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Posted in: Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club See in context

It's a shame that instead of a suspension, community service or an awareness campaign about drugs; that the school decided to throw away all that club and school history away because of 3 individuals. The only real losers in the scenario were the hardworking and law abiding teammates, any future student athletes who won't have the opportunity, and the fans of the game. Losing a team with a history of winning is a detriment to the growth of the sport and frankly sad to see.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Misleading headline. Unsurprising though. The THC conversation is a long one that is essentially people on different sides. But a key point is having the organic form banned while allowing a synthetic one on the market, it's simply dangerous. I am more concerned about hemp and its benefits for the environment and versatility in industry. would love to see Japan repeal the draconian laws that still limit its production.

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Posted in: Protest near Israeli embassy See in context

Has absolutely nothing to do with hating Jews and everything to do with the fact that Israel treats all Palestinians as if they are terrorist when half of them are children. Israel is justifying a genocide based off the attack of a small group of them and your response is "it's because they hate jews"

You are taking a complex issue and thinking about it without any attempt at comprehension.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Guys set back race relations between blacks and the Japanese a decade and hes been her for a couple months. Disgusting individual. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Junior high school principal arrested for possessing obscene images of young girls See in context

I recently became aware of high school teachers in my city who are consistently in inappropriate relationships with students. They clearly seek employment in schools.

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Posted in: Japan pledges more support to Ukraine during finance dialogue See in context

give more money to a corrupt government where Japan stands no benefit? The virtue signaling needs to stop

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Posted in: 70% of A-bomb survivors say G7 was meaningful for nuclear-free goal See in context

meaningful? while fueling a proxy war with nuclear power. иди россия

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Posted in: Support for Kishida cabinet slips to 28%: poll See in context

Should've cut a deal with Russia for oil, restarted nuclear programs and spent on the money he sent to Ukraine on small businesses hit by covid and stabilizing the birthrate

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Posted in: Russia seizes shares of Danone and Carlsberg subsidiaries: decree See in context

Considering the UK forced Roman Abromovich to sell his football team and still have all his assets frozen even when he denounced the war. This is minor. Not to mention that all western nations regularly do business with Israel which commits far more and unprovoked war crimes on Palestinians

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite foods or drinks for coping with Japan's summer heat? See in context

Green tea + matcha and oat milk latte. Use a small amount of warm green tea. mix in matcha then add the mix to more cold green tea on ice and top with oat milk and mix

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Posted in: Pride becomes a minefield for big companies, but many continue their support See in context

The LGB movement is in danger of complete failure as long as they still allow the Ts to align their radical ideology along with them. Conservatives will ruin companies who promote these things in society

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Posted in: NZ electoral review recommends lowering voting age to 16 See in context

16 is too early but adding in the fact that Gen Z are the least educated 16 year olds ever and easily manipulated by simple trends this is clearly a political play

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Posted in: Chinese comedy group punishment sends chills through arts sphere See in context

Well Michael western corporations got greedy and wanted to outsource labor to China to lessen overhead costs. Because western governments allowed this without having the foresight to see the dangers of reliance on the CCP. We are now stuck forced to do business with them because the structure of our economies has completely changed. If WW3 started tomorrow and the West had to produce all materials they needed for themselves again how do you think that would go?

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill to reform law on sex crimes See in context

Well Asiaman7 do they have a choice? with the birthrate so low they need to be pushing it more almost.

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Posted in: LGBTQ activists condemn Japan's 'meaningless' equality bill See in context

Miyazawa is right, the majority can not be discriminated against. Why should normal people from which the norms in society are built have to listen to all these people talking about how oppressed they are? Japan has a duty to protect the future of their people. Why would they want to promote relations that would further contribute to the crisis of population?

@girlintokyo if you hate it so much why are you still here? You want a country to just throw all its values out of the window accommodate a miniscule % of the population. 

The problem with the LGBTQ community is they will never be satisfied. In America 10 years ago they asked for gay marriage, now they want to transition kids. The Japanese government sees what is happening and are being careful as they should. At no point in time should this behavior be promoted as admirable in society; is nuclear family is and thats how a race survives.

