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Posted in: Should we let wunderkinds drop out of high school? See in context

Depends -

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Posted in: Mega Potato to go back on sale at McDonald's Japan See in context

Grams of salt? Grams of fat? What kind of fat? Artificial flavors, flavor enhancers? MSG?

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Posted in: Abe warns of possible military response to intruder subs See in context

Chinese subs . . . Testing 1 - 2 - 3, testing 1 - 2- 3? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Are you sure it really is me? not just a broadcast-ed signature? Hello? hello?

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Posted in: Indian PM to visit Japan this month See in context

A binding not East West in nature.

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Posted in: TEPCO seeks permission to dump groundwater from Fukushima plant into ocean See in context

Not many options. Very sad.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

Ubuntu - switched to Ubuntu when windows 98 was popular, but only for personal reasons (financial). my most recent computer came with window installed - and it was promptly removed - took up far too much space, was obviously slower, and pablum programs were infuriatingly frustrating. Prefer LibreOffice to OpenOffice, Huge catalogue of free software is delightful, an even larger amount of Open Source software from the net and even some very inexpensive software for Ubuntu is great. Many governments have moved to Ubuntu - for convenience sake - you can tailor, modify, adapt, Open Source yourself to any desired performance. I love it because it is virus free, never stalls or breaks down, and for me at least, has complete simple easy to understand direct forthwith help. Huge number of net based information also available, even U-tube videos.

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Posted in: The global power vacuum is expanding See in context

Oh ! My ! How the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whore's sirens wail ! Last Quarter, China passed the U.S. in trade. China is months away from successful large scale Pebble Bed Reactor opening, China has mastered the Thorium molten salts technology and has already set forth on building same, by 2017. In the U.S., Feds - a private, secret, bankster, international gangster organization prints 85 Billions of U.S. dollars a month to keep that economy from bankruptcy, The divide: rich to poor in the U.S. has reached astronomical proportions - and even Canada, once her largest trading partner now counts China as her largest trading partner. Western Powers shaken and over-shadowed now by China's stronger advances. Since the 'Nixon Shock of 1977' the day the corporate vulture replaced the proud Eagle, the day the corpocracy replaced the Capitalist Democracy in the U.S.A., economic downward spiral, paper money depreciation, ever expanding gap between rich and poor, and loss of personal freedoms have been the hallmarks. Even Canadians fear hungry assault rifle armed mobs coming here to rob our common people to relieve their extreme poverty - already our Game Wardens catching them pillaging our wildlife resources, freezing it to return to the U.S. for food. You Google You see. not all well in the Disneyland nation, not well at all.

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Posted in: America's decline is a myth See in context

America! A smoke and mirrors show! Illusionary! Hyped!

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Posted in: Abe leaves for Moscow with business in mind See in context

Pan Eurasian economic consolidation?

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Posted in: U.S. warns China, Japan, S Korea on currencies See in context

U.S. in economic desperation, but still refuses to tighten its own corporate and military belts, stop the Feds money printing, move from Oil to Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Biological, and Thorium energy sources for a more peaceful, cleaner, electric world, as China has done, Japan is prepared to do?

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Posted in: Rethinking the lithium-ion battery revolution See in context

Options not mentioned - nano carbon super capacitors, NiMh 'Miracle Batteries' in the EV-1, Li/air batteries, and 'hither to to unheard of outside the lab' battery and electric storage systems. Al pallets used in Israeli electric car good for 1000 km trips, hints of a Bismuth miracle in the air, and more?

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Posted in: Why Japan is winning and 'Western management' isn’t See in context

When a corporate entity is is placed in confrontation with the Great Hulking American Neanderthal Mentality, the Foot Ball star "graduates" and the rich man's sons of the American Diploma mill system and is expected to realize a level of performance, very different tactics must be applied.

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Posted in: Losing weight will be next vehicle advance See in context

Canada's University of Alberta has a hemp vehicle body system yielding low energy input light weight carbon sequestering bodies. Combined with nano carbon super capacitor drives, weight reduction a likely benefit. Chreos does this?

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Posted in: Japan to offer bullet train technology to Taiwan See in context

This technology a vast improvement in Canada's Northlands over the current very long hard to maintain fuel intensive highway and gasoline/rubber tires system. Oil Sands need this service, Edmonton to Calgary , even East to Winnipeg. Cheaper safer and almost as fast as fuel intensive jet flights too!

