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First, why is only thyroid cancer being tested and not all of the other illnesses (such as leukaemias) that are known to come from radiation exposures? Second, why has the Japanese government arbitrarily raised the national and internationally recognised legal standard of radiation safety from 1 to 20 mSv/y? Third, why is there still no official recognition of the proven greater impacts (roughly 20 times) from internal radiation exposure than external by the Japanese government? Fourth, radioactive materials (from the blast, wind, precipitation and water) and radioactive waste stored and incinerated from Fukushima have been distributed all over the country as far as Okinawa since at least 2012. Fifth, why does the article not show the data from thyroid cancers in other Prefectures, and these in comparison to pre-3.11 numbers in those prefectures? Sixth, why does the Japanese government deny the relevance of incidences of cancers/illnesses prior to 5 years while even some of their official scientific advisors have done studies in Chernobyl/Nagasaki to confirm that people experience illnesses from radiation exposures as early as 1-2 years after exposures? Seventh, I personally know of people across a broad age range (high school to 60s) in Fukushima prefecture (between 40 and 80 kms from the plant) who have suffered sudden cardiac arrests, aggressive cancers, leukaemia and other unusual illnesses, even though they were previously healthy with little record of illness. The answer comes down to the government being more concerned with protecting the nuclear industry and its investors and the credibility of the 'safety regulations' surrounding it than the Japanese people and everyone else exposed to radioactive contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Some commentators here are putting too much trust in the government without properly examining all of the scientific data and arguments that are available. This is not surprising. To do so is very onerous and the Japanese government and its muzzled media are not helping in the slightest with repeated obfuscation and careful misinformation.

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