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Posted in: Reconstruction minister quits over election law violation allegations See in context

The problem is not Kishida. The whole LDP party is fundamentally only excisting to serve their own members and all those they are closr with and that financially support them.

It is amazing that although for decades they go from one scandall to another, people still vote for them. As long as the voters don't wake up in Japan this will continue and the country will sinc deeper away...

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Posted in: Kumamoto prefectural assembly member allegedly threatens to kill taxi driver See in context

In most other countries hewould already be finished...

Good from the taxi driver to bring ot out...

Time that these ojisans learn that the rest of the world has moved on... (rest of the world, inluding most of the Japanese younger population and woman)

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Posted in: Prosecutors to indict Abe shooter after psychiatric evaluation See in context

@Alan Harrison

Zeems like you already condammed Yamagami.

As said by Tom san, he desrves a fair trail.

There is much to say about the role of Abe san and the LDP party in this case.

Althoug violence ia never to be defended, many understand what triggered Yamagami...

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Posted in: 90 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context


'Their Shrine, their Dead, their Nation, their history, and all outsiders can take a hike.'

You forgot to add '... and their 16 war criminals'

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. trade deal to enter into force Wednesday See in context

I hope 'God bless the Japanese people eating meat from animals that have been treated with hormones'

Not really a win for the health of the people...

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

I have said it before and will say it again: Women can do anything in Japan.

for sure this not a fact given the many issues women encounter having a career here.

Ganbare, you posted countless posts claiming non-facts (or taking extreme right wing position.

More like a member of the black van community?

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Maybe good to add some facts.

Yes, we can compare how 2 of the aggressors of WW2 cope with their past. And yes it makes sense as it explains how nations reflect on their history. (I like to add I believe an overwhelming majority of Japanese people do not identify themselves with the right wing costume players and their political leaders.)

Wearing SS uniforms in Germany will get you arrested and you might end up in jail.

In Japan idiots can parade freely like that on August 15...

Denying historical facts about the war crimes (holocaust, senseless killing of civilians etc.. ) gets you in jail.

In Japan you become PM because of the backing of some powerful groups.

Denying historical facts like Nanking, medical experiments on Chinese population, claiming that the sexual slaves where actually prostitutes ... is a common practice for some idiots here...

Today Germany accepts refugees and tries actively to build a.better world.

I can continue but think this is sufficient to make my point.

BTW anyone noticed before that these comments can get you 10 or more down votes in few minutes (and not much down votes before or after) Seems like there is someone creating several accounts to influence massively.... we must do a good job here to annoy someone like that (or his IJA uniform is in the washing and he cannot join the other idiots out there :-)

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Posted in: Swarovski latest luxury brand to apologize to China See in context

Not surprised from an Austrian company. 70 years ago the welcomed fascism with open arms. Recently they voted for extreme right wing government.

Although I understand it is difficult to take position here... giving in is for sure the best way that you do everything for money... like a prosti***** ?

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Posted in: U.S. says it's consulting allies on Asian missile deployment See in context

Agree with Peter14.

Best way to handle is for all 3 allies to accept placement.

Unitied they show force and that is the only language China understands.

Also difficult to take measures against all together while at same time being in a trade war with the US.

If all nations play it smart they can beat China.

And maybe a first step for Korean and Japanese idiotic leaders to understand that they have important issues on their hands so no need to create issues themselves.

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Posted in: South Korea marks 'comfort women' memorial day See in context

It is the Japanese revisionist leaders that are at the cause of Korea installing this day as 'day for the comfort women '

Blame your leaders for it to happen.

I saw a documentary of a Dutch woman that was forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army. Her testimony was horrifying.

I do not blame any Japanese citizen living today, but I do blame these horrible revisionist for denying the truth.

Shame on them

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

I am afraid that what we notice here is happening all over the world. First people vote extreme rightwing idiots to power. Moon in SK, Abe in Japan, Dump in the US, Putin in Russia, Orban in Hungary... the list is long...

These people get elected based upon false promises and lies, but also because most voters do not take the time to reflect on whom they are voting for... this is the downside of democracy .

Then as a natural result you get these situations...

The only people benefitting from it are the extremists, not the common people.

Madeline Albright wrote a great book about this danger... she was right...

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Posted in: S Korean boycott hitting sales of Uniqlo, company says See in context


6% of global earnings is a hell of a lot.

I work in a global company on the business side so I think I know what I talk about. If you loose that most likely you can't recoup it elsewhere.

Aome rhetoric here reminds of Japan at the end of WW2. We see we are going down but rather that then swallow our pride...

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in separate incidents in Yokohama; suspect arrested See in context

Totally agree with Strangerland.

In Japan a stabbing makes the national news for the simple reason such violent acts occur not that often. In many countries even murder does no longer make national news...

Let's hope it stays like this in Japan.

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Posted in: S Korean boycott hitting sales of Uniqlo, company says See in context

Clearly the Korean people are avoiding Japanese products (beer, clothing, ...)

It is a simple economic rule that this loss of turnover will not be recouped elsewhere. Therefore it will mean lesser job development or job losses in Japan.

It seems that some don't care, but that might be different for the ones that loose their job an need to pay their loans here.

For sure there is something to say about the court ruling, but than again courts rule independently from governement. And governement needs to protect the courts rulings in any democratic country. And Japanese government is not well placed to protest on this given their continuous influence on matters of justice.

(Curious to see how many down votes I get from the right wingers this time :-)

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Posted in: S Korean imports of Japanese beer nearly halve in July See in context


Fyi: being a Belgian I should advice you never to refer to that English dark water as 'beer' if you ever visit the real beer country.

We have some laws that do not allow you to sell something for what it is not...

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Posted in: Trump accuses France's Macron of sending 'mixed signals' to Iran See in context

European leaders have all rights (and the duty) to defend their interests.

