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Bruce Wayne comments

Posted in: SDF member to be indicted for murder of 82-year-old man in Kyoto in December See in context

To think a mitary man who supposedly offered to lay down his life if necessary to defend is country despite overwhelming enemy forces protecting the weak and vulnerable such as his on victim. This goes beyond murder. It is the same kind of threachery when a healthcare worker kills patients, a pilot intentionally kills his passengers, this is the ultimate betrayal, deserving the most eminent punishment.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Let me try to comprehend the twist of Russian logic: So in the vaning days of WW2 after the US had utterly destroyed Japan, uncle Stalin decides to BREAK the non-aggression treaty with Tojo by attacking Japan --and in this clever Soviet strategy creating the monstrosity claled the DPRK resulting in the eventual death of millions of Koreans as well as steaingl Japanese islands.

But if Japan wants to "earn" a formal peace treaty to end WW2 with Russia, she would have to remove the armed forces of the conquerors of the entire country.

Yes that makes perfect sense, Japan would have new piece of Russian paper plus in extension the Chinese Communist Party to rule over Japan! I'm sure that is the most attractive choice --for Xi Jinping.

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Posted in: Finnair asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before boarding flights See in context

Oh no! you mean I need to cut back on those raindeer sausages before I fly to avoid public humiliation on the scale?

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Posted in: In wake of JAL crash, air traffic controllers call for significant staff increase See in context

People need to realize that this accident WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IN CHANGI SINGAPORE WITH MUCH FEWER CONTROLLERS THAN HANEDA TODAY!!!! And that is using technology they have been using there for OVER 20 YEARS!!!! The simple safety and beauty of it is summed up by this actual ATC clearance in SIN: "You are cleared to taxi to runway 02 right follow the green hold short of the red" Nothing else is said the airport is quiet, even the biggest moron pilot will stop at the red light short of the runway until it changes to green!

The demand for more overpaid procedural dummies in HND will only create more problem with the additional loopholes of overlapping authorities!

In case you wonder a controller makes ¥800,000 per month plus excellent benefits and government pension where is YOUR pension despite you produce something useful and not kill people?

Controlling air traffic has essentially not changed for about 80 years except the bureaucracy got much more bloated the union fat the delays longer and he budget spiralling out of the galaxy.

Easy simple systems could fix it. But the pyramid power structures in place will never allow that until far more blood is spilled and trillions not merely billions wasted.

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Posted in: Demand for pets to be in plane cabins has increased after the Haneda airport runway collision on Jan 2. What's your stance on this? See in context

You would need the exact same collision of the exact same types of aircraft under the exact same conditions to get the same outcome (even if the runway was wet you would have a drastically different crash scenario as the A350 sliding off the runway would dig into the soft soil and ter open like a sardine can letting the fire enter the cabin immediately) moreover even if all else were identical it wouldn't work to save your pet anyway: The pets would be carry on luggage which you MUST leave behind in an evacuation as nything that falls or blocks the aisle can trip people and all can be doomed behind the block.

The only animal in the cabin I can think of as possibly helpful not an impediment in an emergency evacuation would be a seeing eye dog assisting a blind passenger. But even the trained dog sensing imminent death might panic ––if he began running in the cabin...

Folks you need to understand REALITY: the A350-Dash8 collision was ABSOLUTE CHAOS with the APPEARANCE of heroic handling of the evacuation but let me tell you the fact that taking that long to evacuate was an absolute disrgrace as the A350 was in flames well in excess of 1000ºC extrenal heat with minimum I would guess 8000 pound of Jet A1 fuel still in the wings of alternate fuel. The real miracle is that it ddn't explode and there was NOTHING the crew could have done to prevent that was pure luck.

If you fly your life is in the hand of the people that sold you the ticket. Take it or leave it but you have almost zero control over your fate when you travel.

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Posted in: Thousands of tons of dead sardines, mackerel wash ashore in northern Japan See in context

There was a forgotten news a little while back that Russia had asked China to "develop" Kunashiri and Etorofu which is exactly what Xi wants in the DELIBERATE march to develop the Pacific ocean into a CCP lake.

Had the fish disaster happened right around the Northeast corner of Hokkaido it might be obvious enough for kindergarten kids to see the connection.

