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Posted in: U.S. employers add jobs at pace not seen since 1999 See in context

If replacing high paying jobs for lower paying jobs is progress than they can celebrate

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

Japan did something that never happened in the past 5000 years. They unified China back in the 40s.

However Japan is going down the tubes economically.

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Posted in: Standing on the job gains favor in U.S. workplaces See in context

As some have stated a combination of both is good. The best is to actually be suspended in water while working.... Hahaha

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Posted in: Japan test-broadcasts super HD television technology See in context

This is akin to the mega pixel wars for digital cameras. After a while people don't care anymore if their needs are being met. A few might want 64k TV, but I think for most normal sized homes anything more than 8k will show no gain in real life situations. For the next 5 years I'm fine with 1080p

Also as one ages their vision gets worse... So what's the point.. Lol

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Posted in: Health ministry reviews pension system See in context

The mathematical model is broken and at this point it's just damage control to the destiny of a slow decline for pensioners. But it not just Japan, many g8 countries have this problem

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Posted in: Abe's reform plan leaves tough questions unanswered See in context

Japanese economic policies are reactionary and not proactive. They had every advantage 30 years ago to make the right policy changes. At this point it's too little too late. The standard of living for the average Japanese person will continue to drop over the next few decades

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 22-year-old son 'saw no hope for his future' See in context

The mother needs a mental health evaluation.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

To trp456, night life and non marriage relationships have less obstacles. I've killed it in every city I've visited in the world also, but I won't be ignorant of the challenges that lie ahead when I get married if the right person comes along.

Being alpha in a singles situation is different than inside a marriage. I see that and would adapt when the need arises.

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