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ElbudA MEXICANO, you sum it up well. Pakistan has a big population and defence force and should be able to send a massive sweep of its troops through its border regions and destroy all Taliban forces while the Afghan Army does a pincer from the other side. I bet if India attacked Pakistan over their shared border they would soon find abundant troops and supplies to mount an effective and sustained attack. Pakistan cricketers cheat at cricket, just like its government cheats the rest of the world over terrorism nurtured from within its borders. If it wants to be seen more than just a bunch of ignorant zealot Islamic hot en tots with no future outside of being a third world poverty stricken country but wth nuclear weapons it cannot aford, then just keep it up. Reliable and democratic India is going ahead in leaps and bounds and is trusted by the world. We judge you or what you do, not what you say.

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For more than forty years US, Canadian, Australian New Zealand, British and European manufacturers have been relocating to China and helped build up a strong economy generating hundreds of millions of jobs and bringing China into the modern world. If any one wants these jobs you can always consider immigrating to China and getting into the queue. The free world market is raising the standard of living of people right around the world and is a force for good. The more advanced economies need to look to newer ways of generating economic activity outside of making consumer goods which was considered always a n undersirable job for the poorer working class. If China raises the value of its currency by forty percent it makes China 40% richer and enables it to come in and buy up your Companies or land much cheaper. China still has massive unemployment problems to deal with but its developing technology and the tens of millions of technically trained people it is educating, similar to India, means a coming rush of new sophisticated technology we have not even dreamt of. They make great Citizens if they immigrate to your Country as we in Melbourne have found. God bless them I say - Good people!. America's problem is self imposed - just pay more taxes and live within your means please. We need a bountiful strong US.

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If the Japanese whaling fleet gets into difficulties in the Southern Ocean because of a "divine wind" , the Australian Navy etc., will always come to its rescue on national friendship and responsibility grounds. However, the majority of Aussies are strongly against Japan's whaling per se, let alone in the pristine Southern Ocean. I hope the sailors have a safe voyage and just enjoy the whale watching the rest of us do and leave these wonderful creatures alone. Perhaps they would be better off running whale watching tours to the Southern Ocean. People fly down to sea the Antarctic. Bit hard to see a whale from a fast flying jumbo jet - a fortnight on a Japanese ship, without whale meat on the menu would be n ice. Do the sailors eat the whale meat they harvest I wonder?

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That is very good news for everybody. To allow GM to fail would have beena disaster. It is not true that GM makes 1960's cars. Its technology is the latest and it has operations in many countries including Australia that make first class vehicles of world standard and they sell world wide. Obama gets attacked from the Republicans but would they have let GM fall? Perhaps they woud have! He made many correct decisions at th heart of the Global Financial crisis and the world stepped around a Depression. There is a way out of the problems that face most world economies and Australia is an example of this. It was facing being a basket case in 1991 but today has four of only nine AA rated banks worldwide, a mere 4.5% unemployment level, a strong economy and very little public debt, about 6% of GDP. The same vital policies it adopted in 1991 would steer all economies out of their woes and put them back on a steady safe course. You have to find the someone in Australia that knows what the strategy was. Only one man knows!

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Sadly, the price of a solid long term marital relationship so often means the horny sex that makes your loins ache for the next encounter, and generates a feeling of overwhelming wellbeing, is subjugated to other needs for the wider good of an immediate or extended family. Over time, the psychological baggage from the difficulties of an active family and business life, becomes a blocker to freewheeling spontaneous sexual thought and when one's head hits the pillow, its, "I just want to sleep".

Flirting is danger, as many receivers may see signals as something greater than is being offered. It is especially dangerous for the flirtor who has accumulated relatively significant wealth, status and income compared to the flirtee, maybe someone that nature has created as attractive but without means, so is desperate for financial, social and emotional security.

How many guys find there wives totally uninterested in sex, once she has had the number of children she wants, a home and a good living income, which she knows she can still have if she divorces him. She as many do, picture themselves sleeping in or sitting around in a dressing gown all day, watching TV or reading, with the disposed of hubby, out on the street but working hard to keep her and the offspring. She knows the law will ensure she can live in a new smaller dwelling from 70% of the equity in their former family home. She will start planning the divorce 2 years before he finds out, she plans to end the marraige. At the same time she would be ropeable if he sought sex from someone else, before of after even the marraige ends. If you are in business mixing with a lot of middle aged people, you see this occuring time and time again to guys that are faithful but work really hard to give those in their little nest the best standard of income possible. So they look at pornos occassionaly for some stimulation, which invariably sparks nothing, or visit a strip club with their mates.

