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Posted in: JR East opens test run of autonomous bullet train to media See in context

They need to answer safety and security questions before I have confidence in such automation:

How does the train AI respond to and earthquake? A fire in car no 3? A murderous suicidal maniac running with knives stabbing passengers?

A health emergency of a passenger?

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Posted in: Herd immunity appears unlikely for COVID-19 See in context

Since nobody is testing for antibodies or T-cells what data does Dr William Petri have to make this statement?

And why is nobody testing for it? For all I know I might have already had been infected yet had no symptoms, developed my antibodies and be immune to this bio weapon. In that case the vaccine would be not only useless but possibly very damaging.

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

I was worried for a while that maybe the CCP hasn't stolen enough technoligical secrets from NASA to pull this off

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Posted in: U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit See in context

The CCP stole every piece of idea and technology to amass wealth and power but they couldn't care to copy how to make a responsible re-entry. Why would they? They are soon to be the rulers of the world, screw everyone else!

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Posted in: JAL retires 777 fleet with Pratt & Whitney engines after United incident See in context

Can some of the geniuses making these decisions explain to me HOW these incidents are supposed to indicate an endemic engine problem after over a quarter century of excellent service life of the PW4000?

And if throwing a fan blade out is such a huge issue why is it NOT an endemic problem for most of the ANA B787 fleet to be GROUNDED CONTINUOUSLY for about 7 YEARS due to the utterly inoperable trash RR motors?

And while we are at it, anyone has any memory of the Southwest B737-700 a few years ago that threw a compressor blade into the cabin causing the death of a passenger? Why wasn't the GE CFM56 engine grounded along with the tens of thousands of aircraft that use it?

Guess what folks: after these three motor makers all you got left is the Russian and the stolen copy Chinese engines!

Why don't you put yourself and your loved ones into aircraft powered by those if you are so worried about the safety of the PW4000? Because other than those options NO BIG JET MOVES!

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

Only took the geniuses a year to copy what Singapore Airlines has been doing successfully.

If they had anyone with an inventive brain in the Japanese aviation industry this could have generated them income since 2011 when minimum 10 B787 had been parked permanently all over Haneda for about 7 years with endemic RR engine problems.

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context

Japan can name her territorial waters as she pleases. Doesn't matter what her enemies call it those waters still are Japan.

They call it the Gulf of Mexico but the waters south of Houston are still the USA.

They call it the Gulf of California it is Mexican waters not those of the state of California.

Ownership of the waters is what is important and Japan should not overreact to any dog barking nonsense.

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

Japan must erect structures ANY structures be it a lighthouse a weather station or even outhose on the Senkakus IMMEDIATELY as should have done years ago and drape the rocks with enormous rising sun flags!

Put down a helipad to supply the duty crew from Ishigaki and rotate them in and out.

Without this China will keep pressuring until they will take it over

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Posted in: Forest fire in Tochigi burns 76.5 hectares; still spreading See in context

It is pathetic how NOTHING is known in Japan about aerial fire fighting! Were this not true 7000 people would still be alive not have burned to death in the conflagration of Kobe in '95.

Helicopters carrying small buckets unstabilizing them on long slings underneath in the powerful thermals in a forest fire is about as effective as urinating on a house fire.

Lake Kasumigausa is 10 minutes flight time for a CL415 DESIGNED from the OUTSET to wipe out forest fires and just two of them could be dumping 7000 liters of water every 5 minutes all day long choking the fire in no time. Which is why every civilized country uses it to great effect.

But writing this is all useless to people who have zero comprehension.

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

If the ROK cared for helping the surviving women, they would have not ordered the $10 million Japanese foundation shut down years ago. --which is an extremely generous amount for a few people in their 90's!

Because of course this has NOTHING to do with those women and everything to do with the Moon regime's rabid, endless push to humiliate, punish, and dominate Japan.

Note the amount ordered by the ROK cangaroo court now is far lower than the foundation was years ago, not to mention there were more women alive to benefit than now!

Because of course the purpose of the lawsuit is to ESTABLISH LEGAL PRECEDENT: once Japan concedes to that that's when the real lawsuits would avalanche Japan into oblivion! The floodgate would extend to demanding compensation for endless claims till Japan spent her entire GDP to enrich the Moon cronies and made Japan destitute.

A note on the law to the Moon gangsters: if the court of a nation could convict another nation state to pay compensation the floodgates of the world would open to endless demands. Poland suing Russia and Germany, Hungary demanding compensation from Turkey, Spain suing Morocco for the Moorish conquests...


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Posted in: Volcano erupts on Kagoshima Pref island; alert level raised See in context

This is not news in the sense that Suwanose is CONSTANTLY erupting and has been for hundreds of years.

I hope the 48 inhabitants are safe and that the authorities are standing by for a possible sudden evacuation!

