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Posted in: Japan's ambassador to Croatia to be transferred after sexual harassment allegation See in context

So he gets transferred to assault another women in another country. It should be investigated properly and if it is found there is an assault he should be sacked. If it is found a false accusation she should be sacked. The outcome at the moment just allows a potential sexual predator another chance. Maybe like the man form Pental Japanese do not see much harm in abusing a fellow human being.

As for the nature of the relationship even if they were married if he forced her to do something she did not want it is still an attack.

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Posted in: Japan announces $100 bil program to deal with strong yen See in context

This is not a good strategy and makes me think that no one in the Japanese government has a clue how about economics. I am amazed at the stupidity.

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

Mike - It seems a shame to invest two years into a friendship and break up over something so trivial. My advice is unreservedly apologise. Tell her you are completely in the wrong and value her friendship. If she comes back treat her well and help her with English if that is what she wants.

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Posted in: Japanese TV show invokes Hitler as motivator See in context

This old wives tale about how Hitler could manipulate a nation through speeches and body language needs ignoring. The reason the German people and others followed Hitler and the rest of the Nazi party is because they wanted a big change and the normal alternatives were not working. The reparations that Germany was paying for WW1 put everybody into poverty and they were desperate.

The Japanese government is full of the most uncharismatic people in the world but still the Japanese people follow them. It is purely a matter of culture and coincidence.

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Posted in: Head, leg parts found in Osaka park See in context

Yes, it is a run down area but it is not a no go area day or night. I actually like the atmosphere because it seems a lot more real than many of the fake places in Osaka. I enjoy eating my deep fried everything and having a cheap beer. As for the women near the zoo my only advice is to look at the hands because you may find they are not women at all.

Tamarama I think Japan is the same as any other country for crime and it is all about what gets reported and what is considered a crime within the culture. For example a magazine depicting 13 year old girls in bathing suits for dirty old men to abuse themselves too is perfectly legal in Japan but definitely not legal in other countries.

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Posted in: No patch for human stupidity: hackers See in context

Hackers are not loners but I do not think they can change the world. Mainly because the type of person who is good at hacking is not the type of person who is good at organising. There is always a lot of infighting and rarely any singular direction. Even the Anon's got distracted from bringing down Scientology by the feeble wikileaks fiasco.

Wikileaks did exactly what the US gov. wanted them to do. Now large parts of the underground network got revealed, loads of good people arrested and extreme regimes like China, Korea, African nations all remain without any assistance from outside.

So hackers do very little but entertain.

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Posted in: Tokyo fashion: A never-ending magnet for creativity See in context

I lived in London for a long time and have visited Tokyo on countless occasions. Tokyo has no real creativity at all. Fashion in Tokyo has just been imported or re-labelled. It will of course continue to grow because it is at the very bottom (department store level) so they only thing below it is charity shops. Some of which in the Kings Road, London would surpass the boutiques of Ikebukuro.

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Posted in: How can workplace bullying be eradicated? See in context

Bullying is part of Japanese culture. The only way to remove it is to change the language and the whole history of Japanese society. Females are the worst bullies. An all female environment at work would be a disaster.

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Posted in: Clinton says no decision yet on food aid to N Korea See in context

Lots of food aid and other things are provided to many countries even though it is obviously not reaching the real people. I do not see how this can be an argument against giving food to North Korea unless you re-consider all the other countries that miss-use relief aid.

Personally I feel food and medical supplies are essentials and therefore should not be used as bargaining tools. There is very little difference in not providing food and positive genocide.

Graham the main obstacle in the solution is America's interference. If America was to leave the negotiations then North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China and Russia would have plenty of ways to improve relations. It is the American Government and its back room deals that cause all the stalling. It was American Governments paranoia with communism that caused the splits in the first place.

Give the food and the hearts and minds will follow.

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Posted in: Norika has the ideal body See in context

I had a look at some other photos and she is a nice size. Obviously it is impossible to say from photos and in my experience clothes can easily deceive but at least she is not anorexic skinny like some other actresses. It is all publicity.

There is no ideal and definitely what I like is different from what other men/women like but what is worse than promoting a type of appearance is the social indoctrination. I find talking to Japanese women even those in there 20's have the attitude of a 1950's housewifes.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. try to salvage Futenma relocation plan See in context

Both Japan and the US have no money. Maybe less spending on military and more on domestic problems might help both countries. It is time to remove American troops from Japan and that does not stop both countries from remaining friends.

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Posted in: Train groper tells police: 'I had some free time' See in context

This is typical of Japanese criminal justice. A man has molested a girl but gets away with it even though there were witnesses.

I assume the girl got paid for her silence and so once again another young girl in Japan equates sex with money.

