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Posted in: Passenger injured by pepper spray in Tokyo subway following argument over face mask See in context

"A male passenger sustained minor injuries after being pepper sprayed"

WTH I remember a kobanite saying peeper spray was illegal in J-land.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan handball player arrested over assaulting woman at hotel See in context

"assaulting a woman at a hotel in Nagoya"

"Was the wallet on top of the woman's head?"

he probably was thinking about the furry dugout to place the money.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years in prison for killing 75-year-old mother, dumping body parts See in context

"used a saw to cut up her body between Sept 25 and Sept 27, Fuji TV reported. He dumped the body parts, which he had put in a crate, in a coastal area of Chiba Prefecture."

His own

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure on train See in context

"he undid his pants and exposed the lower half of his body to women on a train"

pop goes the weasel.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

"I've stabbed someone before. Hand over the money.”

"Thank you oh great master for your wisdom, but I was wondering if you could, like, bite me instead?"

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Posted in: 30-year-old woman fatally stabbed in car See in context

a witness had seen a man in a suit and the woman having a heated argument in the car late on Sunday afternoon. The car was parked under elevated tracks about 300 meters from the east exit of Takasaki Station.

what no camera information....

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and assaulting police officer See in context

"hit the officer and drove off with the officer on the car's hood before stopping."

"The officer fell off and suffered a leg injury."

"hit the officer because he wanted to get away."

pop goes the weasel...

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context

"downloading dirty videos"

"tampering with evidence".

“unauthorized computer access"


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Posted in: 2 brothers arrested after keeping father’s corpse in house for 9 months See in context

@expat, good solution, but these days rig a ma roll, seems to be the way here; undergirded by the enduring pique of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 8,000 calls to Tohoku Electric Power Co See in context

"had an ongoing dispute involving utility poles on his land"

Fukushima land owners must have a hella dispute with Tepco.

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Posted in: Needle found in pastry item in convenience store See in context

I see they are starting to do these things again. In the past needles were reported to be found in fruit, and breads. Those shopkeepers got to watch out for such creeps.

Not too long ago I bought a bottle of tea , but when I looked carefully, it had been opened and closed tightly, so from now on I carefully check the seal. In another instance I saw a loser sicko dimwit degenerate smegma open a glass door of cold teas, and coughed on most of the shelves inside.

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure in front of woman on Tokyo street See in context

"approached the woman as she walked along a street at night, dropped his pants and shone his smartphone light on his lower body."

" has admitted to the charge (good honesty)

I get aroused by seeing women scream and run away.” 

Well now a former company employee, and locked up, for how long or not we will likely never know, But the J system should provide him with extensive mental facility rehabilitation funded by the tax payers, while incarcerated.

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Posted in: 19-year-old student arrested for attempted rape of woman in unmanned police box See in context

"the suspect rode up behind her on a bicycle"

"and started to grope her"

pop goes the weasel

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Posted in: Nissan employee testifies against former exec Kelly at trial See in context

"The maximum penalty for Kelly, if convicted, given the multiple counts of the same charge he faces, is up to 15 years in prison or 80 million yen in fines, or both."

"The conviction rate in Japan is higher than 99%."

No wonder he looks frail, scared, worried, possibly suicidal ,and looks now much older than 64, he probably would not make it in a Japanese prison for 15 yrs.

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Posted in: Road rage case involving 44-year-old man in Yamagata sent to prosecutors See in context

There was a case where a J provocateur, got his lights turned off and got the "L" , but soon called his cops tearfully, but oh he was so big and bad at first.

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Posted in: Former Nissan executive Greg Kelly pleads not guilty as trial begins See in context

"Acquittals are extremely rare in Japanese criminal trials, more than 99% of which result in convictions"

there is a lot of J- hate and vengeance for him being Ghosn's great escape business friend. They want to fry him, to save face.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for beating 20-year-old wife to death with fishing rod See in context

"Was this woman Japanese?"

her ethnicity will eventually be released

We know he is a taxi driver- and he can get a twenty, rare in the U.S. where money talks and b.s. walks

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Posted in: 82-year-old man arrested after stomping on 10-year-old boy in Chiba park See in context


"If anyone laid a hand on my kids they want to hope the police get there quick otherwise I would probably be seeing some time behind bars."

U R not alone


pepe the frog

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after shooting crossbow arrow at man See in context

@Btang what the heck!? Are you serious!?!?!? how did that even happen?


you aint know? they open all or most packages coming from america, and pass on the word. I got more stories on this hatin busy body communication b.s. that goes on here. Also check the JT archives on past jpost nationalistic shenanigans

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after shooting crossbow arrow at man See in context

"In a country where everything else is regulated,"

especially for non jn. A friend of mine a tokyo white instructor ordered some condoms from AZ, and a nutcrack from jpost called his wife. He wound up losing his j-wife behind that.

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Posted in: Woman robbed at knifepoint in car parking lot See in context


Money's tight during the pandemic. Watch your back!

I agree, lately there has been cases of disgruntled bums knocking over bikes, and damaging them some real bad at supermarkets, and other bike parking places.


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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot after attacking police officer in Kyoto See in context

"The officer, who received cuts to his left arm and face, backed off and drew his gun. He fired one warning shot in the air and another that hit Hiramatsu in the right shoulder."

also saw the news here:

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman walking home See in context

"in March" a little stale news.

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Posted in: Thailand claims breakthrough in Japanese tourist murder case See in context

"Kawashita’s body was found near the ruins of an ancient temple in the northern province of Sukhothai on May 25, 2007. Police said she was stabbed and her belongings taken"

reads like a murder robbery, where was her japanese boyfriend to protect her.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man, wearing stolen woman’s underwear, arrested at her apartment See in context


yeah those machines were in a lot of places:

"While panty vending and gacha machines have largely disappeared from the Japanese landscape, that's not to say a pervert can't find used panties. It's actually disturbingly easy. Like many other commodities, their distribution has moved online."


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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested after burning mother's body in Sendai See in context

"Police said the body was so badly burned that they have not been able to determine the cause of death. They are continuing to question Murakami about his actions."

maybe the poor guy "doesn't clearly recall the matter" or was "drunk" which may explain the continuing of questions about his actions. Their cosset due process system is so conducive for them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 9-year-old girl in car See in context

"denied the charge, claiming he doesn’t remember doing anything."

I have also noticed a lot of these criminals say that, perhaps indicating paracosm (s) syndromes.

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Posted in: Father arrested for flinging baby daughter across room See in context

"arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of assault"

people in Japan can now be arrested on just suspicion of assault or other crimes?

What about taken in for questioning first? This must be a typo. Otherwise yaks can be arrested on many suspicions.

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Posted in: Man arrested over ex-wife’s murder in Tokyo See in context

" he claimed to be “living in peace.”

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Posted in: Former Marines pitcher Jackson arrested for possession of cannabis See in context

"he has to face reality."

"They already profile the hell out of black"

He must have forgot who he was and where he is in all that excitement.

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