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Posted in: Wearing someone else's face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan See in context

Finally! I won't have to wear those hot ski masks when I go to the bank to make a very large withdrawal.

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Posted in: Man indicted for murder over Kyoto Animation arson attack See in context

Now that he is doing so well he should enjoy the room vacated by Asahara Shoko and the same treatment of course for a while anyways.

But for the final judgement he deserves to be handed over to the victims families to do as they see fit!

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Posted in: Trump files new election challenge in Michigan; Georgia announces recount See in context

IF by any chance anyone here is interested in actual numbers:

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Posted in: Japan's defense plan won't include strike capability acquisition See in context

Not having strike capabilities is misguided and negates the increased defense budget, because enemies need not fear retaliation.

And your missile defense is TOTALLY useless leaving the nation totally exposed in a strategic strike:

A single EMP exploding above the Kanto region is all it would take to cripple the country setting it back to pre-indistrialization conditions resulting in tens of millions dead.

Your enemies know this, and although they might not have enough appropriate warheads assuring a successful EMP strike, they can and will embed such warheads among HUNDREDS of others making it impossible to prevent one from getting through.

If you are not serious about defending your remote islands might as well hand over your rare earth deposits to whoever is serious to claim it.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Make no mistake about it:

On top of the agenda for President Moon is to damage, dominate, humiliate Japan to the maximum extent possible. His hatred and jealousy toward Japan is rabid.

Ever since he has come to power he has soughts to propangandize hatred for Japan. His first obejctive was to industrialize a campaign to endless compensation on the pretext of WW2 events. One part of this was to shut down the Japanese supposrt fund for comfort women that still had millions of dollars in it to support the few remaining survivors, then Moon schemed to install the statues of victims all over including Berlin. Next came the outrageous legal ruling to seize the assests of Japanese companies in the ROK, something you might see in the Uganda of Idi Amin.

The theft of Takeshima, the radar-locking onto JSDF aircraft, the incessant mouthing off on Japaneese officials internal affairs visiting shrines must be stopped once and for all!

The appointment of the Yoo Myung-Hee as director general of the WTO will be an absolute disaster for Japan because in effect gives control of the WTO to president Moon, who is already salivating at the prospect of manufacturing policies to cripple Japan's trade.

To date I have seen nothing from Japan to effectively mitigate these attacks.

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Posted in: Coast guard says Chinese vessels sailed near disputed East China Sea islands See in context

It's YOUR islands because you PAID FOR THEM!

But if you are too scared to put permanent structures on your own islands such as a weather observation station lighthouse and JSDF garrison what do you expect? It is UNINHABITED therefore China can argue a dispute!

Can't you learn from how the Koreans stole Takeshima from you? They built structures on it and packed it with ROK flags so how you gonna get it back now without a war?

Need to find some courage...

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Posted in: Learn about the tragic history of WWII kamikaze pilots at two museums in Fukuoka See in context

"their sacrifices serving no other purpose than prolonging the war."

––Even the exhibit in Chiran expresses this sentiment, but this just might not be the case. Why?

1) The Japanese main islands were NOT invaded.

2) After the surrender Japan was NOT divided between the victorious powers unlike Germany.

Scholars have debated reasons for the above for decades and will probably never be resolved.

Certainly no one can deny strictly the poor military gains of Tokko forces deployment. (just think the insanity of sending a 1937 fixed gear Nakajima 97 against massive warships protected by Hellcats)

Yet no one can DISPROVE the enormous psychological impact upon those under attack by forces who do not care about their own lives as long as they can inflict damage to their end.

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

IF Moon were honest about this issue he wouldn't have orchestrated the termination of the $10 million Japanese funds for assisting the few survivors. Which by the way is an enormous amount of help for 17 women in their 90's.

But we all know this has ZERO to do with the survivors and everything to do with maintaining Koreans' seething hatred and single minded determination to establish a PERMANENT industry of victimhood, one that indefinitely forces Japan to finance Koreans into the infinite future. Certainly intended to provide windfall benefit to Koreans who are multiple generations removed from any possible harm by Japan, and be financed by Japanese who are born multiple generations within the pacifist Japanese governance.

IF Moon were honest about the pain suffered by his people he would DO SOMETHING about the MILLIONS murdered maimed and raped as a result of Stalin's annexation of the North half of his peninsula, the civil war supported by Mao Zhedong and in general the thousands of years of Chinese and Mongol aggression.

But we all know that those countries are either nuclear superpowers or broke financially therefore can't be extorted. Japan the only neighbor with a pacifist constitution is the perfect soft target for just such a lowlife as Moon diverting attention away from his incompetence governing the ROK.

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Posted in: 1st hearing for former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

If only he had a son who could transfer half a million $ to tranfer in crypto he could have some large musical instruments delivered to entretain him during this stressful time...