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Posted in: Germany decides to abandon nuclear power by 2022 See in context

For those who still advocate Nuclear Power maybe you would like to start eating the sheep that roam around Sizewell and add some potatoes from Chernobyl. The ground around all power plants has a certain amount of contamination and as this could last upto 10 000 years it is not like you can start living on the land anymore. Yes you can produce statistics with regard safety but maybe it will look different in a 1000 years time. What Germany is doing is both foolish and brave but at least it is something different.

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Posted in: Burger King to open 1st Kansai store in Osaka in July See in context

I do not frequent McD and it is more than 10 years since I went to BK but I can always remember enjoying the onion rings. BK was always better the McD in the UK but will probably be very similar to McD in Japan.

Japanese food is already unhealthy so this will not much difference to peoples diets. Anyway some people could do with a bit of filling out.

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Posted in: Buckingham Palace goes all-out for Obama state dinner See in context

Personally being English I would say Bush would be much more fun at dinner than Obama. At least he is likely to tell some jokes and be relaxed. Obama would be dull and worried about not being rude.

The gifts were a bit lame also. At least when African nations give gifts that normally have gold and precious jewels attached. A bunch of old photo's is like exchanging details on Facebook.

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Posted in: Russell Brand deported from Japan leaving Katy Perry behind See in context

When I hear this news I just wonder why someone with obvious drug offences and use thought it was worth coming to Japan in the first place. Japan has a very strict policy on drugs (unless you are Japanese, at university and able to blame someone else).

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Posted in: What is the best way for the Japanese government and companies to assure overseas food importers that food products from Japan are safe despite the ongoing nuclear crisis? See in context

Send it all to America as that is the only country Japan trades with anyway. You can not expect countries that have suffered years of import/export abuse by the Japanese government not to play on this as a political thing. The food can be perfect and individually tested but still not chance of selling it.

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Posted in: One-year-old girl dies at daycare center following nap time See in context

Why shouldn't a child of one be in a kindergarten. Many cater for children as young a two. This is a tragic situation but I very much doubt it has anything to do with the child only being one. I personally went to Nursery school from zero and was amongst children from 0 to 5 as my mother and father were working. In fact when I was 17 I actually worked alongside the lady who used to change my nappy.

If a child is sleeping then it would be very difficult to notice strait away if they are having any health problems. I assume the children were all being supervised and the staff acted as soon as they could.

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Posted in: Students told to write ransom notes as part of moral education See in context

This was a good idea. All these people going about it being in bad taste just prefer the robotic non emotional standard which starves children of imagination.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for selling porn images of 4-year-old daughter See in context

Maybe instead of blaming the mother and businessman people could think a bit more of the social problems that have cause this. The mother probably needed money and the child was not actually harmed in any way. Plenty of parents have pictures of their children naked. The businessman is just a product of a society that considers sex as nothing more than a monetary transaction.

Catching them and putting them in prison will not stop it happening again.

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Posted in: A turn of the shoe See in context

This type of shoe has been around for ages so it can hardly be considered new. Last year I was playing with all sorts of shoes with dials instead of laces. However I went for the standard lace up in the end.

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Posted in: Good riddance to 2009 See in context

2009 was not all that bad. I have to say I survived quite well without even having a job. I might have lost out financially but compared to other times in my life 2009 was much much better. At least I did not have to resort to eating lambs hearts for Christmas.

As for my friends and associates even those who had money in the Iceland banking system got it back after a while.

The economy is only as bad as the media want us to think.

Maybe if America had not spent so much money going to war and looked after its domestic affairs it might not have been in the state it is. Quite frankly I have no idea why other countries namely Japan and China helped it out financially they will never get the money back from such a disreputable country.

The best thing Japan could do is break its connection with the US and become an independent country again.

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Posted in: Pushy French are world's worst tourists; Japanese are top: study See in context

40 000 or just 4500? http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2009-07/10/content_11683641.htm

Personally I find Americans are the worst tourist. Totally unable to look after themselves. You have to baby sit them on even the simplest task.

I never had a problem with the French and as tipping is a typically cultural thing as are most of the questioned highlighted in the survey this is just a nonsense.

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

'People mature at different age. How do you know that this 13 year old couldn't make an educated decision?'

At 13 no one could make a decision about if they are being exploited. To think that a 13 year is mature enough is crazy. I have been in Japan for just one year and met some 30 year old women who have yet to mature mentally.

It is of course not just a problem in Japan but around the world. However as the article says Japan is lagging behind others in doing something positive about it.

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

Sex crime is massively under reported in Japan. I know personally of three women who have been raped by western standards but think it was just bad luck and have done nothing about it.

This type of thing is just wrong and exploits people for money whilst putting children in a very vulnerable position.

It is very easy to tell when a picture has been produced for art or to arouse some dirty old man. As for age of consent most laws have changed so the difference in age is also taken into account. A 13 year old girl and a 13 year old boy is o.k. but a 13 year old girl and a 30 year old man is just abuse.


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