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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old daughter, breaking her leg See in context

grabbing the legs of his daughter and slamming her against a futon, breaking her right leg 

> She's scarred for life now.

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Posted in: Family court sends 16-year-old boy back to prosecutors to be tried for killing his parents See in context

Funny how they bestow light custodial sanctions on theirs, usually, but they try to deflect on me when I pass by the "12" box, for nothing, but as this section indicates, they continue to extirpate thier society....eventually making it intolerable.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over attempted murder of man on Kumamoto street See in context

The victim, who told police he doesn’t know Yamamoto & “he don't want to talk about it" wtfih?

*random attacks are going down, (attempted murder) time take their photos and contact the hungry rabit jumps...*

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Posted in: 52-year-old man indicted for raping teenage daughter between 2013 and 2016 See in context

"The defendant has remained silent during the police investigation, prosecutors said."

That's right , always try to control the narrative, but they will never control the overwhelming inevitable wrath.

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Posted in: Man's 18-year sentence upheld for 2017 Japan highway road rage deaths See in context

"Should just stay quiet, let rest area security handle this, otherwise all family can stay together alive."

Yeah in rome do as the romans do. I will take that advice to heart. as they say ...this is japan!

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested for sprinkling flammable liquid at neighbor’s front door over noise dispute See in context

Ibata has admitted pouring the liquid to intimidate his neighbor but that he had no intention of starting a fire..

Ok, just an demonstrated threat, be careful some of these olf farts, are a powder keg ready to detonate.

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Posted in: Intruder uses stun gun on woman in her 80s, steals cash from apartment See in context

beating the breaks off elderly women , and children try man on man ALLTHE TIME more respectful.

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Posted in: 80-year-old hospital patient arrested over murder of another patient in same room See in context

"What is going on in these care homes and what is going on with the elderly here lately?{"

Same as on the streets of J, just that it ramps up when they are in a stressful, controlled and restricted place with lots of time. And the staff can also intensify the pressure.

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Posted in: Senior Japanese diplomat in Oregon attacked in alleged hate crime See in context

and when lil kim makes his move, and perhaps US caught of guard , like in pearl harbpr , then one of the real boogy men will be known to mankind.



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Posted in: Man arrested for pushing father off bridge into river in Osaka See in context

Wow! Hamura City is next to Fussa, where I work on the base.

Hamura City *in the newsssssssssssss!

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Posted in: Man dies after being found unconscious in cell at Fukuoka police station See in context


*An officer said the man appeared alright when he asked for water at around 12:30 a.m.*

First of all, the only evidence available is what the officers are saying. They didn't take any photos?


A very misleading headline. It should read, man commits suicide in custody........

We have no clue what happened inside, he might need to endure multiple days of long harsh interrogation. Not all people can handle that.


In order to asphyxiate himself, obviously.

not according to Fredrik & sakurasuki post. but I'm glad you were willing to post the MAJOR answer for everyone.

You should have addressed them first.

in da newssssssssssssss

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Posted in: Man dies after being found unconscious in cell at Fukuoka police station See in context

"Police said the man had tied one end of his pants around the toilet door in his cell and the other around his neck."

"The cause of death was asphyxiation, police said."

"tied one end of his pants around his neck"

Now why would he do that?

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Posted in: Ghosn says $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan reasonable given his suffering after arrest See in context

"government’s last-ditch effort to prevent a foreign entity from taking a controlling stake in one of Japan’s Big Three automakers."

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Posted in: Man robs Tokyo supermarket of ¥200,000 See in context

The robber was wearing black pants, a gray top, cap and a face mask......


strikes again!

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of mother at home See in context

"Sato, a company employee, is accused of stabbing his mother Takiko in the neck with a knife. "

Hello Mother Bye Bye Mother,

Too Thruuuuuuu...

Cause the times are pure eviiiiiiiiiiiiiil,


Salacia: Very Sad

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Posted in: Convenience store in Tokyo robbed of ¥300,000 See in context

To promote the myth that non-Japanese people commit more crimes than Japanese (they don't)?

