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Posted in: China overtakes Japan in 2nd quarter as world's No. 2 economy See in context

it is only THIS quarter that China exceeded Japan. You can't say China's economy is larger than Japan's until the end of the year

whatever this guy is smoking, pass it over this way.

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Posted in: Sunrise See in context


it was lovely to see the crouds

Were there Clowds of visitors?

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Posted in: Stabbing spree suspect arrested at Atlanta airport See in context


One has to ask how a traveler on an out of date Israeli passport got into the US

Did I miss something here? I reread this article yet another time and found no mention of an out-of-date Israeli passport, except here in the comment section. Was this info given in a different report?

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Posted in: Was the dropping of the atomic bombs necessary? See in context

wow Yuri! Never expected, for some weird reason, this from you but I certainly agree.

What is most important is that Japan and the United States remain friends.

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Posted in: Stabbing spree suspect arrested at Atlanta airport See in context

Yikes! I was just in Atlanta airport! Yeah and I was in Akihabara the week of that stabbing spree.

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Posted in: Japan’s cell-phone industry is emblematic of how little regard is given to tapping new markets overseas. The nation makes cutting-edge phones, yet with features and functions that differ markedly from See in context

Japan needs to think bigger and more internationally.

Translation: Japan needs to stop being/thinking Japanese to become international (doubt I'll see that in my lifetime)

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Posted in: Utada’s blog receives 1 million views in 24 hours See in context

coinlaundry: so funny, thanks.

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Posted in: Universal values See in context

Miss Japan Maiko Itai, right

Thanks JT for the help. I'd've never guessed Miss Japan was the one on the right, what with only "PAN" visible on her sash.

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Posted in: 6 Americans on medical team killed in Afghanistan See in context

There are well-documented cases

footnotes or links please, super. I got some spare time to do some catchup reading

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Posted in: If a longtime expat starts offering you advice, walk the other way See in context


they have dual citizenships, dual passports

It seems your "doubles" are at the perfect age where they don't have to decide which passport to keep yet. The day will come when your doubles must choose one passport over the other, if they indeed have an American passport now

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Posted in: If a longtime expat starts offering you advice, walk the other way See in context


Perhaps when they fist (sic) arrived in Japan as (gasp) English teachers back in ’92,

Interesting you choose the same year that Dave Berry Does Japan came out. You'd do well to cease writing and start reading. I know the expat type (only a sprinkling) you write about--I like to dub them the "Columbus syndrom" lot: "I got here first". Personally I've been in Japan since the mid 80s and insist that I have well over 8000 ONE DAY experiences in Japan, not some two decades plus. I can only offer you this advice: Don't include your rant above as a serious publication on your resume and good luck with your bad hair days.

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Posted in: Majority of weight-loss products fail to cut kilos See in context

A single kiss burns 26 calories:

so get off your fat bottoms and kiss away

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Posted in: Do you think a man holding a door open for a woman, holding her chair for her when she sits down, or giving up his seat for her are outmoded gestures of politeness or do they still have their place in See in context


SO SMILE PEOPLE (and show a bit of leg ;D

if I show a bit of leg people will laugh

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Posted in: Cheers See in context

Now that is some serious "coolbiz" dressing

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

thanks Cleo for the connect and never mind that it's in Japanese. My nihongo study at Sheffield has paid off so I can manage the article, and yes, it's not very scientific; nonetheless I would never agree that

Surely if they weren't satisfied they would change it?

For me the last statement in the original article above says it all:

“At the very least, try showing this article to your wife as a hint to raise your stipend,” Shukan Post recommends, humorously adding, “but please don’t blame us if it stirs up a hornet’s nest.”

Sometimes people just don't want to make waves, but that doesn't mean that most are "satisfied" it might merely imply they don't want confrontation.

Personally I could care less about this system in Japan, and find this thread more boring probably than what you find mathematics, but I certainly don't want to speak for "most" men in Japan and make a sweeping generalization simply because the "masses (of men)" remain silent on the matter. I like to believe many men are quite tolerant and just accept things the way they are. Toleration and satisfaction are not one in the same.

