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Posted in: How to polish a knife: Watch as a rusty piece of Japanese metal becomes a sharp, shiny blade See in context

Great to see.

I'm an avid sharpener of my knives using my blessed 2 stones. I've never got a mirror finish - that's just too tough.

I'm often surprised in this, the land of knives, how few people know about sharpening or can sharpen properly their knives.

I think not so long ago the "sharpening custom" was widely observed, but it's got lost along the way.

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Posted in: Prostitution ring operating out of Tokyo high-end apartments netted Y420 mil in 28 months See in context

This is news???

In the soapland delivery health paradise that is Japan, where blind eyes are turned by officials at almost every loitering-with-intent street, 2 Chinese women are outed???

Spmething missing here.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman gets suspended jail term for killing husband who suffered from dementia See in context

smithy - it's obvious you don't have any direct experience of at home aged dementia care. If you did I believe your comments would be less of "The book says..." and more of "what a tragic situation to unfold...". Or if you do then .....!

And your comment "So, it's okay to murder if you're stressed out and suffering from insomnia?" is surely a throw-away. Where is that suggested? You do not know the level of this 82 year old woman's sleep deprivation. Clinically proven - relatively short bouts of sleep deprivation can mimic effects from drunkeness to Hallucinations to suicidal thoughts to killing. Stretch that a little with the extra dosage of extended sleep deprivation, old age, physical hardship and you've got a cocktail for tragedy. Please research a little.

And you said, "...she strangled him in rage....". Geez - where did it suggest such in the article. You are either privy to more info than we posters are, or you're mirroring.

What this article says to me is that in a rapidly aging society, with historically high levels of dementia there appears to be a lack of functioning affordable care and aid available to those unfortunately found in such dire situations. Throw in a broken pension system, an indifferent govt and social stigmatization and we  have a recipe for disaster.

Jail will not stop this.

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Posted in: Are Japan's bookstores in the path of yet another storm? See in context

Rainydays point about a general decline in small - medium business is right on track.

Example - in the last 20 years in my wider neighbourhood, 3 bookstores have closed and one mom & pop business remains open as a gesture of loyalty to long time customers (I guess). It will close sometime. But 8 mins drive by car from here is a mega mall which has a very large bookshop. It's always busy, as are most of the hundreds of shops selling, fashion, furniture, electronics, sports goods, shoes, together with the x-tra large supermarket. No room for littlies. 3or 4 close, 1 biggie opens.

And Pukeys comment re books are NEVER discounted is also problematic. It reflects on an outdated closed system that is not meeting modern social / business / lifestyle trends. The benefit of the system is publishers will always take back unsold copies - but at what cost. Books predominantly in Japanese can not be offloaded abroad so the enormous cost of production and recycling (wasteful) is borne by the consumer who in turns pays the high prices. By offering discounts, not only could more slowly selling books be sold, but the world of books could potentially reach a much wider audience - esp in these money-tight times.

But No. Similar problems afflict other like industries esp the music / cd world where reluctance to give even a little will impact seriously on their businesses in the future.

For me I like books and will continue to buy, even though my online reading has increased. But most of my purchases these days are from Amazon (or online) because of ease of scanning, locating titles, reviews, costs, links to other  books by the same author and links to other related titles. I love bookshops and libraries, but online has become my first place to go - by a mile.

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Posted in: Ishikawa governor retracts call to drive N. Koreans to starve See in context

If that's his true statement, then I doubt I have ever heard worst disgusting drivel from a politician on these shores.

With all the gaffs, sexist, discriminatory, right-wing etc nonsense espoused over decades, calling for the starvation of a blameless people just defies belief.

Can this be real?

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Posted in: ANA recognized for 'World's Best Airport Services' and 'Best Airline Staff in Asia' at SKYTRAX World Airline Awards See in context

Dom & Scrot - thanks for that.

I wonder if my friend knew that the seats slide - interesting?

And yes - having a fully reclined seat in-your-face is certainly not always welcomed.

And as scrote confirmed - the seats & space are way too small for a long haul. I mean 13 hours non-stop is really stretching it in what seems to be sub-standard seating.

But money wins out.

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Posted in: ANA recognized for 'World's Best Airport Services' and 'Best Airline Staff in Asia' at SKYTRAX World Airline Awards See in context

Sounds like they deserved it.

Just a side note - spoke with a middle-aged Japanese woman friend yesterday who has just returned from 12 days in England with 2 friends. They travelled independently.

Trip was great. The only downside was the ANA aircraft they travelled on. She said they were surprised to see such an expanded business class area and economy was much smaller than normal. That was not a problem, but the fact that economy seats had reduced personal room and NONE of the seats could be reclined - NONE. The return journey saw the same situation.

