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Bruce Pennyworth comments

Posted in: Kishida deserves credit for passage of Ukraine aid: U.S. diplomat See in context

One of the worst leaders in the last 3 decades. Thanks for contributing to wasting my tax dollars you muppet

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Posted in: Taking Pride See in context

LGB movement should separate themselves from the others especially the Ts. Narcissists who want to impose and force their worldview on others. Shame Japan is being so soft on this movement.

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Posted in: Philippines to hold joint naval drills with U.S., Japan, Australia See in context

Unite against the CCP

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Posted in: Ohtani's 'perfect person' image could take a hit with firing of interpreter over gambling See in context

going to be the tastiest 30 for 30 in history after he gets hit with an investigation and a 200 game ban

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Posted in: Japan society on transgender issues to drop 'disorder' from name See in context

if your very existence requires you to have an extensive complex surgery by trained surgeons then I don't understand how we could not consider that a disorder, ADHD is a disorder, just something that you take a few pills for, by saying that it's not a disorder they are saying this is perfectly natural

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Posted in: Japan society on transgender issues to drop 'disorder' from name See in context

If my kid wants to be transgender, that's between me and my kid. If it would be a mistake, that's our mistake. Everyone else can screw off. It's weird how many people think they have a right to other people's bodies and families. Very right-wing extremist, to want to know what's going on with peoples' genitals.

sorry man but the dangerous of allowing it society outweigh the no benefits, you mention right wing extremism but what about the parents whose children are taken away and being put into the system under state control became the parents won't "affirm their gender" ?

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Posted in: Japan society on transgender issues to drop 'disorder' from name See in context

Japan is slowly going to lose everything it holds dear if it continues making decisions like this. Transgenderism and gender ideology are by definition disorders. 20 years ago we had tomboys and feminine boys who largely for the most part end up with straight healthy relationships. A few were gay, no problems there. But now we are dealing with and pushing (in the west) irrevecable damages on these kids bodies. I have my theories on why that is but the problem lies with the medical and pharmaceutical industries which are profit driven. Transgenderism is repackaging mental illness as a product thats being sold. All affected will then have to rely on medical care for the rest of their lives while forfeiting the ability to reproduce. Defending it is madness.

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Posted in: Trump says Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate Israel' and their religion See in context

Our savior

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Posted in: China demands Japan start Fukushima treated water compensation system See in context

China projecting again. Carry on.

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Posted in: Trans-skeptical U.S. book finds new Japanese publisher See in context

I've spoken to many Japanese people in depth about this and the simple fact is they just don't know what's really happening. The western left likes to paint this picture that most Japanese people just don't have a strong opinion on the matter and they ask them and they don't really respond. But after telling people about what's going on in schools and the medical industry it is very clear they want none of that here.

I agree with protestant I think this issue will sort itself out but it is still worrying. The Japanese have far more in common with western conservatives than liberals.

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Posted in: Gonoi attends White House ceremony for women of courage award See in context

Japan needs to wake up. It's so funny that all these outsiders have such deep opinions on Japan and its culture. Will be eradicated within the next 20 years if they allow this gender ideology to shift along with moving away from conservative and traditional values.

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Posted in: Michigan cop's mistake leads to $320,000 deal with Japanese man wrongly accused of drunken driving See in context

Would never happen in Japan, just a sorry after being held for 21 days in prison.

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Posted in: Japan feminist Ueno's books resonate with struggling Chinese women See in context

Feminism is the worst thing for modern women to cling on too. Destruction of the nuclear family.

