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Posted in: Joan of Arc becomes non-binary icon in London play See in context

Feminists such as Heather Binning, founder of the UK-wide Women's Rights Network, are against the portrayal.

Feminists have a right to be angry.

They spent decades fighting for the recognition of women's contribution to history and the elimination of gendered stereotypes and now there back and womanhood is under attack.

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Posted in: Qatar confirms COVID-19 test requirements for World Cup fans See in context

is “regardless of the individual’s vaccination status,”

Qatari health authorities seem to be following the latest scientific guidance.

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Posted in: EU vows to protect energy network after 'sabotage' of Russian gas pipeline See in context

Russia built the pipeline.

Russia controls the flow in the pipeline and can stop the flow at any time. They don't need to blow it up to stop the flow.

Russia needs the pipeline to be operational to be used as a bargaining chip with Europe.

Leaders in the EU know exactly who did this, the Polish defence minister even tweeted "thank you USA" and Germany especially will not let this pass without consequences.

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Posted in: Canada won't require masks on planes, drops vaccine mandate See in context

negative attitudes of some passengers have made it hard for airlines and crews to enforce the mask mandate in recent months, and cited that as a factor in the decision.

Stand your ground, hold the line.

It works.

Bullies always back down if stand up to them.

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Posted in: Japan simplifies COVID tracking to focus on elderly, high-risk people See in context

The move also follows calls from some medical and other experts to downgrade the classification of the coronavirus to a level similar to seasonal flu

I've been saying this since March 2020.

Glad that science has finally caught up with me.

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Posted in: Putin's call-up fuels Russians' anger, protests and violence See in context

 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, pointed out that polls indicate about half the Russian people unconditionally support the war, with about a third whose backing comes with caveats.

So 80% of Russians still support the defense of the country.

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Posted in: Lights out, ovens off: Europe preps for winter energy crisis See in context

with some stores facing a 750% increase in electricity bills

Meanwhile, in Russia gas bills, electricity bills and prices at the pump are at record lows.

People are buying Land Cruisers from Japan because fuel is so cheap.

The EU sanctioned itself.

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Posted in: Italians vote in election that could take far-right to power See in context

suggesting Italians were poised to vote their first far-right government into power since World War II. 

Italians are fed up with rising prices caused by sanctions on cheap Russian energy.

Expensive energy is driving up the prices of everything.

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Posted in: More kids showing signs of premature aging See in context

Lockdowns and school closures were never a solution without downsides, from the very beginning they were a last resort measure made to prevent an even worse health care problem.

Sweden never imposed draconian lockdowns and instead essentially followed the focused protection model.

Locking down children, danger taping playgrounds and replacing the classroom with 8 hours of iPad screen time was wrong.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd founder cancels Poland concerts after war remarks See in context

Rock musicians have always been anti-establishment.

Fighting the system is their blood and part of the Rock and Roll music and culture.

The old guard cancelling and censoring Rock musicians is nothing new.

Fight the Power Roger!

The guitar is mightier than the gun.

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Posted in: Toyota to end auto output in Russia over war-induced supply crunch See in context

The workers, which Toyota trained, will now be freed up to work in Russian owned and operated factories.

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Posted in: More kids showing signs of premature aging See in context

The other day, a little girl on her way to kindergarten who had become obese due to coronavirus restrictions stumbled and fell.

The harm caused by the lockdowns and school closures are starting to take their toll.

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Posted in: Germany's Scholz in Saudi Arabia on Gulf energy hunt See in context

But Saudi Arabia's importance as a fossil fuels exporter and regional power meant a "solid working relationship" was needed with the crown prince, a government source explained.


Because the Germans aren't buddy buddy with MBS, they ain't getting any gas.

Germany can continue to buy LNG from China at about 10 times the price Russia sold it via pipeline.

Psst:...Don't tell the Germans that Chinese LNG is just reprocessed Russian gas.

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

leader of Chechnya who sent his forces to fight in Ukraine and repeatedly called for tougher action, 

Chechens are volunteering in droves for the Russian military.

It's quite the irony because they make excellent fighters due to their experience fighting against the Russian army 15 years ago.

It took less than a single generation for Putin to turn the Chechens from bitter enemies to willing to die for Russia loyalists.

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Posted in: 4.4 mil Americans roll up sleeves for Omicron-targeted boosters See in context

Health experts said it is too early to predict whether demand would match up with the 171 million doses of the new boosters the U.S. ordered for the fall.

These "experts" need to get away from their laptops and talk to people.