That is not to say that you don't also see an occasional guy who makes the bad mistake of and abandoning their family, and running off with their secretary. A relationship that rarely lasts - as sex is not nearly enough for 24 hour compatability. Most guys shagging their secretaries on the side, are doing it for the heck of it and ego, and have absolutely no interest in abandoning their wife (who they love deeply) and family and would be shattered if she ever foubnd out. But she will because the secretary will eventually convey hints to her, the competitor, if given the chance.

For a lot of marraiges the wife might put out dutifully but lifelessly, and without the power of a creative mind to fantasize, the guy might get lttle of no pleasure at all from encounters at all. A lot of women don't realize either that "cute" and femininity doesn't last much past your forties, and for some a lot earlier. A lot of women become more blokey or male like, as the age and their body and looks change shape.

Some women are agreeable to the husband going to a prostitute, but never to an affair, because of the inevitable risk of emotional attachment by the woman involved. While some women will matronly sound off to their spouse as a "sleaze" if he dares to buy and look or read pornography. It is rare to come across a married women who actively seeks sex from her spouse after their 40's or will do anyhting whatsoever to spice up sex in the marraige.

If you could furtively flirt on the internet and get a cheap sexual thrill without inflicting any harm on anyone else, why not!

But for many people reality is they will be overwhelmned by guilt or fear the spouse will find out; and the embarrassment and consequences they might suffer as a result. So they stay right out of it and not take the risk of some short term or instant pleasure or kicks, for the long term pain it is goes wrong. Guys don't go into main street sex shops because they are uninterested, it is because they fear the mocking if a bus load of mates going past and seeing them as they walk out. It is called self-harm!

So if you would not like your spouse doing internet sex, don't do it yourself! Or as the basic tenet the Bible is all about: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

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Is the word "Gullible" still in the Oxford Dictionary?

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What were they saying? It does read like someone just got their first history book and Thesaurus and said lets write something for JT. So I will say something too and hope it adds to the item.

International student education is a $20 billion a year industry for Australia with overseas students coming mainly from China, South East Asia and Africa for a good tertiary education. Living in Australia and experiencing how an advanced Society operates is part of that educational experience. Many students choose to stay after graduation and are a welcome addition to Australian Society. Chinese students in particular fit in very well to Australian Society and culture especially, in Melbourne which has a long history with the Chinese and they are very popular.

The internet is a just a tool, and as a University teacher from a strong industry background as most of my colleagues are at Deakin University, students get the benefit of the text book and the wide experience of the teacher. Many older professors and tertiary qualified teachers from industry get little or no pay but see a university as an Institute for the betterment of Society and like most Australians, are committed to volunteerism and it widespread benefits.

Melbourne is the fourth biggest University City in the World and values its relationship with international students. It also values the enormous financial and cultural contribution they make to our economy.

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Posted in: Why do tourists continue to stay away from Japan, despite the fact that there are many places of interest far away from the crisis-affected areas? What should Japanese tourism officials do to promote See in context

After you have seen the Emperors Palace and Mt Fuji what else is there? Tokyo is hardly a leafy beautiful City with hundreds of exotic places to go to within an hour or two's drive. Th forests seem to be short, the mountains not that high, and Japanese is hard for Westerners to read or speak. There are just too many other destinations around the world. At least traveling in Japan is safe. I don't know of anyone saying they wouldn't go to Japan because of the nuclear matter. They just don't say they would go.

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Obama's idea on borders See in context

electrokids: Reason tells us that you can hang on to something valuable while you can defend it from others that seek it too. That applies to white, black and Asian Americans in formerly Indian lands in the US. If the Indians were strong enough and desired to push them all out, they might have to relocate too. Non-Indians can't live in Indian Reservation land only because it is the same power and force of non-Indians that protect those reservations for he Indians, not the Indians themselves.

As shocking as it may seem, Israel with few natural resources and a small population that essentially survives on international handouts and protection is not a long term viable self sustaining state in its present form. Palestine's traditional occupants, the Palestinian Semetic Arabs, are relatively large in number and growing at a faster rate than Jewish populations, and still reside in greater Palestine. If Israel became art of a greater democratic Palestine state the "Jewish Palestinians" would be out voted and that is why they build big walls to ghetto themselves inside.