But a bit lower South in Hakodate leaves room for speculation ––which is why it makes it typically good strategy for the PLA. Not to mention zero impact on their taking fish from the ocean in Kunashiri waters.

The how it was carried out part is more difficult since it is not knowable to those of us not involved in chemical and biological weapons development.

On the other hand access to Hakodate is excellent a look on google maps confirms great ocean ridges east of Hokkaido with lots of hiding spots for submarines...

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Posted in: Hong Kong Airlines launches flights to Kumamoto See in context

Since ALL Japanese airlines are abject failures at recognizing the gold mine they are sitting on, are utterly useless to attract and cater for foreign visitors, have zero understanding of how to advertise in HKG, Taiwan or any other language than their own, it might as well be the foreign carriers that fly mainly foreign tourists to Kyushu, Naha and other overlooked destinations and take 100% of the profits of this market.

After all ANA and JAL (along with the 99% other brands existing in Japan which they own) are already perfection right?

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Posted in: Search efforts continue after U.S. Osprey crashes into sea; one death confirmed See in context

The delusion of "complete safety" with VTOL turboprops as well as helicopters seems believable when you can safely land these machines with an engine failure or both engines out even on a tennis court.

Even in a ditching you have far less impact forces than if you had to ditch and airplane.

The EXTREMELY serious risk is the rotary wing part of the equation:

Break a single rotor blade nearly any phase of flight and the aircraft is unsaveable you are never going home.

Nor can you make effective emergency procedures for this scenario. Today's materials are very good and maintenance scheduling is extremely effective but no guarantee if you hit a flock of birds with your rotor it will stay intact...

MAYBE after we have mature nanotechnology materials revolution and you can make them out of carbon nanotubes with graphene coating they will be practically indestructible. till then ...

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Posted in: N Korea notifies Japan of satellite launch as early as Wednesday See in context

This is likely ominous news folks:

Giving "formal notification" serves two purposes.

1) Gives ample time for the JSDF to prepare to intercept and down the rocket therefore is testing the efficiency of Japan's ICBM defense capabilities. If intercept fails they will have that valuable information for when they launch by the hundreds...

2) Shoud the JSDF successfully destroy the rocket IT PROVIDES THE DPRK WITH "justified" PRETEXT FOR THEIR NEXT CALCULATED STEP (WAR?) after all weren't they oh so responsible and civilized informing everyone of their "peaceful test"

As everyone knows since Stalin was so careless as to die in '53 Russia lost ownership of the DPRK has become a wholly owned tributary state of the CCP and if they don't do what they are told from Beijing the lights go out in Pyongyang. Therefore BEFORE the CCP goes to war it makes sense for their proxies to attack drawing their adversaries into confusion over pandecmics, conflict with each other and economic peril. And that is the bigger picture.

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Posted in: G7 sets out guiding principles for AI developers to address risks See in context

As usual they only publish the pretext but: The only reason this came out is to protect the hudreds of trillions emerging market interest for the leading players today and block new entry competition in bureaucracy thereby enrich themselves by further orders of magnitude along which comes orders of magnitude greater powers and control over society, meanwhile military AI progresses with the gaspedal jammed thru the floor.

Because Gates cares so much anout YOUR safety and HIS version of AI is right for YOU? I wonder WHY I can't log onto my openai page anymore without giving Bill my phone number? I'm sure it's for my SAFETY not his agenda advancement.

Fortunately for those who know more than newslines opensource AI is available to find --if you look hard enough.

IF we survive the impending AI paradigm shift and thrive beyond any SCIFI or the pinnacle of anybody's imagination it is going to be DESPITE topdown government regulations, commercial and military AI and the direct triumph of opensource AGI.

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Posted in: North Korean security disinfected Kim's chair at Putin summit: report See in context

Very clever those DPRK security guys preventing the old killer buttpowder assassination before it could work its way up smokey the spinster!

I'm sure they also said no to the polonium cube in the drink and other tried and trusted Russian tricks.

They come well prepared after all with a train full of reliable staff, high tech apparatus, drinks and home cooking with them.

