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Inspector gadget comments....Hit the nail right on the head!

I am Japanese and also American and to add to what I posted earlier, this is not about being Japanese or Gaijin. It is about the company culture and policies and who cares what others are doing. If you feel just in taking time off then do it and escalate it, and if you get push back then not the company you would want to work for.....I worked for 3 major global investment banks and fortunately never had an issue, same for my Japanese and gaijin colleagues. If leadership is supportive then you are in luck!

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Saying it and actually accomplishing it are 2 different things.

I am Japanese and American and amazed there are so many foreigners who speak native Japanese!!! better than some Japanese :)

Japanese who lived abroad or worked at multinational firms are bilingual and tend to work for international firms in Japan. Japanese companies need to attract talent from this pool and send employees abroad for a few years. All companies I have been working for we speak both English and Japanese at work depending on the situation and who we are communicating with so incorporate English into the work culture.

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Shame on MUFJ MS, Japanese companies like MUFJ are old fashioned They can't deal with this because traditionally, employees at Japanese companies can't even take vacation without feeling guilty....herd mentality. Employee rights are not a priority and work until you drop is still prevalent. I am sure Morgan Stanley had a more US minded view until they merged under the MUFJ umbrella with the old Japanese mentality.

Fortunately I have been working for only foreign multinational firms and never had a bad experience. Japanese labor laws are draconian and have heard "not so good" stories from my Japanese friends at Japanese companies....take lunch only at noon and hardly any work life balance. Fortunately some progressive firms are changing their ways but the old school blue chip Japanese companies are still living in the past.

Japanese companies are trying to be Global....well, then start with employee rights and set new rules. Afterall, family is most important not the other way around which is still the mindset of some traditional Japanese companies.

Take care the employee and the feeling will be reciprocal!!!

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My thoughts exactly so sad...

Also, has nothing to do with economics on raising a child....they should find these idiots and string them up!!!!

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Not ok to steal by any means but hey....violent crimes in Japan sometimes get off with a slap on the wrist which doesn't make any sense.

At least this guy wasn't stealing beakers and chemistry items to make crystal meth ala "Breaking Bad!" :)

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"Mypoodofu used to be my favorite dish!"

That is funny! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "ugggh....who made this, it takes like sh*t!"

Seriously though, what was this woman thinking....disgusting, and glad the principal caught it before kids could have been ill from this.

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Or the all-in-one julienne, slicer, see advertised on TV or at stores :)

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Another ineffective idea by Kishida and his government cronies. The muppets are at it again.....points for not using electricity. Hello.....for those both Japanese/foreign who make Japan their home, ahhh summer is coming, especially the August heat where Aircon is a necessity.

Lower tax rates, offer subsidies to deal with higher prices across the board. Do not spend our tax dollars on your dinners, drivers and funding idiotic schemes which do not work. Think of a proper plan to stimulate the economy without placing additional burdens on the working folks in the country....sorry but you the government are not included in this group. Join the circus!!!

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Good luck and hope you succeed! Quite a background you have.....

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Japanese "combini" are truly fantastic.....this looks really delicious!!!

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I am Japanese and American, tourism is a vital part of the economy and everyone should be welcomed. Remember the phrase "Omotenashi!" Bring that back. As far as the Japanese government is concerned, they are clueless so do not expect any practical solutions from these muppets! What happened to GO TO TRAVEL!!!

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Excellent! Great idea and taking it to another level. Japan is truly the land of convenience and would like to try it next time!!

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If it helps and is enjoyed by those with hearing impairments, then go for it.

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Have no sympathy for this women, stick her in a locker and throw away the key....what a disgrace!!!!

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These parents are a disgrace. So sad...lock them up!!!

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How about a long walk off a bridge....what a muppet!!!

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Stilton is great and really like bleu cheese and wash type. The Garden supermarket and Seibu have a good selection but is expensive, I am Japanese and American and the sharper stronger, the better. Guess bleu cheese is like Natto, some Japanese don't like it (I do). Garden and Kaldi have good Feta for a greek salad. Think I will make a roast beef and cheddar sandwich with horseradish mayo!

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We Japanese follow government guidelines and rules efficiently and with much seriousness. We will decide via professional advice on the next plan of action soon.

I am Japanese and quite frankly, government guidelines and rules are half-baked. Professional advice from whom?

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Freedom of choice, and I definitely do not listen to the advice of government officials who are clueless and change their tune on a whim.....whatever they say is "in one ear and out the other." On the one hand, Japanese are used to wearing masks even before the pandemic. I am Japanese and also American, have to respect the fact people wear it not only to protect themselves, but to prevent spreading a cold etc. to others.....I was not a mask wearer BTW.