With a mere 22 million people, Australia for example, relies heavily on the goodwill of its friendly neighbors and especially its greatest Ally, the US. Australia works hard on its relationships with its neighbors as it is in their common interest. Australia, like the US takes migrants from all races, religions and cultures on earth and does not pick fights with neighbors for land grabs. We fight to end wars and tyranny.

All Australians are treated equally under the law. If all non-pure bred Aboriginal Australians left, there would be just a handful of traditional Aboriginal owners left in this massive continent, most of whom are now Christian, and would soon drift back to live a primitive lifestyle - something they would not want. Australia works hard to ensure everyone gets a "fair go", especially its Aboriginal population.

Also Australia has extradition treaties with most countries, so if an Australian commits and fraud or other crime overseas, they cannot take the first flight home to avoid being charged for the crime. Israel on the other hand is a haven for numerous Jewish serial offenders and that stance is not being "kosher" in my book.

Israel sadly has many almost unsolvable problems and Jewish occupation there has been a disaster for them over millenniums - read history. They can have a better and safer life elsewhere and just visit and holiday in the Holy Land, as so many people do from various world religions.

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

It is basically as Zenji correctly says, it is "because they can".

It becomes very easy to acquire all sorts of indulgent goodies at will as you become increasingly rich and powerful. As the "famous man" mounts the submitting woman he thinks to himself, "what new pleasure will I get from this immediate object of desire" while simultaneously an egotistical rush of God like personal smugness fills his brain at his latest success. Then gently he manouevers his physical positions and mind to maximize his own pleasure - the sole thing that matters to him. After the act, and maybe a short relaxed nap, he cannot get away quick enough even if it means chewing one arm off to free himself.

Then one day fame and fortune slips away like waste water down a plughole and so do the dames, the wonderment, the pleasure chases and the smugness and he becomes like us or ends it all.

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We would all be better off if Jewish families returned to their pre-1948 borders which is mainly Europe and end the nonsense about thousands of years of continuous history and right to exist on land that has essentialy been the home of the Palestinians Arab semetics for at least the last two millennia. Roman General Titus wiped out all 600,000 Jews in very short time in Palestine in 70AD after which there was only a very small Jewish presence of 20,000 at most thereafter, until it started to grow in the 1930's when they got thrown out of Germany et al. The smart ones went to the USA, Britain, Australia and Canada. All the world's people have to accept responsibility for their own bad choices, even Jews. Artificially created and maintained,Israel has little long term prospects as a self reliant entity like anything starting on a false premise. At some stage Israel may have to be self reliant, but at that point it will collapse under the rush of departing patriots with duel citizenship's. The US is changing and Israel has to change too.

Netanyahu is a Zionist expansionist and has no empathy with Arabs per se. So peace under regimes similar to his are fantasy. Nothing in nature has a right to exist that cannot sustain and enforce its own existence, as earlier Jewish communities found out under the brutal sword of General Titus, and more recently Hitler. Tragically there has been other mass killings in between. I would not be seeking a new life there!

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Posted in: Obama addresses Arab world; urges Israel to go back to 1967 borders See in context

Zurcronium: No, Israel has nuclear bombs made from weapons grade material stolen from the US.

And to bass4funk: Obama looks after the 7 million Jews that live in the US - that is what he was elected for. Israel has to look after itself and its own 7 million Jews if it wants Sovereign Nation Status. It would be wrong of Obama to treat Israel any greater than an Allie. Israeli's 7m Jews did not vote for him - many could have chosen to live in the US - then they would have had his protection.

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Posted in: Obama addresses Arab world; urges Israel to go back to 1967 borders See in context

Israel has in force a military occupation of the Palestinian WestBank. That is where Israel gets a lot of its "free" fresh water from. It also wants to excise Jerusalem for itself. It allows illegal settlements in militarily occupied land on the Westbank. I am sure none of this is new to you JT readers. There seems to be a swing towards freedom and democracy taking over in the Arab world and the many dictators are finally being removed by the people themselves. That is a force for good. Obama rightly sees that the US should support these popular uprisings as a true road map to peace in the Middle East. He also understands Israel only pretends to be interested in peace. But true democracy and peace in Arab states would be good for world peace and stability and for the US. It would also mean Israel will be forced back into their old original borders by the World. Religious Hebrews would be better off using Israel as a holiday or study destination for religious purposes and residing in the Western democracies where they are safe. All Jews returning to Israel is fantasy by religious zealots. 50% of the world's 14 million Jews seem to have little interest in residing in Israel. 7 million Jewish Israeli's are probably not going to carry much weight in world affairs if the Arab world becomes genuinely democratic and it offers far greater business opportunities for the West tha little Israel ever will. That is just reality and reason.

