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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

When I see the voting on comments here,I am amazed how many people vote negatively when the plain truth is mentioned, meaning Japan, the country that I love deeply, still cannot sincerely admit their war crimes and does everything within its power to misguide their own population...

I find this sad.

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Posted in: Virginia becomes hotbed of diplomacy over Sea of Japan name See in context

I love Japan and the Japanese. And I believe most of us here do so. But changing history books is something the Japanese Governement started to do and still continue to do so. Same for denying to have enslaved thousends of woman during the war. The only right word is "sex-slaves", not "comfort woman". By doing so, they provoke the actions that Korean people take now... So don't complain for getting hitted back, you started it !

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Posted in: Naha man arrested for abusing wife, 8-month-old daughter See in context

I think the problem is not strictle related to Japan or Japanese. It is bad and should be punished strongly. But admit that the huge sentences given in the U.S. are not helping the problem... I am amazed that people always shout to punish stronger and stronger. Compared to other countries Japan is very safe, so... better think twice before we tell them how they should handle things...

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