Things were going pretty well with Iran thanks to the deal the world including Obama negotiated.

But than came an orange baboon and the troubles started... can't we find a zoo or big forrest for him...

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition; raps China See in context

Joining a US (and Isrealie) coalition seems dangerous to me.

I agree that Trump started the mess in the first place. On top Israel is far from innocent in creating tensions in the area.

Let Trump clean up his own mess and explain to the American people why nobody wants to join him.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor urges Japan to join nuclear ban treaty; Abe declines See in context

Visited Hiroshima A-bom museum twice and also the museum in Nagasaki. Each time I was deeply impressed.

Before going there I was in favour of dropping the bombs.

After... I honestly don't know.

It was absolute horror what happened there.

Although I understand the US didn't want to risk having countless more casualties.

War is horror. Only fools start one

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

I agree it is in the past.

But at the same it means that the needless torture, killing of thousands of POW, and the enslavement of woman all across Asia by the EAJ happened. It is a fact.

Acknowledging these facts is the best and maybe the only way forward.

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

The New York times wrote a nice article about the view of the current ultra right wing government on the issue


Some reading for those who still doubt that Abe san redrow his apology

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Posted in: Chinese filmmaker shines spotlight on Japan's wartime sexual violence See in context

@Henny Penny


About Kishi:

The only reason he was not hanged was that the US thought he was at use to them. ( please take a minute to read below)

Known for his brutal rule of the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo in Northeast China, Kishi was called Shōwa no yōkai (昭和の妖怪; "Devil of Shōwa").[2] After World War II, Kishi was imprisoned for three years as a Class A war crime suspect. However, the U.S. government released him as they considered Kishi to be the best man to lead a post-war Japan in a pro-American direction.

About my reference to schools.

Yes ! the Osaka school the Abe family supported is ultra right wing oriented and in denial of historical facts.

Lastly East Germany was under Soviet control as we all know.

I believe you did very well understand my point. Didn't you?

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Posted in: Chinese filmmaker shines spotlight on Japan's wartime sexual violence See in context

Silvasan is absolutely right. I would like to put Abe san here next to Trump.

Under Abe things went from bad to worse, funding extremist schools trying to whitewash history books and all his grandfather was responsible for being the A-class war criminal he was.

Movies like this are needed to keep the balance and give Japanese youth a chance to learn what really happened.

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Posted in: An interview with #KuToo founder Yumi Ishikawa See in context

Allow all (ladies and men) to wear what they like as long as it is reasonably appropriate.

I cannot deny that I like to see lady wearing high heels and a nice dress, but then again only if she loves to do so.... gorgeous shoes mean nothing if you you see a face that feels uncomfortable or annoyed by it.

At the same there is a time and place for everything.

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Posted in: Fukushima eyes 2020 Tokyo Olympics for recovery message See in context

The way Abe government and Tepco handled this is utterly disgraceful.

Normal Japanese people made efforts going to Tohoku helping to clean etc...

Government bought into the Olympics while many in Tohoku still live in temporary housing...

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

Already the title here is wrong

All across the world it is called a statue of sex slave labour. Only in Japan it is called conveniently 'comfort' woman.

Removing the statue = giving in to these extreme right wing idiots.

The better way would be to protect it.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea lawmakers meet to ease row over trade, history See in context


You could not be more wrong. Germany apologized sincerely and that is the difference. Here in Japan an apology is followed by bringing flowers to yasukuni shrine to honor the war criminals...

The issue is not caused by the Japanrse people but by a few ultra right wing politicians. Abe san will not rest before he erases the war crimes of his grandfather and completely whitewashed history.

Just look at the wording in the press here... using 'comfort women' and War time workers' instead of forced sex slaves and work slaves etc...

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Posted in: Apple will face tariffs on components imported from China: Trump See in context

The issue here is that Apple wants to keep their huge profit margins.

At the prices they sell basically they can produce elswere. Or at least pay the Chinese workers more decent wages and provide more humain working conditions.

Unfortunately Apple is at the bottom in regards to respecting all of these.

Steve Jobs was a visionary man, but also famous for not taking in account basic ethics. Still today Apple does not make much efforts to improve their bad reputation.

For that reason I do not have any Apple products.

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Posted in: EU partners warn Johnson against Brexit 'provocations' See in context

The main issue here is that Britain is no longer the empire it once was, but as many other nations that once where powerful they still think they are an empire.

Since Thatcher people in the U.K. became more poorer and want to go back. Unfortunately they do not realise that being a member of the EU is their best protection.

Politicians like Boris and Reese-Mogg play on these feelings for their own selfish interests.

EU will not give in to that as it would open the door to other countries to play a simular game.

I fear for the British working class as they will pay the price for it.

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Posted in: Japan ready to support France in rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral See in context

To me it make sense for Japan to donate... as a thank you for the support that France gave to Tohoku.

Seperate from that the Japanee governement should step up it's efforts for Tohoku citizens...

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Posted in: Japan protests over S Korean lawmaker's remarks on emperor See in context

Did the Japanese government ever wondered why this issue always comes back?

For sure I honestly believe that the emperor has made many efforts to apologise for the war atrocities committed by the EJA. Unfortunately each time these efforts have been countered by Abe making stupid remarks and trying to whitewash the crimes of his grandfather.

So NO, I do not think the emperor should apologise... but it should be Abe san... not likely though...

Germany handled their past so much better by troughly and sincerely apologizing and most of all...acting accordingly pasing laws that make it a crime to deny the war crimes...

And is that not what the Japanese government is exactly doing... denying historical facts, re-writing history and glorifying war criminals in yasukuni shrine... ?

Maybe here lays the answer to the question why this issue keeps coming back...

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