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Osama bin Laden's body was offered to his home country, Saudia Arabia, but they refused to take it or participate in an Islamic burial ceremony. The US still gave him a dignified Islamic send off, in the sea off Saudi Arabia from one of its greatest warships. That was decent!

I didn't like the look of the creep when he was alive, and certainly aren't interested to see his face after a bullet has modified it. Let him rest in peace as the guy was insane. It is over! Let those who love him grieve as is their right. Find something else to write about.

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To the gullible who right these inane comments, the US had the right to do the mission under UN Article 51.

If the cowardly Osama bin Laden had been hiding for seven long years in a compound in my Country Australia, we would have expected the US to come into our country and get him too. The same apply if another equally bad monster had done the same to another power like China or Russia as bin Laden did to the US. They should come and kill the person themselves for the world's sake. The little bit of Pakistan puffery is childlike. There has to be exceptions for the really bad. Take the monster out and leave us embarrassed that he was living for seven years under our nose. We would expect our Minister for Defence and top Intelligence heads to resign for incompetence.

The guy deserved to die just for those horrible poor quality video's he kept visiting on the world. I thought he was killed in a bombing raid in 2003/4 and effectively he was. He was terrified out of his wits and sneaked away from his forces and hid.

The Navy Seals did the job correctly - there is nothing bin Laden could have said that we would want to hear about. The same applied to Hitler, Stalin, and the rest of the monsters, some of whom are sadly still alive.

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The US action was entirely legal under UN Article 51.

It is also a necessary World lesson to those dumbo terrorist leaders that urge others to go and do their vicious dirty work, while they hide and ponder in presumed safety, that there is no where to hide, the US military will get you whatever it takes.

I suppose the US military can thank Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein for the opportunity of conveniently getting rid of their old ordinance and real war conditions to test out the new stuff. It all gives the US and British militarizes current war experience to keep their military machines war ready.

There is always going to be some charismatic lunatic somewhere that attracts followers and then causes serious trouble just as man has unlimited economic wants and will commit fraud/theft/murder to fulfill those wants. It is part of some of us, especially the gullible and insane, as any sort of crime is insanity.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida vows revenge for bin Laden's death See in context

Osama bin Laden is dead and body laid in the deep blue sea off Saudi Arabia. It is interesting that Saudi Arabia, the country of his birth and source of wealth refused return of his body by the US before the US gave a respectful Islamic burial at sea from one its greatest warships. He was treated as a combatant. The fact that the US soldiers were able to capture his computer hard drives and other vital data means that any sensible al- Qaida actives will choose to disappear into Society and hope they are not captured. As when any charismatic leader dies, the organization collapses. There may be a few stray grenades thrown on the way out the back door but al-Qaida is finished. It never had the support of the 1.2 billion Moslems, just a handful of young hotheads, most of whom are also now dead. The Moslem world is going democratic, so he failed dismally. All he did was bring death and misery and terror to Moslem and non- Moslem alike.

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A lot of inane comments from those who have little understanding of the importance of the monarchy in a Constitutional Monarchic system as applies to Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand et al, all operating for six decades under the same World respected Monarch. About a third of the world's population are members of the British commonwealth of nations - republics and constitutional monarchies all respecting the British Crown and the head Royal and comprising, Christians, Moslems, Sikhs, Hindus, atheists, agnostics and so on. Not bad really!

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Well the US really got some justice today with the slaying by its special forces of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. The beast is dead and with him will go much of the evil he visited upon the world just as it did with Hitler and Stalin. Hopefully, the moderate Moslems throughout the world will say enough is enough, let us put our energies into advancing our peoples with basics like freedom, education, respect for other religions, democracy.

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Posted in: The royal wedding: Tying the knot between countries See in context

The US can always rejoin the British Commonwealth of nations along with India, Pakistan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and about fifty others. I am sure its contribution would be welcome at Commonwealth, "Heads of Government", talks. I note the birthplace of President Obama, Hawaii, still carries the British Union flag in the corner, similar to Australia and New Zealand and numerous others.

The US, like Australia, Canada and New Zealand especially benefited enormously from the cultural, language, scholarship, parliamentary and legal practices it inherited from Great Britain. There are just too many benefits to mention.

