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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

Only a year late...

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

A logical take from a Japanese politician? While Kishida plays as washingtons lapdog in the region and he prioritizes the US agenda over his own people.

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Posted in: Court orders Japanese gov't to pay damages over forced sterilization See in context

Who would have thought? same government praises the worst war criminals of the deadliest war the worlds ever seen

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Japan will be forced to incentivize foreigners to come her within the next 30 years to replace skilled labor which is hilarious considering the underlying xenophobia

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Posted in: Kishida weighs Ukraine visit in February to hold talks with Zelenskyy: report See in context

US puppet, Japan is has a debt problem, inflation problem, and heading towards an unrecoverable loss to the workforce, but yes let's show interest in Ukraine.

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Posted in: South Korea plans fund to compensate World War II forced labor victims See in context

Japans stance on WW2 is just to forget and move on. Committed more war crimes than any other nation and still honors those criminals. A disgrace

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Posted in: Kane will break all goalscoring records, says Conte See in context

What a trophy

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Posted in: Djokovic resigned to missing more U.S. tournaments over vaccination status See in context

What a legend

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

Japan wants to be apart of the new world order of "democracies" ? Funny that this is another headline on this site today 'Japan's female politicians face headwinds as gender bias still rampant'. Not to mention the xenophobia and lack of actual belief in capitalism here. This country has more in common with China than it does with America.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

Lol Japan will waste energy diverting a flight and then tax payer dollars persecuting something that should even be a requirement. I refuse to wear a mask unless I am in my office and I have to.

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Posted in: Diabetic man dies in police custody after not eating for 3 days or being given medication See in context

Every cop involved should be fired and charged.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker in Taiwan says China threat needs more military spending See in context

Its actually inconceivable how poorly this government operates. Japan has the most debt of any developed nation at 9.2 trillion USD. Kept borders closed longer than any other nation and tanked its economy. The prevalent xenophobia throughout the economic sector has also contributed to the declining economy over the last 40 years not to mention a now declining birthrate.

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Posted in: Buying Japanese concert tickets may get even harder with new gov't plan See in context

Its actually shocking how poorly run this government is from top to bottom. The worst run G7 country and its not close.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged to end free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Japans government is acting fiscally irresponsible its shockingly stupid at this point. The economy was declining before covid because a close minded approach. This will be the nail in the coffin

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Posted in: Nearly half of LGBTQ teens in Japan have considered suicide: survey See in context

Should be more access to counselling in schools but Japan should not follow the western model of allowing teens access to medically transition. Japan is close minded in many categories but the current generation can change the narrative in the future

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Posted in: Foreign tourists react to mask-wearing in Japan, and Japanese people react to foreign non-maskers See in context

There's no reason to wear a mask anymore. One cases are low and the strains are so weak it doesn't matter. Children shouldn't be wearing masks. I had over 15 kids in my schools have heatstroke from playing outside in the summer with a mask on. Japanese people will always think foreigners are different anyway. I'm not willing to follow every unnecessary rule for a small level of acceptance and gratitude.

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