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It's a raven. Crows are smaller and don't have a rounded head.

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I used to have weekly conversations with an old Japanese guy from Kitakyushu. He told me that ex prime minister Taro Aso's family made their fortune from coal mining in and around the Fukuoka area going back many generations. I wonder if these are the same coal mines the POW's worked in? I'd like to know the names of such companies.

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Is SMAP an acronym? If so what for? If not, let's make some up.

So Much Awesome Phony Slow Moving Aging Phonies

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Posted in: Fellow Americans' suspicions frustrate U.S. Muslims See in context


This cartoon speaks volumes about the complexity that is 'Islamic religion'

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They need to have a celebrity kick off the car seat campaign or else no one would pay attention.

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Hoserfella, I'll explain what I mean a little better for you. Gunshots --plurial? How does one fire more than one shot if they are killing themselves? Assuming the first one missed and he only wounded himself and was still able to fire a second shot but not likely. A point blank range shot with a rifle is enough to cause serious harm and thus preventing a second attempt. So why were there multiple shots? For those who think it was echo you obviously haven't been around guns enough to know what they truly sound like. Secondly, why aim for the chest? The head is a much easier point to aim for and more deadly. Also, reaching the trigger with a gun 180 degrees the wrong way is damn hard to do with a rifle especially if the barrel is long. The only explanation for this is he used a toe while sitting down, which begs the same question...why more than one shot?

I'm surprised the story doesn't say he shot himself in the back.

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heard gunshots but found Nakashima with a gunshot wound to the chest? doesn't make sense.

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The rice will go good with the pair of gyozas she is smuggling in her shorts.

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