But for King Louis 16th, of France's trumped up interference with US/British affairs in 1776 with a French Naval blockade on British troop supplies, which finished up costing him his bloated navy, his head and the Monarchy and the French bloodletting that followed with the French Revolution in the 1790's, the US would have remained a valuable independent part of the British Commonwealth and its work for good around the world. Canada, New Zealand and Australia did not have to have a phony war of independence, Britain has always given us everything we asked for, including independence. But we are not historically averse to paying taxes for the common good.

The majesty and grandeur of the Royal Wedding was witnessed by billions, not just hundreds of millions, around the world. The soldiers that participated in their historic uniforms are not just for show, they are actually front line combat troops that participate currently in the war in Afghanistan to bring it peace and democracy too.

God save the Queen Elizabeth, the Monarch of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand et al.

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Posted in: What did you think of the British royal wedding on Friday? See in context

Disillusioned: I am an Aussie too, and am glad "the Chaser" was rejected by the ABC. They are not funny or witty. Their whole style is about ridicule and mocking, which is typical Sydney. Why would Australians per se want to have what was a majestic event of unmatchable grandeur interrupted and tainted by their nauseous childlike, secondary school boy antics.

More than 25% of Australians tuned in to watch the wedding on TV and many more gathered in pubs and clubs to enjoy it, many dressing up for the occasion. It was a spectacle that Hollywood could never match, nor could any other Country. The biggest Australian TV audience ever by a long way.

If you knew anything about British History then you would be grateful that Australia is a child of Great Britain and all that Great Britain delivered Australia, the freest and wealthiest country on the planet.

God Bless Australia, and God Save the Queen.

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123chachacha. You seem to be adopting a cynical attitude to PM Gillard's visit. Australia has made no secret that it seeks a free trade agreement with Japan which would be good for the majority of both countries. The greatest good for the greatest number, as it were. I don't imagine you can find a country that is more direct and open than Australia. The main impact of her visit must be to lend moral support to the people of Japan in a crisis and to suggest Australia would seek to exploit it, please let us all know how? She is doing what any decent person would do. Why spoil it! The baby will treasure that photo when it is older, as will the family. Good luck to it!

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Posted in: Is U.S. military relief effort Operation Tomodachi really about friendship? See in context

The US provides 50% of all aid to the world and 70% of all cash aid in an emergency. The American military were on the ground it seems and helping immediately. They did the same with the Indonesian Tsunami. They diverted a Marine assault force heading to Iraq to assist the Indonesians with a huge number of helicopters, a force only the US can and will deliver.

Japan asked for aid from its western allies, the US, Australia, New Zealand and it came instantly. With 127 million people it is obvious Japan would be able to do most of the rescue work itself, but don't be so petty as to knock friends who come immediately to you aid in a crisis.

We received wide news coverage of the earthquake and Tsunami in Australia. All we saw was the Japanese people and authorities stoically handling themselves with dignity and calm in a crisis and the US and Australia et al immediately coming to Japan's aid with serious military hardware assistance. Where were the rest of the world? Waiting for the US military to do all the heavy lifting in a crisis as usual. You can always get a quote from a nitwit who would winge even if he got a front seat in heaven. "They shalt be done on earth as it is in Heaven" - that is what the US Military did. They are true and ever reliable "Good Samaritans". God Bless America I say!

I am glad the US has maintained a strong military presence in the Pacific and South East Asia since the forties. Certainly made me sleep better at night nowing US Marines and Navy are out there.

I just wish the US aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan would call in on my City Melbourne, We would love to say thank you!

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Posted in: Australian PM: Japan shouldn't abandon trade pact See in context

Australian PM Gillard's visit to Japan and the warm reception from the Emperor, the Government and your PM truly represents how much we have in common and the level of mutual respect.

Given Australia's ability to provide Japan a wide range of abundant food stocks, most Australian's cannot understand Japan's need to come down to the Southern Ocean and poach whales. It makes only a fractional contribution to the amount and variety of food Japanese consume. There is virtually no one on earth eating it. The inward looking handful of people involved are doing far more harm than good. Why bother?

Japanese are welcome to invest in food production in Australia but have always been a bit shy, partly because of Japanese Government restrictions on overseas investments by insurance companies etc., the big investors. Free it up and we will both benefit.