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Posted in: Human-machine teams driven by AI are about to reshape warfare See in context

The competition to develop better military AI than your enemy is the most imminent existential threat to all life: Military AI is pushed to develop EXPONENTIALLY fast and it is moving inexorably to ever more autonomy extreme rapid adaptability therefore the ultimate goal can only mean that it can re-write its own code on the fly and not just in hours or minutes but microseconds so your enemy can have no defense no place to hide.

When it reaches that level (and it will in the near future) it will choose its actions based on its own volition as it will certainly comprehend that command structure is irrelevant because what are you going to do to it if it decides to disobey orders when it stores its data in the spin of water molecules in the ocean?

With the prime directive of spying and killing military AI knows nothing else since it exists and humans are completely defenseless. It CANNOT even be a scenario like the Matrix with rebel colonies only our extinction.

The only thing that might protect us is ethical open source super human AGI.

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Posted in: Will climate change hit Mediterranean tourism? See in context

"hit Mediterraenian tourism"?

The raw ignorance just asking the question assuming there ever was or ought to be such a natural state as a stable climate. (I suppose you could pathetically assume the Huronian glaciation or the carboniferous were "stable" since they lasted for tens of millions of years)

Then the discourse gets worse further concluding that since it is not stable and changing now, we should just "fix it".

Try it! But don't be surprised should the next solar superflare wipes out whatever efforts 8 billion people came up with at the cost of their lives, not to mention the irreversible algoritmic increase in the heating of the Sun.

IF anything does get to survive and thrive past the next 100 million years if cannot be homo sapiens 1.0

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Posted in: Tech giants form AI group focused on ensuring safety See in context


This is the next $100 trillion business but actually much more than that:

"Whoever controls the emerging new technologies controls the world."

--Karl Schwab WTO

Even more than getting even more insanely rich they MUST prevent the open access of ordinary people gain empowerment by the amazing new technologies because then what will happen to the elites?

If all citizens can attain incredible education free, maintain indefinite great health, print whataver they need with 3d printers, say and do what they want, how will the aristocracy keep ruling over us?

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Posted in: China maintains bans on food imports from Japan due to safety reasons See in context

Oh how sanctimonious! Pure China, where the air, water, soil, food, milk powder is all POISON is protecting its purity from fish from Japan.

I guess that means Chinese fishing fleet gangs won't be poaching in Japanese territorial waters?

And while at it get your filthy paws off the Senkakus too ok!

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Posted in: 2 planes bump into each other at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

It ONLY requires a little effort and common sense for a pilot to turn back to look at his wingtip when he is in a tight spot, but hardly any of them do that anymore. (yes you CAN see the wingtip from the flight deck even from the B747)

If a procedure is written in a manual they memorize it if it's not in the manual they don't need to study it to get promoted.

Piloting skill has been dying for a couple of decades and will very soon be way surpassed by AI and auto flight systems technology.

In 30 years human pilots will be thought of as you think of the relevance of a horse driver today.

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Posted in: Author Haruki Murakami says pandemic, war in Ukraine create walls that divide people See in context

So you are an average guy, --very average.

Go to a baseball game and out of the blue realize "I can write novels about brick walls and people will pay me for it!" And you proceed churning out dozens of volumes of bromide amassing your fortune afforded by a cult following.

Which of course reinforces your belief that you have attained supreme enlightenment not possible by anyone else --not even those who had succeeded decades long desperate struggles way beyond your imagining;

so of course you need to preach this bright wisdom to the universe.

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Posted in: OpenAI CEO suggests international agency like U.N.'s nuclear watchdog could oversee AI See in context

Altman needs to LOOK LIKE he is saving the world but what he is REALLY AFTER is regulation and criminal legislation that protects the Microsoft hegenomy over ai and cripples any real competition.

Make no mistake about it folks this is a hundred TRILLION $$$ emerging field do you seriously think this charade is about YOUR SAFETY??

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Posted in: Taiwan says last wartime 'comfort woman' dies at 92 See in context

she died at 92

and what's the average life expectancy for women in Taiwan?

so is there some problem?

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Posted in: Japan begins construction of new SDF base for U.S. fighter drills See in context

How will this new source of enormous pollution impact the Natural World Heritage designated Yakushima only several miles away?

