thus he can only rely on the "National Guard" which was set up by the US and is manned by extremists.

Ukraine hasn't even formally declared war against Russia.

Probably because doing so would give the Ukrainian Military legal authority to mobilize its huge reserves and allow them to release regular troops from barracks who might prove somewhat less loyal to Zelensky than the Azov Regiment.

Zelensky has already ordered the arrest of two top Ukrainian Generals and is no doubt worried about the others.

The Azov Regiment knows full well that the regular Ukrainian Military won't be mounting an operation to rescue them.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Civil War? What are you talking about?

The caption in the main photo says:

Donetsk People’s Republic militia in Mariupol, in territory under the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, eastern Ukraine

The servicemen who are fighting the Azov militants are Ukrainians.

And the government of the DPR, which is within the Ukraine and internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine is trying to arrest the far-right militants who have illegally occupied the steel plant.

It's directly stated by the AP, they are Ukrainians.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

I'm quite liberal, tending a little to the left!

Take a look at the insignia used by the Azov regiment and read their literature about racial purity and then tell me why these people should be given 33 billion dollars in weapons.

As per the Ukrainian Constitution, the defence of the country is the responsibility of the official Ukrainian Military, not these quasi-government far right militias that take orders from outside Ukraine.

Why is it that this hyper fanatical militant group which isn't even part of the Ukrainian army happens to be stationed in the most important city in the South which the Pentagon knew that Russia wanted to liberate?

And who built the vast array of 11 km of underground secret tunnels at the steel mill?

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said authorities would reinforce street patrols in the capital. 

Street patrols against whom?

The Russians left Kiev weeks ago.

Are we really getting the truth about Ukraine?

Where are Ukraine's 900,000 reserve forces? Have they even been deployed?

Why hasn't Zelensky issued a draft enlisting Ukraine's over 10 million able bodied men into service?

Why is the entire Ukrainian government represented only by Zelensky in the Western media, just one guy in a t-shirt at a desk by himself.

What about Ukraine's Defence Minister, Foreign Minister, Ukrainian Army Generals, Parliamentarians etc.

The whole narrative doesn't add up and there's more to this civil war than just Group A is 100% bad and Group B is 100% good.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Some said they felt guilty for leaving others behind.

This quote from an civilian who was released says it all.

What do they mean by "leaving others behind" as if some civilians know that they have to stay as a "duty" to the 2000 Azov militants to keep the Russian forces from simply bombing the place into dust.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Bronco - you have repeatedly warned everyone not to trust reporting, photos, videos coming out of this war. What makes this one so different for you?

It shows both sides working together peacefully, which is what Maruipol needs right now more than anything.

It also dispels the way over the top narratives that the media is trying to instil into people's minds.

Both sides just want the fighting to stop.

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