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Brooks Austin comments

Posted in: Japanese-American YouTube couple discuss marital arguments, culture clash See in context

Leave it to the Internet to be over-dramatic about a YouTube video. I've watched their videos a lot and never got the impression they were claiming to speak for all Japanese people. Most of the time they're just going around filming various locations that might be of interest if you want to visit Japan or showing something interesting about Japanese food or some local custom. Apparently that's now considered offensive on the Internet or something. Of course it's important to be aware their videos only represent their experience, but I think only young people or hardcore weaboo types would take their videos as gospel. It's easy to say just move to Japan and experience yourself but not everyone can afford to do that or are able to learn Japanese to get the most out of the experience. Videos like these are just fun for entertainment and if encourages people to learn more about Japan from a wider variety of sources, I don't really see the problem. In any case, I think it's equally problematic and kind of reductionist to minimalize the cultural differences between countries and make it sound like Japan and America are exactly the same and setting up false expectations. If you lived in the Southern U.S. states all your life, I somehow doubt living in Nashville is exactly the same as living in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Figure skating anime hit 'Yuri!!! on Ice' set to heat up theaters with all-new movie See in context

"What a shame that American fans will only get to see it in crappy 280p on a small screen, since it will never hit American theaters, & Crunchyroll never gets the licences for OAVs or movies."

I'm pretty sure Funimation will pick up the film rights and give it a limited Fathom Events release in U.S. theaters. Limited releases of anime movies in U.S. theaters are slowly but surely picking up interest in the U.S.

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Posted in: Hosoda hopes to surpass anime legend Miyazaki See in context

Mamoru Hosoda is like my newest favorite anime director in a post Miyazaki world and I've loved most of his movies though I wasn't quite as impressed by The Boy and the Beast. Summer Wars is still my favorite of his films. I wish Hosoda all the luck in the world but I hope he doesn't become as overly cynical and anti anime like Miyazaki and a lot of the legendary anime directors of the past have become. It just always seems like whenever anime directors become huge and famous they start attacking all modern anime and then it seems like their works start dropping in quality when they become overly cynical like that. I don't want to see that happen to Hosoda too.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' and the rise of prime-time violence See in context

It seems a bit ironic to me for a Japanese news site to be attacking American TV violence considering how violent anime is.

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Posted in: Twitter still struggling to grow as rivals race ahead See in context

Before they worry about live video, maybe they should make it easier to report harassment and have stricter crackdowns to keep famous actresses from feeling threatened into leaving. Then maybe more people might like Twitter?

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