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Posted in: China demands Japanese fishing boats not trespass in its waters See in context

After Korea stole Takeshima from war ravaged Japan they built some structures and left a garrison along with a huge Korea flag to pretend it had been Korea since the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Why can't the JSDF occupy the Senkaku? Then local politicians could fly there once in a while on the US2 from Iwakuni to inspect and make speeches.

Come on people it's your country! Use it or lose it!

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

Xi can come on one condition:

The ONLY topic to be discussed on his visit is which island he is to be exiled to after he is deposed from China's leadership!

Personally I recommend he gets to go to Umake jima, soon home to a few good men of US forces base.

There are a few delapidated buildings left over from WW2 defenses the renovations of which should keep his evil mind occupied on positive things for a change!!

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Posted in: Japanese university awards first-ever ninja studies degree See in context

Thesis to consider for a PhD in Jinja studies:

1) Sneak into PM Abe's house and shave his cat as proof

2) Break into the White House and get a bottle of Trump's hair spray

3) Steal the nuclear secrets from North Korea and leave Kim Jong Un with a black eye

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Posted in: Japan can't move ahead with U.S. missile defense system: Abe See in context

It's time to create the JSDF [SPACE] branch!

There is plenty of cutting edge talent in JAXA well experienced in space missions. If their budget is increased I have no doubt effective made in Japan defense can quickly be developed.

The problem --as always, is that of leadership of course. And creating such a survival critical role must be assigned to a capable scholar and NOT some corrupt administrator!

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un's sister threatens S Korea with military action See in context

Never forget that by 1953 Mao had paid the blood of 700,000 dead PLA (plus one of his sons life!) to own the DPRK because Stalin was too busy dying to care to keep ownership of it!!!

But most people don't remember what they had for breakfast and react to the shadows on the wall...

President Xi inherited ownership over the puppet state of the DPRK, and who in their right mind thinks he would be happy to see a second term Trump presidency with a massive international coalition already building to absolutely wipe out the CCP!

For those with an IQ over 70: ABSOLUTELY EXPECT the rhetoric to radically excalate from the DPRK before November. Most likely very scary ICBM launch(es) and/or hydrogen bomb testing by October!

The CCP knows they will NOT survive in power with Trump remaining POTUS and they will do far worse than releasing the plague in the world to stay in charge!

Biden had bragged on record he has 25 hours of PRIVATE talks with Xi with only one interpreter. Don't you think those talks are taped by Mr. Xi? Don't you think IF released to the public Biden would be seen for selling out his country for the billion his son took? Don't you think that makes him the ideal controllable "barbarian king for the US" by the CCP definition?...

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

And now you have a rapid depressurization at 40,000 feet when it's already time critical to put on your oxygen mask. But the face shield will have to be removed first.

Will the cabin crew make a new safety demo to remind passengers to do this?

Is ANA prepared for the lawsuits for possible injuries or even death due to some who might be a second too late to don the oxygen mask?

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Posted in: Russia proposes shelving jurisdiction issue in isle talks with Japan See in context

In the early months of 1942 the war situation was so desperate for the USSR they had used all the Siberian reserve forces to stop the Vermacht in the outskirts of Moscow. Meanwhile the most talented Japanese war general Yamashita was in charge of the huge Kwantung Army --under orders to do nothing but monitor the Russian border. Had he attacked how could the USSR NOT have collapsed? --of course will never know..

Yet the non agression pact was kept by Japan and of course broken by Stalin once he was sure he can gobble up territory for minimum risk.

Making an agreeement with Putin is worth abous as much as signing one with Stalin.

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Posted in: 'My decision to make': Trump defends criticized use of drug See in context

The molecular biology is proven by lab tests to support this (not to mention excellent early intervention results):

When the cells contain high concentrations of zinc the virus is UNABLE to replicate itself.

The problem is getting zinc INTO the cells is very difficult. Hydroxychloroquine however acts as a zinc ionophore that drastically increases the cells' zinc absorbtion. This achieves the cells protection from the virus replicating itself.

The danger is the balance of metallicity may be disrupted which would effect the heart's electrical signaling.

For example high zinc concentration in the body prevents copper absorbtion which would need to be supplimented also to restore the balance.

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Posted in: Is this the end of civilization as we know it? See in context

The most important reference on this topic would be Prof. Nick Bostrom on Oxford, head of the rarely studied "existential threats" department. Any other scolar's statement you bring up here is haphazard commenting in comparison.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific may fly only freight to Japan, and no passengers See in context

CX has also grounded half their fleet and requested 20,000 employees worldwide to take voluntary unpaid leave. YET -as they had just published-, they are still posting a small profit!

Maybe in a thousand years Japanese carriers will learn how that is possible.

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