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well it should be taught. Don't worry about aids. Aids doesn't matter at all. Those with aids should be known and should be the one to teach us lessons about sex, sex positions and everything so that their life would not be a waste. Things should be seen on tv as a commercial ad so that children will definitely know how to do why bother lecturing it in school. However, it is always nice to see their teacher demonstrates closer to students while they are discussing how hehehehe. Well what else can we do this world is full of this st!!!! and sorts of things they just love to do...So go on teach it and open your py wide so that the worlds knows you have one. Damn with all these feelings and lust who made our worlds turn...That's why i really hate everything about it...Why can't we live without it...As you can see it is the cause of all the troubles we had in life. Helen of troy was abducted and why? well you can answer that its because humans just love sex it made him man. but too much of it is what humans is the reason why neighbors got their wives missing because she is too dn hot and ended in divorce or whatever, It is the reason why the earth got so ruined and polluted. Even the internet smells like rotten py... all because they just love to do it all the time... it is our animalistic side.. so why not build a community who are nudes and sex is free anywhere banned clothing and exile those who don't want to have sex with anybody...i guess if this happens then humans will be happy about it...hahahaha...why look for hentai when you can watch it in front of you at the back of you, in the office, at the lobby, in the taxi or anywhere...i think that is what humans education is a dumb s**t... or perhaps how about building machines like robots to satisfy humans. How about that! isn't it a good idea? you just turn it on and everything goes running perfectly and you can use it for a day to satisfy your wants... or how about a month with the machine turned on and you will just stop to take a break for snacks or eat your meal...I guess that would satisfy the sexual urge...I hope that this would be the next topic...can we build machines to have sex with humans?....that's for sure is nice....

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