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Posted in: In her own words: A Hiroshima bomb survivor learns English to tell her story See in context

Perfectly justified for the numerous war crimes, innocent civilians killed, Korean women forced into prostitution and lack of standards in POW camps

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Posted in: Japanese Self-Defense Force mulls removing its ban on tattoos See in context

2023 mind you and sakurasuki is right just look at who won WW2

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Posted in: Japan posts record ¥21.73 trillion trade deficit for FY2022 See in context

This is what happens when you are Americas puppet in the region and you don't make any decisions for your people. Not only is the government irresponsible but fiscally braindead. Following the US Russian sanctions on Russia was a death wish. India immediately refused because they saw it would cause an energy crisis. Japan now dealing with this after overly long and unneeded covid protocols and a declining birthrate has to turn it all around. Messy.

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Posted in: If the new bicycle helmet rule isn’t mandatory, are there penalties for not following it? See in context

The priorities of this government are hilarious.

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Posted in: Japan to launch new visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Funny that, have a declining economy for 30 years, a declining birthrate and an incompetent government? Only one savior left.

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Posted in: High school student excluded from graduation ceremony for cornrow hairstyle See in context

Disappointing but not surprising. A bit funny too because though Japan has preserved its historical culture they have never been able to look at it critically and learn from it. This is a major reason why the countries been declining for 30plus years. Lack of innovation and acceptance of diversity of thought and race as aforementioned many of these people outside of the accepted norm in Japanese society decide to leave. It is impossible to have a successful capitalistic society and actively have barriers against different people being able to assimilate especially with things outside of their control i.e. their heritage. This is the main reason why Japan is nothing but a little brother to America and relevant because of the need for US hegemonic security in the region.

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Posted in: Japanese student goes to graduation dressed like Zelenskyy See in context

Go Russia!

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Posted in: Japan OKs bill to reform sexual offense charge, raise age of consent See in context

These sorts of comments are deeply ethnocentric and nationalistic. The modern (by which one usually means Western) world is not the standard bearer of all that is just and good. Not everything the West does represents progress. Say Japan is out of step with the Western world if you want. But if you believe all values that differ a little from your own are wrong or backward, maybe you should avoid travel.

Might be the worst comment I've seen on here ever. Defending something that is indefensible. If you think a 13 year old is mature enough to consent to an adult relationship you're just delusional. The only argument that could potentially be made in history is arranged marriages and those were signed off by the father. But still I think society as a whole made progress to move away from that norm. The reason the modern refers to the west is because it in almost every industry is the best. The more I reread the second half of your comment the more it seems like this law is triggering you. Anyway carry on defending Japans honor when no one will respect you for it. @comanteer

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Posted in: Child suicides in Japan hit record high of 514 in 2022 See in context

Not a covid problem but a structural one. Not only are there a lack of mental health resources for students but also in the ages of elementary to high school you literally can see most students lose their individuality as they are conditioned into society. I believe in a globalized world where these kids have access to YouTube, TikTok, instagram etc to see how individuality is celebrated in other places and stamped out here it causes high stress levels

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Posted in: Japan grants long-term visa to gay U.S. man wed to Japanese See in context

Long term you say

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Posted in: Masks stay on in Japan as 3-year request to wear them ends See in context

A conditioned society, one of the major reasons there is a huge lack of entrepreneurship and why the economy has been declining for 30 years. Instead of being taught to think outside the box, many people are taught to think within the framework of how things have traditionally been done. That can work to an extent but it's a major reason why Japan still relies on western allies for so many things.

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Posted in: COVID-19 patients to pay for most treatments after status downgrade See in context

Will not be purchasing another mask, vaccine or covid test ever again. Absolute waste of money. Medical industry have been the robber barons of the last 3 years

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Posted in: Women's rights activists in Japan demand dual-surname option See in context

The computer comment is hilarious but true. I have two middle names and businesses cant even register be without an issues. I have rarely seen a well built and easy to use website in Japan

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

I think it should be allowed but I really do respect Japanese conservatism. To be frank when conservative Japanese people look at what's happening in the West why would they want to go down this path? It's led to a complete loss of shared values and an attack on the nuclear family.

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

Considering foreigners are second class citizens here it's not surprising. But the reality is with the declining birth rate and the massive loss to the workforce which is incoming, the Japanese government won't have a choice but to incentivize foreign residents to live here and have families here. In that scenario there is no option but to allow those people to vote or change the law that refuses dual citizenship.

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