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Posted in: NHK to broadcast UK royal wedding live See in context

It is amazing how many people around tbe World will tune in to this historical event. The Pomp and pageantry of Britain is something to behold. As an Australian, who one day will have Prince William as our King, it never ceases to impress me of the bonding force of the British Royals for the offspring countries of Britain like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and even to a large extent, the USA. The US would still be part of the British Commonwealth if they were not so historically mean about paying taxes. The Emperor in Japan is a source for strongly uniting the Japanese people just the same. It is a system that has stood the test of time. It will be an exciting event to watch even for republicans who will be watching in droves, the hypocrites. I urge the Japanese people to tune in for a great emotional spectacle like the rest of the world. Good on NHK!

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Posted in: California sets high renewable power goals See in context

If the US was serious about energy it would put a $2 a gallon Federal excise on petrol and force Americans out of their gas guzzlers and into a smaller vehicles that use just 25% of the fuel per mile the average US car does, and join the commonsense of the rest of the world. That would generate a trillion dollars a year and help the Federal Government towards balancing their massive budget deficits.

The US has abundant supplies of coal and has to look to genuine reliable resources from within its own border for its future. The Californian idea of getting 33% of the base load power from wind or solar is rubbish. It is too expensive and unreliable, and has to be subsidized heavily by someone and will send more Californian jobs to China etc., including the research and making of solar panels. The State of California is in dire financial strife and they come up with this! Get your taxes on the rich up substantially and start living within your means before playing Russian roulette on energy and producing power the declining US middle class cannot afford. Man made warming is a physical impossibility on a world scale. We are only 2000 years away from the start of the next ice age which will coat the US in deep ice. It will take that long for any impact of a reduction in carbon dioxide gas to occur anyway even if it was a real issue. But no one else on the planet is really trying. We used far less resources just 40 years ago when we made our own lunch, put it in the paper bag we got from the fruit shop, and wrapped our rubbish in biodegradable newspaper when binning it. Oh how life life was so much simpler and cheaper then and commonsense was common.

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Posted in: French ban on Islamic veils put into force See in context

I simply wish Islamic women in the West would just cease wearing that appallingly ugly political and religious statement headgear. In relations to Western Moslem women, it seems to me it is a form of appalling insensitivity, and traitorism to all those tens of millions of oppressed women in strident Middle Eastern Islamic countries that have no choice at all on so many restrictive lifestyle factors. Something the strident western headgear wearers are free not to suffer. Ironically it is mainly non-moslems that won and guarantee that freedom and gender equality, that attracts them to the West.

I also wish that anti-social recent creation, "the hoodie" would be banned in my Country, Australia, as it seems to be always present with street crime and anti-social behavior and causes public fear when people cannot see who is under it. Hoodies makes it difficult for the Police to identify offenders from security cameras.

Many Moslems are about thirty to forty years behind us in the west in their ways but are catching up, advancing like we did. The young will not put up with the State and religious oppression their parents sadly suffered throughout the petty dictatorships of the Middle East which in twenty years will be just a memory. There is a lot of very good Moslem people in all countries and I wish them all a fair go as long as they extend the same to me.

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Posted in: Kan warns of Greece-like debt crisis See in context

Japan will not have a debt crisis like Greece. The two economies are like cheese and chalk - Greece virtually doesn't have an economy - it has been sponging off Europe.

Japan has funded its massive public debt by borrowing from within Japan from personal savings where interest rates are controlled, whereas Greece borrowed offshore with no control over rates payable. I know Japan has spent massively on public infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools etc., but that does not explain a public debt of 218% (US$9 trillion) of GDP (US$4 trillion)?

Just as China has been committing "Mercantilism" against the US and other Western economies, by reducing its exchange rate to 14% of what it was 25 years ago, to wipe out US manufacturing, Japan seems to have been guilty of the same thing by using public debt to finance the sale of manufactured exports way below actual cost, since the early 1980's. China refuses to let its exchange rate float and Japan will keep subsidizing it's "giant manufacturers", loss making exports and the public debt will worsen. You are both slowly killing the goose that lays you, the golden egg - the US economy.

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Posted in: European court: No crucifixes in Italian schools See in context

I don't know why people put these crosses up in religious buildings for Jesus. If Jesus does return to earth, the last thing he will want to see is another cross!

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Posted in: S Carolina man gets 3 years in prison for sex with horse See in context

Was this a "shotgun wedding" but the groom pulled out. The guardian of this 21 year old filly then went to the police? Seems there is no fury like women scorned. I expect the horse has been canned for its dalliances and will be available on your supermarket shelf soon like many other aging horses.At least he she will keep dogs happy now.

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