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Wait in line.

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Why they could not schedule the tournament a month later is a mystery . Prob involves a Calendar or Window of some kind. One month later and the humidity drops and typhoon season is ending, Japan is a fantastic host nation..however timing is not the best. Its not just the fans there who are loosing out. There are many more around the world ,most who are paying money to watch these games. Hell, send the teams south and play and televise them. SUCKS for those teams who can miss out on final 8. Good luck for the Olympics...sorry cancelled the 100m Sprints .Too dangerous for pole vaulters. I get the safety thing , however the so called contingency plans equated to nothing.

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I don't like a whole stadium drowning out everything with Sweet Charriot. But hey go for it. Its entertainment and a right to express. For what its worth ,there is no one traditional haka in NZ and never was. Different iwi (tribes) have different versions. Its fluid and evolving. Do what the Aussies used to do in training gear and then go back to dead ball line and change. I get it that because NZ usually win games that you would resent anything to do with them but for fs sake stop whinging! Its a sad look.

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