Mind you this was on a long haul direct flight of 13 hours, so one wonders admidst all the awards and back -patting, if there is a conscious decision to discriminate against the "bread & butter" payers in favour of the "scones & jam" set.

Maybe it's become the norm with other airlines too, but no amount of sushi and ometenashi contest(sic) training would convince this brain and body to engage in torturous activities.

Any others with more detailed info please post.

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

Hammerhead - Thanks.

Many still "Don't get it!"

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Posted in: Abe pledges to regain public trust See in context

Strange words from a man, who after the best part of 5 years in power, still blurts out the same gobbledygook.

The crux of his blurtings always is that the public doesn't understand - so he will explain in detail so they see the light.  The LDP are never wrong - never. It doesn't matter if the topic is nuclear power, fiscal policy, education, constitution, the poor, or whatever. Their and Abe's point is we know and you don't, so there is no value in listening to peoples alternative opinions - which are never right.

This one party monolith hardly represents the Liberal Democratic ideals it tells us it represents.

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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet as ratings slump: media See in context

Abe's re-shuffling should be viewed for what it is. A desperate attempt at deflection.

He is trying to win the minds(???) of the electorate by appearing to be the good guy in all these recent failings,and show as a hard-done-by- boy, he really wants to help the lot of ordinary citizens.

His attempt to put the blame on others, time and time again, covering his own fallibilities, will probably see him garner support from the ditherers. Heaven forbid.

This cabinet reshuffle, in reality an admission of incompetence, is just another vicarious ploy.

B.I. Sharma- there is no suspicion, there is no rumour. It is inveterate fact - proof provided.

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Posted in: Man arrested for letting child steer car while driving See in context

seawolf, I agree with your sentiments, but you said ".. A little kids head will be hit full force, easy to break the nose, messy."

I would say that in the least he'd have no face and in the most have no head.

A bit more than a bloody nose.

People just don't get it. Like they think it's a conspiracy to deprive people of rights or something.

Like - jeez - show some brains and love your kid by taking care of them. Don't illegally place them in danger - ie. their face cms from a deadly force.

That's it. No Excuse.

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Posted in: Man arrested for letting child steer car while driving See in context

Stating I did it when I was young and no harm was done is irrelevant. Just luck.

We cannot make a judgement whether the traffic conditions were "safe" or not as we have no wide view.

And simply this is dumb. If the unexpected happened (always expect the unexpected) and a car hit them front side and initiated the steering airbag to blow @ 300km/h, there would be no sweet boy left.

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

it'sonlyrockandroll - thanks for the link.

A little sanity into the narrative.

And with any of Yoko's shortcomings, being a golddigging, friend-breaking groupie wasn't one of them.

John pursued her - very much so. He wanted her. He got her.

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

Toasted H - totally agree.

Everyone to their own likes, but it's amazing how so many have become Yoko Ono and her life/art/work authorities.

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Posted in: Arms show offers Japan venue to build military ties in Southeast Asia See in context

That blue spoke-like symbol, undoubtedly the symbol of the military-industro-politico meet in Tokyo, is uncannily similar to the Anti-Vietnam War Moratorium symbol printed on 1,000s of badges, posters, jackets, bags etc.

Australia was splashed with this motif for years.

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Posted in: Plutonium container in radiation accident kept sealed for decades See in context

Indicative of how flippantly the govt & nuke inc approach the deadly seriousness of safety in the nuclear industry.

Their view - Inc 1, Plebs 0.

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Posted in: 1st Japan-assembled F-35 fighter unveiled See in context


the F-35 is very very capable of offensive action.

It can carry a wide assortment of missiles, rockets, & bombs.

As can a number of other self-defense force aircraft such as the F-2, F-4, F-15j, P-1 etc.

All can be considered attack weapons.

Just because the powers to be say they are for defense, doesn't mean they don't have the potential for offense.

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Posted in: 1st Japan-assembled F-35 fighter unveiled See in context

Ozzie said -

"....As the war machine keeps turning...."

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for creating ransomware; 1st such arrest in Japan See in context

And this govt (amongst otheres) still believes the greatest threat posed to peace requires more and more weapons of mass destruction.

If teenagers and their pc's can infiltrate networks and systems and cause massive security panics(and they have done so many times), what can a dedicated team of govt / private sponsored experts numbering in 1,000s hell bent on attack do?  Traditional police / military operations (more guns, planes & bombs...) have little chance.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

lostrune2 - you said -

"...Well, it's one thing to say something about the US - he lived in the US

It's another thing to say something about Japan - he never lived in Japan..."

Luckily our handles are anonymous, because that certainly shows great ignorance on the topic at hand.

Please research - just a little - and you will discover that not only did Snowden live in Japan, but he worked in the govt world of covertness at a very high level.

Snowden is actually in THE perfect position to comment on surveillance issues in Japan.