They watch certain non J's like a hawk in their stores. (hurry up & buy!) And their neighborhood bullies rely on this here land and "12" to back them up. But that game will eventually force a fold, worldwide.

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Posted in: Employee of regional police department arrested for assaulting man with umbrella See in context

"Well, he’s in the communication department, a professional. Successful communication is if B fully understands the information that A wanted to transmit. Nowhere is written, that it is limited" not only to those mucus slingers coughing loud in public

It sound like he wanted to experience the life in the cell since he was working for police department.

That's Right!

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Posted in: 914 child mistreatment cases reported at nurseries in April-December 2022 See in context

"A total of 914 child mistreatment cases were reported at nurseries nationwide"


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Posted in: Ramen noodle shop owner fatally shot in Kobe See in context

yep sounds like yaks and thangs again

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder at Osaka supermarket See in context

"Article 128 of Japanese civil right law allows "defense with violence in order to disable [the attacker}".

Uh ....it depends on the area it happens in, It was a case many moons ago where a foreigner/gagin in Nagoya, beat the breaks off an unknown Japanese attacker, and still got arrested, handcuffed, and spent time at a koban station, until everything got finally sorted out!

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman at her apartment See in context

"Hiroki Sakaoka, a company employee" ah not unemployed...probably he'll be back at work, most likely, and his company may not know about his case if it becomes a case , but in the US the fuzz would notify his company/boss soon about it, resulting in termination and incarceration.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating father to death with hammer and rice cooker See in context

"suspect’s mother: they also found her body wrapped in a futon."

"He then hid his father’s corpse under a futon mattress."


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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of his 77-year-old mother in Yokohama See in context

his father was quoted by police as saying that for the past few years, his son would become abusive toward his mother whenever he got hungry.

oh hungry... kill mammy

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting, sexually molesting teenage boy in car See in context

"Morinaga persuaded the boy to get into his car and drove around for about 30 minutes, during which time he allegedly sexually molested him."

sneaky, ol dirty bastard, pervert...he'll be out in while to repeat ;because no sex offender roster, like in America America now has public data bases available on such criminals too , in America he could get 10 years, and tore up and raped in a US prison; compare that.

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Posted in: Father arrested for inflicting brain damage on 5-month-old son See in context

IMO: He'll get a light sentence as compared to the uSA, other western countries etc, btw the prisoners are very isolated in Japan prisons, highly controlled and watched so getting beat down is unlikely. They are not allowed to talk among themselves too. If and when he gets out very few will know or have access to what he did. You gotta research JN culture and such case outcomes, among a culture that prioritizes saving face , in order to have the proper lens to view this society. Of course such crimes occur everywhere, but JN criminals are not treated like or turn out like Jeffery Epstein etc..

For a country with i.e 2020; the population of Tokyo Metropolis amounted to over 6,402 inhabitants per square kilometer, thats a hella lot of people, stress levels can be high, and much more serious if an apocalyptic event would occur.

ref: https://www.statista.com/statistics/673679/japan-population-density-toyko/

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Posted in: Indonesian police arrest Japanese man wanted for COVID subsidy fraud See in context

He's toast if he lives, Indonesia has very severe laws.

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Posted in: 23-year-old woman arrested for abandoning infant’s body inside suitcase hidden in closet See in context

"discovered the baby’s corpse inside a suitcase in the closet"

Holy smokes and ghee whiz...cold blooded

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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested after body of his mother found at home See in context

....those who actually live here,

"Gross, weird and disrespectful to the deceased all at the same time."



and walk the streets of Tokyo everyday, as I do, (I'm a street person, walking to various English teaching locations)

then you know the below the surface real cold social atmosphere here, among most.

give me thumbs up if you feel me.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping mother's corpse in toilet at home See in context

"put the body of her deceased mother, Oyama, 79, in the toilet"




"apart from those who lived in one of the former EU Esau colonies"

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Posted in: Police appeal for help 7 years after arson-murder of woman in Kanagawa See in context

"Police said they have questioned 2,700 people since the murder. "

that's all?

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