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Posted in: 10 years on, Iraq war changed int'l opinion toward U.S. See in context

Here in this 21st Century are we witnessing the downward spiral of this Super Power? Are the Americans truly locked in to their 20th century glories, even their foreign oil fueled Military Machine, their oil fueled transport system, their oil fueled planes and trains? Can they honestly carry on in unsustainable McMansions, high fat, high corn fructose sugar diets expensive land yacht gasoline cars, desk jobs, Barbie Doll wives, drunken drug addled, legal pot even minds doing evermore better than sober minded practical folk of this world? The Vietnam "Fiasco" even photos of Americans in the "cut and run" mode did not overcome the Asian propensity for holding Americans as all, Hollywood film heroes? Separate the bull shit from reality folks!

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Posted in: Kerry says he's committed to U.S. rebalance to Asia See in context

Astounding arrogance here! A small ruling class of plutocrats among their 330 M poor in America have decided that they alone have the power to "rebalance' Asia - 7000 M people, and even the Chinese Superpower to which these Americans owe a "balance of power" in debts a controlling interest, a power over, their U.S. Dollar? The seven in the Chinese communist politburo, intelligent beings of course, will hardly notice this "Bull Shit Storm" to be played before the home audience as a propagandists tool to hold office, seem fertile and not impotent, and to be used as a grounds for huge personal wage, and retirement benefits? Ah! the Parade! The strutting Yankee Doodle at his very best! We all love a Parade!

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Posted in: Japan protests to France over military sales to China See in context

Strange assumption here, that China does not already have similar technologies? Stranger assumption: That the West has intellectual superiority? That the vast Asian intelligentsia, now well financed, and moving at computer speeds, and ever growing in size, and larger by many magnitudes than Western intelligentsia, is not working very hard in many directions to resolve world problems, Asian problems, and Chinese problems? Intelligence, genius, creativity, belong to humanity - not whites alone, not French not Americans, Canadians, however, have a health care edge, and the world's best schools, but share this with the world. Japan can so build new Thorium reactors, safer, cleaner cheaper! Japan can so co-operate within the Global Village and hold her own intellectually, and otherwise. With a failing America a falling American dollar, and a rising Pan Eurasian Empire, Japan can be well placed or a distant "long supply line" away, friend of only America?

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Posted in: Flammable ice: last hope or gravest threat? See in context

Global Warming forces this gas from the Northlands - if we do not profit from it it will escape as harmful methane and accelerate global warming?

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Posted in: Bullet train starts running at 320 kph on Tohoku Shinkansen route See in context

You Asian folk just have to "Google" what the U.S. calls "bullet trains" What a backwards bunch of blowhards they are! Antique Diesels (2 stroke engines.) smoking like olden days steam engines, straining to make 70 Mph - (Mph - another American anachronism). Hard to believe!

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Posted in: Japan extracts 'fire ice' gas from seabed See in context

Northern Canadian waters abound with clatherites, Canadian Prime Minister Harper seeks Asian trade and economic ties now. U.S. Branch plants in Canada closing quickly, causing under and unemployment here. Quebec's northern shores have some too! Google and see.

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Posted in: Too much salt may trigger autoimmune diseases See in context

Love this! Thank You for a good health tip!

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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

When dealing with today's U.S.A. - follow the dollar! Huge debt to pay down, much invested in military and armaments, either way the U.S. has little to lose by war. Japan is no longer a strategic site in this Space Age, and similarly many other American "Bases" can be abandoned once adequate satellite and military Space Station coverage is established? Expect China to dominate, expect U.S. to fade some as the Pan Eurasian Alliances gain in stature. Canada has already reached out to China for market share as even American "Branch Plants" here in Ontario are closed, contracts, sub contracts lost, and whole industries returned either to the U.S.A. or to China. Canada may even be forced by this situation to buy fighter jets from China or Russia. America's stock Market is very high but its producing people worse off than ever, and a sudden drop in productivity there could cause crashes? Global Village is not American ruled?

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Posted in: U.S. still intent on new Asia focus: State Department See in context

America's former glory tarnished now and fading. Caution to all Asia?