A lot of double jabbed and triple jabbed people have had enough and are refusing the endless stream of boosters.

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Posted in: Europe faces dilemma on Russians fleeing Putin's draft See in context

Fact check.

Nobody is being drafted.

The only people being called to duty are the reservists who willingly took the initiative to join their local reserve army and undergo weekend warrior training knowing that if Russia were threatened they would be called to service.

These aren't combat deployable troops, they'll merely be doing border patrolling in the Donbass and around Mariupol.

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Posted in: Tokyo civil servant reported for eating ice cream in front of convenience store See in context

There's a segment of humanity that constantly berates others and sticks there nose in other people's business.

Don't do this... Don't do that... tighten up your mask... hey your showing too much leg ... etc.


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Posted in: Taiwan to scrap COVID quarantine for travelers in October See in context

 Taiwan to open its door to welcome back tourists 

Regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you Taiwan for rejecting discrimination and taking an equality and diversity approach.

Maybe I'll visit soon.

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Posted in: Queen Margrethe of Denmark diagnosed with COVID after attending funeral See in context

Queen Margrethe, who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, was also diagnosed with COVID-19 in February this year, showing mild symptoms at the time.

Comes on the heels of Denmark announcing that the booster won't be offered to people under 50.

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Posted in: Biden rebukes Putin after Russian reservists called up for war See in context

U.S. President Joe Biden tore into Vladimir Putin at the United Nations on Wednesday, hours after the Russian leader dramatically escalated his seven-month war in Ukraine by calling up 300,000 military reservists.

President Biden need not have a hissy fit.

These are just reservists, constitution 0.2% of Russia's population.

Every thing Putin does seems to trigger Biden.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

to control infection during an outbreak

What is the definition of an "outbreak"?

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Posted in: U.S. becoming a 'developing country' on global rankings that measure democracy, inequality See in context

Election denialism carries with it the threat that election officials in Republican-controlled jurisdictions will reject or alter vote tallies that do not favor the Republican Party in upcoming elections,

No bias here. None whatsoever.

What about all the people who said that the 2016 election was stolen.

Didn't that farce erode trust in the electoral system?

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Posted in: Japan begins giving Omicron booster shots to stem 7th COVID wave See in context

an interval of three months or less, the ministry is considering shortening the gap

The experts at Pfizer concur with this.

4 shots per year, every year.

I think this should have been in the brochure at the start.

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Posted in: Ukraine, West denounce Russian referendum plans for occupied regions See in context

If the idea of a vote triggers you, are you not authoritarian?

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Posted in: How the new bivalent COVID vaccines work See in context

director of the Institute of Global Health at the University of Geneva, said he was "still not convinced" about the superior efficacy of the BA.4/5 vaccines because there had not yet been clinical trials into their effectiveness.

A global expert confirming that no clinical trials have been done.

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Posted in: Europe races to prepare for energy crunch this winter See in context

Russian gas flows to Europe via Ukraine, although much reduced, have continued.

Russia, Ukraine and Europe can work together.

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Posted in: Myanmar military threatens jail for online 'likes' for opponents See in context

Who defines what "dangerous misinformation" is?

The government does.

That includes both the governments you support, and the ones you don't.

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Posted in: Russian pop star's war criticism stirs vigorous debate See in context

set off intense reactions on social media,

Noteworthy that her comments have not been censored, nor has she been deplatformed, nor has she been cancelled, nor has she been arrested for spreading disinformation.

Her comments are widely reported in Russian media.

She is free to criticize her government.

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Posted in: Ukraine warns of 'nuclear terrorism' after strike near plant See in context

Patricia Lewis, the international security research director at the Chatham House think-tank in London, said attacks at the Zaporizhzhia plant and Monday's strike on the South Ukraine plant indicated that the Russian military was attempting to knock Ukrainian nuclear plants offline before winter.

Err... umm... does this "expert" know that Russian soldiers are already in full control of the plant and can merely turn it off from the inside if they wanted to?

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Posted in: Russia turns to recruiting trucks, big wages to woo volunteer soldiers See in context

Why would it be necessary to recruit untrained civilians, in effect as contract cannon fodder?

Because the only skill required is operating basic artillery.

Most of Russia's regular forces are not engaged in the special operation. They have their standard duties of defending the vast land mass that is Russia.

The Russian's have captured most of the Russian speaking areas, which is what they want.

The rest is just a war of attrition consisting of constant artillery barrage, energy cuts and cold weather.

Russia's got all the time in the world.

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