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Posted in: APA hotels won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics See in context

rawbeer - you said -

"..What does Montoya think Japanese troops were doing in China in the first place?

Maybe the same thing US troops are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, ..."

Could you elaborate on that a little please.

Especially, I'm interested in what connections current world military crisis have to the 1930s in east asia and the link of that to the topic of Motoya's book?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to cost twice initial estimate: Why? See in context

Bullfighter - you are correct in stating olympic cost overuns are not unique to Tokyo.

But by addressing, as you put it - Japanese specific terms - does not of itself fall into the realms of Japanese bashing.

Each olympic city of recent years has attracted crticism pertaining to governmental, business and social practices particular those cities / countries. It's not bashing in the sense you mean.

Tokyo (Japans) conduct in this greasy world event, the circus of circuses, certainly has reflected on some approaches and mannerisms that are observable in the daily life of rubbing.

The article headlines twice the cost - but that is already a heavily massaged figure. Take for example the companies involved in the arena construction, wearing a big loss to prop up their resumes and to keep on board with the wink-wink side of politics.

Collusion and cabal-ing is rampant in the trappings of govt / business circles and consequently, naturally, it is so in the bloated figurings of the olympic charade.

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Posted in: 8 injured after kindergarten bus veers onto sidewalk See in context

nandakandamanda's comment is correct.

The news I saw said the driver became semi-conscious (he later said he had no memory of the incident) and to avert a head on collision, the smart thinking teacher grabbed the wheel and swerved the bus into the safest obstacle - the roadside hedge.

Smart alert mind probably saved lives.

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Posted in: Trump seals $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia See in context

Ozzie was right.

"Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at Black Masses.........

Politicians hide themselves away,

they only started the War.

Why should they go out and fight?

They leave that role to the poor................."

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Posted in: Japanese collector pays record $110.5 mil for Basquiat painting at New York auction See in context

GW - Maezawa is certainly no fool.

And while the subjective nature of art appreciation is purely in the eye of the beholder ( I happen to like Basquiat and in particular this piece), the exorbitant prices rolling off the auctioneers tongues in recent years is something deserved of deep thinking.

I doubt if Basquiat were alive now (Only 50's) he'd be seeing that price paid.

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' bill set to proceed after no-confidence motion fails See in context

Schopenhauer - "...The law could have avoided Aum Sarin incident..."

The police already had enough information, evidence & proof to have closed down Aum well before the sarin attack.

Existing laws and the powers of the police could have avoided the Aum Sarin incident.

Ineptitude and procrastination were weighty factors.

The new "anti-terrorist laws" (read as bogeyman laws) are but one more step in consolidating Abe's dream of molding Japan in his own image - based on his grandfather's legacy of showa-ism.

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Posted in: Daily apologizes for story on airborne radiation after Fukushima fire See in context

Just out of interest.

What actually happens to radioactive particles scattered over a forested area and subjected to the extremes of strong winds fanning a fire. Do they remain in situ, disperse a little or....?

I'm ignorant in these matters. A scientific explanation welcomed.

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

The actual words Trump used were "You are Terminated".

Classic reality tv stuff.

And it appears no one(officials) was notified and saw it first on tv.

Classic Trump.

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Posted in: 90% of Japan's train operators will halt trains over N Korean missile alert See in context

I can only assume that if a NK missile launch - to anywhere - can halt major train networks in Japan, then one would also expect all main transport hubs, esp airports & bus stations, to shut down. I haven't heard about such, perhaps someone on here knows. If you're worried about trains, what about high rise buildings with 1,000s of residents / workers or schools, hospitals or shopping malls. I hope there are plans for bunkering down those millions in quick time.

To me it all fits into the great "Fear Agenda" being constantly espoused. Scare'em enough and they'll follow me anywhere.

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Posted in: Solar plant starts operation in Aichi See in context

5speed - thank you for your reply. Is all of your post after my name browny1 addressed to me? Just wondering because you seem to know more about the cases I mentioned than I do. I can only assume that we're neighbours.

And to borrow a line of yours - " I guess you did not understand what I said". I was merely commenting on what I perceive to be 2 fails by govt concerning solar utilities in my neck o'. Nimbies, Grouchies, Greenies have nought to do with the my discussion.

This is my opinion though - the inevitable substantial growth of the renewable enrgy industry over the ensuing decades, will see the need for great development foresight, planning, legislation and sustainable expansion by both govt and companies. This for one, will need to take into account communities and how 21st C "progress" weaves itself into such. Indiscriminate development has already blighted many areas, often uneccessarily so. The previous post example I gave of a small part of a forest cut to erect a solar plant, when 200 metres away old south facing farming land was available - albeit at a higher price. Common sense would dictate that all parties could have had a win, win situation - but no. Slack bylaws and interests disengaged from the local community won out.

No Nous.

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