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Posted in: North Korea: A nuclear 7-Eleven? See in context

"nuclear" here is incorrect English but common usage of an American propaganda term. Plutonium technologies, more appropriate, as opposed to Norway and China's Thorium LFTR technologies? Enriched uranium technologies over Thorium technologies? Truth time? Another point: N Korea paralleled with Israel and the Dimona bomb factory? Negev Research Centre? Both pawns in the face-off coming between China and the U.S.A.? Supply line problems for U.S. in Afghanistan would suggest China holds high card?

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor makers must share accident costs: Greenpeace See in context

A related question I have: Will Chinese/Norwegian Thorium fissioning technology be safer, cheaper for all mankind or is this just 'popular mythology"?

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Posted in: Toyota, BMW working on new battery technology See in context

Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Biological all domestic, all radiation free, all clean means of providing power for battery ballasted electric car systems! Even if larger vehicle numbers means smaller lighter vehicles, and reduced speeds for road safety sake, all will end well. Japan has 98% efficient electric motors, Canada has hemp bodies, lighter and very green, see University of Alberta, and the hemp Lotus body. Putting the American Drag racer syndrome aside, and their need for long distance car travel, you find the rest of the world content to use electric bullet trains for longer distance travel, and electric battery cars for the shorter distance travel, which is only logical. The unfortunate influences of the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whore and her mesmerizations on the American people and the people of the world are patently false! This is well proven in Japan, China and other Asian countries. Even Canada now turns away from these "sales pitch" notions of true happiness, and seek better. If and that is the operative word, 'if" the Chinese Thorium reactors prove to produce the over 90% efficiencies, and with benign wastes humanity can handle, and if they can produce a reasonable cost liquid fuel from the air as some claim, then expect a new oil free, U.S. Petro Dollar free fuel for some applications. The fact remains: Electric propulsion is totally pollution free and China's Thorium fueled reactors may prove to "Alter Global Energy Maps Forever". Even Norway is in the clean Thorium reactor race. Here's hoping Japan can devise her own safer cheaper reactors too.

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Posted in: U.S. stands by Japan on island dispute with China See in context

With deepest sorrow for the Japanese, I inform you now of the close economic relationship as International Plutocrats, the very rich Chinese and very rich Americans are. Please realize that is not by miscalculation that the riches industrial, manufacturing, Scientific, have been transferred to China these past three decades, (after Nixon went off the Gold Standard) Fact is: The Uber Rich of this world, who wield the American military machine as their personal tool of suppression of the masses (Sunni/Shia in Iraq and Saddam who would challenge the U.S. "Petro-Dollar) have granted controlling shares in the U.S. Economy to China, not Japan and are proceeding in building a Pan Eurasian Empire. Even the miraculous Thorium LFTR reactor technologies were transferred, when Japan needs this just to survive in this 21st Century economic reality. Japan will do as these plutocrats see fit, even at the hand of the U.S. military. multi-national corporate investments have spoken.

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Posted in: Toyota retakes global auto sales crown from GM See in context

Toyotas last longer, hold re sale value and fit the working folks budgets! #1 son has one "Made in Cambridge Ontario" Toyota employs Canadians while GM threatens closures for government bribes, and builds crappy gasoline guzzling monsters that fall apart in no time. Good for Toyota they at least shoe Ethics, honest dealings and a quality product.

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Posted in: China unveils new leadership with Xi Jinping at helm See in context

This in an America U-Tube video recently, as significant world wide or just a propaganda stunt? (See: (See:

"It is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America... In that context, how America 'manages' Eurasia is critical... the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”

Zbigniew Brezinski, The Grand Chessboard

Will clean safe Thorium fissioned Electricity prove to be the final block with which the Communist Chinese will seek to build Empire? Is the Chinese "Population Bomb" still a factor? Can America make huge loans from China to "kick the can down the road" one more time, and still stand in China's way in Asia, or will the U.S. involve as mercenaries? As they did in Iraq, on Saudis behalf? The ball seems in China's court now?

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Posted in: China starts stockpiling rare earths: report See in context

Canadian Prospectors rejoice! Financing for your wildest dreams soon available! Yes! Canada most certainly has these products , but will not crash markets by selling them off cheap! Snooker is one of our favourite games! (Hint: North of Athabaska Tar Sands, Finnish mining companies have new concentration processes! James Bay lowlands sedimentary deposits never tested? Clay Belt ?)

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