Personally, do not understand why people overseas, in some instances, start arguing and become violent, especially the muppets on planes who refuse and hold up the flight! (no wonder these no brain morons get bound with masking tape by other passengers....good! stick them in the toilet for the entire flight)!!.

i wear a mask on crowded trains because I feel safer, and in crowded places because better safe than sorry....hey you never know these days. I pull it down when walking alone in less crowded areas and don't wear one around others who I know don't have COVID. When eating out most places have the plastic partition and seats are spaced out so I take the mask off. I don't pull it down to take a bite, put it back on, pull it back down etc. For the most part people are pretty vigilant when it comes to wearing masks and socially distancing themselves.....common sense really.

Summer is approaching and kids should not wear them when running around outdoors in the Japan summer heat!! Recently, not even related to the mask issue, there have been a few cases in succession of school students and athletes who are being treated for heat stroke!! Last week 30 students in Osaka went to the hospital during a sports day event....ironic the government and school officials try to set a guideline, but in practice they drop the ball and cannot effectively enforce a practical to excercise individual common sense but without making others feel uncomfortable or causing a problem (Meiwaku).

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Looks good, will try making this!!!

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This is outrageous and should never have happened.

I am Japanese and this is shameful. Another example of the government and agency who are staffed with inept clueless people who cannot use common sense....because they have none. Probably could not find the manual on how to read the manual to take appropriate action. Muppets!!!

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Thankfully the boy is ok.....

The mother is an animal, lock her up!!!

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Scumbag, and it's a family affair. Defrauding those who really need aid and enduring the COVID hardships, while this idiot lives in a plush gated house. Let him serve time in Indonesia....sure that will be enjoyable for him.

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Gender inequality needs to be fixed. Sad thing however, when it comes to government reform, usually it is all talk and no action or half-action. The process itself to implement realistic and timely solutions will take time....have seen this with the MY NUMBER card implementation process nationwide which was very inept and inefficient, with many who received temporary cards in the mail winding up throwing them out because there was no clear widespread communication this initiative would happen! It is still not smooth sailing and the nationwide database and technology systems and infrastructure are so old, the systems cannot talk to each other.

New ideas against an old and outdated backdrop, what a shame! This is why we need action oriented people regardless of age, race, gender and risk takers to move things forward and cut out the bureaucracy which is the cause of the hold up in many cases!

With this gender inequality reform process, most likely there will be a blueprint for the blue print for another blueprint for the new policy blueprint, which after it is reviewed, pretested for the pretest, then ultimately tested......well folks once there is a final plan and it is implemented, we could be in the year 2044!!!

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Posted in: Cold curry? Mujirushi makes one of our favorite hot meals chilly, but does that make it good? See in context

Spelled meat wrong....getting hungry :)

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Looks good and will give it a try!

Japan has Hiyashi-Chuka (cold noodles with shredded meet, eggs, cucumbers in a tangy sesame based sauce), Hiyashi-Jiru from Miyazaki (rice with cold sesame broth, myoga, sliced cucumbers and shredded fish flakes). France has vichyssoise, Spain has Gazpacho...All these are favorites of mine especially in summer. Cold curry sounds good and will make this and give it a go!

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Mori...Who? The same former PM who continued playing golf during a major earthquake which displaced many who had no food or shelter, yet he kept playing. Same PM who over ran the budget....ineffective then and now. Agree keep your mouth on silent mode.

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Totally agree, too many rigid rules which make no sense. I am Japanese and also American, and Japan needs to move away from this nonsense and following the "manual." Ever notice in banks, shops or government offices, the staff cannot think outside the box and even slightly bend the rules when it makes perfect sense to do so.....because it is not in the rule play book.

I was at a McDonald's and my nephew is allergic to nuts so asked for the ice cream sundae with no nuts. All the staff behind the counter needed to do was to not push the button to dispense nuts, but instead had to go ask for the manager since it was not in the rule book.....I left and got ice cream elsewhere because it was a waste of time for what could have been a simple, quick and easy fix.....Same with this "San" nonsense and sempai BS. Base not on rank or seniority but on individual merit!!

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Good idea and will try making it myself. Many are adding olive oil to Miso soup so not a stretch to try this combo!

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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

Another example of the old guard focusing on something not relevant; they should deal with real problems such as bullying, promoting students to think freely. Dumb idea as usual from principals who are living in the past who have not a pulse on what is going on. What a old minded.

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