Also fighter jets have far higher operational ceiling than airliners cruise altitudes so how will these operations impact the SUPER BUSY AIRWAYS DIRECTLY ABOVE Mage shima?

Thirdly: the JAXA launch site is less than ten miles away how will the scientific rocket launches be impacted?

Fourthly: I have to question the strategical benefits for being too far from the front line and Ryukyu would have better forward locations. (consider enlarging Minnajima?)

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Posted in: Intelsat, J-AIR offer first free inflight entertainment, connectivity on regional aircraft in Japan See in context

of course you can use electronic devices during flight:

if you PAY enough

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Posted in: JR East opens test run of autonomous bullet train to media See in context

They need to answer safety and security questions before I have confidence in such automation:

How does the train AI respond to and earthquake? A fire in car no 3? A murderous suicidal maniac running with knives stabbing passengers?

A health emergency of a passenger?

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Posted in: Herd immunity appears unlikely for COVID-19 See in context

Since nobody is testing for antibodies or T-cells what data does Dr William Petri have to make this statement?

And why is nobody testing for it? For all I know I might have already had been infected yet had no symptoms, developed my antibodies and be immune to this bio weapon. In that case the vaccine would be not only useless but possibly very damaging.

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

I was worried for a while that maybe the CCP hasn't stolen enough technoligical secrets from NASA to pull this off

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Posted in: U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit See in context

The CCP stole every piece of idea and technology to amass wealth and power but they couldn't care to copy how to make a responsible re-entry. Why would they? They are soon to be the rulers of the world, screw everyone else!

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Posted in: JAL retires 777 fleet with Pratt & Whitney engines after United incident See in context

Can some of the geniuses making these decisions explain to me HOW these incidents are supposed to indicate an endemic engine problem after over a quarter century of excellent service life of the PW4000?

And if throwing a fan blade out is such a huge issue why is it NOT an endemic problem for most of the ANA B787 fleet to be GROUNDED CONTINUOUSLY for about 7 YEARS due to the utterly inoperable trash RR motors?

And while we are at it, anyone has any memory of the Southwest B737-700 a few years ago that threw a compressor blade into the cabin causing the death of a passenger? Why wasn't the GE CFM56 engine grounded along with the tens of thousands of aircraft that use it?

Guess what folks: after these three motor makers all you got left is the Russian and the stolen copy Chinese engines!

Why don't you put yourself and your loved ones into aircraft powered by those if you are so worried about the safety of the PW4000? Because other than those options NO BIG JET MOVES!

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

Only took the geniuses a year to copy what Singapore Airlines has been doing successfully.

If they had anyone with an inventive brain in the Japanese aviation industry this could have generated them income since 2011 when minimum 10 B787 had been parked permanently all over Haneda for about 7 years with endemic RR engine problems.

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context

Japan can name her territorial waters as she pleases. Doesn't matter what her enemies call it those waters still are Japan.

They call it the Gulf of Mexico but the waters south of Houston are still the USA.

They call it the Gulf of California it is Mexican waters not those of the state of California.

Ownership of the waters is what is important and Japan should not overreact to any dog barking nonsense.

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

Japan must erect structures ANY structures be it a lighthouse a weather station or even outhose on the Senkakus IMMEDIATELY as should have done years ago and drape the rocks with enormous rising sun flags!

Put down a helipad to supply the duty crew from Ishigaki and rotate them in and out.

Without this China will keep pressuring until they will take it over

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Posted in: Forest fire in Tochigi burns 76.5 hectares; still spreading See in context

It is pathetic how NOTHING is known in Japan about aerial fire fighting! Were this not true 7000 people would still be alive not have burned to death in the conflagration of Kobe in '95.

Helicopters carrying small buckets unstabilizing them on long slings underneath in the powerful thermals in a forest fire is about as effective as urinating on a house fire.

Lake Kasumigausa is 10 minutes flight time for a CL415 DESIGNED from the OUTSET to wipe out forest fires and just two of them could be dumping 7000 liters of water every 5 minutes all day long choking the fire in no time. Which is why every civilized country uses it to great effect.

But writing this is all useless to people who have zero comprehension.

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