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Posted in: Putin says he prefers 'more predictable' Biden over Trump See in context

weak senile man vs. strong leader

pick your fighter

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Posted in: On Valentine's Day, LGBTQ+ activists in Japan call for right for same-sex couples to marry See in context

Look what happened in the west, it started as "we just want the right to marry" now it's graduated to gender ideology. Domino effect.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to provide Africa with support for food security See in context

Having lived in both countries I actually think these two countries have more in common than one would think. Would love to see a relationship grow between the two great nations.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan-Russia ties are 'difficult' See in context

Putin is great and Japan's culture and borders would be much safer allying with them. If it takes conceding some territory so be it

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' actor sues Disney with funding from Elon Musk's X See in context

Beauty on her way to take down the beast

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Posted in: U.S. conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson says he will interview Putin See in context

What American institutions have accomplished in the last 20 years is unreal. Completely removed debate from the equation and replaced it with morals, those of which liberals base off of what ever the MSM and government tells them. Empire is well into its downfall. If the next hegemonic leader is between Putin and Xi its an easy choice

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

7/10 on her best day and an affair with a married man? Unbecoming behavior for a princess. Not fit to wear the crown.

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Posted in: Japan soccer player Ito denies sexual assault allegation See in context

Feminist have to choose.

A. If they want to go with #BelieveAllWomen then any woman who accuses someone, and the defendant is then found innocent, the plaintiff should face equal jail time (and in the case of a high profile person pay damages).

B. The other option is to have all these procedures closed until a verdict is handed down and only at that point would the guilty persons name be released.

At this point in time women are incentivized to do these things and face 0 consequences for lying. Feminist also like to say that all men are predatory by nature but the simple fact is that there are both men and women who have nefarious intentions.

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Posted in: Israeli forces dressed as women and medics kill 3 militants in West Bank hospital See in context

War crime. I have to admit the mental gymnastics the Israelis pull to be both aggressor and victim at the same time is quite impressive.

But in reality Israel and the IDF are truly disgusting. I will always have a position that war is human nature and can be necessary in many instances but what they are doing is genocide supported by the worlds most powerful governments. #FreePalestine

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Posted in: 'We don't give a damn about the feelings of Japanese concerning the so-called Northern Territories:' Medvedev See in context

It would be interesting if Japan ceded the islands to Russia. Signed a peace treaty and then tried to broker a peace deal between the US and Russia. Would give them a sense of power again. Protects Taiwan indefinitely and takes a lot of power away from China

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

All these western people commenting is hilarious, even within the west only in America can someone move there and change their identity to American with their kids in the next generation fully embracing it. In Europe sure people move there but they say my family is from (ethnic origin) and now we live here.

Japan is not like that and is still a race. I don't have a problem with this woman winning this award but I am not Japanese. If Japanese people have a problem with it, I think tis wrong but it's their right. If western people have a problem with it, focus on the problems in your own country before judging another countries.

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Posted in: Japan goalkeeper racially abused online after Asian Cup errors See in context

Will be a long journey for him, lets not forget not to long ago before Naomi Osaka became a successful champ many people here did not want her claiming she was Japanese. Only after she became a champion was it accepted and her celebrated. Would assume it will be the same for Zion. Being a black athlete is comes with conditional love, mistakes are not accepted.

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Posted in: Japan bankruptcies surge in 2023, topping 8,000 See in context

Maybe if they stopped giving money to Ukraine and instead gave them to small businesses. Just a thought. Thanks for coming to my ted talk!

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

Any qualified minority would rather deal with light racism from a few ignorant people then have everyone question if their qualified because of the implementation of DEI.

All this does is bully companies into following the status quo. It's all just virtue signaling to minorities when nothing is actually done in Washington.

Also this article was poorly written to be honest. Focusing on one personal story and offering no difference in opinion? Weak.

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Posted in: Missile from Lebanon kills 2 Israeli civilians as Israel-Hamas war rages for 100th day See in context

Israel PR spin in this war is top tier

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

spineless government, not far off from becoming a us territory if this continues

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Posted in: Nihon University football player convicted of possessing drugs See in context

Draconian laws. This kid in likelihood will never have above a minimal positive impact on society after this. I don't believe that Japan should legalize drugs. But rehab, community service? He could become an inspirational speaker talking about the risks of drug use. There are many avenues to spinning a mistake into a positive shame that this kids life is effectively over at 21

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