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

Most men in Japan are apparently satisfied with things the way they are.

Really? Does this come from the results of a survey you can cite or am I reading wishing thinking?

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

that makes no sense whatsoever. holiday in a japanese detention centre?

melonade, Exactly! I can only guess timor only knows detention centres (jail) from the "wide screen". (Outside looking in) Rumor (from a good source) has it that in the Ueno Detention Centre, just to cite on of the miserbale places in Japan, inmates (or should I say extended holiday guests?) can brush their teeth once a day--in the early morning after putting futons away, cleaning the cell and wiping clean the cell shitter--The Cell gets a daily scrubbing, but for an inmate a bath comes once every five days. Reading material, at least for foreign nationals, is next to nonexistent, so a 24-hour day ticks by so very slowly. Oh, I forgot to factor in the 10-minute morning exercise time when smokers get to cram into a small "exercise room" to light up. Some vacation! And I keep in the back of my mind that this fellow simply threw smelly stuff at a Japanese ship. Imagine what might happen if you actually hurt one.

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Posted in: Chinese restaurant owner attacked with stun gun See in context

The target was the camera! Someone got a pic that someone didn't want them to have. Just try to take pics with an easily identifiable camera around the numerous "massage" parlors in the Yushima or Roppongi areas and you'll quickly see "a group burst" onto the scene.

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Posted in: Japan Expo in Paris See in context

thats why i love japan

nisegaijin, yep couldn't agree more. I love when they go abroad! Hope they stay there and learn.

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context


they're MY taxes

you sure are on this TAX kick of late. Hope you're not losing sleep over this because this govt (pick a govt) will be wasting tax-payers' money until hell freezes over

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Posted in: Newlyweds Ebi-chan, Ilmari return from Paris wedding See in context


Who is the woman from behind stalking her?

This sir is Japanese culture at its finest: Kuroku--you're not suppose to see her.

Moderator: The woman behind Ebi-chan is a flight attendant.

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Posted in: Japan weighs up whether to give foreign residents the vote See in context

a single American here married to a Japanese woman

I know this word "single" means "not one" above but, hworta269, I just had to chuckle when I first read it. Add me to the "no complaint" list.

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Posted in: Osaka cop caught red-handed stealing women's clothing See in context

Just goes to prove the old adage: you just can't tell who the enemy is. Keep an eye on your undies coz the guy next to you just might be a cop.

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Posted in: New dad Ryuta Sato named among 'Best Fathers' See in context's-Day.aspx?cp-documentid=24581807&imageindex=1&gt1=36010

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Posted in: White Day See in context

It's the out-of-focus kamakazi guy behind the Qtip that frightens me. Glad Japan could first score and then go defense to win. The team always had it bass ackwards before last night.

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Posted in: Sancta Karina See in context

Doesn't this look like something a Las Vegas hooker would wear?

I'll have to take your word on that as I have never, to the best of my knowledge, seen a Vegas hooker, but that dress is certainly not something I would expect to see at a wedding.

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Posted in: Spin See in context

you go girl

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Posted in: Dear Angry Western Guy See in context


but foreigners in Japan have to be more careful.

you wrote in the comment just before the one above: "there is a 'stereotype that all us gaikokujin, or gaijin if you insist, ...'" Well OK if you "insist" on using the term "foreigners" ... I do too, but would it not be more appropriate to say "foreign nationals" for a bit of equality. Personally I don't care one way or the other and I say "gaijin" all the time

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Posted in: Toyota hit with $16 mil fine over recalls in U.S. See in context


I own a Mitsubishi sports car and I never had one problem with

Good for you. The car manufacturer in question here is Toyota, not Mitsubishi

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Posted in: Obama urges patience as health care law kicks in See in context

bamboo, Thanks for your explanation. Nuff said. I don't believe we have major differences and in fact we probably read from the same book.

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