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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for stalking 76-year-old woman See in context

"incidents speak volumes for the unflagging drive"

yep, reconfigured, but still shell shocked forever.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over fire that destroyed Osaka warehouse See in context

suspicion of arson over a fire that destroyed more than half of a company’s warehouse

Now that is actual J crime.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping father’s corpse in house See in context

Maybe they need cremation services on wheels. You call them and 2 mid sized trucks arrive.You fill out the agreement forms, legal documents, and arrange fees payments. One truck does the cremation, which puts the ashes in a metallic urn, the other truck is connected by large hoses to handle and filter the exhaust. The cost is economically reduced substantially. Since the pandemic is a high possibility.

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Posted in: Father, son from Japan plead guilty in Vegas in $1.5 bil 'Ponzi' case See in context

"Ouch Federal Prison Are no paradise"

they likely wont survive.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

"expert on LGBT issues fears might lead to more prejudice and discrimination against sexual minorities."

@ isoducky

 "there is no law that dictates who can use what bathroom in a private building."


Mr. expert don't be afraid, give these Japanese complete sovereignty throughout JP and let them completely multiply and don't and discriminate against them , put more laws to protect them, and protect them more with your religious institutions.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted robbery of internet cafe See in context

"threatened an employee, a woman in her 40s, with a knife.

Wow, its getting crazier everyday.

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Posted in: Woman in her 80s stabbed by man inside train station in Shimane Prefecture See in context

"be careful (from these kind of psychopaths) especially in the train stations and in public places.."

and the weird thing about it is, they can roam in and out, up and down, peer around corners, stalk, loiter, slip through the cracks, move under the j-radar, ignored, no matter how loony, funky, dusty, scummy "these kind of psychopaths" scheme. ( watch the news)

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Posted in: Australian rugby player arrested on cocaine possession charge See in context

"Idiots and alcohol. Top it off with a small brain."

Australian rugby union player on suspicion of cocaine possession.

He's now under police investigation. as a drug user/addict in Japan.

According to many studies online, Cocaine has a not so good recovery outcome. Many relapse and relapse until they eventually die from body damages.

BTW Cocaine possession in Japan is a very very serious crime, he may never be able to come back to Japan forever, after jail time and criminally deported, and placed on the interpol drug offenders list-very bad.

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Posted in: TV station employee arrested after head-butting police officer See in context

"head-butted the officer, breaking his nose. He also kicked the officer’s leg.


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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to school girl admits to at least 50 similar offenses See in context

"43-year-old j man arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd act in front of a high school girl"

wow... out there flashing high school girls absolutely mind boggling.

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Posted in: 6 teens, one man arrested for throwing fire extinguisher at police car in Kochi See in context

Mess with the nabs [property and a dragnet is formed, but call about violence etc, they 'll get around to it asap.

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested over hit-and-run while driving without license See in context

"dangerous driving resulting in injury and leaving the scene of an accident after his vehicle hit a pedestrian."

one-way, his way

"he think he would actually get away with hitting someone with his car? There are surveillance cameras everywhere."

.....brain stuck in a time warp B.C.

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Posted in: Man arrested after entering imperial palace grounds to ‘see Princess Aiko’ See in context

"He climbed over their imperial palace Hirakawa-mon Gate"

just asking: their security cameras did not alert their regiment of their officers to take him down, before he climbed over their Japanese imperial palace gate.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 2 passengers with blunt instrument on train in Yokohama See in context

"it's pathetic that nobody did anything, and allowed the women to just walk off."

but if a base peep ... did it ... they would be up in arms, all over the archipelago calling for a mass protest again....

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Posted in: Woman attacks 2 passengers with blunt instrument on train in Yokohama See in context

"they suspect the weapon used was a hammer."

must have been "hammer time"

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Posted in: Police sergeant disciplined for stealing about ¥200 from shrine donation box See in context


"the wife must have been a tyrant if he couldn't even get pocket money for himself. But you bet she is gonna probably explode now that he is caught stealing and has to retire early."

An acquaintance, from the tribe of Benjamin, is super hen-pecked, been in j land for sometime with only the 3yr renewable visa but needs permission from his j wife to do anything, cant go anywhere out of her sight, without permission. She feeds hims, clothes him etc., and provides a roof over his head and supplied him with a vehicle to get around. in a controlled distance. He tells her everything window dressed, , like a catholic confession to his advantage, while he sneaks around like a kid when possible. The nabs have been to their dwelling from what I've heard a few times from her summoning them when they dispute something.

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Posted in: Bus driver chases down groper who targeted 18-year-old girl on his vehicle See in context

He should've smashed the dusty rusty geezer's cranium yamato style.

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Posted in: Singer Chihiro Onitsuka arrested after kicking ambulance See in context

"suspicion of causing property damage after she kicked an ambulance "

Last year someone knocked over my bike causing some damage, when i called the "thems"

they were belligerent, and scheming at me, Seems like only city services can get an over the top response.

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Posted in: Man arrested after backing truck into office in attempt to kill boss See in context

all jokes aside, I once heard of a story, where an African was being racially harassed near his residence, and it was said that someone put a strange substance in his mailbox to cause harm while he slept. It was also said that when he moved into the area many nutcracks were informed. You can see such similar stories on Utvbe

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested for stabbing downstairs neighbor See in context

The other day, I had a baba bird just a rollin her eyes at me like they did to marines during the occupation. The marine just looked at her like do something so I can give you something to really roll your eyes at. That's why a gaigin cant touch them, here for the sheer animosity of being completely conquered, but elsewhere is a different story.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of wife; 1-year-old daughter also found dead See in context

catch a case is a way of life now

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context


Only in Japan can a small man stab 17 people and nobody stop him. Same thing happened in Shinjuku many years ago with the nutter that stabbed I think 12 people - nobody willing to stop him.

U make a good point, everybody who agrees, post this site on the non moderated news sites, let the world know about it.

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Posted in: 3 men found dead at house in Miyazaki Prefecture See in context

Suma argued with her husband and son, then stabbed them 

evil elderly ammonites destroyed each other

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context

Police said there have been reports by several women about their underwear being stolen from laundries.

Now that's some funky news.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 2 people at Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

@ wowyz, btw our self defense rights are ambiguous.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 2-year jail term for Kelly See in context

He probably wont survive in a "Japanese prison" under such horrific harsh conditions especially for non Jns; messing with Japan's glorified and highly praised cash cow. BTW he looks like he has aged from stress and anxiety, so much since this incident in the face especially, creeping baldness, more gray hairs, and looks like he might have developed a heart condition, poor devil.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing 3-year-old girl playing video game See in context


"Yikes..............some people just deserve to be exterminated."

that's right: Zephaniah 2:9

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context

"Police said Urata was identified through surveillance camera footage."


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Posted in: 4 men arrested for stealing ¥21.15 mil from homes in 5 prefectures See in context

"Nothing is 100% safe" esp if you are nonj, even the stones and certified ammonites are in on it.

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Posted in: 1.4 million people urged to seek shelter as heavy rain triggers floods, landslides in Japan See in context

@ michaelqtodd you are right!:

"The reality is that things are at least 10 times as bad"

their land will be stubble in the future: as predicted by Deguchi Onisaburo (1871-1948) 

"the present Tokyo will not last forever.'

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