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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Suspects in criminal cases may be detained on a single indictable offense for up to 23 days while the prosecution builds its case. No charges filed in addition to the original have been reported, so the reason for the lengthy detention is mystifying. For Japanese coverage of the story:


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Posted in: 20 people, mostly foreign workers, injured in southwest Japan bus crash See in context

From West Japan TV:


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Posted in: Noto locals pin hopes on return of tourists to hasten quake recovery See in context

One of the "locals" interviewed for this piece, Hajime Koyama, is from Osaka, not Noto Hanto, as per his profile on the Noto DMC homepage.

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Posted in: Noto locals pin hopes on return of tourists to hasten quake recovery See in context

As the data compiled by NHK make clear, the Noto Peninsula is not, in the words of overly-sanguine Mr Koyama, going to "bounce back" from the 1/1 disaster.


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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees told to undergo contraception to work in Japan See in context

The article does not implicate the Japanese government or suggest Japanese companies were involved in this deplorable practice. Rather, intermediaries or brokers in Vietnam pressured the female trainees to obtain birth control. The relevant Japanese:


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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

New hires (recent college graduates) at Tokyu make 3.5 million annually. Not a shabby sum. The cost of obtaining a Type-2 license to operate large buses ranges from 35-60 万, but companies are now offering to cover the entire amount.

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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

Tokyu Bus Corp. driver profile:


Mid-career hire

Less than 3 years with company

Overtime: 20 hours/ month

Annual salary: 5 million yen

Source: https://www.openwork.jp/user_answer.php?vid=a0A2x00000JqgRg

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Posted in: Tree that saved lives from 2011 tsunami lives on through storytelling See in context

I thought the Tori is next to it, not in front of it, and unrelated. But I agree, it would be a nice gesture and a very Japanese thing to designate it as a kami.

Street view offers a better perspective, showing in fact a second torii and a small shrine, beyond which sits a larger, possibly unrelated building.

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Posted in: Tree that saved lives from 2011 tsunami lives on through storytelling See in context

Nice to see this tree honored as a Kami.

In fact, Google Earth street view shows the tree to be encircled by a shimenawa, from which shide are hanging, indicating that it is indeed considered sacred.

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Posted in: University entrance exams begin across Japan See in context

The cost of uni entrance exams may seem a scam to some, but tuition at public institutions is reasonable and does not saddle graduates with crushing debt.

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Posted in: Japan sharply revises down quake missing to 120; death toll 202 See in context

The government response deserves criticism.

However, rescue and relief efforts, particularly those spearheaded by the SDF, are making a difference.

On January 3 PM Kishida mobilized the SDF, which currently numbers 6100 personnel in the area.

To date, the SDF has rescued 353, provided medical treatment to 300 and transport to 290 patients...


衛生支援:診療 約300名、患者輸送 約290名

輸送支援:糧食 約210,000食、飲料水 約231,700本、毛布 約9,900枚 燃料10,800L 等





(Source: MOD)

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Posted in: Quake survivors, without power or water, seek news on rebuilding plans See in context

Getting it right:

A week after a major earthquake struck the west coast of Japan, thousands of people are still without water and electricity...

While the above is true for thousands living on the Noto Peninsula, power has been restored to Uchinada Town, of which Nishiaraya is a section.

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Posted in: Still standing: Unique houses survive quake in Japan village See in context

A little context:

Akasaki is located in Shika Town, population 18,267, with 7,864 households. In a press release on January 2, town officials reported 55 wholly-damaged structures, with 24 in a state of partial collapse. Unlike Akasaki, multiple communities in Shika reported no structural damage of any sort. And, contrary to the article's assertion that the "epicenter was just a few kilometers away", it was over 80 kilometers distant, in Suzu City.

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ worker arrested for stealing fruit from damaged home in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

Lost in translation:

TV Kanazawa, Sankei Shimbun, and NHK News Web all report the theft of 6 mikan (6個) valued at 3000 yen, while the Mainichi Shimbun reports the theft of a ミカン箱 of the same value. None of the Japanese outlets surveyed mentions 6 boxes of mikan. High quality or not, 6 boxes would be valued at considerably more than 3000 yen.

Moderator: Yes, you are correct. It was one box containing six high-quality mikan. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Posted in: Yamazaki Baking praised for assistance after Japan earthquake See in context

Half- baked article. The central government submitted a request for emergency shipments of bread to the association representing the baking industry, whereupon three of Japan's largest bread makers- Pasco Shikishima, Fujipan, and Yamazaki- collectively sent 115,000 servings of bread (as of January 3).


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Posted in: 'Between The Lines': The emergence of Japanese soccer onto the world stage See in context

with the millions of young kids coming through.

This is rather fanciful, as per Japan Football Association figures, the number of high- schoolers playing the sport in 2021 was as follows:


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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

As of 10/01/2022, the top three prefectures are Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Osaka, at 1072, 1071, and 1023 yen/ hour, respectively. The hourly minimum may reach 2000 in Tokyo, eventually (as some have suggested), but not any time soon.

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